Dilated Peoples - Another Sound Mission Lyrics

Yo, yo, Joey, I bet you
Woe, like I get this shit in one take, yeah

When you rhyme all you do is add rock to the block
When I rhyme, I shine like Ad Rock when it drop
You go to the store and cop
'Cause it's time man, you ain't heard shit else this hot
I came prepared, not scared, can't a damn thing stop me

Next best thing in Philly since Rocky
L.A.'s first and Cali, they know where I be papi
Some cop's tryin' to flavor flav clock me
I got this, lock this in the pocket
Stick to the script, that's no main topic

Stay on the flip, creatin' my profit
And Capitol's money is capital, I'm rich off it
N.Y. diesel steam the room 'til we roll out
In D.C., 9:30 late show sold out
All said and done it's been more joy than pain

And all said and done I'd do this shit again
It's a new day of course, I can handle the fact
But still can't believe they droppin' sirens on that
So instead of talk shit, do nothin' and still listen
I'ma bang out myself, another sound mission

Evidence, got another sound mission

Yeah, started off caffeine, now it's cocaine
Speed, meth, amphetamine flow all day
The door's blocked, set up shop, closed session begins
Don't drop 'til the rhyme's locked in, here we go
Got Babu and Rakaa in my team approves

You know, ain't no stoppin' him
We like '88 Rakim, rockin them
We like 8.8, then after shockin' them
Steal the show, without a single stolen flow
I'm O.G. like Ice-T, man slow your roll

Got so many various pros
Different ones from different area codes
Right about now, I'm focused on my 3-1-oh's
And addin' three more oh's to any bill I hold
And any deal I close like just finished escrow

So now they quick to flock, 'cause they heard I got a home
But I ain't on star maps, 'cause the cat ain't really blown
But I'm, next to bat, so get ready for the storm
Can't beat 'em, join 'em that's a form of submission
So when I'm spittin', listen up, it's a sound mission

Make some noise, for one of the illest cats
On the microphone and the production boards, Evidence
Evidence, got another sound mission
World Famous Beat Junkies sound
Evidence, got another sound mission
Evidence, got another sound mission

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Dilated Peoples Another Sound Mission Comments
  1. Michael Estrada

    Underground to the fullest shit still sounds better than mainstream bullshit via cardi b haha what a joke

  2. Crs K.

    Second part is a fucking statement

  3. Orr971

    Sid Roams and Evidence always win.


    Sid Roams & Ev dropped it heavy!!!