Diggy Simmons - Copy, Paste Lyrics

Uh, it's Diggy...
Queens, you with me?
Yeah, let's get it... let's get it...

Uh, check my million dollar swag
I tell 'em ten four cause they wanna copy that, uh
In the mall lotta shopping bags
Baby girl what you want. Your boy got the tab.
If ya man say, "Where you at? "
I'm a tell 'em, "I ain't seen her",
Better hit her on her jag
She's gone for the evening.
I make dem lean back Don Cartegena.
Yeah you know what's up Martin, Tommy, Gina
I'm a leader like Derek Jeter.
They copy my domineer.
I'd be jocking I know they're watching,
They act like I don't see 'em but (ohhh)

I'll never stop
Keep me on the job when they be tryna
Copy and paste me, copy and paste me.
I'm on and I be in my Zone and they be tryna
Copy and paste me, copy and paste me,
I'm gone.

My shoe game look here I'm rockin 'em.
Moccasins or go Jeremy Scott on 'em
Loubotin look like they got spots on it.
My ratings up cause everybody's watching it.
I be V.I.P you in line where the rope is.
Don't come any closer, you might step on my toe, just
Ladies it's your jam leave your jacket on the sofa,
Have a little class, put your glass on the coaster.
Get it on the floor shake it,
Shake it like you're supposed to if you know getting over
Tell 'em copy copy over

I'll never stop
Keep me on the job and they be tryna
Copy and paste me, copy and paste me.
I'm on and I be in my zone when they be tryna
Copy and paste me, copy and paste me,
I'm gone.

Copy paste, copy copy paste [x2]
Everything that I do they tryna do the same (the same thing)
Copy paste, copy copy paste [x2] tryna do it how I do it they can't do it like me (like me)
Copy paste copy copy paste copy paste paste (paste paste paste)

I'll never stop
Keep me on the job and they be tryna
Copy and paste me, copy and paste me.
I'm on and be in my zone and they be tryna
Copy and paste me, copy and paste me,
I'm gone.

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Diggy Simmons Copy, Paste Comments
  1. Isaiah Hines

    Isaiah. -Diggy. -Copy. Paste

  2. Darrious Bolton

    This was a summer hit back in 2011 I know y'all kids ain't forget

  3. April Blaze

    I was in middle school when this came out, I’m almost 20, this still hits me hard.

  4. Fame Bound

    This song was trash.. The video was weird.. But this HOOK was 🔥 lmao

  5. shaniya brown

    Still my fav song in 2020 can you mindless behavior and omg girlz have another scream tour

  6. Niyla doll

    2020??? I think im da only one😕

  7. Otto KMG’TTG

    I usta sing da shit out dis hook 😂😂😂

  8. gabriel lopez

    2020 wya

  9. Sequoia Davi

    I been jamming this every sense it come out...I stay coming back to it. 🔥🎧🎶
    2020 stILL rocking it.

  10. Jimiya. Bre

    😂😂😂 Swae Lee IDWF Brought me here🤷🏾‍♀️

  11. Kenbros Gaming

    Yo its 2020 and I still remember this

  12. nikkolette jade

    i just randomly remembered this song existed and it's 2020

  13. Teri Maimone

    Great Song Diggy

  14. lamar latty

    2020? Any1

  15. Rose Davis

    2020 still here for this song 😛

  16. Peachy Drea

    I'm here in 2020!!! Memory lane today!!!❤

  17. LaLa Leo

    Bro I loved this damn song! I am about to go share this on my story right now in 2020 lol they studying him trying to figure out how he so dope 😂😭

  18. Lyfe The Prodigy

    Diggy Simmons is the ish

  19. ShaeBae

    I said it once, I'll say it again: 2008-9 was the last years of great music

    Brett Kavanaugh

    No this was like 2011
    There were great song up until like 2013 then most of it just became 💩

    Brett Kavanaugh

    Like the Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande 💩

  20. Ed Yee

    Vera cruz

  21. Hurts Publishing

    This used to be my jam

  22. chico with a hoodie

    who else came her after watching the wild n out video? 😂

    14 Huncho

    DR I didn’t, I listen to this on the regular but HEYY cuz your the most recent person😂

  23. M.c.rapsavier Lupe hernandez

    M.c.Rapsavier LOVE THE TRACK

  24. Itsme Eiei

    I still love him.

  25. rontavius snipes

    December 9 2019 still here song was a banger cuh

  26. Yung Dagger

    its now 2019 and looking at this reminds me of something the old old Drake would me make, the voice, the flow, and the singing on the chorus just all sounds like drake

  27. Rico Allen

    This song used to be my shit, but unfortunately, I never heard any songs of his after. That dance break at the end was fire. I kinda miss hip hop background dancers. I don't see them as much anymore

  28. fat folks

    This era is unbeatable

  29. Flooidzz

    Who here in 2019 🔥💯

  30. dj coolin

    cooler then the 2019 song's right copy in the comments.

  31. Jennifer Halliwell

    Still listening in 2019! With his little sexy ass

  32. Manar Fayad

    2019 😂♥️

  33. Fabian Marin

    Lmfaoo vro this song is so old

  34. Chelsea Santo

    2019 still the best song ever 😭

  35. NFA Swaggy

    Brings me back to them skating rink days😂😂😂😂💯

  36. Yoda Kush

    2019 anyone ? ??

  37. Ronika Jones

    I'm ooooooooon and I be in my zoooooooone, and they be tryna cooooopy and paaaste me

  38. Superfly _guy

    This song doesn't hit like I remember

  39. Gregory Pertillo

    Diggy is so hot

  40. winnerboy87

    Why am I here in 2019? I still fuck with this banger tho. Idgaf

  41. Analya Gartman-Gamblins

    Okay, I have to say. This is the most lit song I've ever listened to in my whole life growing up.

  42. Jayleen Cox

    Jay rock

  43. Genairo S

    Boy this used to be my shit back then, how time flies

  44. Audio Dream City

    Still lit in 2019

  45. Melissa Villalobos

    Still a bop

  46. Alex Garcia Sosa

    i still loving the song in this 2019

  47. MisterAmv

    The good old time

  48. Shay Flawless

    2019 / 20 anybody

  49. Jenell Smith

    I still love this song ❤️ Where He @ tho? 🙋🏾‍♀️

  50. Unapologetically Black

    I'm 39 years old,and this song goes hard especially when I'm in the gym.....

  51. Brown Cin

    2019 all damn day!!!!

  52. John-Leslie Brown

    You killed that dance at the end. Much better than drake

  53. Jeremiah Seahorn

    He lowkey had vocals back then I forgot

  54. J5 Jackson

    Who feels like they're in 2011 again give a like!



    J5 Jackson

    @ᴀʟᴜᴄᴀʀᴅ I miss 2011 too.

  55. Ciarra Shea

    Yaaaas! Diggy === #ARIES🙂SQUAD😍😍😍

  56. _EatSleepGame_

    Who listen Right Now in 2019

  57. Furas Anges

    This still slaps 👌🔥

  58. ToMuchTech Highlights


  59. Letha Weapon

    2019 I’m hurre and I’m LIT 🎉🎉🎊🎊💯💯💯💯💪🏾💪🏾

    Erika Thomas


  60. Vivi Karina

    He singing about being cloned .. mk ultra

  61. keyla momma

    Still my jam

  62. Kammy Rae


  63. youngking122

    Bruh his face was hella serious the whole video haha

  64. KattoTv

    Ion care what this era was like the back in the day to old folks 😂

  65. Senti

    This was lit af

  66. Juan gutierrez

    I freaking love this song!!!!!!!!!! Especially cause people copy and paste me ;) it’s a compliment!!!

  67. Doyin Oyelami

    I just realized I just started at his face when I first watched the video. I didn't know the lyrics😂😂

  68. DemiGodWolfy YT

    Young teen me was listening to this


    Exposing cloning in this video😭😂

  70. Brëézy çhíçk Tammy

    Still loving it in 2k19

  71. The Cooking Project

    In 2019 what it do babyyyyyy 🤟🏾

  72. Wumpus

    Bruh he was wearing Comme de Garcon before it was cool
    The drip on this man

  73. Alpha Wolf

    2019 who listening ??????

  74. Mz. Martin

    He sick asf...super underrated

  75. yagurl_yaz

    this song still smashing 🔥 2019 anyone?

    Nolaband Head

    yagurl_yaz hell yea 🔥

  76. Light Grisly

    Still listening in 2019 always will love this song it brings back so much memories back in the old days 😪💯🔥

  77. Keshawn Walker

    Like song song much

  78. Lashawn Smith

    Wowww it's been a min still love this song


    Listen to XXL LAVATEAM

  80. Miss Vonnaj

    I still have videos of me sitting front row at his concert and him singing this 🥰😢 I love him

  81. Germany Jones

    The video is jamie foxx experiment

  82. Cyber Ty Tube

    Listening in 2019 - 2020!!!

  83. Eric Brumdage

    I don’t know what made me come here but hey 2019 👍🏾💁🏽‍♂️


    This shit crazy because I used to listen to this nigga when I was 4 an I jus thought abt him an this used to be my shit

  85. Tyrese Jackson

    How many times have you listened to this

  86. Mali's

    Still a bop in 2019!!

  87. Logan Johnson

    The year 9050 there u have it diggy #1 best

  88. SplashyThis SplashyThat

    Nah Diggy Gives me Hakeem Vibes😂😂💯💯💯💯 ❤️❤️❤️2019 Still Bump.this

    Fresh Jonez

    He do tho

  89. tyhir scott


  90. Donovan Archie

    This song is so hard.

  91. Ripe Tomato

    I still have a crush on him. Always have. Probably always will.

  92. Uriah Newtton

    Is he wearing a comme de garcon shirt👀