Diet Cig - Harvard Lyrics

How's your new Ivy League girlfriend?
Is she boring too in the way I couldn't stand?
And I'm not sorry
I just hope you trust her more than me

You never wanted to date a college girl
Well, I hope you got something out of that deal
Or made your parents proud
I bet she's not as loud

Does it feel better
To be in an Ivy League sweater?
Put your work shoes on
And talk about her at your shitty job
Does it feel better
In that cold Boston weather?

Fuck your Ivy League sweater
You know I was better
Fuck your Ivy League sweater

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Diet Cig Harvard Comments
  1. yaktaxi1234567

    i love this vid so fucking much !
    peace xxxxxx

  2. emi


  3. Cindy

  4. Gabriel Flores

    Fucking hate irrelevant music videos, god damn.

  5. Woomies Ngyes

    What is this video about and what does it have to do with a young adult woman being jealous of her ex’s new girlfriend

  6. Justin Fent

    Anyone else think this sounds like Soccer Mommy?

  7. survivor geek

    rad band. reminds me of snail mail best coast alvvays even her voice reminds me of chvrches

  8. Meegs B

    Please research the flat Earth!

  9. synapticflow

    90s is that you?

  10. Cos One

    Could be quite good although it seems like a lot of time was spent on the video...but not much on recording/eq-ing the actual tune. Seems a bit mismatched to me.

  11. Bella Curcio

    trying to figure out where I heard this??? In a soundtrack or something?? someone help me it's driving me crazy, I know I've heard this exact song somewhere. idk maybe I just heard it in a coffee shop or something

    John Orona

    Bella Curcio I have the same feeling, like I've heard it while walking by a teen TV movie

    Daniel A Millar

    NPR tiny desk concert?

  12. ajeng ratna

    Sound is good

  13. sCamilo hjaramillo

    Wow que vos más bonita

    John Matos

    No es tan bonita, es muy tipica voz. Te gusta porque canta diferente y es en ingles. Como a mi me gusta vozes en otras idiomas

  14. Βασίλειος Μπαμίχας

    musically, the place the pains of being pure at heart ought to have stayed.

  15. David Gonzalez

    I think Diet Cig should listen to Songs of Innocence before dismissing it offhand

  16. Elias

    Saw you guys last night at soma so good👌🏻👌🏻

  17. Ingred Cardoso

    Aaaaaaaa que música boa 💕

  18. abigail mccullough

    this is basically legally blonde in song form

  19. Clairelyse

    It's 10:30, I should be winding down and sleeping... And yet I'm dancing around my room singing to Diet Cig.

    Kyle Tomlinson

    the absolute madwoman


    Kyle Tomlinson be nice, I'm basically a granny. ::shakes her cane:: respect your elders!

  20. Thee Parris Hill

    But college is key for all of lifes problems....

  21. Black Surf

    what a tune!

  22. Black Surf

    What a tune!!

  23. I Love the Nation of Israel!


  24. J M

    This is a total rip off of 'Best Coast - Only Place'

    Nicholas Devora

    truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu unfortunately


    No it’s not, they are vaguely similarly instrumentally but the vocals are totally different and the vocals make this song

    Ben W

    different chords, key, and melody
    yeah, okay

    Victor Reis

    "a total rip off" is a big exaggeration. the vocal melody has very few similarities. i def see where you're coming from tho.

  25. Sophia M.

    i'm sO happy this is out!!!!!! this is the first song i ever heard by you guys by chance lol :-)

  26. Christopher Keach

    hell yeah

  27. Alexandra Brunner

    So goooood

  28. Cassie Ryan

    this video left me in scrambles

  29. Craving For You

    Someone needs to turn this into a whole tv movie, I'd watch it.

  30. czdr