Diet Cig - Dinner Date Lyrics

I had the lamest date to the daddy-daughter dance
Maybe that's why I don't like
To fucking slow dance
And my mom said don't buy vegetables
They won't last
Well she's right 'cause our friendship is in the past

And I'm going through these phases
Of people and places
And the turkey is tasting
Just like the shit that you're talking

So you know I had to shoot that dog
Because everyone's family
When you're in a hospital
And you know I'm scared
Like a third grader on a triple dog dare

And I'm going through these phases
Of people and places
(Of people!)
And the turkey is tasting
Just like the shit that you're talking
(And I'm going through these phases)
And maybe if you took me out to dinner
(Of people and places)
I would like anything
(And the turkey is tasting)
For longer than a year
(Just like the shit that you're talking)

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Diet Cig Dinner Date Comments
  1. TheBlewie

    Such a banger.

  2. crying happy

    I bet she is a vigorous lover..

  3. Matthew

    "Yeah Breh" - best part

  4. Eva And Morgan’s CHANNEL!

    The drummer is from my school district

  5. Andrew

    so gooood

  6. Rudie Obias

    "And you know I'm scared/Like a third grader on a triple dog dare" I love it!!

  7. I Love the Nation of Israel!

    Hahahahaha you gotta love fantasy!

  8. M R

    god i love this band and the whole vibe, the vocals are lovely, lovin the lyrics, and not to objectify her but i wanna take the singer on an ice cream date and just listen to her songs all the time and give her hugs

  9. Yasmine Griffiths-williams

    yesssssssssss <3

  10. Kolob Canyon

    Fuck atkins diet, I'm going Diet Cig

  11. Chloe Flaherty

    someday i'd like to be as badass as she is

  12. Julia, I guess

    I really like her voice!! also she's the cutest thing ever

  13. DeathMetalJunkie666

    wtf is this, feminist pop "punk" ?


    what makes this feminist

  14. Colin Patterson

    Never seen a girl jump up and down on a kick drum while shredding until I saw them open for TFB.

  15. Bully Billy

    Clean, pop, punkish. catchy and simple.....I want her to have a fouler mouth tho........

  16. boornish


  17. Matthew Hume

    Sister Cities.

  18. César Cehu

    Amo esta banda 😍 creo que soy el único que habla español aquí, espero en un futuro no muy lejano den conciertos por México 🇲🇽 y especialmente den un concierto en León, Guanajuato, espero que puedan 😭❤


    No te agobies tampoco

  19. asakir othman

    love the vocalist

  20. Renão

    Steven Universe in the back?

    NoShame Record.

    Yep that's how he grew up to be

  21. Snapcase 1968

    Best band name.

  22. patrick aaron craig

    does anyone know the chords?

    S J

    Sounds like G, E, A, C

  23. B McCaul

    One of the best band names I have ever heard, along with attempted moustache😂

  24. sydney rice

    i love this band and i love her so mUCH

  25. Alison Henley

    i like their sound a lot!

  26. Coulton Owens

    got dragged there was really boring luckily the next day we had a good band come to austin "the sword" and "between the buried and me"

  27. Colin Cav

    Diet Cig is the greatest band name ever conceived

  28. Blake Smith

    These guys fucking rule

    Blake Smith

    I meant that as a non-gender specific term to refer to the two of them. Much less awkward phrasing than "that guy and girl rule."


    true XD

  29. WhiskeyBrewer

    Heard this on Kerrang Fresh Blood last night. Loved it, so different to what else was on the show

  30. Selena

    she is so adorable in person oh my god

  31. rippedgenes

    When she crowd surfed she landed in my arms!

  32. annabelle benge

    Saw her last night and I got to met her and it was so great

    Mykaela Abbott

    I was there too!!

  33. Joe Edits Video

    Saw them with Front Bottoms last night, they were so good! Glad I found a new band to love.

    sore loser

    I saw them w Tfb too! That's how I found them and I fell in love instantly

    taylor renee

    +Jaden Rhodes that's how I found them too and I met them and they are the sweetest people ever!

    Wiley Ben

    Same they were amazing. They are so good I can't stop listening to them. Their so amazing I love her voice so much.

  34. Lucas Solza

    your voice is so... beautiful <3

  35. Haley Webster

    she is so cute

  36. shauna mantra

    astrological fb post brought me here. so cool

  37. Jacob Wright

    i like the guitar and drums but the singing can improve IMO


    Oh I really love it!

  39. Natalia DeLuca

    Great stuff! Cant wait to hear more :)

  40. Matt Williams

    This band is going to be huge.


    +Matt Williams no its not. its generic


    how tf are they generic

    Jude Melnyk

    Do you know how many people have said that about many different artists? It's uncountable.

  41. alaric perez

    Oh wow, this takes me back to the music of my misspent youth. nice!

  42. John12494

    Anyone else think she looks like arya stark in this?

  43. Chris C

    Diet Cig is honestly the worst band name ever thought of

    paul mayernick

    +Chris C go check out some of the new rap artist names and you might think otherwise. lol

    dolly rose

    Chris C there's a band called GOO. signed to "I'm so gay records".... those are both bloody awful


    i hate you

  44. Culprit LA

    not their best song but the video is wicked

  45. Kevin David

    that black eye looks real as shit

    fallon illyanna

    Yeah she had emergency surgery her retina detached so the bloodshot part is real and a bit of the bruising and then they just put makeup over that

  46. The Gender Rebels

    love this song and this band!

  47. artsdegree

    this is bratty as fuck and i love it

    Keenon Ferrell

    +goaway this is the best comment ive ever read in my life!!!

  48. nirvanita821

    Ya breh.

  49. Gracie Ramsdell

    I am very attractive.

  50. Becca

    i feel this

  51. FLABSLVB official


  52. CoakleyColaTV

    And this is why Diet Cig.

  53. Nick Daley

    she's crushin arms left and right

  54. erraticassassin

    maybe that's why I don't like to FUCKING SLOW DANCE :)