Dickinson, Bruce - The Tower Lyrics

There are twelve commandments
There are twelve divisions
Twelve are the pagans who have mapped the sky

In the outer circle
To the inner sanctum
From the octave at the end of time

The fountain, the trinity
The pilgrim is searching for blood
To look for his own free will
The stone of infinity, washed in the flood

Lovers in the tower

The moon and sun divided

And the hanged man smiles

Lovers in the tower

The moon and sun divided

Let the fool decide
In the atom circle
Where we break the stars
Hammer into anvil, stuffing out the sun

Witness all the killing
See the birth of Mars
Our religion thrown into the fire

The fountain, the trinity
The pilgrim is searching for blood
To look for his own free will
The stone of infinity, washed in the flood

Lovers in the tower

The moon and sun divided

The hanged man smiles

Lovers in the tower

The moon and sun divided

The magician laughs

Lovers in the tower

The moon and sun divided

And the priestess kneels

Lovers in the tower

The moon and sun divided

Let the fool decide

Lovers in the tower

The moon and sun divided

And the hanged man smiles

Lovers in the tower

The moon and sun divided

Let the fool decide

Lovers in the tower

The moon and sun divided

The priestess kneels to receive

Lovers in the tower

The moon and sun divided

The magician laughs

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Dickinson, Bruce The Tower Comments
  1. Andres Mateo Zapata Jaramillo

    That bass intro sounds like Wratchild!! Awesome song!

  2. Carlos Hernandez

    Maidenesque LOVELY song ... Up The Bruce Up The Irons

  3. patrick fallon

    some asshole stole that prop at 1:24 I don't think it was ever recovered

  4. David Wiser

    Huh, had no idea that this song even existed until tonight 11/29/19 and I've listened to Iron Maiden since the early 80's and hell this song has been out there for 21 years.

  5. 2slofouru

    I envisioned something epic from this song, from the lyrics. Too bad he couldn't have made a mini movie with some crazy medieval battling and sorcery type content. The video is so corny, he almost looks annoyed, lol.

  6. Darby Dreger-Tracey

    How can one ever argue that anyone in metal is better than this magical man

  7. Katie De la Fuente

    This is one of the weirdest music videos I probably have ever seen as well as Iron Maiden's Holy Smoke video. But I love Bruce and Adrian as well as this song.

  8. Word Of Mouth

    The chemical wedding is easily one of the most important metal albums of the 90s and possibly ever. Long live Bruce.

  9. stephane genest

    Best singer. That's all

  10. Boris Grozni

    i think Maiden should perform this song live ...its better than loads of their stuff

  11. Retro Music TV

    Chemical wedding is a masterpiece and Adrian Smith is a brilliant musician

  12. Mark Swarbrick

    Adrian fucking killed it on this album, the guys a freaking genius

  13. Andy

    Quem em 2019?

  14. Galway Tribesman

    I thought for a second it was Wrathchild at the beginning

  15. maiden 100

    Muy buenas canciones las del señor bruce dickinson la verdad un grande...

  16. Jeffery Steen

    The greatest singer ever!

  17. Damir Tišma

    Fanta Metal....funky rhythm!?



  19. armageddon it

    Super cheesy video but amazing voice Bruce is on fire like usual. Love Adrian's solo in this

  20. noonecomics

    Bruce Dickinson sitting down with one raised hand has more showmanship than I could ever have in this lifetime.

  21. Danko Salsa

    Opetttt,to ne toleriram,kombi i to subota,pizde nijedne,tamo se opet onaj par svađa,ovaj put će ga ona ko vola namlatiti,misliš da neće?e da bar

  22. Ivo Ponduša

    *IVO`s MAGIC WORLD presents MUSIC HISTORY GUIDE* - *FAMOUS BIRTHS - IRON MAIDENs BRUCE DICKINSON* - *60th Birthday, Today!!!* - (AuGuSt 7th, 2018)

  23. Mackster

    Wooo,Hoooo. Bruce killing it! A genius that will live forever as Dio will.

  24. Robert Bednarczuk

    Bruce for president! Make world great again\M/

  25. Fabio Souza Moura


  26. Daniel Newhouse

    Is this song about losing the love of your life?

    Zidders Roofurry

    Sort of. Keep in mind the song features tarot cards as symbolism. From an interview circa 1998-"Lovers, the tower, sun, the moon, the priestess, the magician, the fool, the hanged man...Going through the lyrics there may be a few more. The song is about fate. I was trying to think about Romeo and Juliet as the lovers and the sun and the moon and everything... You know, the star-crossed lovers, doomed by fate. No matter what happens, how in love they are, it's gonna end up as a tragedy. So that's was "The tower". In fact, that what the tower symbolises, is that somebody who was falling out of the tower has been struck by lightning. The tower symbolises that you can never look safe and secure and solid. It means something is gonna happen but you don't know what."

  27. serban roman

    born to a scene of angry.... ooops wrong lyrics, i meant lovers in the tower!!

  28. Daniel Newhouse

    Rapunzel shagged in the tower!

  29. Emerson L

    This song talks about tarot cards..

  30. Milo Restrepo

    Dickinson the best he doesn't has bad song

  31. Lucky Smartić

    Ma da li je ovo neka drzavna uprava ili nasi becarskolicki skup?

  32. Myrkky69

    This song is so fcking good.

  33. Svetlana Andrášová

    Best voice + so sexy...

  34. Clelio Balbino

    Em pleno 2018 e eu aqui ouvindo The Tower de novo. Vida longa aos clássicos do Metal \m/

  35. Lucky Smartić

    A sada malo sale - jebote ko je ovaj uhljeb - foteljas?

  36. TheBlackKnight1o1

    Happy birthday Adrian Smith!

  37. TheBlackKnight1o1

    3:52 That mask in the bottom right corner reminds me of like The Thing meets Parasyte meets Men In Black.

  38. TheBlackKnight1o1

    Ooooh that bass line is sexy. Everything else about this just rocks hard! Bruce Dickinson is the best \m/,

  39. Felipe Santos

    Sonzera de verdade 100 palavras para descrever esse som som de verdade 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🖒🖒🖒🖒👏🎶 hevy metal som de verdade

  40. Kostas

    Chemical Wedding... One of the best Albums, ever...

  41. Anton Titov

    12 dislikes? Lovers laugh on your grave.

  42. Lucky Smartić

    E ovo mozes slusati i uzivati puno puno godina. Jedva cekam buduce albume. Jeger Mick preko pedeset i koju dere po stejdju. To se i od Maidena i njega ocekuje. Usput Sretna im ova Godina i sve buduce

  43. Daniel Wildeboer

    I miss Bruce Dickinson solo band.

  44. Daniel Wildeboer

    Chemical Wedding is the best Bruce's solo album to me. But I love all of them. Blaze Bayley solo albums are also very good! And the same by Paul Di Anno's solo stuffs as well.

  45. En algún lugar del tiempo 1313

    Que pena desperdicio,con lo que eras bruce,te has convertido en todo lo que un heavy era,que pena

  46. Paty Oliveira

    2018 e me arrepiando ainda com o baixo desta música

  47. Flávio Asfat


  48. Zilog256

    Damn, this is already 20 years old! Still perfect.

  49. Евгений Куваев


  50. Victor Novaes

    Não posso acreditar que o boneco conseguiu cantar igual ao Bruce Dickinson. Kkkkk.

    Dantré Dogborsa

    Conseguiu, cara

  51. Yon Law

    Regardles of what the outcome of his solo carreer was, I believe Bruce Dickinson is one of the most professional singers in heavy metal. Everything he does he does it right or he doesn't do it. What he did on his solo career I believe was both good and bad but he did it right. Leaving Iron Maiden on good terms was a wise move because he left the doors open for a come back wich I'm really glad happenned. Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson and every member of the band makes one of the most professional bands on the planet today and It would not be that way withouth Steve Harris or Bruce Dickinson. Right now they have one of the best singers in heavy metal and the only singer and commercial pilot in a band. Iron Maiden is the best band in the world.

  52. Ajvan Sekul

    Kupujte u taweru al pazite da ne najebete Sretna nova

  53. george kolias

    one of the best metal song ever

  54. GeFeldz

    There are twelve divisions - dimensions

    The pilgrim is searching for blood, to look for his own free will - blood rituals and sacrifice to feed the beast and its needs

    Humanity in a straitjacket trying to break free in front of a black cube - Quantum computers giving birth to the real A.I. which will enslave and control humanity

  55. The Outlaw Torn Wrathchild

    Wrathchil.....I mean...The Tower

  56. Skylook Kelwor

    Ajmeee i ovi su nešto zaboravili zar ne ?ma dobro vratiti ću im.znaš mene -čist račun duga ljubav -financijski.A ljubav je sasvim prirodna stvar

  57. somarriba333

    LOVE that bass line. So tight! This is just awesome.

  58. marco antonio m. campos junior

    Harry Potter was alredy there in 1998?

  59. Jimmy Lad

    Bruce completely ripped off the melody for this chorus from the Sister Sledge hit 'He's The Greatest Dancer'... That line 'Lovers In The Tower' is identical to it... Not to mention the bass intro is directly lifted from Maiden's 'Wrathchild'... Perhaps he was trying to create a bastard love child of the 2 songs?

  60. Javier Toro Ardiles

    It's a Pit do Not have Mr. Z participating in the Vídeo Clip.

    Zidders Roofurry

    By the time this was filmed he'd left to go work with Halford.

  61. Homão da porra


  62. Juggernaut

    Is it humanly possible to dislike that man?

    Sophie Tanggaard


  63. Duc de Gobin

    So good. Would really have worked as an Iron Maiden song.

  64. Rkid

    starts off with wrathchild tune lol

  65. argh666

    The combination of the double solo and bass line after 3:19 messes me up. Probably one of the best parts of all songs ever! Massive headbanging! :)

  66. Johny Logan

    Tower prison ?hm beauti for cap,

  67. Rogerio Santiago

    muito bom

  68. Visser1978

    Such a awesome song \M/

  69. Jarno Koivula

    Video is "crap" but the music diamond!

  70. Antonio Cortese

    sounds very good!!!

  71. José Brasil

    Bruce the Master of Metal!!!

  72. Μιχαήλ Δελάρτας

    the finest song he sang in solo career. From all aspects, music ,vocals, story, only the video is ruining our whole idea that creating in our minds hearing the song

  73. filip telega

    theres no hope theres no mercy in world of darknes tarot shows deatch the house of alistair crowley wide open beast awake grate song of dickinson

  74. Lucas Caio

    Bruce com a Roupa do Disco Iron Maiden Fear Of The Dark 1992 LOL muito foda

  75. Maidensfan1

    I can tell that Steve Harris felt threatened. He was willing to grant Dickinson his wish of piloting his own plane. Bruce, you rule...

    ERICA Mariana


  76. Чавдар Момчилов

    a great main musician

  77. Filip Telega

    genis bruce tarot cards wheredoors toeternity are open dors to madnes and our dreams where hangman ceasars lovers are on guardians age of fire im legion and we are 12 division

  78. Igor Ferreira 2202 Ferreira de Oliveira

    Bruce Dickinson mito lenda

  79. Mihail Mihajlov

    lagana pjesmica. neobična

  80. manni777

    The people sitting in the cinema or theatre in this song are "living" tarot cards.

    Dave S.

    wow this song is from 1998 and you are the first one to ever put that together you must have like a 199 IQ!! :O

  81. Richard Jepp

    I love seeing Adrian and Bruce working together.

  82. jcrypt1

    3rd BEST metal album of all  time!!!!  1. Operation Mindcrime  2. Scenes From a Memory 4. City of Evil 5. Master of Puppets 6. Screaming For Vengence 7.  Dream Evil 8. Moving Pictures 9. The Number of the Beast 10. Sabotage  BTW Accident at Birth #12Dickinson SOLO era is the ONLY concert that I would pay to see....Full of regret to miss this show!

  83. Vander Santiago

    For that Guy is the best rock singer in the world!!

  84. himbux terrafux

    Is he an occultist?I mean i read the lyrics from his albums (exept "Tatood Milionaire") and most of them are about Crowley, tarot cards, ancient egyptian gods, occult ceremonies, posession by demons or the devil himself etc...And then the movie about A.Crowley...Don't understand me false I don't think he is a devil worshipper, but this is strange...

    Chris Sharp

    +himbux terrafux He's just generally fascinated by the subject matter; and he finds the horror angle to it all entertaining. I doubt he really believes in any of it.

  85. James Chance

    Killer promo from Chemical Wedding and great song. You'd think it was from Accident of Birth with the appearance of the Fool from the cd cover!

  86. Darkice Metal Film

    Adrian is The Great guitarist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!_____________________________________________________________________________

    Carlos Rodríguez

    +FeratPlazma It's not Adrian, it's the mexican Roy Z.

    Darkice Metal Film

    @Carl Rzd This is it, the album that Iron Maiden never made. Accident Of Birth is the great (quasi) solo work by Bruce Dickinson with assistance from his friend and former band member of Iron Maiden Adrian Smith. Together with Roy Z (guitarist & producer) & further notable musicians these two legends of metal recorded their by far best album of the 1990ies.

    Darkice Metal Film

    @Carl Rzd 1997-1999  Adrian member of band !!! and help make 2 albums !!


    +FeratPlazma It's Adrian and Roy Z. Roy Z seems to be the lead guitarist for most of Bruce's Solo work so it's hard to say it's Solely Adrian's guitar work.

    Mark Swarbrick

    @Carlos Rodríguez 3:01 hello.... It's Adrian Smith......

  87. Gotcho Yanev

    From the album "Chemical wedding"

  88. David Fellner

    What album is this song from?


    @David Fellner The chemical wedding


    +David Fellner
    One of the most under rated metal albums of all time, but actually it's musical alchemy that stands the test of time.


    North Eagle Media I agree I listen The Chemical Wedding and Accident of Birth frequently.

    David Fellner

    Yep. Masterpieces all around


    David Fellner Agreed anything Bruce does music wise is gold. \m/

  89. reiner bergkamen

    Wrathchild :)

  90. TheShadowBrigade

    How is this song not more popular!? It always has been my favorite Bruce song (including his Maiden stuff).

    Fermín Pérez Testa

    TheShadowBrigade Better in that way, bro. Lights always brings shit.

    Mark Swarbrick

    Bruce killed it solo, he absolutely shit on everyone with quality output and destroyed the 2 Blaze albums

  91. greymajickjedi


  92. El spider man

    una de las mejores canciones que existen

    seba torres

    dickinson junto a smith y roy z notables composicion y música

  93. dreamtheater186

    Killer song from a Master Epic album... Long live to Bruce Dickinson

  94. Sudden Wrath

    1:24 accident of birth easter eggs?

  95. Simone Calloni

    The song starts: Wrathchild!
    Ah no, my error ;)

    Wolfgang Markus Gstrein

    Indeed it reminded me also of Wratchild... no prob at all. I´m still waiting for someone who takes Another One Bites The Dust. Bass intros are rare :D

  96. Visser1978

    Such a great song! \M/

  97. inXkteR

    Bruce Dickinson rules!

  98. rollthelosingdice

    Awesome music 5 stars