Dickinson, Bruce - Navigate The Seas Of The Sun Lyrics

Distant earthrise long ago
Lingers at the borders of our minds
Mysteries spinning in the dark
In the frozen emptiness of time
We were lost and we never knew
Who we were or what we left behind
Living half-lives we were blind
To the new frontiers that opened up our eyes
To find our minds were spinning
Souls entwined in a spiral dance
The ancient ways have found us
Again to give us one last chance

Living in this place
Staring into space we find
We might share the corners of our lives
Infinity runs deep
Eternity that we can't keep
Melting through the frozen wastes of time

So we go and will not return
To navigate the seas of the sun
Our children will go on and on
To navigate the seas of the sun
So we go and will not return
To navigate the seas of the sun
Our children will go on and on
To navigate the seas of the sun

We can't go on tomorrow
Living death by gravity
Couldn't stand it anymore
We'll sail our ships to distant shores

Purple gold and blue
Living colors every hue
Flowers in the garden of the gods
No one can ever know
If you never saw them grow
This darkness is really full of light

Well beyond the earth,
Beyond all things that gave us birth
We'll Navigate the Seas of the Sun
If God is throwing dice,
And Einstein doesn't mind the chance
We'll Navigate the Seas of the Sun
Infinity runs deep, eternity that we can't keep
We'll Navigate the Seas of the Sun
Flowers of our souls, purple blue and gold we find
To Navigate the Seas of the Sun
So we know who we are, even in this frozen waste
We'll Navigate the Seas of the Sun
Living in this place, staring into space we find
We'll Navigate the Seas of the Sun
Well beyond the earth,
Beyond all things that gave us birth
We'll Navigate the Seas of the Sun
If Einstein's throwing dice,
and God doesn't mind the chance
We'll Navigate the Seas of the Sun
Flowers of our souls, purple blue and gold we find
We'll Navigate the Seas of the Sun
And who we were before -
Eternity that we can't keep
We'll Navigate the Seas of the Sun.

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Dickinson, Bruce Navigate The Seas Of The Sun Comments
  1. Andreas Winje

    Fantastic love this Song

  2. emir dzapo

    purple gold and blue is the color of Bosnian flag...

  3. Reve Lation


  4. Anganba Luwangba

    Tyranny of souls Album

  5. Mara Tânia

    Linda canção. Parabéns .Que tudo! Abraços do Brasil 28/09/2019. Vídeo maravilhoso

  6. Eric Pirillo

    Yeah this songs up there with the best of maiden! Lots of people , including me, slept on the solo stuff, its a shame.

  7. Israel Quezada

    I see people saying Bruce's albums are better than Iron Maiden's recent albums. But I love both equally, different metal styles but both awesome.

  8. jefferson dias

    Não importa o vídeo gringo que seja , sempre haverá um brasileiro lá kkkkkkkk

  9. yerko cornejo

    Poesía del señor bruce

  10. Joe Blows

    I like this song

  11. maiden4 greece

    Bruce...EMPEROR OF THE CLOUDS...!!!

  12. Filip Jarolim

    Moje slzy v tyhle pisnicce jsou nekonecny. Bruce scre for me Cech republik

  13. MrTomb666

    Классная песня для изучения английского языка, прямо тренировка )

  14. Estefania Gimenez

    He's just fantastic <3

  15. Gregory Grove

    We need more of Bruce and Roy

  16. Matija Kovač

    The sound of this version is really bad. Sad, it's a beautiful song though.

    Matija Kovač

    This version sounds better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MflzesOUvfk

    Reve Lation

    @Matija Kovač Youtube always sucks for audiophiles. Try an .ogg- versionor get the album, it's a dream full of love

  17. Atanas Koev

    I met Bruce Dickinson 2007 in Bulgaria. Amazing person, simple genius...
    If someone need chords of this song, please ask me and I will send it.
    Thanks for the uploader- really good video and timing.

  18. Jeremy Davis

    beautiful song

  19. Cicero Santiago

    Tyranny Of Souls album eta porra é de 2005, como o tempo voa pqp

  20. Venelin Atanasov

    This video is awesome!!

  21. goran narog

    It is beyond comprehension for me that

  22. Starigniter

    Fantastic video! The only thing I would change is 05:14 (can't see black letters on the black background), but still awesome!

  23. Dino M

    Great video to watch along.

  24. Ronnybanan

    If I would be the astronaut going into deep space, this song would definitely be one of the top-tracks I'd listen to. This song has covered the emotions of exploring new interstellar grounds (Mars f.e). It really had me with the lyrics "living death by gravity" (how physics law limiting us by nature) and "flowers in the garden of the gods" (planets and solar systems size and colour).
    But yet all of the song's sentences has a deeper meaning and perspective that are difficult grasp and imagine. Humankind landed on the moon and saw the earth as its fully only then, but to go even further is hard to visualise in the astronaut perspective... overwhelming none the less.

    But this song helps

  25. Dny M

    Eu amo demais essa música

  26. ziel carvalho

    Mestre Brulce eterno

  27. Danko Salsa

    A?čovjek se razumije bolje u Astronomiju nego "proglašeni ,poštovani,nagrađeni?"Svestranost je realizam i budućnost

  28. Danko Salsa

    Ni pod razno 🌑☯️brrr Hladno🤗🌧️

  29. Levir Silva

    Navegar pelos lagos do inferno por toda eternidade

  30. Danko Salsa

    Sorry,Nott now,

  31. Kenan Tokic

    Lmao I just realized that the entire lyrics theme perfectly fits the movie *Knowing* with lyrics and meaning :) Look at the Movie guys :)


    Daaamn i've watched the movie and i see. This song was released 2005 and movie was made in 2009 so maybe they based it on Bruce's song

  32. jose luis rodriguez pesca

    Es la mejor animación de esta canción que jamás había visto,que gran trabajo.refleja de forma muy magica la letra.excelente.

  33. Alguro HellBlacksmith

    this song makes me travel through space and time . WE ll love u bruce!!!

  34. Michael Davidson

    "This darkness is really full of light."  I love the way that Bruce writes lyrics.

  35. Florida Fishing & Herping

    I haven’t heard this song in about 6 years. It feels so good to hear this song again.

  36. HomeValue Glass

    The verse in this song totally reminds me of another song/band, not sure if it's Bowie or Gordon Lightfoot or what but until I figure it out it's going to drive me banannas.

  37. Diego Menezes

    amazing song.

  38. Thallis Santos neves


  39. Κωστας Κουμας

    απιστευτα Γιαμάτο τραγουδι

    maiden4 greece


  40. Neil St

    bruce has a technical ability to control his voice like a finely tuned instrument. i feel he is constrained by iron maidens formula, although i love maiden, bruce is a much better singer on his solo stuff. just my opinion.

  41. Lucky Smartić

    Ljeto? Bit ce maximum 42. Sada si dobio odgovor. I ti si ucen? Jesi ali samo do granice onoga sto je tvoj interes. Ja ga nemam zato znam

  42. Augusto Da Silva

    Alguém sabe a tradução dessa Linda Música?

  43. norbert kovács

    No comment!!

  44. Jason Barbush

    there is much misunderstanding about heavy metal and intention to express truth in those that judge

  45. Scream For Me

    I want in his New album a song like this

  46. Scream For Me

    His voice is magic

  47. schebo

    Moj dida i ja

    Jadraka Koskar popušić

    schebo in Space?

  48. Scream For Me

    Con canciones se me hace aún más fácil decir que Bruce Dickinson el mejor cantante del metal. Y la letra es digna a un genio como lo es Bruce

    maiden 100

    De acuerdo con tu comentario un grande bruce...

  49. jů s

    Bruce Dickinson is the master of music, he is the Mozart or Beethoven of heavy metal. This music is most beautiful :-).

  50. Melvin King JR

    I would love to go into space

  51. Dani Smartić

    Stari dobri aLeonardo Da Vinci a?

  52. Dani Smartić

    Navigigacija do sunce,zar niste shvatili ,koliko puta treba pustiti this song Ragusin.😇😄😄😄

  53. Marcos Schuh Fernandes


  54. Jason Barbush

    there is no such thing as a waste of time. it all goes to the same place, its origin. All things that give light ask for nothing in return.

  55. Jason Barbush

    there is no such thing as a waste of time. all goes on for a reason.

  56. Jason Barbush

    answer: it is something we can see...

  57. Célia Menezes

    A poesia de Bruce, lindíssimo

  58. Cesar Rivas

    gracias Bruce !!

  59. tom catt71

    Nice job on this . dose the song justice .

  60. Elias Goulart

    MESTRE BRUCE!!!!!! Musica linda demais! \,,/

  61. Célia Menezes

    Amo amo amo amo amo amo amo amo amo amo Bruce demais talento gente boa Ser humano sou fã

  62. Danijel Danijelovič


  63. Danijel Danijelovič

    zanimljivo Makedonija nosi prirodnoživotni grb od sunca. što? ne zamjerajte iluminatima .takva je naša nauka .vidimo što ? spajamo učimo .priroda i svemir ? ma nečemo o tome pošto ....

  64. Smoker

    sound of freedom...

  65. Luciana Ailén

    Hay algo en esta canción que me hace amarla sin más...

  66. Fare Regis

    This song makes me so happy :o I got a really weird feeling that everything will be okay and i dont have to worry about anything while listening to it


    Well. You're right.

    Bel Mordok

    Rothschilds and their parasites zionists, freemasons, politiciand and similar are ruining the world

  67. TheMackster _

    this is bruce version of space oddity

    ‡Bowie London‡

    TheMackster _ 🖤

  68. Célia Menezes

    Bruce Dickinson é muito especial lindíssimo

  69. Andreas Brandt Metalltechnik

    passend zu dieser grausamen brutalen zeit. der polsprung ist bestimmt auch nicht mehr so weit weg.

  70. Safet Neziri

    Why Bruce Dickinson solo albums are so underrated? No one talks about them, nobody gives any credits to them but honestly I like his 3 recent albums more than those of recent Iron Maiden albums


    Safet Neziri very simple, he pissed most Iron Maiden fans whom they gave a crap for whatever he made as solo. He would have done far better if he would never left Maiden and did his solo project. Same with Adrian Smith.

    Eddie Amensend

    My friend, you are going to be able to see that:

    #:-(1,.).- people who do good work, in this world My friend (s). They just don't ever ever ever get the credit that they deserve to be given. It's really that freaky simple and easy to get along with other people if you basically really sucks. Thanks for listening, and have a great day okay. However, the sooner you discover that the hardest things to do in order to get the credit that you could really deserve is the acceptance of the fact that they are not going to give you really anything from anyone else yet but IF YOU do it all right now and right on. (You see, they actually ended up moronic bullshit jealous of you for your intelligent doing it right now and right on, and then yes now they actually freaky freaky freaky hated you because of the fact that they cannot even ever ever ever get the bullshit basically right! Thanks again and now, do you understand.? Hope so, it'll help.

    Brian Barnhart

    Safet Neziri Long live Bruce


    I think his solo stuff is weak tbh. Chemical Wedding had a few good songs but that's about it.


    Farweasel accident of birth is far better than no prayer, fear of the dark, anything with blaze bailey, anything since 2000.

  71. Christian Pogonza


    Sebastian Rodriguez

    +Christian Pogonza pero que manera de decir estupideces, que tendra que ver gardel, otro porteño maraca como vos

    Christian Pogonza

    @Sebastian Rodriguez jajaja besos en la cola a tú mamá!!!!

  72. samhain3112

    Awesome song!

  73. TheMetalhead

    This video is wonderfully edited. I love those Sci-Fi pictures.

  74. phoenix7289

    rofl why the picture of Darth Vader?


    +phoenix7289 why not?


    +porro velha It just threw me off. I don't have a problem with it, just found it funny because it seems... odd.



    Jason Barbush

    he was once a good guy in the later films.


    I think we all know that, Jason. It is still an odd addition to this song.

  75. Felipe Machado

    I've bought this album on CD the day it was released! Loved it ever since... But seeing this video, with the lyrics, the great guitar work from Roy Z and the wonderful voice of Bruce Dickinson immediately occurred to me that this song would be completely perfect as a theme for Battlestar Galactica! It seems written for the series!

  76. nomad Oliveira

    Bela e profunda canção!!!

    Téo Ferreira

    Yeah! ;-;

  77. Nico Contreras

    This song will be a good one to seal friendship with aliens


    Why are you so sure that it's friendship?

    Konstantinos Daglaroglou

    Because that's what our nature as species is - or should be. We should be friendly by default in all our relationships, not hostile.


    Konstantinos Daglaroglou
    Good words are for ones with humanity and you can’t guarantee that until you can be sure of the aliens who copied humans for their ‘lord’ and one and only god bullshit.

    - From a shitless slave region of humanism being suffered under hoon-tribe-originated-parasitism and kiki'she' collectivism which is known as the name 'Korea', whose dwellers always steals and begs from Japan's original history which clearly inherited sincere humanity in Ancient Cudara more than its 'original' dwellers in hometown.

    Bel Mordok

    Let them erradicate the parasites, incomptenent and idiots in general. Leave the rest to live and prosper

  78. tyhnbgtyhnbgt

    bruce stealing adrian smith was meant to be..now iron maiden is a legendary 3 genius guitarist mega band!

  79. Леонид Иванов

    Very good song.

  80. Carl Lindquist

    Loved this video! All the best!!

  81. M Ferreira

    his voice is the definition of beauty

    Luigi Sodano

    Mary Ferreira anche il tuo viso non scherza.

    GM Evolution

    like you

  82. M Ferreira

    bruce is a genious a sensitive beautiful man with a powerful vision of eternity love him

  83. Alvaro Gutierrez

    Beautiful song!!!

  84. DragonTigerBoss

    Bruce is cool.

    Jason Barbush

    everyone is awesome in their own way

  85. Mikhail Mshetsyan

    Very great song !

  86. Ag Mg

    AHAHHAHIHIHI u just made my day when i saw the picture in 1:58 the song says we will go and not return but down in the picture center says leaving for good :)

  87. Arnaldur Ingi

    Amazing, such feel good, many wow.

  88. Evan Cooper

    One of my favorite songs, by far. So beautiful......

    Michelle Fransan

    Me too.

  89. Doğu Yücel

    video and visiual is great but why does this audio sound bad? 

  90. Διονύσης K.

    absolutely great!

  91. Kuacula

    You did a really nice job with this video. :)

  92. André França

    I sincerely thank you for this great video.
    I watched it exactly the time I needed.
    Keep on being good to everyone.

    Jason Barbush

    yea, God made everything we see and that which we cannot as well jjcreator.blogspot.com for insight

  93. Le Faucon Noir

    So beautiful and amazing song..

    Jason Barbush

    the sun is actually white only the earth's atmosphere make it look yellow

    Jason Barbush

    it takes eight minutes for sun's light to reach the earth.

    Jason Barbush

    about the same time it takes me to write a poem or smoke a cigarette.

  94. Blaz Potocnik

    Best Song ever in the entire Earth!!!

  95. maidenrunner666

    Danke, Bruce... ich navigiere seit 1978 - und es ist immer noch sooooooooooooh gut.
    Behalte bei all den Flughöhen bitte deine Stimme.

  96. Santiago Cely Jr.

    El genio !!!

  97. Victor Calesco

    i felt the same...

  98. Harrison Ford

    Playing this song as my mass effect 4 theme, after the game is released obviously.