Dice, Tom - Wonderful Lyrics

The say the one you love is the one you hurt the most
Well if that’s the case I should’ve let you go
But I’ll always fight for you

And any time I make mistakes and any time the levee breaks
It stops me getting back to you
I know I’ll be okay

With every wrong turn I’ll ever take
You will be there change my ways
That’s why I won’t fall, why I will never lose it all
That’s why you’re wonderful
That’s why you’re wonderful

Ghosts of the past are haunting me
Showing me things that I don’t wanna see
But any time I make mistakes and any time I lose my faith
It stops me getting back to you
I know I’ll be okay

With every wrong turn I’ll ever take
You will be there change my ways
That’s why I won’t fall, why I will never lose it all
That’s why you’re wonderful

With every wrong turn I’ll ever take
You will be there change my ways
That’s why I won’t fall, why I will never lose it all

With every wrong turn I’ll ever take
You will be there change my ways
That’s why I won’t fall, why I will never lose it all
That’s why you’re wonderful

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Dice, Tom Wonderful Comments
  1. Steeve Steele

    Tom has been getting too bold with his attire lately. Someone needs to knock him down a peg.

  2. Tennethums1

    Played it recently. Enjoyed the hell out of it. I think it just might replace 7 Wonders, Splendor and Century. Make no mistake however, it’s basically multiple solo games sitting around a table.


    Sure about that? Card drafting is done with Cards Face Up around the table, so you are free to watch what other people take and what they need.


    chuckm1961 in a four player game no one bothered to look at what other people had. It just wasn’t feasible to sacrifice ones own points for a subpar card that might screw another player and even then, no one had a hand of cards (initially) that if they purposely took one that another player needed, that it wouldn’t leave SOME option for that same opponent.

    I think in a two or three player game you could play, “gotcha!” Strategies but that just wasn’t the case in our four player game.

  3. Jason Foust

    I just want to know where you got that tie.

  4. Galarith

    Watching the review, I'm having a hard time to find something that would grasp my interest. I feel like many games are about collecting ressources and trading them for points, and I don't see how this one is better than others, or worse, how it's more interesting. I feel like there is something missing and I don't think I would enjoy this game over 7 Wonders. It might just be me and I have to admit I've not played "It's a wonderful world".


    If you say it enough times, you might convince yourself. If you have one of these types of games, you dont need more. End of story.


    This one is unique in the way the production "chain' works and the way you can plan ahead for it. Tom did NOT show it well.

    I own and enjoy it. But it's not for everyone.

  5. Casey Potthoff

    Wow that’s my favorite outfit of yours so far! Great review too!

  6. Roy Higgins

    Which would you choose between Aquatica and It's a Wonderful World?

  7. Johnny Palumbo

    This seems beyond themless .. cube phases ? Is that suppost to mean something ?


    Did you happen to look into what each of the cubes represent or what you are building? He did explain it briefly. It's not that hard to imagine what this production chain might be emulating.

    Steeve Steele


  8. Michael Petrov

    like for the outfit

  9. Loki Hve

    This looks like nothing special and 7 Wonders meets Century?

  10. Von Woolf

    It looks a bit meatier than 7 wonders, let's hope it doesn't bring too much AP.


    It's actually lighter than 7 Wonders. I own and have played both.

    Von Woolf

    @chuckm1961 After a dozen of plays under my belt, I'm quite surprised to hear that.


    Von Woolf To each his own! In this game, you can literally and fairly easily figure out exactly what you will produce and how many points you will have by the end of each round.

    In seven wonders, with higher player counts and lots of cards going around the table, you have much less information about what kind of sets you might be able to build. “I think I will go for science, I hope that other symbol that I need shows up later this round”

    In terms of using the game as a gateway, this is 100 times easier to get to the table.

    Von Woolf

    @chuckm1961 With less information comes less opportunity to think about your choices. That and each time someone picks a card in 7W, it is played immediately, so you know what each of the players are doing during the round.


    Von Woolf Everyone’s mind works differently. So it’s no surprise that there would be differing opinions about which game is more complex.

  11. Jeffery Hunt

    Turning out to be a good Essen for Tom so far!

  12. Matthew Harris-Levesque

    Actually looks really great!
    The box, and the title, are @#$%.

  13. 22gjreyes

    Tom looked liked a mafia boss.

  14. rob taylor

    TOM once again our gaming tastes align.
    I think I shouldn’t like it cos it has zero theme, yet I love it.

  15. The Broken Meeple

    Only played it 2 player so far and solo, need it in multiplayer at some point, but I'm just not seeing it here. I love 7 Wonders and find it easier to hate draft in that game then this. Here you're counting little colour squares and there's usually more than enough cards to recycle for what you need, especially in two players where you take 10 cards and draft 7 from them. Maybe like I said, I need to play this 3-4 player to get a kick out of it.

    I think the lack of theme doesn't help either. It's completely themeless, I have zero interest in what I'm building other than what it produces or does in points, which are mainly repeats of each other. Now granted 7 Wonders is themeless and just iconography on cards, but for some reason that one just works for me, the card sets are distinctive, here they blend together. And of course the expansions help!

    This is certainly a nice production and very simple to play though. Certainly a gateway level game at that point. I guess maybe I was hoping for something more innovative or unique to differentiate it from 7 Wonders or Villagers or Sushi Go which are like the go-to light drafting games. It's still a decent enough game in its own right though.

    Manolis KK

    Personally i like seven wanders but it is too basic for me.

  16. Cassandra Castro

    I like this, I'll be wishlisting it.
    **resisting the urge** ugh "...and I tell to myself, what a wonderful world"

  17. Some Random Dude

    Also, this is definitely an oppressive, authoritarian future lol. It's not Fallout level dystopian, sure, but it's at least Logan's Run level.

  18. Some Random Dude

    Regarding having split decks, I thought the same way before backing. I think we are just spoiled by the way 7 Wonders ramps up. I definitely think forcing the decision the way this does is a great take on it.


    Agreed. That rough edge to it is part of what I love. I like the idea of gambling on a big payoff, very fun.

  19. Chris Taggart

    I seriously want to know what your closet looks like.

    Steve Collins

    I've always wondered what mob boss Tom got his wardrobe from.

  20. spunx44

    Pass for me.

  21. Chris Musix

    Seems like Century Spice Road, but in the future!

    rob taylor

    Chris Musix I absolutely hate century yet love this.
    I love the fact when drafting it, do you draft for the resource or the building

    Руслан Нечай

    @rob taylor agree with Rob, Century was a snooze fest for me, this one is a blast!

  22. Dan Sioui

    Thanks Tom! This game nails all the points I look for in a game. I will have to pick this one up.

  23. Bradley S

    Those fins look a lot like gills lol

  24. Vadim Deylgat

    I would work with an A deck and B deck to have the high point cards come up later. Once you’ve played the game 2 or 3 times (and it plays fast, so your quickly through that), you will know what mix of cards you might expect to see. So no issue there as far as I’m concerned.
    The solo mode is also quite fun and thought through. Each round you get a 5 card deck (twice) and you either use those cards to construct them or as resources, or you discard 2 to draw 5 cards from the stack, of which you can keep 1 to use, offering a lot more choices.
    If this convinced you, then you might also want to look into finding the Kickstarter Heritage Edition which comes with 2 campaigns of 5 scenarios each.

  25. Nathan Tolman

    But that jacket though . . .

  26. Jordan B

    Hm, so nothing about the "Heritage" system, which includes opening more cards and modifications?


    Wasn't that an expansion?

    jesse mccaughey

    It was all kickstarted together and they’re not delivering until latter this month.
    I also would have assumed if the dice tower was getting early preview copies it would have been with everything. But makes sense they might just want bade retail version.

    Some Random Dude

    He also mentions at 6:00 during the components section that this isn't the upgraded Kickstarter edition...

    The Broken Meeple

    Dice Tower does not order KS versions. They specifically ask for retail copies and most publishers will only send retail versions because reviewing a version which only a small group can access isn't consumer friendly. Also if a game is only made good or great by KS additions, then that's a negative on the base game.