Diane Birch - Woman Lyrics

Wash me in your love
Crown me with your burdens
I walk in your shadow
I wait at your window
Take me inside your heart
Whisper on the winds the secret
The song of the sparrow
The point of the arrow

Ancient mother of the skies
Hiding behind my eyes
Come out into the open
Before the world is broken
I am, I am
The shape of your shadow
The blood on your arrow

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Diane Birch Woman Comments
  1. William Lardie

    Love the sound of this! Beautiful!

  2. Morse Code

    Just stunning!!!!!

  3. Lelivreavenir 88

    Éthéré,désir de pureté teinté de sensualité,une belle rencontre

  4. ariel pheiffer

    Well done on woking with Stuart, how could you go wrong.

  5. John

    Beautiful song

  6. Bats Records

    well done

  7. Ferit Karakaya

    I do think you are extremely talented but I can not stop myself from thinking that Berlin has been making your music very "german".  I love your older music, i.e. bible belt.  No disrespect to your journey, just my frustration:)

  8. Diana Fellner

    Beautiful song, I truly love it!

  9. Carolann Watkins

    So talented, please come back to the UK and tour real soon.

  10. lapicker

    So jazzy and bluesy :-)

  11. JosCR66

    Bookends the record well since your voice seems to dissolve as the paint plays along whilst the opening track, Hymn for Hypatia, the voice comes on strong but the lyrics become intelligible at the end.
    The sax just adds to the song's late-night vibe. Just great!!!

  12. A Tailany Leu

    This song is beautiful!!!

  13. Zoé Des Allées

    This is amazing.

  14. Mi Nna

    Angelic *_* ♡♡

  15. Farhana Farhana

    Wow it's sounds sooooo good