Diane Birch - Stand Under My Love Lyrics

Somebody on the left
Somebody on the right
Somebody in the dark
Somebody in the light

They're harder than stone
Make you feel so all alone
The drugs don't work
There's too much hurt
Gotta find another road
Gotta bear the heavy load somehow

Big sky come crashing down
There has to be a place for us in this world
With a little shelter from up above
Little lies at every turn
I wanna be the face you trust in this world
When you need a little shelter
Stand under my love

Somebody in the right
Somebody in the wrong
Shaking hands with a devil mind
Paying for protection but there's none

Hand on my heart
When the future falls apart
And the fire won't burn
And the wheels won't turn
When there's not another road
We will bear the heavy load together

Big sky come crashing down
There has to be a place for us in this world
With a little shelter from up above
Little lies at every turn
I wanna be the face you trust in this world
When you need a little shelter
Stand under my love

Well the story is in stone
And the future may be known
When there's nothing left to say
I'll cover you, I'll cover you babe
Together we'll last for another day

Big sky come crashing down
There has to be a place for us in this world
With a little shelter from up above
Little lies at every turn
I wanna be the face you trust in this world
When you need a little shelter
Stand under my love
Stand under my love

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Diane Birch Stand Under My Love Comments
  1. Allen Jones

    I think you are divine in a sonic way.

  2. TheVernon52

    I really love this song

  3. Peter D.

    I agree with John Lennon. Words escape me. I am so effected by this acoustic version. I'm quite simply deeply moved

  4. John Lennon

    WOW! There are no words for me to express the talent this girl has. I have her CD, "The Bible Belt" it is outstanding. I heard the tracks on her second CD which for me just didn't do it for me. I have to check out this one "Nous". First seen her at Daryl's House and when she did "Fire Escape" I was hooked on her. What a voice!

  5. Laura Tate

    Just amazing- an incredible talent, and such range of styles and emotions in all of the songs by Diane that I have heard so far.

  6. Mystykal

    Beyond Talent lies a gift which is beyond words... You Rock my world!

  7. kelly watkins

    This young lady has some serious gifts. I think I've been blown away and then she posts something like this and just drops me, again. Someday the rap and hip hop will fade away as all fads in music history do, and this kind of serious musical ability will rise to the forefront again.

  8. Allen Jones

    Damn that's a fine mate.

  9. Vernon Stack

    WOw! Just listened to this again today. watched this vid soon after it came out and the same thing happened. Electrical goosebumps! That's a cosmic communication in my book! Love the words in this! They are very relevant to the state and balance of carnal and cosmic consciousness at the moment. love is the answer. and always will be. Right on the moment and full of balanced emotion Diane.Thanks for all your wonderful soulful sharing! You are wonderfully balanced work in progress! Keep that up.You kinda disappeared for a little while. I for one feel that the world needs the vibration you share in your music.Hoping you do a lot more sharing.

  10. D Jango

    hit my soul,wonderful

  11. videoviewer502

    Diane ... from a "sda zimbabwean living in south africa" millennial to another ... "american lived in zimbabwe and south africa sda " millenial 😜 ... [ no i am not a stalker 😁😁😁😁] You are my new found go to music high :). Love your music ... you are so underrated

  12. Nasser Dubauree

    This one bleeds from the soul.....

  13. Ever Abby. H

    As I listen to Diane more and more, I begin to appreciate her music and the depth of it. Dark and beautiful.
    It's so different, it speaks to your soul.

  14. AstralTraveler

    I think I may be in Love.

  15. Amrit Ayurveda

    If you have not seen her collaboration with Darryl Hall and T-Bone check out how seamless and smooth she meshes with soul legends

  16. Silas Evencio

    Glad this girl is growing :-)

  17. zx w

    OMGGGG This is so HAUNTING !

  18. Angelo Ajax

    The album NOUS of Diane Birch is a masterpiece in my opinion. I needed time to get used to the different sound. But when I listened more often to the songs of this album, I discovered the beautiful debt of her compositions. The music feels like it is made uncompromised and at the same time quite thoughtful without losing her identity. Birch found the fragile balance between too much and too less. Exactly enough to let her music flow in a straight line to the soul of the listener. I am looking forward to an acoustic edition of the album NOUS, because I think the songs will appear acoustically in another dimension. Diane Birch is an exceptional musician.

  19. Jake Smith

    I liked her much better without so much voice reverb, she is like Enya now.

  20. Disordered Grape seed

    I just love it

  21. Philippe Danh

    I Just love this song and Diane's voice so much.

  22. Michael Grzechowiak

    She's got a good voice but this leaves me wanting, so calculated and trying to hard to please who?

    Paul Shannon

    Her Dad, no doubt.

  23. Jim Robinson

    Beautiful. Dark, but beautiful.

  24. Dirk Chwialkowsky

    thats the shit

  25. prepschoolhippie


  26. Lily Rose

    collaborate with james blake xoxo

  27. Nanny

    It's good that I can't play and sing like this gal, cause I wouldn't do anything else but listen to myself lol.

  28. Zoe

    Who said the quote in the opening? About unknown faces reflecting our own?

    kelly watkins

    She probably did, I cant imagine her using someone else's words to make a profound point. She has the words, the voice and the gifted hands to leave a lasting impression in this world.

    kelly watkins

    Although it may have been something her father spoke as well.

  29. Stephen Blakestone

    i love the soul you play xx

  30. AmericanWoman1964

    Wow. I admit Im not great about hearing new artists. This was sent by a friend and... WOW. I am blown over. This is OUTSTANDING.

  31. Sadireellu

    well donne!

  32. activescrape

    Really good, Diane.

  33. ciaohoney54


  34. TheLukeSoundsystem

    One of the greatest singer in the world, she is fantastic

  35. TheLukeSoundsystem

    Yes she should come at montreux jazz festival ;-)

  36. marsha831

    A flavor of Laura Nyro - Berlin agrees with you. Tour, please.

  37. tony crawford

    You have done it again Diane, Another great Song& its made even better your very Special Vocal,, Love it

  38. Colin Shapton

    Hey Diane, as this is described as acoustic, does that mean the EP version will have other vocals/instruments added?  If so are you also releasing this as well, coz its perfect as it is.

  39. TheVernon52

    I love it! Simple yet very powerful emotion.Very nice to hear from you! Let's go out and get married tonight? Lol! Just my way of saying I love you.Your simply wonderful!

  40. Jaan Pehechaan

    Amazing! Can't wait for Nous <3 <3 <3

  41. Ryan Winsauer

    I find the contrast of the older piano and general lighting/feeling of the room at an odd contrast with the electrical ports of the mini synth on top & her cell phone on the shelf. Thanks for sharing the emotion & performance with us Diane.

  42. Thomas Georgantas

    Very very good
    Thank you Diane, you're wonderful

  43. 奥島ひかる

    You are so amazing.Thank you Diane for new beautiful music!! だいすき!!

  44. Kevin Ruiz

    that's wonderful! really i love your work as the artist who you are, and, i love your voice and everything that you are. simply beautiful!!

  45. Adeline Rose

    Love this so much! Can't wait for the EP.

  46. Zoe

    New ep?! Could this mean a tour sometime soon?

  47. José Reyes

    Estupenda y preciosa voz Diane!! Sin duda estoy ansioso por escuchar el material completo. Saludos desde México.

  48. Kevin Ekelmans

    thank you Diane <3

  49. Gordon liest!

    You live in Berlin? How great is that!? I really need you to make a show in Hanover one day (Hamburg would be fine, too), I really want to see you perform live! The new song is incredible! xxx