Diane Birch - Nite Time Talking Lyrics

Spreading out emotion like a feast
Sharpening the knives to meet the beast
I want all your worship, all your sins
No matter how you play nobody wins

Snow white sinner back to meet the light
Trash that letter I sent you last night
Spoken in the moment, honest prose
Thorns around the deepest color rose

Lady Rager bent on walkin'
That's just the nite time talking
Why danger, why so shocking?
You know it's just the nite time talking
You know it's just the nite time time talking

Spreading out devotion like a feast
Can't hold back desire for the beast
Go on save her heart from locking
Voices in her head aint stoppin'

It's just the nite time talking

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Diane Birch Nite Time Talking Comments
  1. Nick Caffrey

    Amazing. Who is 'she'?

  2. KP11520

    Diane, you need to find the right male singer and do a cover of Donnie Hathaway and Roberta Flack's, Where Is The Love. You'd kill it!

  3. Grzegorz Konopka

    A great song. Thank you Diane. Such songs are rare today, so they are very precious.

  4. andres birch

    Ah perfect touch in your cousin gothic faught

  5. cicobuffy

    Still love this, great track and video. Textures.

  6. Nasser Dubauree

    You have that CHOLA Look in this one, and it goes with, and looks lovely.


    I was totally noticing the same thing 👍

  7. Rick Rbmnewage

    You are amazing 🎵🎵🎵

  8. legendary boxer

    AMAZING WORK.... <3

  9. Disordered Grape seed

    5 dislikes ,(@[email protected])🔪

  10. chachi neggy

    im binge watching your vids and finally saw your forehead! you look beautiful, i hope to see it more :)

  11. cicobuffy

    Darkly groovy

  12. Starry&Bohemian

    No compromises... in a way she's skinaked ... her few clothes are just half illusion
    Diane don't seems to know many soonic boundaries, did she "broke barricades"? (it's a procol harum song)
    The pop continent seems far away now... obviously she's not for sale (i've got those Beatles for sale in mind)

  13. t4bd8

    quite frankly i like she sang with daryl hall there was a video at your finest in my book gothic ness is very depressing i used to be that way but i grew out of it and realized love is the way and you dont have to work as hard or be as depressed god loves you diane

  14. lapicker

    Another fantastic video Diane. More more more!

  15. TheVernon52

    Deep, emotionally moving music and visuals in this video. She really speaks in a wonderful and meaningful way through her music and lyrics. I love her willingness to be open, let go, and release through her music, what she feels on the inside, and it really shows on the outside through the music and visual of this video. Not easy to bare your soul and your body for all to hear and see, but Diane has done that in a very effective way in this video.

  16. Gilbert LEE

    She seems to be moving into a very 'dark' space. Started with Bible Belt and I loved it! Since then things are moving with her 'evolution' as an artist - but unfortunately it has lost its appeal to me. No mistaking her obvious talent, though.....give me back Nothing but a miracle and I'll be happier...

  17. tony crawford

    Once again another Brilliant song
    Diane you have a unique Style of Song Writing & all Song are Fantastic
    You Should be a Household Name by Now
    Merry Christmas Poppet

  18. t4bd8

    I thought how long was better this gave me the creeps if you think about the fact that she went to church and mix it with this video wow but two each his own

  19. Boxuan Jiang

    Somehow this song makes me shiver

  20. Leopoldo Oliver


  21. TheHobbyHabit

    Big eyes in the shadows shots are way excellent. Vocals : Amazing.

  22. Germán Luongo


  23. Gary Weisel

    Very nice! It makes me think of Walking Wounded (Everything But the Girl) combined with Day of Wrath (Carl Theodor Dreyer). Two of my favorites!

  24. Santarosagene

    Love me some Diane. Not my favorite however as it left me cold and wanting to take a nap... I love her fierce smile and hope to see it soon.