Diana Ross - People Lyrics

People who need people
Are the luckiest people in the world

We're children needing other children
And yet, letting our grown up pride
Hide all the need inside
Acting more like children than children

God's children
Were born to be free
To love
All people have a dream
For peace, for security
Let the world fall in love again
Please, please, let our lies not be in vain

Lovers are very special people
They're the luckiest people in the world
With one person
One very special person
A feeling deep in your soul says
You were half, now you're whole

No more hunger and thirst
But first be a person who needs people
People who need people
Are the luckiest people in the world

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Diana Ross People Comments
  1. Jojo Regalado

    Florence voice was a lot better no doubt. But the problem with Florence, she's very unprofessional, always drunk even before performance. She's didn't know how to handle pressure and success that led to her demise. Stop blaming Dianne or Berry Gordy, it's not their fault. It's Florence, she was self destructive.

  2. bernie bernido

    Well thats Flo’s signature song so...

  3. Oasis5

    I will happily take Flo's version.

  4. Mic

    Why do people keep saying Flo wasn't given a chance? She was in the world famous Supremes the ultimate chance... she's the one who let her jealousy end her career...she was stupid. She threatened to destroy the group because she wasn't getting her way and she clowned the man who wrote the checks. Of course she was fired...I would fire her too.

  5. Mic

    Florence's version was all harmony except for a few lines...you people are so desperate to make Flo the one...that u ignore what's right in your ear...that wasnt even a solo...Diana got her beat then and now...you people don't really care about Flo it's just a way to try and take Diana's crown away from her...real chicken s**t stuff

  6. Mic

    Flo a better singer the Diana?..stop talking reckless...Berry was about business. Florence's voice was nice and she could have had a career. I mean if Mary could one anyone could. But Flo would have never been a mega star like Diana

  7. Lynn Tilmon

    For those of you who think Diana had it going on vocally, have a listen at this vocal battle and you'll not think that again. Mary and Flo had it going on vocally. BTW, Mary still does have it going on vocally.

  8. reealitychick

    O COME ON'' That song by Flo was SUPER AND JUST PERFECT with the others in melody--- WTH was wrong with BGordy -- a little more upbeat to the rhythm and WOW a hit.. Just listen to their harmony with these 3-- It was heaven sent... Yes Flo should have sung this song and what a damn shame --- SMH>>

  9. Lawrence Malloy

    Y'all hear DR sing this song and the way she say people don't even know what she saying case close so y'all precious DR messed up and very bad Flo sounds great

  10. Richard Montemayor

    Gosh poor Florence- actually I’m traumatized about her life- I don’t even know Florence but how she was treated by Diana and Gordy is just horrible- God has the last word and they will get what they deserve when they meet their maker... how sad 😢

  11. Laura Murray

    Florence Ballard!

  12. Ronald McFondle

    Flo's version is good, but that's is not the commercial sound that would have crossed over to millions of people in those days. I hate writing this, but Diana had that white girl voice that was more agreeable to the masses. Diana's voice was also more versatile

  13. marie-rose daly


  14. cofuggle

    I tried to hate Diana Ross but I can't. She has a great unique voice, I happened to think that she was a great actress and was very pretty too. Florence had a great voice and a good heart (she helped others) but, Diana was smarter...is that fair?.......................................

  15. Robert Mofford

    Flo gets my vote here. Both are good but Diana's spoken parts are just too cheesy and corny.

  16. Squittia Brown


  17. Soulja Grrl

    Mr Gordy messed up on this call. Ms Ballard's version was way better.

  18. Terrell Staley

    I'm sorry but Flo's version is superb, the way she hits those high notes gives me chills, this song was perfect for her to sing, they should have left Diana on the backing vocals for this song

  19. Linda Hines

    I'm going with FLO!😎

  20. Edward K

    Florence Ballard had the voice. She didn't kiss butt & was victimize due to that by Gordy. A free spirit with such talent, with a heavy heart, I admire her so very much & wish it worked out for her as she so deserved that. Ed K

  21. michelle williams

    Diana and Barry Were Messy As Hell And Did This Poor Woman So Bad smh. R.I.P

    Linda Hines

    thank you Michelle for telling the truth!😎

  22. Cynthia Perry

    Florence Ballard

  23. mya and lea

    Barry Gordy must have been crazy. Florence sounds betters.

  24. jclef614


  25. Gladys Rodgers

    I o ly liked diana Ross behind your heart belongs to me and a breathe taking guy after those two that was it I seemed to haved taken. A true like towards florence kept watching her on stage in ahhh mary was nice to

  26. Denise Waghorn

    She sounds a bit like Eartha Kitt but she is good ❤️❤️

  27. Paul D

    Florence was by far the best singer in the group.

  28. Ronnie

    Wonder if as a now older woman, Diana looks back and wishes she had behaved differently?

  29. Laini Onyeanusi

    They wanted someone visibly petite to attract teeny boppers and someone who knew when to shut up. Flo sings circles around Diana, not to mention she had a superior arrangement.

  30. Soul Vault

    I don't mean this in a bad way, but I enjoy both versions. I hate that there were ever any discord between these two. I hope that Flo in heaven forgives Diana and Diana on earth wishes she had done Flo better.

  31. Benajmin Padilla

    Flo could sinnngggg. Wow!!!!

  32. Yakisha Merritt

    Omg Florence Ballard really could sing! I did not know that. Florence's version is SO MUCH BETTER THAN diane's. And in diane's version I could hear that she was definately trying too hard, u can tell. That greedy diane ruined poor Florence's career and her life with her savage jealousy for fame and attention. She stabbed her friends in the back! And let's not forget she was not apart of the group at the beginning. I bet Florence regretted ever letting diane join the group. Motown really screwed Florence over they really did. And she started that group and came up with the name The Supremes. I think Florence got screwed over because diane was jealous of her! And wanted her out! Period. But Florence could sing WAY better than phony diane; and Mary Wilson is prettier than diane. Mary can sing too!!! Its a shame that drunk diane got all the "attention." Rest in peace Florence, sweet Angel..you really can sing🌷

  33. The slow Jam JAM

    Florence Ballard God bless you. They can no longer hide your talent. Rest on knowing we now know what they did to you. You sang your heart out and you deserved better.

  34. The slow Jam JAM

    Florence Ballard is far superior to that of Ross and that is no joke right there. She had the better voice all the way and naturally blessed. Ross is a fluffed up mess.

  35. Assonda Paul

    Flo starts 5:12

  36. swampzoid

    Go Florence. You win hands down !

  37. KennyGman Waters

    Guys be fair Diana version was better!

  38. Nancy Breshears

    Flo by far!!! Lord have mercy!

  39. reealitychick

    Imagine Gordy throwing this talent away--- I am so sick to my stomach as to what was she could have achieved... breaks a lot of fans hearts. damn you GOrdy --- you cheated many of us of such great entertainment and music/..

  40. Blue Soul Reggae

    Diana wins it. Her voice was unique and stood out. Uniqueness is what people want to represent the day. Florence sounds very vanilla 50's. Diana was fresh and a 60's sound.

  41. Ricky Parrilla

    Thankyou for Posting this. I have never heard Florence version of People. I was so impressed by her high notes in the harmony and wish there were more of them and more of the song "longer version". Diana version is longer but boring. I see why. Mr. Gordy decided to give it to Diana, Flo was a much better singer. Don't forget that diana was also giving it to Mr. Gordy. LoL. Florence version was better and I'm sure she brought the house down whenever she performed it in front of an audience. God Bless you Florence Ballard. I never knew you personally but I hate what they did to you. Rest in peace Love. You are not forgotten.

  42. Bone Dry

    Diana's voice has a unique sweetness to her voice she has a very unique sound. WHen you hear that voice you know its her. ONE AND ONLY DIANA ROSS.

  43. Lawrence Malloy

    Flo sings this song best and this will be her song forever now take that Berry Gordy shame on u taking away that song and giving it to Diana like that shame

  44. the unreal player

    I sort of understand why Berry stole this song from Flo. It just sounds more commercial with Diana.

  45. Celtic Spirit

    Diana is unique.... her sweet and clear voice is not a common voice and it was essential.... Florence had a ordinary voice with a little more power.... Diana became a queen because she is not only one voice but The Voice and a The Star....

    Richard Beman

    Plus Motown "Double Tracked" Diana often, so you really don't know what she sounded like…..

  46. Kien Nguyen

    Flo's version although pretty doesn't make me feel the song. Diana Ross on the other hand, while had a weaker voice, had better phrasing.

  47. MaeKae

    FLORENCE IS THE GREATEST! 🎼🎤 🎵. Now a part of Heaven's choir, I know she is getting her chance and the opportunity to reign SUPREMELY! RIP FLO and Praise The Lord, Amen!

  48. Byron Allen

    florence sounds much better her range and vocal ability is much larger than dianes with diane i hear her limitations which r covered over with exspensive musical movement its evident that florence had the voice dianes voice was very small

  49. Jermaine Johnson

    Berry wanted the pop sound. I love Flo and have all her music, her voice wasn't the sound Berry wanted. Love all three versions. Mary sings lead in live version. All the Supremes #1 are poppy, the soulful songs were good but not as popular. ABC sessions were weird . She sang very deep, but well. Flo sang the hell out of them songs.

    Richard Beman

    Berry Gordy was trying to appeal to a "White audience" ( I remember when they were on the Ed Sullivan show some white parents did not allow their children to watch them ). Florence Ballards voice was too full and soulful ( which I like ). On many recordings Diana Ross was "Double Tracked" to enrich her thin voice. Florence had a "Church Choir" trained "belt voice", which can be hard to contain when performing ( unless you are doing Broadway )...

  50. Cherchezlatrish

    I mean absolutely no disrespect! I know people feel bad about what happened to Florence but there is NO WAY she sung this song better than Diana...no way!!! Ms. Ross’ version was crystal clear and had a beginning middle and ending in which a song like his is supposed to be executed!

  51. Wayne Brasler

    Florence originally sang the lead in "People." I saw and heard her and was impressed. But right before opening night at the Copa in New York City Berry Gordy Jr. gave the lead to Diana. I really think Florence never recovered from that insult. At that point already newspaper writers were noting that when Florence could be herself she was a sparkling and sassy Supreme but whenever Diana showed up Florence shut up. Many producers at Motown recorded Florence as lead singer but those records seldom were released and that includes six gorgeous songs for the Christmas album, all of them eliminated. What Mary and Florence did not know is Diana was scolding producers when they gave Mary and Florence leads. Mary and Florence also were learning there had been press conferences with them eliminated. This had to be tough on them; what had been a trio, and still could have and should have been, became a star and two background singers with not much to do. Mary has said she asked if she and Florence could be given leads on B sides but that did not happen. The public never knew any of this and both Mary and Florence were too professional to complain.

  52. Romey Siamese


  53. SeptiaWoman

    Motown IS a household name, however like other recording companies Motown had their "dirt" as well. Berry Gordy envisioned a "cross-over" appeal with Diana Ross that he did not see in Flo. Which is why Diana was "marketed" towards Black and White masses and Flo was not. Gordy took a gamble, it paid off and Diana moved on. Flo, IMO, had what we call "raw and gritty" talent. For example, listen to the song, "Buttered Popcorn." This song gives one a good indication of Flo's budding talent. If only Gordy has invested in Flo as well. RIParadise, Flo.

  54. Chic Mommy

    I hate to say it, but Diana's version really is better.

  55. Pedro Jenking Ortega

    i prefer Flo version

  56. Erik Max Q Mcc

    I am sorry, but Florence Version is the Best, and Berry Gordy saw that but he was having relation Diane and he gave to her. Flo was the best RIP Florence


    Erik Max Q Mcc

    Sondra Vickers

    DR is not a great singer!

  57. Vonda Mikesell

    floremce ballard no contest

  58. 11e1Cess

    I liked Diana's version better.

  59. martadoso9

    “Florence Ballard Sings with the Angels in Heaven”...

  60. Alex Ciak

    Florence Ballard had a Wonderful voice ...such a great loss, there's s no justice often in this world. I love Diana Ross voice and style but it"s clear that F. Ballare was more gifted as a vocalist, no doubt definitely .

  61. TheReturnofStephan1

    Thanks for posting this video!
    It proves that Diana Ross' voice is just as strong as Florence Ballard's, and much better placed.
    Again, my thanks.:)

  62. Shell Courtney

    Florence all the way for me

  63. Jay Young

    I've not listened to Diana's version. But even if I had, I'd not resort to comparing the two girls. Like fingerprints, people are different, so you can't compare. You might like one over the other. All right. Of Florence's version, the only one I've heard, I have this to say. Her fine diction reminds me of a much earlier singer named Ivie Anderson. Anderson, too, had a way with diction.

    I suspect that Florence's fate might have been brighter had she signed with another recording company, say, Columbia, and under good guidance, of course. Without doubt, she was gifted with a magnificent voice, depth, power, and understanding of the lyric. I think I was robbed by her untimely death.

  64. Devin taylor


  65. Richard Samuels

    I get it now. Hearing Diane’s version first and then Flo’s version. It’s the line in Dreamgirl’s when Curtis told Deena he chose her for lead because her voice had no personality. And Flo clearly had the Soul while on wax Diane could have been white. Flo sounds very soulful. Even in the harmonies you hear Flo over them all. RIP Flo. You deserved way more than what you got.

    Brian Hamilton

    What she got was an opportunity to be in the best girl group ever. 12 number 1 hits. I can understand liking Florence Ballards voice better than Diana's. I personally think the best female artist vocally to come out of Motown was Tammi Terrelle. HOWEVER, let's take an objective look at it personal preferences/feeling aside. The Supremes had 12 # 1 Billboard Hits, 20 top 10 hits, and 45 songs that charted in the top 100. That is a record for girl groups that still stands today. It is also only second men & women's groups overall to the Beatles all-time! If we are being honest, Gordy's decision to have Diana sing lead was probably one of the greatest decisions a music executive has ever made. How can anyone argue with that kind of success? Even for those who thought Diana was not a strong singer, she still went on to have 6 # 1 hits AFTER she left the Supremes & AFTER she broke up with Berry Gordy. In total Diana Ross lead songs have managed to reach number 1, 18×'s! Which means Diana Ross has more number 1 singles than Michael Jackson, Elvis, Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Janet Jackson, & only 2nd to the Beatles. She is tied with Mariah Carey. I just don't see how anyone could 2nd guess Gordy's decision based on what I've just outlined.

  66. tracy Oakes

    Flo's voice sounded more mature than Diana's. So much more soulful. Love it

  67. remy paraskovia

    Good but Barbra Streisand Finish them both.

  68. Diane Nu

    I love the original Supremes!!! It's so sad what they went through!!! Maybe if there had been someone in their camp that could have made the effort to be straight forward with them & explain the concept the vision for them as a group & even solo efforts for each when the groups success had reached it's peak & help them to develope in other areas like acting & comedy for stage,film,tv it would have stopped all of the animosity within the group & no feelings of betrayal!!! On SINGLES B SIDE a solo for Flo & Mary, on the alblums at least 1 song a piece for Flo & 1 for Mary & the same for their club shows,INSTEAD OF B.G.TEARING DOWN THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE GROUP MAKING THEM FEEL AS THEY WERE LESS THEN WORTHY OF SHARING THE STAGE WITH HIS SELF MAID STAR!!! DIANA ROSS WHO'S TALENT IS UNDENIABLE!!! BUT FLO & MARY HAD UNTAPPED TALENT TOO & IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ENCOURAGED TO BE DEVELOPED TOO!!!!!!

  69. Sandy Davis

    Diana Ross's enunciation in this song is cringeworthy.

  70. Fancy Vizion

    I noticed a huge difference in the two. Diana sings more by herself in one version but there is more harmonizing in Florence's song.

  71. AxelQC

    Flo was very talented, but Diana made them rich and famous. With Flo as the lead, they would have dissolved like 99.99% of all bands without a trace. When Diana became the lead, they had 5 #1 hits in a row and became world famous.

    Diana had a single career that very few performers could rival. Neither of the other two amounted to much outside the Supremes.

  72. Violet Valentine

    I love Diana Ross, but Florence made this song her own and put it to bed. Sorry Lady Diana, but this is Miss Flo's song forever. Flo sang the blues best out of the three, because she had the most sadness inside her. There's something so raw and you can feel the pain inside her come through. Her heartbreak, anguish, sadness and trauma. It's beautiful but it makes you wanna cry.

  73. Lynne Johnson

    You just can't sing People like a pop ballad song i didn't know about the rivalries here But Clearly FlorenceBAllard sang the song better very soulful, with feeling

  74. Byron Allen

    florence can sing better tonal quality notes pronunciation more harmonic if i was ross i would hid her too florence was good

  75. BroccoliQueefed

    Doh! You Flo kiss asses. She wasn't the lead singer because her voice was too soulful, meaning it wasn't good for a crossover agenda. Berry already had Kim Weston, Aretha Franklin. Diana's voice was pure pop. Who can deny, that if you'd never seen her, you would think Diana Ross was a white person. Enough said. Guess which singer outsold both of those two combined. Uh umm.. Diana Ross.

    No, I do not think Flo is better. Diana's phrasing was waaaay better. Her higher octave stole the show. Her voice was feminine, charismatic, light yet strong and versatile. While it isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination, Flo seems to have weird intonations in spots or pitch problems. Her voice was weird

  76. Kenny Blake

    Diana Ross sang the jubilee out of this song. I heard a lot of Diana in the background with Florence's version. I like Diana's version better and had a better production. The original was more harmonic and soulful is the reason why Florence was taken off the lead. Diana's version is more jazzy and crossover appeal, meaning more $$$$$$$$$$.

  77. Tom Beveridge

    Ms. Ross is clearly deep into her Billie Holiday impersonation. Personally, I've never liked "Lady" (a bit too oily for me) and Ross's effort lacks any of the bluesy intensity of her model, except in the spoken section. Flo's vocal is hands-down superior, pure and poignant, despite a lackluster arrangement. Supreme, even. Were HDH and Gordy right to cut Flo and focus on "Diana"? IMHO, commercially, yes; morally and musically, no.

  78. Sophiah Koikas

    im from the big D. makes me sad to hear them both. they both sing it well. they came from a time and place and sound that will never happen again. may flo rest in peace.

  79. Allan Davis

    Miss Effie White & Deana Jones

  80. Jay N


  81. M Aaron Taylor

    Diana got this one, however the harmony on the Florence version is more poignant. Florence does finish strong, but Diana dominated the early rounds

  82. Ona Corona

    Florence Ballard won it hands down,......♥️♥️♥️♥️

  83. Victoria Lee

    she sound so good... flo!

  84. Lisa Carter-Evans

    The best toner for vocalists is singing. If you have range, you should be able to use it. Exercise every part. Yet, I can relate to holding back, vocally, when I’d really want to let it out. I chose singing amongst others. Singing as group is beautiful. Hearing that harmony is a love dream. You don’t want to wake up from it. It keeps you dreaming, until something jolts you up out of your surreal love ballad. Loving to hear your own voice... well, that can become an issue when you have a strong voice in a group. I recall that I was in a record shop years ago, and the owner asked me if I was ready to go solo. It caught me off guard, because I didn’t know him, I do not believe that he knew me. I sang solo’s, often... yet, I was never comfortable out front. I knew I had the voice, but I wasn’t willing to loose what I knew in my heart to the things that I didn’t know. Looking through that glass, darkly, Florence Ballard I would have loved to be your background and supportive friend.

  85. Joycelyn

    Flo voice sound just how she look.BEAUTIFUL.💕💕💕💕💕

  86. merzdoats1

    Flo is so much better. Wow.

  87. Sounds of Steven Page

    I think Diana Has a cleaning sound and more distinct voice.

    Richard Beman

    She had to… Most of her recorded material was "Double Tracked" and she had to do a "clean take".. Live, she sounded horrible. !!!!

  88. Renee Simmons

    Yesss Florence

  89. something for the people Israel shslom

    You should have picked the other supremes version with Diana on lead and the Supremes harmony in order to get a better comparison.. Because there Diana slays the hell out of that song.. But I've always love the group as a whole Diana Mary and flo in that order.. Because it always seemed to me like they both lived to perform..And when you add Mary's and Diana's harmony .. Omg those two harmony was so tight that it really didn't matter who the other singer was fr fr and the proof is right before flo left and she was screwing up and when Cindy joined... Just fr fr listen and you will see that Berry probably should have just made them a duo ... And I personally will never compare their voices. Because they each sang differently...and it's about personal taste .. And I must say that i even like the Supremes of the 70's after diana left..hell they had some great stuff..

  90. Cora Hudson

    Ms. Ballard is my choice.
    Cora Hudson-Guice.

  91. Nurse Grace

    Miss Ross' version is deadly boring.

    Lisa Knotts

    so was your respond

  92. RideTheMaverickTV

    Was this a performance or a recording?

  93. Skull Truth

    You know who version is the best! We all know it...Florence Ballard Hands Down is the Best!

  94. Tyra Livingston

    Flo would been a star if had Berry saw that in her

  95. Shirley Jones


  96. Leatherbro 1000

    If Florence would have been allowed to showcase her natural abilities, there is no telling how far she could have really went. We all know that a "certain person" kind of restricted that! RIP Flo.

  97. END TIMEs Video Library

    Diana's arrangement and mix more of a modern, for the late 60s,  celebrity mix. Where is the Florence lead version is mixed more like the Andrews Sisters.. and I believe that is Diana on the solo part.. The second is probably an older Supremes mix because a lot of songs were transferred over to Diana to sing once she became the apparent lead of the group. Interesting stuff, but you can definitely hear the difference in mixing and mastering styles.. Personally, I prefer the Diana mix. Her voice shines through a lot better, sounding more 3 dimensional and in your face like you are really in the same room.. Thanks for the upload.. he said years later...

  98. Frans van Liempt

    I had a CD of Florence, played it once and then stored it. For me she 'didn't have it'. She is considered to be the underdog but she blew it herself. She did not feel responsible and then blamed ALL others. And why did Diana become the first black artist skyrocketing to the top and become an icon? Because she has style, charm and an incredibely will power. Yes she always did a little extra. But she shouldn't be blamed for that by people who didn't feel like working too hard. It is of course always the easiest way out to blame others for your own faillures.

    Lois King

    Frans van Liempt you don't have have a clue.