Diana Ross - It's My House Lyrics

It's my house and I live here
(I wanna tell you)
It's my house and I live here

There's a welcome mat at the door
And if you come on in
You're gonna get much more
There's my chair
I put it there
Everything you see
Is with love and care

It's my house and I live here
(I wanna tell you)
It's my house and I live here

On the table, there sits a rose
Through every window
A little light flows
Books of feeling on the shelf above
'Cause it was built for love
I was built for love

It's my house and I live here
(I wanna tell you)
It's my house and I live here

There's a candle to light the stairs
Where my dreams await someone to share
Oh, there's music on the radio
And good vibrations won't let me go
I put my name on the ceilin' above

'Cause it was buillt for love
It was built for love, ooh
You say you wanna move in with me
You say you wanna move in with me
Got to follow the rules to get me
Got to follow the rules to get me
You wanna visit my house
Say you wanna drop by
Wanna visit my house, yeah
To see me sometimes

There's a welcome mat at the door
And if you come on in
You're gonna get much more
I put my name in the ceilin' above
'Cause it was built for love
It was built for love

It's my house and I live here
(I wanna tell you)
It's my house and I live here

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Diana Ross It's My House Comments
  1. Eliot Forbes

    The new Hillary's furniture ad brought me here!

  2. Chris Hustwayte

    Diana Ross brought me here not John Mayer

  3. June Addis

    I used to love this song. And now that I rented my own home, I am listening it with an excitement. I made it!

  4. kathy Johson


  5. Kwenzokuhle Khuzwayo

    Kids plz take note on how to handle a song without so much unnecessary riffs straight forward singing but on point.

  6. blue planet

    Everything she touches is gold 🎈

  7. sandra m

    I was shopping in a department store today 2/4/2020 in Brooklyn and this song came on the radio. This was my first time hearing the song. There is meaning to this song.

  8. Whisper Nikowah

    I can’t wait to play this song when I buy my first house!

  9. Carlyle Martin

    January 29 2020 still listening to this song

  10. Irene Marino

    what a great tune. so addictive!!how can people dislike it?!no rhythm in your cold hearts. i 'm working but i only wanna dance. 11.19 am CET

  11. Thomas E Harrison

    Hilary’s made to measure blinds, sponsoring homes on 4.

    Seriously groovy tune.

  12. Valliestreams

    I'm still here

  13. Calum Roche

    Nightmares on Wax boiler room set brought me here. Tune!

  14. LAR-OSA

    my modest E&dm version of "it's my house": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEA30aFJSck

  15. Tilers best


  16. Irene Marino

    What a fantastic tune

  17. MR. YSL

    Wanting to hear good clean music brought me here

  18. Lauren

    *"I don't want to hear one fucking word from your fucked up little fucking twerp mouth on why you fucked up, you fucking fuck. shit. fucking.... the fucking nanny!"* 👱🏻‍♀️🤬😡

  19. The Ultimate Cool Ranch

    Marco brought me here

  20. Skelton Knaggs

    Nyak nyak

  21. Elliott Bethea


  22. Victor Rully Musyoka

    Representing Mejja people na clemo

  23. Curtis Williams

    I love Diana Ross this song kick ass

  24. Emmanuel Martinez

    Renata Klein brought me here.

  25. The Scholar Who Walks By Day

    GTFO! ~It’s my house and I live here~ Rolling solo into 2020.😎

  26. Danielle Lorbeck

    nightmares on wax brought me here!

  27. Kate Hillier

    Hillarys ad got me here. Normally very anti ads.

  28. Robert Joseph

    People, If your ass is broken and can’t buy a house, please stop singing and listening to this beautiful song😂😂😂😂

  29. GraceAngelful

    I play this when I need to remind myself that I matter. Especially in my house.

  30. Brionna Steele

    Eddie Murphy Raw comedy video brought me here 😂😂😂

  31. Sharon Maloka

    Reminds me of my parents doing the bump jive😂😍😚

  32. Evan Mccarthy

    Nightmares on wax brought me here

  33. A Clark

    Please believe me

  34. Salma Khan

    john mayer brought me here

  35. tujack1972

    Tonya Howell brought me here! 😄😄😄

  36. Nathan Stewart

    DFS advert during Grand Design

  37. Der Vogelmann

    Brave woman...

  38. Andrew Frost

    Channel 4 brought me here 😂

  39. Terena S. House

    (1979) still listening, &...it's Nov 10, 2019. Celebrating my Elders who is my parents & age 60s up.

  40. playhere121

    Diana Ross brought me here NOT John Mayer

  41. Gary Mc Guinness

    Grand designs bring anyone else here 🕺🕺🕺

  42. Mo'sp Iejigo' of the star people

    My theme song for my house I just bought.i am blasting this right now.yesssssssssssssss hell yes.i feel freaking amazing.

  43. Alex the Pensmith

    Hilarys Made to Measure Blinds: Fitting Sponsors of Homes on 4. *Grand Designs / Location Location Location / Escape to the Chateau starts*

  44. V. Scott

    Who will be listening in 2020?

  45. missphd2be

    You say you wanna move in with me
    Got to follow the rules to get me

  46. far0n

    Was this produced by Nile Rogers and Bernard Edwards?

  47. S Fre

    Hillary's blinds brought me here

  48. Skanoza

    Diana Ross brought me here

  49. playhere121

    Am here coz of Diana Ross not John Mayer

  50. Randy Raanes

    What brought me here is because I love Diana Ross.

  51. Paul Ikediashi

    Ever green and smooth

  52. Derrick Crawford

    My ALL-TIME favorite Diana Ross song.

  53. Sangay Lama

    Mayer brought me here..

  54. Kelly marie

    My mum got me loving Ms Ross *thank you ma* 💕♥️😍

  55. Danny boy

    Channel 4 home improvement show advert sponsors brought me here


    Me too!

  56. Buscuit Bear

    Who’s here from
    Glastonbury release?

  57. Chaz Walker

    Fab'tastic - pure gold


    how would one describe this song? uptempo , fast soul ,, midtempo ?? please answer somebody .. let me know..

  59. Mrlogotobi

    Where is John?

  60. Robbie Mize

    NOBODY CARES WHO BROUGHT YOU HERE. If you have poor taste in music, stumbling across a classic is unlikely to change anything.

  61. Venomlily16

    It's amazing how she still looks like herself after all these years WITHOUT plastic surgery . Some of these stars today should've looked to the VETERANS of music, like Miss Ross for inspiration on how to KEEP IT REAL . An amazing classy lady . I remember when I was little, me and my sisters would fight over who gets to be Diana every time we watched " The Oz ". I miss those days almost as much as I miss my sisters . We not even close anymore .

  62. jijipwn


  63. Anne King

    Love you Ms. Diana

  64. Ivalina Passe

    Still Listening!!!

  65. Punkanelly Lovejoy

    You say you wanna mooooove in with me.      You gotta put a bastaaaard up in me

  66. Dr. killpatient

    Damn, I completely forgot about this one. The shit in it's day.

  67. Mthokzen Thabang

    2019 who is still listening?

    Primrose Mathabatha

    I played this yesterday and felt its like the 1st time hearing the song

    Sharon Maloka

    Listening right now😍

    LL kun

    2020 and listening.

  68. Tracy Nelson

    Still love this song

  69. Linda D Newby

    No More Sheding Tears!!

  70. The Hawk's Eye

    0:10 when my friend asks why I gotta be Player 1

  71. Ashley Walker

    White chicks brought me here

  72. Thulani Nasilele


  73. Pol Martinez Buxó

    Nightmares on Wax Boiler Room London brought me here ❤

  74. Keith Kan

    Mejja Niko poa brought me here

  75. Kevin Nyongesa

    anyone in 2019?

    Primrose Mathabatha

    Same here 2019 still jamming to the song

  76. Ioan


    Hillary’s curtains:

    Tracy Vegan

    ME! While I was vacationing in the UK!

    Greg Chapman

    Me too. I knew I knew the song, couldn't think who it was. For some reason I thought it was part of Carly Simon's 'WHy?'

  77. Kushie54321

    Pose brought me here!

  78. Blissful Dina

    The movie 'White Chicks' brought me here.

  79. akshat rupapara

    John Mayer's version has more views than this original version.

  80. Maura Vera

    Shangela brought me here



  82. Noa Molson

    Renata Klein's theme!

  83. OA&HMY

    I heard this line in white chicks...sean invited the lady over latrells house acting like he was him and she asked for wine, he said thats in the kitchen right? she said i don't know its your house latrell, he said who? That's right thats right im latrell and this is my house, its my house and i live here" lol thats what brought me to the song after i heard on music choice lol

  84. Skylar Black

    😏some ppl need to hear this b4 steeping into ppls houses💯👊🏾

  85. Bruce Phillips

    I'm 55 five now 1978 through 1984 Diana Ross was to me the most beautiful woman in the plant next to vanity rip our queen then n 84 I heard Sade an evey thing changed been stuck ever séance with Ms sade love me my baby

  86. Dawn Somerville

    I love Diana Ross' voice....I really do. She did an excellent job singing this song. This album is fire 🔥..... definitely deserved a Grammy Award.

  87. Azalea Drew

    Still listening to songs like this in 2019

  88. Miss.E

    Pose - S2Ep07

  89. James Whiting

    This song is an add on channel 4, George Clarke amazing houses.

  90. LeLe Miller

    This song actually reminds me of White Chicks😂

    Phylicia Harrington

    Me, too! 😂 I didn't know it was a real song!

    LeLe Miller

    @Phylicia Harrington me either 😂

  91. peter hunt

    Lillian bought me here

  92. playhere121

    wanted to build a house to house the homeless after I win the jackpot

  93. Tasha Vaughn

    MY nana made me play this so i skiped some of it she new

  94. ARobinSong84

    Pose reminded me of this tune! Love it, Diana!! 😍

  95. Kat Mat

    Pose and big little lies brought me here

  96. Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston

    Didn't need a movie or TV series to bring me here