Diana Ross - Be A Lion Lyrics

There is a place we'll go
Where there is mostly quiet
Flowers and butterflies
A rainbow lives beside it

And from a velvet sky
A summer storm
You can feel the coolness in the air
But you're still warm

And then a mighty roar
Will start the sky to cryin'
But not even light'ning
Will be frightening my lion

And with no fear inside
No need to run
No need to hide
You're standing strong and tall
You're the bravest of them all

If on courage you must call
Then just keep on tryin'
And tryin', and tryin'
You're a lion
In your own way, be a lion

Come on be a lion

I am standing strong and tall
You're the bravest of them all
If on courage you must call
Keep on tryin'
And tryin', and tryin'
I'm a lion
In my own way
I'm a lion
A lion
A lion
A lion

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Diana Ross Be A Lion Comments
  1. Hotboytrue

    So basically this whole song was just Diana trying to tell dude to stop being a little bitch, but in a nice way.

  2. 3ee dee

    sometimes it takes someone to help bring the courage out of a person..to help him be a loin!! thank you Diana..u helped me for sure!!

  3. Carter Creationz

    Great Motivation song for anyone who feels weak, useless and depressed and need that push

  4. SHAdaKID

    Ted Ross

  5. MooTelevision

    He played this part beautifully


    My Cat heard this song, now he's a Lion!

  7. EDS. JB

    I needed to hear this song today


    This lady knows she can sing beautifully

  9. Christopher Choice

    That's how you sing back then we sing now you noise

  10. Xaria Life

    who else watched this instead of the wizard of oz

    Phoenix White

    Xaria Life me

  11. stafford brent

    I'm a LEO and needed to hear this Song today..With a little Tear, I feel better now...I was 11 when this came out..😎👍

  12. Ej Fleeks

    Wow! We're all lions in some way, Bring that lion out!!

  13. obatron-one

    If you’re not a Lion by the end of this tune, can’t help you.

  14. Jaden Lamar

    Anybody 2019?

  15. Lenny appleton

    You’re a lion

  16. Joanna Jackson

    08-21-2019 still watching. I had been watching this movie back to back since Saturday. go to sleep with it on.

  17. Kaleah Jones

    2019 anyone ? 😭❤️

  18. sanae dillard

    My favorite movie ever

  19. Just Out of Frame Movie Reviews

    CATS 2019 stole Lion's clothing/fur combination.

  20. Gospel Musicians

    Anybody here in 2019

  21. Joanna Jackson

    someone got me into this movie. my favorite song of it. June 24, 2019 still watching

  22. Jay Never Broke Again

    Nipsey hussle and nipsey hussell

  23. Jacob Blackamore

    Remember watching it when I was younger, listening to this song now I never realized what the guitarist and the bassist were doing on this.. whew!!!

  24. Rob Parks

    44 people can't be a lion.

  25. Funkdafied 89

    After watching this for the 11 billionth time (I had it on VHS ans now DVD😌😂😂) I'm always reminded of why im proud to be black! We are a special people from our spices, foods, rhythm, skin tones, music, education, and etc!!

  26. illanoyz ehit

    This is the 2nd best song after Home

  27. Joshua Wilson

    Rip mommy she used to sing this too me when I was little . I miss her so very much

  28. Hope The Creative One

    I used to sing this to my son when I was pregnant and once he was born he remembered it and loved when I would sing it to him. He’s 16 now and still remember the song. Not sure if he would appreciate me singing it now though. 🤣🤣🤣

  29. Marion Johnson

    1939, Wizard of Oz, was truly a wonderful, caring, movie, and so was 1978, The Wiz. Movies like these had meanings, discovering who you are, and not running from ourselves, to come to realize what's inside if us, never left. Even the wizard was afraid, so when the, Dorothy and her friends came for help, they had it all along. And they also, gave advice to the wizard, to find out what was in him. There's a long journey ahead of us, but if we only just believe, just believe!!!!

  30. Marion Johnson

    May God almighty, keep you all, and those who are.not here no more, with us!!!!

  31. Tyquell Hopkins

    Im doing a play on this and im a lion

  32. STWx Firegod

    I was little and loved this song just keep trying

  33. Alan Leone-Bridges

    The friendship between the 4 seems more real than It did in Wizard of Oz

  34. renee nuñez

    Ted nipsey michael and diana amazing cast

  35. renee nuñez

    Always this scene makes me cry😞 but same time makes me happy
    I learnt that everyone is a lion in their own way and i am a lion on my own way

  36. Jonel Robinson

    3:48-4:04 best friends forever

  37. robert thomas

    This song is too short

  38. Charly B

    Everyone in this movie is dead except for Diana Ross....

  39. RBJ Entertainment, LLC

    The best song in the movie

  40. upclose22

    OMG, this song is so beautiful💞💞💞

  41. Ashley Sowell

    I love this part

  42. Diane Copes

    iam the Lion of Judah

    robert thomas

    That's where I go soon as this song is finished... I be in the spirit lol

    Logan Btw Hill I'm a girl

    robert thomas I’m HOLLIN 😂😂😂 same tho 🙌🏾🙏🏾 ⛪️ ✝️

  43. Diane Copes

    ilove thissongverrypiwerful

  44. Marissa Flores-Ada

    This is way similar to the 2015 cover version.

  45. Chris rockwell

    I can't think of anyone better to sing this! I love the whole cast of this film!

  46. T BONER

    OMG Lion was killed with an IED in Iraq last week .... R.I.P. 1935-2018

  47. Tre’ Blaze

    this song is soooo beautiful

  48. Elishabha Eaton

    We were raised on the Wiz! My mom sang this to my sister when she was a baby, she’s 33 now. I wish she was here to sing to my babies 😢RIH Mommy ❤️

  49. Ashley Miller carr

    Mine too

  50. Chris Green

    Diana is cool, but Stephanie Mills is singing her under the MuthaFuckin TABLE AT 12 YRS OLD in the play and SHEESH Stephanie Mills got a standing ovation at 12 smmfh 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️


    I am so glad that I have a copy of this Great Classic Movie called = THE WIZ. A very sweet Musical Movie with the Characters singing sweet Songs throughout this Movie. Ladies and Gentlemen they sure enough don't make Movies like these anymore.

    Chris Davis

    The day M J died I went to best buy a got the last copy they had watched it and cried like a baby

  52. Robert Sims

    One of my favorite parts from one of my favorite films!

  53. buteras thriller

    i feel like crying when i here dis idk why

    Alexander They Hate

    The inspiration behind it. A lion king of the jungle , a leader, respected, and feared. Imagine applying that to your life as far as leadership in your life, respected and feared from those who dont have the attributes you possess. The motivation of doing or being anything in this world if you block fear👊👊


    buteras thriller Hear** But I Feel You😂💯

    Phoenix White

    Cause it’s powerful the voices and the lyrics

  54. Oof Queen here Master of all oof people out there

    I love this song and I love Michelle Jackson

    Ms.Something 21

    Kaidyn Briggs Michael


    My favorite song

  56. Cardi B

    Just came cuz Keke Palmer sang this-_-

  57. Poetic Countup

    just beautiful. ETERNAL

  58. Jai-Ln Stafford

    I’m A Lion

  59. DJ MohGloJoJo

    I wanted to listen to this randomly in the day. I love this song

    A_ B

    Im here right now randomly listening to this...dianna song the shit out of this song.

  60. RazMaTazz Si

    In loving appreciation of the divine masculine heart trapped in a paradigm that pushes you to the borders of existence. Trying over and over was a fuel Source for this space. Turn that love inward and set yourself free.

    robert thomas

    Yes suh!!!!! That s it!!!!

    Phoenix White

    Beautiful analogy

  61. Heaven Nothing

    I'm worthy

  62. imgellin100

    This song gives me the feels...what does that even mean??


    You’re a lion....in your own way.

    Phoenix White

    It’s profound and motivational

  63. Lil Marshall21

    Im am a lion and that my favorite animal

  64. Marsha Creary

    So Darling

  65. Summer Lyric

    My fav song from the Wiz.

  66. Judah 94

    Beautiful 😭😭😭

  67. Anessia Lofton

    Love this song😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  68. Celestia


  69. Tyreese Bernard

    can you please do be a line from the animated cartoon version of The Wiz

    War Horse

    Plz don’t

  70. LadyC M

    At 3:15 is my favorite part of the movie. I wish she would sing this high more often.


    LadyC M Well unfortunately, there’s a difference between being 33/34 and 75 years old. You’d be wiser to appreciate it for what it was. Nothing and no one stays the same!

  71. vampirequeenakasha

    I love this scene.

  72. jeffery chandler

    When Michael Jackson hit that high note


    His painful childhood and tragic death is so very sad. But his talent will live forever.


    Beautiful beyond belief.

  73. Lookout4the3rdrail

    Soul Baby

  74. Nayloroad da Gamer

    This song is amazing..

  75. Janice Zeno

    Me and my kids use to sing this song together in the house harmonizing it. Was a rewarding experience.💎💎💎

  76. DMario Isajurk

    11 people can't be a lion

    Hope The Creative One

    They suck!!!

    Byron Ledford

    NappyHead Dre it’s only 42💀


    Fifty-seven now.

  77. Re Belle

    There is a place we'll go
    Where there is mostly quiet
    Flowers and butterflies
    A rainbow lives beside it
    And from a velvet sky
    A summer storm
    You can feel the coolness in the air
    But you're still warm

    And then a mighty roar
    Will start the sky
    To cryin'
    But not even light'ning
    Will be frightening my lion
    And with no fear inside
    No need to run
    No need to hide
    You're standing strong and tall
    You're the bravest of them all

    If on courage
    You must call
    Then just keep on tryin'
    And tryin'
    And tryin'
    You're a lion
    In your own way
    Be a lion

    Come on be a lion

    I'm standing strong and tall
    You're the bravest of them all
    If on courage you must call
    Keep on tryin'
    And tryin'
    And tryin'
    I'm a lion
    In my own way
    I'm a lion
    A lion
    A lion
    A lion
    Copyright: Lyrics © Original Writer

    christina akinsulire

    thank you

    Voodoo Chile

    Its a beautiful & soulful song.

    Jermaine Barnett KSG NATION

    This song has always been inspiring to me since I was child and always made me tear up when I watch the movie...this song definitely hits your soul!!

    Lauren Howk

    This is what depressed suicidal teenagers should hear and rethink about they're lives cuz it will be ok in the end😊😊😊

    Bow Tie Boy

    There’s always that one person who comments the lyrics on every song. (Not complaining)

  78. Pea Brain

    I can't believe three of these people passed away. Diana don't go next ;m;

    clouds overnyc

    She has her grandchildren to live for and i believe as long as she keeps working which she loves to do, she can live another ten to twenty years, remember now she focuses on her health first then family and then work.

    Summer Lyric

    Not too long ago I was saying the only survivors are Diana Ross and Michael Jackson....then Michael Jackson passed.

    bigpoppa 1967

    Lemon Animations

    Just about all the cast members are dead.

    Brandon Robinson

    Lemon Animations We all gave to go some time.

    joaco quezada

    All the casting is dead excluding Diana Ross

  79. Les Bradley

    Wow!!! Still powerful

  80. Koolboislim Music

    Aww man this made me cry. Looking at young Michael😿

  81. Angela smooth


  82. dicapriono

    Ari lourdes did this song justice.

  83. Den’s Videos

    I had a an emotional break down at like 2 am... and I came back to listen to this.

    Rash'd Bernard Jr.

    Penn Penn music is key

    Tyleah Eubanks

    awwww babyyyyyy😫😫😫😫

    Phoenix White

    Den’s Videos stay strong!

  84. Hey Steph

    When she bragged about how she could take the D and couldn't deliver 3:52 to 4:07

  85. Onyi Ononye

    imagine a therapist singing this to one of her patients lol

    smooth persuader

    Odira Ononye lol it might work

    king johnson

    Odira Onondhdzye

    Jacqueline Johnson

    would be inappropriate..therapist are not sopose to tell u anything..ppl have to figure it out on there on.. learn on there own there own courage if anyone tells u..your not learning on your own..it means the most when your able to be a lion on your own..

    Carson’s Lemonade Stand

    Jacqueline Johnson maybe a musical therapist

    Wright's world

    only if the therapist is diona ross singing it to me I won't take it no other way

  86. so so

    ivy symone is why I'm here

    Honest Girl

    so so ASAD and Niecey!!!!

  87. Tiffany Douglas

    That was brilliant! I loved it! My favorite part of the movie is the end of the Yellow Brick Road.

  88. Musik Mula26

    favorite movie

    Chris Davis

    The 1st movie I ever remember watching it's my favorite

  89. Denise Lawson-Elam

    watching the movie now. came out when I was a kid. I'm officially an OG. *giggle*

  90. ImA Alien

    I love this song so much

  91. Tim Blaylark

    I used to sing this song to my sons when it was time for bed.


    Tim Blaylark that's awesome I love this song

    mali carter

    Aww how sweet is that.

    MieKayla Singleton

    How sweet!

    Mz.Serenity 1981

    Great..Im a first time mommy and I sing this song to my son to help him go to sleep...the way he looks at me when I do is Priceless and Amazing💖💖💖


    So do I

  92. Kimberly Williams

    My favorite song on the soundtrack.


    I love this song

    Phoenix White


    Joel Stelmark

    Brand new Day is Mine...
    I love this movie!!!! 😀

  93. Mary Bivins


  94. Liyah

    Thanks for posting this👍🏾