Diana Krall - The Night We Called It A Day Lyrics

There was a moon out in space
But a cloud drifted over its face
You kissed me and went on your way
The night we called it a day
I heard the song of the spheres
Like a minor lament in my ears
I hadn't the heart left to pray
The night we called it a day
Soft through the dark
The hoot of an owl in the sky
Sad though his song
No bluer was he than I
The moon went down stars were gone
But the sun didn't rise with the dawn
There wasn't a thing left to say
The night we called it a day
There wasn't a thing left to say
The night we called it a day

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Diana Krall The Night We Called It A Day Comments
  1. John Reid

    This woman is pure horn. Love Krall's handling of 'The Night.'

  2. Linda Reed

    1 year ago today...the night we called it a day. We both tried....it just didn't work. That's life


    That`s life.

  3. Виктор Санин

    Просто роскошно!!!💥💥💥❤❤❤

  4. morris rider

    There's always 1 (👎) in every selection, attractive women, meaningful story telling song, beautiful musical arrangements,
    Just what is not to like.
    Maybe it's a pubescent child who doesn't Get It! 🤔

    Martin Chicknavorian

    Well, we're not trying to intentionally be critical, but if I had to nit pick I would say this. First, I think she is a sensational pianist. The orchestration and arranging is first-rate and her interpretation from an instrumental perspective is phenomenal. But if we're going to be honest, she not the world's best singer. She has a tendency to "cut off" the end of words and her phrasing is choppy. I'm only pointing this out because when I read something like "What's not to like," it's as if you are "daring" someone to make ANY critical comment. It's not "all or nothing." You act as though if we don't think everything is perfect then we shouldn't give an opinion. We can like something but it doesn't mean that someone can't make a critical comment without being ridiculed ("a pubescent child").

  5. Patricia Bögös

    I love it

  6. Keith Hawkins

    The happy face...the heart...the touch...all gone...

  7. Marilene Martins

    Very beautiful music!
    Happy week

  8. Cassandra Dade

    The one love I had.I miss you so!

  9. Elizabeth Long

    ..night                         ;';;';'';; ZZZZzzz;';';';