Diana Krall - The Best Thing For You Lyrics

I only want what's the best thing for you
And the best thing for you would be me
I've been convinced

After thinking it through that the best thing for you would be me

Everyday to myself I'd say point the way
What would it be?
I ask myself what's the best thing you
And myself and I seem to agree
That the best thing for you would be me

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Diana Krall The Best Thing For You Comments
  1. Steve Birks

    For you you ! ... My very own special person ! ... PB ! - Where ever you are ?... I know myself... A part of you is permanently within my heart and soul - We certainly had something special !

  2. john e Lawler

    wonderful, it's only recently that I've come to appreciate how brilliant she is

  3. Giuseppe Ferrazza

    This was first album I heard by Krall, it knocked me over in an instant, done. Been listening to her ever since. 

  4. Bronxboy47

    Love how the band picks up where Ahmad Jamal leaves off.

  5. Oceanborn Pacific

    C`est absolument vrai ;-)

  6. SprayEnjoy

    I find it absolutely hilarious how you managed to post such a hateful comment although your initial intention was to listen to a happy song. *lulz*

  7. Donya Lane

    This song is from the Broadway musical, Call Me Madam, written by Irving Berlin.

  8. Feracitus

    blame youtube mate, not me.

  9. Yunuet Palacios

    No pude ver este video desde mi celular :(
    Que bonita letra y melodía!