Diamond, Neil - You Make It Feel Like Christmas Lyrics

Look at us now,
Part of it all
In spite of it all,
We're still around

Lovers in love,
Just like we were
Being apart's a lonely sound

When people ask how we stay together
I say you never let me down
And you make it feel like Christmas
Even when things go wrong
I hear the sound of Christmas in your song
All year long
Yes, you know that I do

Look at the sun
Shining on me
Nowhere could be a better place

Lovers in love,
That's what we are
I reach for that star out there in space

'Cause you make it feel like Christmas
Even when things go wrong
I hear the sound of Christmas in your song
All year long
And you know that's it true

Sleepy we are,
But happy together
Sounds of forever
Greet the day
So wake up the kids,
Put on some tea
Light up the tree,
It's Christmas day

Yeah, you make it feel like Christmas
Even when things go wrong
I hear the sound of Christmas in your song
All year long
Yes you know that I do
All year long
Light up the tree,
It's Christmas time

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Diamond, Neil You Make It Feel Like Christmas Comments
  1. Jessica Burton

    This song brings back so many childhood memories from when I was growing up with my sister and brother I'm 32 years old now and when I first started hearing this song was back in the late 80s early 90s my parents were married at the time and we had the best childhood ever they went all out for Christmas for us every year and I have some of the best memories of those years the song played every Christmas in our house as we were growing up my parents divorced when I was 18 years old and it was very devastating to me, we were a happy family for 18 whole years of my life. my parents have been divorced for over 15 years now and they have remained friends throughout the years so when I do hear this song brings back my childhood memories of the great Christmas's my parents gave us every year when we were growing up I cry everytime I hear this song but it's a good cry because I think all those wonderful memories I have of my parents when they were togther. I love thiss song

  2. Luther Brooks

    My niece and I were having a hard time connecting this year. This song played over the radio and all the sudden she hugged my neck and said "I Love You Uncle Luke". Thanks for the song.

  3. DrinkingStar

    Great lyrics for a song that is not just for Christmas. It is a song that describes what a long lasting marriage is all about, Christmas all year long in the hearts of people that truly love one another. I have been married for almost 50 years and these lyrics ring true. Neil's voice and how he sings it adds to the truth and credibility of the lyrics.

  4. Emma Acosta

    I have had a crush on this man all my life ! I love Neil. So talented.❤


    No hay más!!
    Divinamente hermosa voz!!

  6. Jonathan Nurse

    This Christmas song called "You Make It Feel Like Christmas", was sung by Neil Diamond with his Christmas album "Christmas Classics", going back to 1986.

  7. Holly Timlick

    Neil Diamond we all love you, and the song of Christmas. You have a great voice , and I will never stop listening to any of your songs. Thanks. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. maurice gaskin

    T his is a very beautiful christmas song by a very talented man

  9. Adam Billiald

    Just heard this for the first time ! Very Christmassy 🙌🤶🎄💫

  10. Fredo Joaquim

    Wonderful lyrics, lovely ballad.

  11. Animazing Animations

    i could listen to this song all yer long. and he is still sexy as ever.

  12. Icy Fan

    Money...yep. He is Jewish and singing Christmas songs???

    Paula Houlden

    It's interesting how many Jewish pop stars have recorded Christmas songs and albums....Neil Diamond, Bette Midler, Michael Bolton and Josh Groban (he's technically half Jewish) to name a few. And the most popular and beloved Christmas song of all time, "White Christmas," was written by Irving Berlin, who was Jewish.

  13. Fredo Joaquim

    More than a Christmas song: a great ballad about love and solidarity. Very inspiring.

  14. Action 52

    I heard this at Kmart in 1989

    Mr luck

    Blue light special

    George Estremera

    It's that old? Another Christmas song I didn't hear till it was old. Better late than never.


    @George Estremera 🙄

    Maple Yeetz


  15. Victoria Borelli

    I'm actually pretty upset with myself that I just remembered this song now (January 2018) instead of a month ago in December. Oh well, looks like I'll be listening to another Christmas classic December 2018!!

  16. John Roe


  17. Ginger Durbin

    For being Jewish, you can sing me a good ol Christmas song.

    Baby Blue

    Jewish DON'T believe in CHRISTMAS 🎅🤶🌲

    Stevie G

    But Irving Berlin and Phil Spector produced/wrote some of the best Christmas songs ever!

  18. Marlene Greco

    This is absolutely beautiful... "Merry Christmas" to one and all... Thank you Neil..

  19. Aryan Rai

    gand mara re chutiye

  20. SIKU Jacob


  21. handstands4ever

    You make it feel like Christmas, even when I break my leg

  22. Mike Faust Faust

    bi sexy christmas dudes guys men gays song and me i like sex

  23. Daniel Marcus

    this song makes me wanna fall In love

  24. Average Joe

    I don't mind the words to this, it's the arrangement that I don't care for, but Neil likes to change up everything, it's been his trademark, especially for other persons songs, so click the big red square to the top right, quit bitchin' and enjoy the holiday Alashia. Merry Christmas!

  25. Joseph Pratt

    Great song!

  26. No Name

    What a voice, I grew up listening to him and still love to sit and listen.

    Roger Huff

    +No Name very talented man and very nice to speak with .

    Catherine H

    +No Name So don't I..that is what I am doing right now..no matter what the date is--like he said, all year long

  27. Izaak

    The words of this song can truly be sang "all year long".

    Catherine H

    +Izaak Couldn't agree with you more--It's Jan. something--no matter-- ALL YEAR LONG

  28. Michael Robertson

    whatever happened to the original version of this song?  it ended with neil saying, "light up the tree, it's christmastime."


    I can't find it on youtube all I find is this newer version. It's on his 1984 album primitive.

    Michael Robertson

    thank you.  original version is much better.  the choir is unnecessary.

    Michael Robertson

    the orginal version is on youtube, for now, anyway. there was no need for this remake.

  29. Sparky62able

    Love it! Two thumbs up Neil!

    Roger Huff

    +Sparky62able if he sang the phone book i would buy it


    +Roger Huff Me too!!

    CocoaFemme 1015

    NanaBeth58: Neil Diamond is from my mother's era, but now as a middle-aged woman, I'd buy any Album of Mr. Diamond's MYSELF💙♥👏🌲.

  30. Sathya Prabhakar

    This sounds like a unique Christmas carol. I've heard nobody sing this, but Neil Diamond. Neil Diamond himself wrote this.

  31. Antonio Miranda

    São lindas músicas

  32. No1KCfan6

    whatever happened to the original version of this song? i can't find it anywhere. this version f'g sucks.

  33. MKAngelPatti

    one of my favorite Christmas songs that needs to be played on air more!

  34. George Estremera

    Nice enough. Good sentiments. When did this come out?

  35. zzbacardizz

    lol jew

  36. Marvin M

    I wish radio stations would play this song more often..rarely hear it. It's a beautiful and very touching song from a fabulously talented singer! Go Neil!

  37. Erik Stone

    I Love This Neil Diamond 1984 Christmas Hit, "You Make It Feel Like Christmas," Which Became A Top 30 Adult Contemporary Hit In America.

  38. Catherine H

    One of my all time favorite Christmas songs!! The lyrics are so "simply beautiful". It's Christmas for when I hear this song on the radio~

  39. mikertones

    cool song

  40. MsPaparatz


  41. MsPaparatz

    @dranet he is...so what? he's spreading joy :) no one is offended by joy no matter what religion

  42. Pyanistman

    First time for me also - as usual great lyrics delivered with a great voice. Just got 3 tickets to the sold-out June 14, 2012 in Washington DC - what a treat for a 73 year-old.

  43. CTascier1

    Great song have never heard it till yesterday.

  44. uncadiane

    I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Jesus was a Jew! Duh!

  45. uncadiane

    I love this song. It's just beautiful. And I agree that it doesn't get nearly enough airtime on the radio.

  46. Linda Barbaro

    ANYTHING he sings is great!

  47. dranet

    I thought he was Jewish??

  48. TahoeSouthShore

    Did you light up your tree?

  49. TahoeSouthShore

    @yeahyeahyeahblah yeah to someone without a soul

  50. ThorOdinson14

    Great singer...but he's a Jew. $old us a Christma$ $ong.

  51. Carol Stinchcomb

    we just love this song. tradition every year!

  52. ELAW RightOn

    Groovy song! What year was this released?

  53. yeahyeahyeahblah


  54. DanielPSchultz59

    No, not depressing. A song of love and holding on.

  55. jose arsenio caamal dzib

    merry Christmas! &
    end year 2010 in cancun mexico
    & rivera maya happy Christmas 2010 & 2011

  56. zerohour1982

    @9981522122 SWEET-NOTHING better than Christmas in Quintanaroo at Christmas!! FELIZ NAVIDAD

  57. jusmuforme

    This song was playing on my husband's car stereo when we drove home from his chemo, for the last time, in the winter of '07. Neil Diamond was our all-time favorite. Thank you for sharing.

  58. christell1

    Great christmas song just love it Neil at his best..5 stars all round ..Have a great weekend ..all the best Brendan

  59. jose arsenio caamal dzib

    nice,s music is search in CD in
    MIXUP in decembre in cancun quintana
    roo mexicon

  60. Paras Chaurasia

    This is one of my favourite CHRISTMAS Songs ! Just love it and can't explain the beautiful feeling I get whenever I hear it ! Thanxalot for posting it ! GOD BLESS !

  61. Jordan

    ...special favorite for me....thanks...Love this manchild...