Diamond, Neil - This Time Lyrics

If there was time enough for me
To do it all, again
I promise you, that I would find
A way to make it right,
This time

This time I'd love you even more
I never thought, I could
But now I know, that I would find
A way to make it right
This time

Over again, I closed my eyes,
And I keep reliving it over again
It's over but then
I've got my dream
Don't no one dare tell me no

And you'd be mine this time for sure
Only got to show I care the way I do
And I'd be there this time for you.

If there was time enough to say
The things I feel inside
I promise you, I'd find a way
A way to say them right
This time

Over again, I closed my eyes
And I keep reliving it
Over again
It's over but then
I've got my dream
Don't no one dare tell me no

And I'll be there this time for sure
'Cause I'm not the same man
That I was before
And I'm nothing at all
If I'm not yours
I only got to show I care the way I do
And I'll be there this time for you
Yes, I'll be there this time for you

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Diamond, Neil This Time Comments
  1. Francisco Otón

    I don't understand people doesn't like Neil's songs

  2. Jackie Mcmeekin

    A beautiful, emotional song with introspective and passionate lyrics. Neil is such a commensurate, brilliant composer, vocalist and performer! ☺️👍

  3. Beverly Marchbanks

    Great song!
    Great video!

  4. Adam Kaczanowski

    BEAUTIFUL Song <3

  5. ndnetime

    Still my favorite Neil song, I listen to this all the time and I love the video.

  6. McTheVHSOpeningLoverReturns!

    My 1988 VHS of Neil Diamond’s Greatest Hits Live! Had the music video at the end of the tape and it comes directly after the program.

  7. Fredo Joaquim

    Lovely ballad and nice video.

  8. Daniel Sutin

    Neil Diamond sings from the heart
    . He is the greatest ever . I never get
    tired of his voice or songs an American legend . I grew up with your music Neil !

  9. Mª Isabel García Ruíz

    Muy bonita canción me encanta muy bien Neil

  10. Omar

    Way under rated piece of art song.

  11. Mª Isabel García Ruíz

    EL CANTOR DE JAZZ bonita película para mí la mejor ,siempre siempre

  12. Mª Isabel García Ruíz

    Muy bien muy bonita película a ti Neil a a todo el elenco todos muy bien, gracias por todo

  13. Harley Whitlock

    Like DEEP INSIDE OF YOU, THE STORY OF MY LIFE, ALL I REALLY NEED IS YOU, etc, this lovely ballad is steeped with emotion, poignancy and meaning. Much UNLIKE the TRITE that passed as Neil Diamond's "HITS": Song Sung Blue, Cracklin' Rosie, Sweet Caroline, Cherry Cherry, etc.
    Thanks to Neil Diamond for recording these songs, and to You Tube viewers for posting them!!


    dont you just love to listen to that voice?

  14. Benny Hill

    Compare the types in the music scene we had a few years ago to what we have today. NO COMPARISON! Neil Diamond, I bow down to your amazing talent!

  15. Cynthia Lopez

    This could just be Neil's best song ever... it's so beautiful!

  16. Marta Gurská

    Beautiful song and beautiful Neil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Marta Gurská

    I've found another treasure. Beautiful song. !!!!!!

  18. absolutelyfoxie

    Anyone know how I can get the Karaoke backing track for this song??

  19. Lacey Lee

    how many times have i believed this to only end up the same

  20. ladyjane3660

    Does anyone else sing from the heart the way he does? He is an amazing artist!

    smooth persuader

    ladyjane3660 he's probably my favorite male artist after Luther Vandross.


    well said sir

  21. Finbarr swardmaka

    Back in 82 after the pain of a broken marriage MY FAULT I moved to my present home and opposite lived a lovely blond lady 5yrs older than me and I asked her out for dinner, she became my wife in 83 and we have been together since I had custody of my children and she loved and brought them up right, now I have a terminal illness but I know she made it right next time for me I will love her for eternity
    Fin Blue

  22. abbie baker

    Do I get to keep my head?  I only have one head and I need it.

  23. abbie baker

    Neil did you behead all your wives?

  24. Victoria Reece

    i am haveing a nap

  25. ruth carter

    This song is sooo beautiful

  26. cell pat

    wow, thats touching! sadly not everyone gets a second chance. good for you.

  27. veralu2011

    É dificil escolher apenas ama canção,pois todos são magnificas.....!

  28. Sommone Senelath

    Hi to every body see myself I love you

  29. Music_Lover21

    Very nice. Excellent sound quality :)

  30. John o'farrell

    i only have this one on an old VHS video never seen it on anything else love the song one of Neil's best

  31. Sinead Colgan

    i love neil he is amazing 

  32. a khan

    beautiful sad song--marvelous video--diving thru the night to find her in my Jaguar.
    mine was a silver/grey XK120. the XKs thru the 150 were the unique marque of luxury sports cars. Sad but sweet to remenisce - i too lost the lady and sold the car
    somewhere in the sixties.


    wow....what a story

  33. Tita Evans-Santini

    Inspired by the film "A MAN AND A WOMAN ".

  34. Tita Evans-Santini

    Was this directed towards his then wife Marcia? Lovely. So sad.

  35. csgjess2007

    Luv my Diamond!!!!

  36. mrs revolution

    Classic!!! I take my hat off to you Mr Diamond..... you truly are an inspiration!

  37. Nick Price

    Timeless, This Time. I would of likes Freddie Mercury to sing this.

  38. TREMERE1

    I remember the first time I watched this video, and the first thing I thought was" He's done it again!" His songs are so great, and he sings them with so much heart. But, after that, I found myself thinking, as I still do, "Who is that beautiful woman in the video?"
    I still find myself thinking the same thing, even after all of these years.
    Does anyone know?

  39. Sean Patrick

    My favorite Neil Diamond song! A diamond is forever! LOL!

  40. suzi sides

    this song has been one of my all time favorites for years and years. i am a cello player and music lover of all genres, this song is truly beautiful, and always evokes emotion from me no matter how many times i listen to it. Neil truly says it right for this song!!

  41. Jacqueline Thrower

    I first heard this song while expecting my first daughter and I not only thought it incredibly touching, but somehow knew it would have a special significance to me. My daughter was born, Valentine's Day 1989, and I heard the song in hospital. 2 days later, her fatal heart problems began to show. She lived through a 5 hour surgery and died the next evening - a total of 8 days. I bought the record, and "I close my eyes and I keep re-living it - over again". This song remains a touching reminder.

    Judy Selinder

    Oh, how terrible....................

    Francisco Otón

    What a sad story. God bless her wherever she is

  42. jgehb

    Down through the years, his music has been powerful ... this is an incredibly powerful love song that cuts to the core ... probably my favorite... wow!

  43. Tone H

    I always thought it sounded like Neil was subbing for Peter Cetera in a Chicago song...but it's still pretty good.

  44. Sandra Wall

    I just love his music his voice is wonderful i have his concerts i seen people try to sing like Neil there's only ONE.

  45. WarmWhisper1

    @fireworkstoo Yes, he did go after her.... How beautiful was that. Now that is real Love! So romantic this video. Love it so!! Thanks for posting @adityakumardsv.

  46. J Minnesota

    He went after her! He was there! :( :::

  47. adityakumardsv

    @jigory It is a great song. I like the video too!

  48. adityakumardsv

    @subira Well said! Let's keep great music alive!

  49. phikaju

    luck is : neil diamond, harley davidson and love

  50. MrTonedeff

    a david foster big ballad production! nice guitars by mike landau and steve lukather!with richard page steve george and bill champlin on backup vocals! tasty!!

  51. adityakumardsv

    @mboreliz very well said. I wish you all the best.

  52. adityakumardsv

    @whittley90 I totally agree sir. Thanks to people like you, good music like this will survive.

  53. mboreliz

    My favorite singer and a song with such great meaning. I will include it in the Neil songs I love to sing..... Love with all your heart, give and ask for nothing in return, include the one you love in your dreams, don't let anyone tell you NO, SAY IT again and again till you say it right.

  54. burnfrais

    does this guy goes any further...damn good

  55. adityakumardsv

    It is a great song and a well made video. Too bad, we don't get to hear such great music and see a clean video these days.

  56. adityakumardsv

    Thank you Brendan.

  57. christell1

    Great song,great voice,great video need I say more..100 stars****Mr Diamond..Thanks for sharing..All the best..Brendan

  58. ann sara

    this is the best video, due to it's personal meaning, thank you for sharing

  59. Raven Valo

    i will & thank you again

  60. adityakumardsv

    You are welcome MonsonsGothGurl. I am sure your mother is a very special person. Be safe.

  61. Raven Valo

    thank you for posting this video my mother had this on the tape it's off of but when i was little i watched it so much the film broke i was very sad when it happened that was my favorite tape & my mother used to play neil for me when i was little & couldnt get to sleep ... again thanks for posting

  62. ann sara

    beautiful story & love song,,,a neil at his best

  63. Raven Valo

    i love this song my moms getting ready to go back over the road in the BIG truck & i'm going to miss her dearly but the loves neil diamond

  64. adityakumardsv

    Denise and Steve....All the best to you both! Cheers! :)

  65. worm60

    what a truley BEAUTIFUL woman

  66. adityakumardsv

    I totally agree with you my friend.

  67. adityakumardsv

    I am not sure really, but if you do manage to view any of his videos online, please drop me a line...Would really appreciate it.

  68. Tracy Taylor

    I love the story of the video. It's more romantic than the song even. The man says goodbye to his lady, for whatever reason, and then regrets it so much that he drives all the way to her destination, seemingly trying to beat the train, so he can be standing there when she turns around. (This story would have made a great tv movie back in the day.)

    I like how Mr. Diamond's obvious discomfort in front of the camera adds to the sort of "Gee whiz. Please come back" factor.

  69. hildebelle

    This is a great song and video. Did Neil make more Music Video's and where can I find them?

  70. icarus16828

    Great song!!! Great video !!! Great love story!!! awesome....

  71. 54nomore

    Thank you for responding to my comments. I particularly like what you written in your post. " A legend and a Diamond that is forever" I couldn't agree w/you more. He truly is Americas best Singer/Songwriter. Take care my friend. Florida USA..

  72. adityakumardsv

    A pleasure, thank you very much. Glad you enjoyed this song.

  73. 54nomore

    I just love this song. One of his best. Thanks for this great post adityakumardsv. Keep them coming...

  74. adityakumardsv

    Yes, it is! Hats off to your good choice in music. :)

  75. Catherine-Grace Patrick

    One of Neil's most beutiful!