Diamond, Neil - The Story Of My Life Lyrics

The story of my life
Is very plain to read
It starts the day you came
And ends the day you leave

The story of my life
Begins and ends with you
The names are still the same
And the story's still the truth

I was alone
You found me waiting
And made me your own
I was afraid
That somehow I never could be
The man that you wanted of me

You're the story of my life,
And every word is true
Each chapter sings your name
Each page begins with you

It's the story of our times
And never letting go
And if I die today,
I wanted you to know

Stay with me here
Share with me, care with me
Stay and be near
And when it began
I'd lie awake every night
Just knowing somewhere deep inside
That our affair just might write

The story of my life
Is so very plain to read
It starts the day you came
It ends the day you leave

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Diamond, Neil The Story Of My Life Comments
  1. d. Glover

    Daddy. I miss you.

  2. Mossie Mostert

    And each day we write a page of the book of the sories of our lives. Some people being a part of it for only a chapter or two... Love this song and the emotions it awakens

  3. jurgen aldo zaldo

    You are My Big story of love Karla Patricia Alarcón My morning and My nigth

  4. Bruce Richards

    I consider Neil Diamond the greatest singer/songwriter of all time. Neil is like a tree of beautiful music. Each branch is different. From the time he started till now, he has branched out in so many different types of music. From rock and roll to timeless ballads and inspirational music to even Christmas music. Neil makes a song better with all of the classic arrangements that seem to hit the mind, the hearts and souls of everyone. From powerful songs like Holy Holly, to a song such as this one that will make you emotional just listening to music and the timeless words and the message it relays. Neil thank you, I'm still listening to your music and God has given you The Gift Of Song.

  5. Christopher Austin

    This gem was obscure for many years because it was released on Neil Diamond's 1986 album Headed For The Future. While a good album, in my opinion, it is a huge departure from Neil's other work. This 1986 album is a product of its time, meaning very keyboard heavy and features drum machines. Nothing wrong with this, just know that it is a big departure from Neil's other work which has been more orchestral, consisting mainly of strings and brass instruments. The Story of My Life is easily the best song on the album, but the other songs are nice also.

  6. Heleen Velthoen

    Het is zo mooi, wat een geweldige zanger, een favoriet van mij 🥰❤️

  7. Rick Rodrigues

    ...the final chapter written here!

  8. Jan Suberman

    Oh my, this “ Story of your Life”. Truly is a very personal tribute to the wonderful people who have been by your side ... even in the darkest time...

    Thank you so much for this poignant message to see how our lives are transformed by others surrounding us.
    You did good, Mr. Diamond.
    Always a pleasure to hear your voice...
    Thank you. 🌸🌺⭐️🧡🌟🕯

  9. Kym Harper

    I could listen to this song every day for the rest of my days😊

  10. Margie Crabtree

    This always touches my heart..

  11. Lyn Harrod

    I have actually never heard this one of his. Amaizing!!!! 2019

  12. Delma Quezada

    This has to be the most romantic song ever.

    Lyn Harrod

    Hell YES!!! True love never dies.

  13. mary110970

    Lindíssima nessa voz inigualável 08/12/2019

  14. Kyomuhendo Joseph

    wow, how good the melodies of this song, it makes me feel the whole relieved of the great stress got at work.

  15. John Joseph

    I miss you sweetheart. Love John

  16. Delma Quezada

    I can hear this song all day and not tire out of hearing it.

  17. Tony Tallow

    These are songs will go on for ever.Very touching, Neil Diamond!!!!!!

  18. Sagren Chetty

    Beautiful lyrics

  19. Marinalva Bakuzis


  20. Lorena ll.

    With you bebe🌷.🐺😥💟💟💋

  21. Evy Hannes

    So very beautiful!!

  22. Nivia Moreira

    Maravilhosa amo Neil Diamond!! 💕😘💕

  23. Lori Richards

    I lost my mom 3 weeks ago to heart failure. Our favorite singer of all time is Neil Diamond. We seen him in concert twice. We both loved this song so much. It now brings me to tears everytime I hear it. Love you to the moon and back mom! 😢💖💜💙😘

  24. Yvonne Wheeler

    This reminds me of growing up as a three year old with my now husband we lived next door but one to one another s kids neighbour's
    Childhood sweethearts married at 19 been married 54 years now both now 74 this song is so beautiful and takes me on all those beautiful memories of our childhood our married life and our love still for each other makes me feel tearful when I watch this beautiful vidio from childhood to adult cant stop playing the song Niel Diamond amazing. ❤❤

  25. Jose Medeiros

    ❤❤❤👍👍👍one word the BEST TY Mr

  26. LadyAnne

    ....💜💗♥💞.you are all that is sung in this magnificent love song to me... Loving you..loving you..my heart filled with love of you..💗♥💕💖.

  27. elizabeth hestevold

    Beautiful ❤️

  28. Mary Jo Byrd

    Jack this was our song. I love you and miss you everyday since you passed. Love never dies. Until I see you again..sleep well my best friend.

  29. Kathleen Gerke

    To my dear husband who pass away sept of this year . i love you and miss you every min of the hour. R,I.P My love

    G. Brandon

    Sorry for your loss. No words can be said other than I know your pain.

  30. Renata David

    Você,Neil Diamond,,,é o máximo,,amo,lindo,lindo,show,show,,,,

  31. Rose Rosa Miller

    I heard this song for the first time 8 or 9 years ago,is impossible not to cry everytime I listen it ...awesome :)

  32. Rose Rosa Miller


    The story of my life
    is very plain to read
    it starts the day you came
    it ends the day you leave
    The story of my life
    begins and ends with you
    the names are still the same
    the story's still the truth
    I was alone
    you found me waiting
    and made me your own
    i was afraid
    that somehow i never could be
    the man that you wanted of me
    You're the story of my life
    and every word is true
    each chapter sings your name
    each page begins with you
    It's the story of our times
    and never letting go
    and if i die today
    i wanted you to know
    Stay with me
    share with me
    care with me
    stay and be near
    And when it began
    i'd lie awake every night
    just knowing somewhere deep inside
    that our love affair just might write
    The story of my life
    it's so very plain to read
    it starts the day you came
    and it ends the day you leave

    Te amo mapache 🐙

  33. Rick Holcomb

    wow, I love this.

  34. mary110970

    Ouvindo Outubro 14/2019

  35. Marisa Frou Frou

    So beautiful 😍. I love ❤️

  36. Br Alan Parham

    I never found that one person I could sing this to, but I have known great love and happiness in my vocation. No regrets.

  37. Greg Simmons

    Dedicated to the loving memory of my Beloved Dad who left me 42 years ago. Being just a crazy teenager, too much was left unsaid. LOVE YOU DAD

  38. Thomas Lynch

    Awesome song ,

  39. Monica Veintemillas

    Thank you Honey on our next 40th wedding 👰 anniversary, we have had a Ride up and down, but here we are! We are growing old together I love you soooo!

    Neil Cartwright

    Congratulations regards smidnightcaller

  40. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Forgive always OK! That's Me!!!!!

  41. Elizabeth Treadway

    Pietro was the story of my life. We loved each other with every fiber in our bodies. Because of my child's illness, I had to return to America to find the care he required. I had no choice. Pietro couldn't come with me, as he had his own children to care for. We talked almost daily for several years but the pain of suffering from our separation became more than we could handle. So we decided to let go. It has been 18 yrs and the pain is still so raw for me. I can't remember a day that I haven't thought of him and wish that the deck of cards were dealt differently. This was our song and "The Bridges of Madison County" was our movie. I loved him then, I love him today and I will love him forever.

    Elizabeth Treadway

    Pietro was THE story of my life.

  42. Jules Gardet

    I can relate, word by word

    Neil Cartwright

    Try the next track I bid farewell regards smidnightcaller YouTube

  43. Sally Swanes

    Beautiful song from Neil Diamond

  44. Jane Bowlin

    ♥️❤️♥️❤️💞♥️💞❤️♥️❤️♥️ Love Neil and this Beautiful song he wrote for his wife!!

  45. Harley Whitlock

    No matter how many times that I hear this song, it still moves me. Poignant, powerful and touching...

  46. Lynette Custodio

    Luvd all abt Neil Diamond..most of his songs have its superficial elements n contents..had een his concert in NYC . Vegas..2x in Toronto.hes a debonair..sexy...A brilliant.. prolific song writer n singer!!

  47. Gabriel Ratliff

    It's on Star 100.7 Pittsburgh.

  48. Linda Martin


  49. David Byrd


  50. Astrid Langseth

    This I can relate to. My beloved husband entered into my life Desember 2005 and passed away May of 2009. With this person I had so many wonderful trips around the world in those few years. He loved to play Neil Diamond over and over again and also other artists as Willie Nelson etc

  51. Kay Trant

    One of my all time favorite songs. Wish I could have seen him in concert before his last one. 💜

  52. theo caires

    Aos os apaixonados ♥️do 🇧🇷 que está curtindo essa música sensacional e maravilhosa, deixem um like aqui...OK

    Anos Dourados

    Eu, Luiz Alberto. Bons tempos! Se você quiser dar uma passadinha no meu Canal será bem-vinda.

  53. Mary Edland

    All his Songs are Beautiful in every way because he know how to Touch us all in that special way❤💖

  54. Carmelito Tanael

    I thought I was dead but then you came along and all at once I live again. I thank you for showing me how beautiful life is. hope you will stay with me forever

  55. Melinda Panganiban

    So touching the song

  56. Rosetta Theuerzeit

    Geweldige muziek.

  57. Jackie Mcmeekin

    Introspective and reminiscent lyrics to a beautiful melody composed and sung by Neil. It tells the story of a love relationship. Yes, the story of my life “began the day he came (my husband) and ended (in many ways) the day he left (died)”. The words are so passionate that I fill up every time I listen to it. Neil is a ‘Poet’!! His lyrics evoke so much emotion, feeling. 🥰☺️

  58. Life’s lessons

    Omg never heard that before tho as kids we were bought up listening to Neil ... A beautiful beautiful song X

  59. lino pedro Molinaro

    Un grande entre los mas grandes la historia de cualquiera de nosotros me hace llorar cuando la escucho

  60. Helena Estevao


  61. Rose Agaatsz

    Neil Diamond . My lifetime artist 👀🎤🎧🎼♥️

  62. Jane Munro

    I, always, thought I knew what love was until I met HIM 4 years ago. We've been apart for 1 year now and I just cannot move on. I have never loved anyone like I love him. Is anyone feeling the same and grappling with letting go? I am so sad and don't want to stay this way. I'm moving to another state hoping I can shake it. I've always told him love is not like a faucet that can be turned on and off.

  63. Emmy Fae

    welcome to love.........

  64. Kirk Fraser

    My heart is in my throat! Wow

  65. kathleenburns

    What about all the women loads of them

  66. myhemirr

    My wife Wanda was the story of my life.
    We met in Mar. 1960, I was 14 and she was 12. We were married 5 years later, and against the odds of teenage marriages lasting, we had 53 years as man and wife. We never both gave up on the same day, and as the song says never letting go. We would still be together if cancer had not taken her from me May 1, 2018. My life as I knew it ended when she had to leave. Wanda you were the story of my life.

  67. G. BadrichIndian

    Nice Work - Jon Viera - excellent put - video- very heart felt.

  68. Bruno Pinkhof

    Neil Diamond is much better then many artists from today. From Belgium.

    Rony Dos Santos Alves.

    Bruno Pinkhof, I agree with you. He is great!
    Greatings from Brazil.

  69. Rolando Alaon

    A very touching song. What a wonderful lyrics made by sir Neil diamond.

  70. Mary Edland


  71. Edgar Cotzojay

    one of my favorite songs

  72. Marshell Poitier

    Love this song🌹

  73. Lucille Meisenhelder

    Such a beautiful song.one of our great vocalist’s love his singing..RIP

  74. Anne Bologna

    Definitely a LEDGEND

  75. Tammy Reynolds

    A true poet! Song Writer's Hall of Fame, 1984. So very well deserved!

  76. Jill LOvesJack

    Yup it ends the day you leave, what I wouldn't trade to go back. I am so sorry, please forgive me. You will always haunt me.

  77. Shamim Huq

    A big Neil Diamond fan starting with "Hot August Night" album.

  78. Monika Reusch

    Neil Diamond 💜💜💜

  79. Kirstie Hart

    Listening to this on my dead fiancée birthday.. Lovely song.. Xxx

  80. Tamala Bothell

    So good. Love Neil diamond been going since I was 15. Now 50. The emotion is so real. This is true for me with alenjandro aranda as well. Aka @scarypoolparty. Love ya Neil diamond 😍😍😍 such feeling.

  81. Mini Cooper Trooper

    I remember the title of this song of somebody else. Can anybody tell me the other artist please? Thank you.

  82. Louis Matta Jr

    I'm not glad when hurricanes are somewhere else, just more appreciative of the commonality of human suffering.

  83. Agil Joy

    to feel whats Love, we must feel lost.....sometimes its better than, having a Love......

  84. Michelle Mohammed

    My 1st love I met at 17years walked back into my life 35years after and we are now going to be married soon. This song he dedicated to me.

  85. Jim Chumley

    Coming from a divorce an at the age of 60 never finding anyone else this song reminds me of my Savior Jesus who came into my life at the age of 24 on 12-26-83. Jesus is the story of my life.

  86. awfelia

    I met this guy in 1962 and now, once again, we've crossed paths in 2019..
    He just reintroduced me to Neil Diamond so thanks Bud!
    What a mindblowing song this is!! ☆♡☆

  87. David Whitmore

    The words of this beautiful song describe my feelings exactly. I lost my wonderful husband David last September after 59 years of marriage. I miss him so much. God bless you Neil for all your beautiful songs a And music Jackie

  88. bouncersue

    lovely song, tom, x

  89. Margaret SCARBOROUGH

    I too listen to this song over and over. Neil is one of my favorite singers and this song is such a direct arrow to the heart. I have a story of my life, but I can't write it. I envy those who can write theirs.

  90. mackenzie zimmerer

    I once played this selection in a half crowded pub and turned to a way out of my league woman. I could tell it surprised her, but in a good way, when I introduced myself and asked if she would mind to dance. No the night did not lead to romance but I ran into her and husband years later. She said, honey,it was becuz of this man's dance, that opened my eyes to know my one time fiancee wasn't Mr right. They found one another shortly after that breakup. She turned to me, said I want to thank you and kissed me on the cheek. He then looked me, also saying I want to thank you , smiled and shook my hand. Very cool feeling but do realize that dance would not have happened without Neil diamond's help.

  91. Kim Senior

    Makes me cry every time I hear it, stay with me here... I have to sing this before I die. Quick, get me a Mic! I undergo major heart surgery on May 14th 2019, I have to come through, so much more living & loving to do.

    Henry Applegate

    You'll do fine.

    Kim Senior

    Carole A Holmes thank you & God bless you too. What a wonderful song!

    Kim Senior

    Henry Applegate I’m sure I will! Thank you. ☺️

    Kim Senior

    Carole A Holmes thank you so much. 🙂

    Kim Senior

    Made a full recovery, plan on being around until I’m at least 95. My mum is in her nineteenth year, living independently & still going strong!
    Thanks for all the good wishes. ❤️

  92. Mari Lata

    Owh so beautiful 💖.. I haven't have a love that was so true to me.. One time I met one and I believed.. But it's just a week and he's gone.. Even though I don't know where he was.. Still in my mind and heart I wished I die with him

  93. coolchef64

    True,so very true to ones life and his loss of his One True Love. I'll never find that again. I'm sure of that.

  94. Lori Aberly - OIT

    This is so my parents

  95. Leanna Groves

    Are you with me??? I want to throw my phone away because it hurts to just get a smidgen of you. No It's just me I want to be your lady but you don't allow it. Im

  96. Lacey Lee

    I need you now I've needed you all along thank you for your stubborn love

  97. Lacey Lee

    I don't want to run any more babe I will always need you to help me stay because of the hurts from my past with you is where I want and need to be lets stop wasting time life is short my love

  98. hjalmarius

    A very soulful, authentic love song, wonderfully interpreted by Neil Diamond