Diamond, Neil - Star Spangled Banner Lyrics

Oh, say can you see,
By the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight's last gleaming?

Whose broad stripes and bright stars,
Through the perilous fight
O'er the ramparts we watched
Were so gallantly streaming?

And the rockets' red glare
The bombs bursting in air
Gave proof through the night
That our flag was still there.

O say,
Does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free
And the home of the brave?

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Diamond, Neil Star Spangled Banner Comments
  1. T Serbo

    Love the transition from a fast song to that heart felt realization which may have led to his ‘America’s’ of his movie.

  2. RetroSongHits

    I love Neil's voice and wish he hadn't sung it like he was rushing it. It had no feeling and Neil usually has sings with great conviction and heart. I was disappointed. He could have done it justice like everything else he sings. He sang like he was rushing to not miss his flight or something. Wasn't good at all and wanted him to take his time to build up to the crescendo like he does so well usually.

  3. Lisa Hardy

    What was Neils Hurry ?

  4. Tim Carter

    One of the best. Knocks it out in about a minute and 5 seconds, and sings every note correctly, the way it should be.

  5. rslitman

    I'll stand up for him any day!

  6. randy robertson

    I love Neil diamond and he has probably one of the greatest voices....but this rendition sucks.

  7. Cathy King

    was that performed in 2008, looks earlier than that?


    It's from Superbowl 21 in 1987. It was uploaded in 2008.

  8. Paula Amero

    Thanks for posting. Great great great voice!

  9. Alok Jha

    Best Anthem Ever. Voice from Heaven.....That's Neil Diamond. Compliments from India

  10. Debby Tyrrell

    So, What happened to the sound? Can't hear the video!!

    Alex Belsky

    It's not stereo so if you have headphones on it will only be in one ear.

  11. John Wolf

    I was at that game, Whitney Houston and her aunt, Dionne Warwick state right in front of me.  When they leaned back, their backs with hit my knees.  My dad took me and 8 others to the game.  Steve Miller, of the Steve Miller rock band sat next to Dionne.  Ted Williams and Stan Musial sat right behind us.  I tell people Whitney and Dionne hit on me and rubbed my knees for 4 hours.  Sad to see what has happened to her daughter.  

  12. Kevin Andrews

    It should be sung fast.  It's not meant to be a dirge.  It's an inspirational hymn.  Too many singers take forever with it, as well as add all kinds of extra notes and stylings.  Well done Mr. Diamond!

  13. justinhaynes89

    He's fast!

  14. Chucky J

    Yo, keliata, Roseann "sang" at a baseball game which is not actually a sport. Mr. Diamond performed at the Superbowl which is the crowning moment of the greatest sport on Earth, Football.

  15. pk26pk26

    UNQUESTIONABLY the greatest rendition of the National Anthem in Super Bowl History.
    NOT Whitney's overrated SB25, sung while in a drug haze, all because America "was at war" at the time. NOT any of the annoying dance-pop acts of recent years or reality TV competition winners.
    People did not pay $500-$10,000 just to see some recording star sing a song. They want to see a football game.
    Neil's the best!

    Leela Avlys

    Thats your opinion. Whitney, for me, is surpassing.

  16. Alok Jha

    Best Rendering of any National Anthem

  17. Whare Films

    Nah I think he's says "alright" lol

  18. optimus2g

    Neil's a GIANTS fan too!

  19. Ike Cunningham

    If think he started off too fast, like he was in a hurry for something, it got better when he slowed down a bit. The whole rendition was good and I mean that, I wish he'd sang the first half slower.

  20. trekcannondale11

    He will ALWAYS be my favorite Artist. An inspiration to the Human Race

  21. rose fel

    Yes, it's true.... Up... NEIL...
    He normally nails everything he touches....Amazing singer, always....
    He looks very close and friendly at that event, seems enjoying it very much..

  22. trekcannondale11

    I AM I SAID a huge Neil Diamond fan, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN

  23. trekcannondale11


  24. Raphael

    Neil's version of the anthem is the best

  25. chris milly

    This version raised the hair at the back of my neck, and I'm not even American!
    Diamond IS forever.

  26. optimus2g

    @elvisapresley68 Should have? LOL. You know nothing about football if you think that.

  27. Steve D

    Neil Diamond brilliant as always....when he pats that guy on the shoulder at the end could swear that he says "you're crap"!!

  28. ToNi B

    In the beginning Neil is in a real hurry...! :-) but in the end he is brilliant as we know and love him!
    This Diamond is forever! :-)

  29. 2949shilo

    Now this is how the National Anthem should be sung, both professional and with respect.

  30. Rebecca Roy

    Very well done, I have seen this many times, he should sing again at the superbowl. He was, I could see trying to not get emotional but did it true and so well.

  31. jetsebutenpost

    what a brilliant, honest and heartfelt performance - christina aguilera eat your heart out

  32. Face0fRoadkill1213

    if that doesn't make you proud then i don't know what could. my hair stands up every time someone sings our national anthem.


    Jose Feliciano did the most soulful rendition of the N.A. and was brutally chastised for it. Yet, I love the different renditions of it. This was not Neils finest moment, but you try to sing that anthem with grace and professionalism, It's tough!

  34. Marlyn Gartner

    I have also been a die hard Neil Diamond Fan for many many years and I thought he did a good job considering the circumstances and it was a football game.

  35. Survivrs

    I have been a diehard Neil Diamond fan for over 40 years, but that had to be one of the worst renditions of our National Anthem. He has such a wonderful and powerful voice and it hurts to say something negative against him but this was not impressive. I'm sorry. :-(


    Yeah Denver had a 10-0 lead against the Redskins the next year and should have won.......lol. They were also tied 0-0 against the 49ers a few years later.
    At least you admit that Simms had a career game, so did Doug Williams and Joe Montana.

  37. Steven Folks

    If you like this, try Neil's version of "I Dreamed A Dream". Check out the change of lyrics. Video link posted above. Enjoy!

  38. Deanne Schwarberg

    Neil...what happned??? Your heart left the stage....

  39. Brigadefilms

    Well until I looked him up I didn't know who Ronan O'Gara was, but your right. The guy in the video though is John Elway... QB of the Denver Broncos.

  40. epob

    guy at 0:58 looks like ronan o'gara

  41. Elvis 1968

    ??? Denver had a 10-9 lead at the half and should have won. Mistakes and Rich Karlis cost Denver this game. Of course, Phil Simms pulling a career game out of his ass didn't help the Broncs either.

  42. Larry Blake

    Wonderful!! Powerful, robust . . . the way this should be sung!!

  43. Metal Boss

    Dont blame Neil, it wasn't his Idea to sing the anthem. Blame it on the NFL for choosing him. Besides that was his style of singing and it aint that bad, there have been worst.

  44. Chocheonline

    WHy? what happened

  45. richiebear1969

    Denver was already losing before the game even began.

  46. mdee66

    Neil told me he and John Elway had to pee really bad, and that's why he rushed this.
    Incidently, he now has full control of his bladder.

  47. hdthefishfish

    i was at this game...everyone was hellof into it

  48. Tom T

    You're right. Parcells is a big sweetie.

  49. chengloki

    I don't think Parcells would dothat! =Stefan=

  50. Tom T

    Wow, not even a little bit funny.
    I was quoting a great Will Ferrell sketch from SNL. What's your excuse?

  51. Tom T

    They also know how to spell NEIL

  52. Bruce Remy

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  53. encierro75

    That blue squad looked fierce!!

  54. Tom T

    At 1:35, Parcells is like "Don't fucking touch me."

  55. Tom T

    Did you know he once killed a homeless man in order to get an erection?

  56. erik8d

    Fastest ever. Everyone takes 20 minutes to do this now.

  57. energyofgod

    maza faka?!

  58. Brigadefilms

    I use a device made by Canopus that converts RCA/S-video into digital.

  59. Kevin Lee

    He put a sign on Parcell's back that read "In 20 years I'll be morbidly obese".

  60. trevormail

    how do you do VHS to digital transfer?

  61. AJ Addis

    Then move you commie

  62. Tom Conner

    Watching this I was ruminating on how Simms looks like some kind of Nordic Frankenstein, and then they cut to Elway...

    btw - SIMMONS!

  63. Randy

    yup yup - Simmons for BUCKS GM!!

  64. Alexander Mosson

    No Shit...C'mon Neil we're payin you for this...throw some extra verses in there.

  65. Matt Bellner

    Nice work, Neil!

  66. Novanglian M

    fuck neil diamond forever. he's satan.

  67. N720MF

    Fucking Neil. Gotta love it.

  68. dickiebandaniel

    Haha yes, the Blue team won.

  69. spam2005dude

    Amazing. Neil Diamond, you genius.

  70. bz334


  71. encierro75

    I'm not American but by looking at the players and managers from the 2 teams, I can tell who won the game - the blue team crushed the white team, right???

  72. Ryan Webb

    MY Name is MY Name!!

  73. Enohead

    MVP for that year was anyone not a Bronco.

  74. surbvtr


  75. Cythro

    a great, if not simple performance. I'm a little over-baked with the extravagance singers use to present our national anthem nowadays...

  76. prosaic1

    Wow, I remember this clearly. The Broncos were defeated adding to the ennui that was living in Denver at the time.