Diamond, Neil - Sir Duke Lyrics

Music is a world within itself
With a language we all understand
With an equal opportunity
For all to sing, dance and clap their hands
But just because a record has a groove
Don't make it in the groove
But you can tell right away at letter A
When the people start to move

They can feel it all over
They can feel it all over people
They can feel it all over
They can feel it all over people

Music knows it is and always will
Be one of the things that life just won't quit
But here are some of music's pioneers
That time will not allow us to forget
For there's Basie, Miller, Satchmo
And the king of all Sir Duke
And with a voice like Ella's ringing out
There's no way the band can lose

You can feel it all over
You can feel it all over people
You can feel it all over
You can feel it all over people

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Diamond, Neil Sir Duke Comments
  1. Queen Searles

    I really miss the Stevie Wonder TRADITIONAL LOOK with the MUSTACHE & facial hair around the lips. It accentuates his dimples and enhances His Smile, which I absolutely adore.  I WONDER how it looks, Silver or White  

  2. Best Belmont

    i never posted that. what the hell >.>

  3. pontiacaztek2

    I guess you are entitled to your own opinion of course, but give the guy a break.....it is Stevie's song by the way...Let's see how well Stevie could sing a classic Neil Diamond song. What should be taken from the video is that two icons in the business performed together and they sounded pretty good.

  4. Tita Evans-Santini

    Rare. Love them both.

  5. Sam Oliver

    @pikafu65 no he isn't!?!

  6. Best Belmont

    Neil Diamond is a terrible singer. Also, where's the soul? It's a damn shame that Stevie has to carry the song for the both of them.

  7. L Morales

    What a good combination. It sounds GREAT! Yes, from the greatest artist!

  8. Eric Benjamin Gordon

    @steviewonderon Thank you. That was great!

  9. Eric Benjamin Gordon

    Hey, have you got Stevie's performance of "Overjoyed" from this same special? That and the interplay leading up to that exchange -
    "By the way Neil, where's the address of that playground?"
    Stevie - I'll never tell."
    - would be fabulous!

  10. George David Herrera

    Simply brilliant... Let me double the previous rating... 200 stars!!!

  11. christell1

    Hi ,Great song by 2 great singer/songwriters..100 stars **********..All the very best ..Brendan