Diamond, Neil - Kol Nidre Lyrics

Kol Nidre veesore vacharome
V'konome v'chinuye v'kinuse
Ushvu Ushvu os dindarno
mi Yom Kippurim se ad Yom Kippurim

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Diamond, Neil Kol Nidre Comments
  1. Paul Pilecki

    Happy Yom Kippur to Niel Diamond and all the Jewish people, the first to hear the Word of God.

  2. Cindy Rosa

    So beautiful

  3. Harrilyn Samson

    Bravo Laurence Olivier !

  4. roz korn

    this was me and my spouse 41 yrs ago cept my dad was not a rabbi, but this still makes me teary

  5. CPAppsDev

    Ich HABE den FILM AUF DEUTSCH (DVD). einfach an chr2014 ad gmx punkt at schreiben !!!

  6. Theklita Price

    Beautiful movie

  7. Nancy Benton

    Why were critics so hard on him? He wasn’t horrible. Not an Oscar performance but so what..

  8. Connie Brown

    I'm not Jewish, and I don't pretend to know if this is in any way authentic. But this is beautiful. If you have parents and choose a different path.. This seems to hit home.

  9. Mike Bouck

    I'm not Jewish (nor was Sir Laurence) but this scene still makes me cry like a baby...A father's love/acceptance is universal.

  10. Milton Monnin

    Lucie Arnaz was really hot in this , Neils Great . wish he would made a few more films

  11. K Kim


  12. The Solar NERD

    I saw this movie as a kid and never forgot this amazing scene... cool that we can find it again on YouTube.

  13. Israel Aberra

    Kol Nidre done by Johnny Mathis is totally amazing !

  14. Mike Stevenson

    I'd buy that single.

  15. Marlow Marlowe


  16. caras2004

    The look on the father's face is priceless when he realize his son is singing Kol Nidre.

  17. Perry Moore

    where is the sound

  18. Detlef Schmidt

    The Kol Nidre is disgusting.

  19. rosa elodia neira aguayo


  20. Harvey Witt

    Father’s and Son’s it’s a Tough relationship, both proud of stubborn neither wanting to Ben to each other

  21. Anna S

    Shana Tova
    From Italy

  22. Anna S

    I miss my parents
    I'm 60 years old now
    I am an Italian Jewish lady

    free citizen01

    Anna Italakim mazel tov from a ashkenazi


    Anna S:
    Mazel tov.


    Me too just pray!

  23. Keirah Johnston

    My all-time favorite movie ! Plus I love Neil Diamond...I went to see him in concert and I had soooo much fun...never did sit down ...just stood up and danced as most of the crowds did ! ! A great entertainer! ! ! Very humble person! !

  24. משה בקל

    אלביס ויוה לאס ווגאס

  25. Jeanie Schneider-Mitchell

    I love this recording.

  26. Arnold Stollar

    Happy Rose Hashanah,2018. Peace and love.

  27. Doug the Great

    Baruch ha Shem. Am Yisroel chai.

  28. Marc Ben

    The original was better

  29. Moses Cordovero

    i dont like the way he is so disrespectful to his father, and how he forces his father to go against Judaism

  30. Arha PremSingh Arha

    Non violence..and. trade. the pole star of Jain's never founded a state control 70percent of trade and capital philanthropy.their.forte in.india

  31. Arha PremSingh Arha

    Jainism has much in common with.judaism they have aritual of eight days praying fasting and on.5day. Of new moon of month bhadri pad. they offer apologies.and seek forgiveness not just from humans.but from.all creatures

  32. Jennifer Rivera

    It is a shame that Jess and Rivka, could not mend their differences. This should have been part, of this film.

  33. missy2009

    Einfach wunderschön... so fühlt sich Versöhnung an..

  34. Vickie Oglesby

    Im glad he didnt sing " Mammy.." that woulda went over like lead rocks. Still..i like neil diamond. Didnt understand al jolson and his times at all.

  35. Bruno56

    Being a father, I have no kids despite I am 65 years old now, is never easy. It is universal, not just among Jews.

  36. Vickie Oglesby

    Thank you..Neil diamond

  37. Vickie Oglesby

    Neil diamond..awesome. Im so glad he didnt put on blackface.

    Leigh Silver

    actually early in the movie the black band he writes for begs him to do it he does and chasos insues

  38. Stephan Bruno

    I HAFF NO SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Mrs Jane Kukowski

    I love it when he sings this so beautiful, his voice shines

  40. Jeanne Matousek

    Love this movie

  41. Sandy Robertson

    A song that pulls at the strings of my heart that are already highly strung. Bless such beautiful sentiment.

  42. Stratplayr

    5:09 - seeing Jess' dad break down when seeing his grandson's picture - makes me tear up every time - priceless!

  43. Mª Isabel García Ruíz

    Muy buen elenco de la película, todos actores muy buenos ,gracias a todos por vuestra buena labor, y por subir el bonito vídeo muchas gracias por todo

  44. Mª Isabel García Ruíz

    Muy bonita película ,la he visto más de 18 veces y siempre descubro cosas nuevas, nunca me canso de verla muy bien

  45. Thomas block

    ja beste!

  46. Barry Smith

    Good job from a Jewish singer who has like 3 Christmas albums out😛

  47. Ken Booker

    Lawrence Oliver played his farther he acted in 56 films .he was very famous an English Astor .he died 7 years after this film .


    Who was the other famous actor, when his father realized his son was canting ?
    He was in many Police Dramas of the 70s...

  48. Wagner PD

    Damn the Muslims & all haters of GOD & Israel !!

  49. Kevin Hutcheson

    Kol Nidrei "all vows" on of the most moving and deeply felt parts of the Yom Kippur service.

  50. Ken Booker

    One of my favourite singers I have seen in concert I few times .a great film .

  51. Alex James

    I cried with my grandfather during this scene 38 years ago.. I miss him

  52. SuperHadassa1

    SO PROUD to be a Jew!!!!!!

    Sarah Aloof

    SuperHadassa1 , you mean you are proud to be jewish, to say a Jew sounds so cruel

    Sister Spooky

    +Sarah Aloof : No... just to you. Why nitpick on someone proud of who they are? Seriously, you need a reality check if you are ashamed of the word Jew. Where do you think the term Jew-ish came from?? Get over yourself.

    jessiki botiki

    Me too.. this song is just gorgeous!

  53. David Mackie

    Adonai eloheinu adonai ehad

  54. Sharon Sutlovich

    I love prayers in all languages they sound so beautiful!!

  55. N.K. D

    Tuesday, 12 September 2017: Ani ohev Israel ba ha lev sheli ve gam Ani ohev Ivrit. Elohim Yeverech Israel. I am African American man. I was Not born Jewish, but I love Israel and the Hebrew language.

  56. Shannon Yaroshevsky

    Omg this movie is so emotional 😢😭

  57. Messenger

    I love it. So beautiful.

  58. Gaz Ed

    My dad died at Auschwitz, he fell off the Guard Tower.

  59. Mojos Bigstick

    So to get back into your family you get a bird knocked up?  Hardly!

  60. jakesprake

    weird shit

  61. view87

    Not as good as Al Jolson's version.

  62. Margaret Rameshwar

    I have looked at this so many times and do enjoy it and every time I see it new emotions are felt it is a very heart wrenching and moving song and really makes u feel that all of us at some time makes mistakes but then we can be forgiven.a very true and beautiful moment for father and son.thank u Neil what ever yo do is meaning ful and yes does bring tears to new eyes,love u ur the best singer the world has ever known love u always

  63. Margaret Rameshwar

    I just looked at this for about a hundred times and it brought me to tears but Neil is a profound singer and I just love his singing he is great acting the part Tks for showing this.

  64. sellbullion

    the de indarna was pretty good

  65. Donna Schnaath

    I love this movie n have it. I don't know anything about what they're doing there at that ceremony, but it's a beautiful piece of music. Well acted movie to boot.

  66. Kalan Red stone

    al jolson had the right accent.

  67. Diana Sarasai Rose


  68. Mid-day_ Light

    the father son dynamic in al jolson's jazz singer was authentic and Jewish..

    this version this snippet's upside down darwinian in that the son schools the father totally against tradition rendering this story total useless garbage.

    Stuart Schnell

    Mid-day_ Light it's just a movie.

  69. Moses Cordovero

    neil diamond is totally clueless as to why it is just so wrong for a Jewish man to marry a gentile woman. but typical of Hollywood, it makes the one with the correct traditional Jewish values, namely his father, look like the bad one


    Not clueless, and it's his character, not him. It's no sin to marry someone you love, as he said. And I am speaking as a Jew, whose nationality is important to her. With all due respect -- and I do have it -- I find human nature to be fickle and primitive, when one declares a son or daughter dead in the name of a religious belief.

    Moses Cordovero

    marrying an islamoNazi is a horrible idea, especially if it is the husband who is the islamoNazi. any Jewish woman who would marry an islamoNazi, clearly has a death wish

    Kira Spellman

    Can you explain the reason it is, as you say, "just so wrong" ?? I ask respectfully....

    Brian Krivit

    I married a nonjew and she loved every minute of learning about it. It made us closer.

    Harold Brown

    I am not married. I am dating a woman who converted to Judaism many years ago after a life time of feeling Jewish. Judaism is beautiful. It is a way of life for some of us. It is a part of life for some of us. It is not for everyone. But many find their own path.

    Mr. Cordovero, There is one Judge.

    Strive for righteousness in all that you do. Build bridges with an open heart and open mind. I try and I fail. But, I keep trying knowing I will never accomplish the ultimate goal, but I will have brought as much love and light into the world that I could have . . . I hope. Shana Tova (a month late).

  70. Dov BarLeib

    I like Al Jolson's version from 1927. So much pain and emotion in the first talking picture of all time.

  71. Thanate D

    Bee, ,veg gag ggbrdrne,,'aadt

  72. Jannah Bint Al Yusuf aka Jannah225

    Beautifully sung.

  73. Armando Gonzalez

    Neil Diamond, Shalom, eres fantastic, God Bless you

    Boukje Pieck

    Armando Gonzalez uu


    Cor lumey !
    It's Neil Diamond in the rough !!!

  74. Armando Gonzalez

    Mike, perdona pero la religion es la persona y talvez eso que dices lo seras tu Shalom

  75. Mike T

    Its a nice song and a good film but religion is bullshit.


    Mike T perhaps, but people need to believe in something higher themselves. It is beyond our comprehension that good things and especially bad things, could just be because of chance. That all that happen is because of nothing more than "just because".

    Sarah Aloof

    Mike T, you are the one who is bull shit

  76. Spanky

    Thank you for posting this

  77. Ruth Robel

    😘😘😘 I love the sweet Nation of Israel for bringing the word of God to we gentiles❤ Israel who taught the Gentiles of our sweet Holy God❤💐

    P. Barun

    @Uncle Freddy May I suggest you take down this uncalled for comment.

    Uncle Freddy

    @P. Barun May I suggest you fill your ass with cement and go wakeboarding.

    aiden hugg

    Find the star of remphan and molech and learn if modern jewry it that of the old testament

  78. Victoria Reece

    yedish al elmay

  79. Victoria Reece

    isue ta me are tya our a me at all c or me call may er p say ye atar csopw

  80. Daniel Sebag

    such an emotional scene

  81. The Obsesed Anime Freaks

    you just murdered my ears thank you for posting this... fix the audio quality!!! this song deserves MUCH MUCH better.

  82. Alexa Penn

    a beautiful Kol Nidrei - Neil Diamond's voice just blends it into me. . .

  83. Noel Wenrich

    They say a Baby can melt the hardest of hearts.

  84. The Concert For Bangladesh 2021

    To all those who miss their dad
    I know the feeling too
    May they be happy tears and good memories
    The reason it hurts is because you did love him
    Be glad you had him to love
    He knew you did love him
    All the best to you and yours in 2015 and beyond

    Ruth Robel

    Bless you dear one❤ Yes I miss my earthly papa😘 But I so look forward to seeing my great Father in heaven😘

    Anna S

    Thank you

    Gilbert Berg

    I miss my parents. I am 86 now

    Gilbert Berg

    La Shona Tova

  85. Guy Haddad

    Janais égalé....u avec toujours autant de plaisir et d'émotion

  86. Verity Grace Turner

    I love this movie. It is very very special.

  87. John S.

    would have been great if he'd followed up with Sweet Caroline


    +Dan Steely It would have been off topic ...

    John S.

    @Minahh ok Holly Holy then


    +Dan Steely Smarty.

  88. Elaine Blecker


  89. aida liberman


    Mejía Lequerica

    +aida liberman no conocía esta película, me he emocionado mucho. Por favor, podrías recomendarme más películas sobre judíos o para judíos donde se puedan ver escenas así ( un shabbat, Kippur, Pesaj...) Gracias y que Hashem te bendiga.

  90. windstorm1000

    that man has a fantastic voice--so deep, rich, intimate--sort of the rock and roll version of Johnny Cash--

    Janine Lea

    +windstorm1000 He does have a great voice. No range, but the songs he sings are perfect for HIM. I've always liked his music.
    Sweet Caroline and America have always been my Favorites.

  91. Stu Mulne

    I don't know whether this was explained further on in the comments or not, but traditionally the Kol Nidre prayer is repeated several times, depending on the Congregation, sect, etc.  Nothing too wrong with him popping up to start it again - he wasn't just jumping in and doing it over for his dad's benefit.  A bit unusual, perhaps.  In my Congregation some of the men used to stand there with a Torah (the Ark was emptied) for the duration.  Those things aren't light....

    משה רנן

    According to Jewish tradition the Kol Nidrey prayer is repeated thrice.

    Bwab Gaming 702

    Aron Kodesh emptied out? Traditionally, 2 sifrei Torah’s are held on each side of the shaliach Tzibur who says three verses in a quiet voice. When all verses are said, he repeats them moderately louder, and a final repeat in an even louder voice. Then he quiets down again and recites kol nidre 3 times, progressively louder. There’s something from Slichot at the end, but I don’t remember it.

    This tune itself that is being sung is way different from the way I hear it at my shul. It’s a long and complicated story - the differences

    Tracy Butler

    Stu Mulne .


    Stu Mulne: Ashkenaz Schuls do not have Kol Nidre, it is Sephardim services more as far as I know, I never heard it in Orthodox Ashkenaz temples.


    doctorwho0077 what kind of shuls have you been to? All traditional Jews use Kol Nidre. The melody heard in this video is only used by Ashkenazim. The Sephardic and Mizrahic nusachs have different melodies and slightly different texts.

  92. bert

    The God of Israel is the God of all.

    Uncle Freddy

    The god of israhell is satan and no, he is not my god you pathetic fuck. Is-Ra-El, Isis, Ra and El or satan. "I know of they who claim to be jews but are not, they are of the synagogue of satan".

    Catherine Froese

    bert Amen

    Troy Evitt

    uncle freddy (///) Nazi Punks Fuck Off -(A)- Why would you even come to a Neil Diamond video, but to troll Jews? Follow Your Leader and shoot yourself.

    Phil Lecompte

    You are crazy !!!! You are claiming your God is the greatest ,how fucking crazy is that ?????

    Donnie Freymoyer

    Lord is my Daddy. I love him. I hope he loves Me.

  93. Kevin Smith

    Can anyone else hear Queen doing Kol Nidrei? 


    No, definitely not.

  94. James Radski

    The Jewish Sinatra.

  95. Michael Friedman

    Tov me'od !!!!

    Michael Friedman

    Tov me'od !!!!

    Michael Friedman

    Tov me'od !!!!

  96. 007MacGregor

    Shalom Israel

  97. signedintorespond

    This scene demonstrates the heart wrenching consequences and events of Jewish assimilation.

    Please, If you are Jewish and find this music moving, go to a Jewish Orthodox synagogue this Yom kippur. 

    Ian Levy

    We live in a world and a country where assimilation is the norm.  The truth is assimilation has been going on for centuries for Jews.  For example- if you go by the biblical standards- religion is passed on the fathers side.  Because of the horrors of what happened in Eastern Europe a few centuries ago- it switched to the mother's side.  See Jews with blue eyes? If Jews are Semites, how is that possible since blue eyes are recessive and brown eyes are dominant genetically.

    The parents can guilt the crap out of their child- but the fact is the child is the one with the trump card- grandchildren- they cannot pass on THEIR grandchildren.

    Janine Lea

    +Ian Levy there's nothing wrong with Assimilation. You can have that, and keep your own family traditions as well.
    Many diverse cultures have come together in the melting pot we call the United States, and many of us have managed to keep many of our old world traditions within the culture of America.
    What American isn't IRISH on St. Patty's day? But then we have our own holidays. Whether it's Yom Kippur, or Ramadan or Christmas or Kwanzaa.
    It's all a part of who and what we are.

    Ian Levy

    @Ephraim Lehrer
    Sorry dude- you are wrong.  Judiasm switched to the mothers side after the horrors in Russia and eastern Europe.  The fact is biblical Judiasm went thru the fathers side.

    As for Religion and or race- for Jews it is both and the same.

    Boy Bergs

    @Janine Lea Well said Janine!