Diamond, Neil - Do It Lyrics

Do it, while your soul's still burnin'
Don't hide the yearnin' away
Say what you want to say
'Cause if you let her go,
You'll always know you blew it
Go to it and do it
Do it, yeah

Tell her, just how much you love her
And that no other
Could do what she does to you
'Cause if you take your time
You're gonna find you blew it
Go thru it and do it
Yeah, do it,
Yeah, do it


'Cause if you take your time,
You're gonna find you blew it
Go thru it and do it
Yeah, do it.
Do it, go and do it

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Diamond, Neil Do It Comments
  1. WILLIE Woodall

    63 Years and turn into a Teenager when I hear this Song, what a Time thas was

  2. Allyson Van Der Merwe

    Stunning song ..Sadly they dont make this kinda music anymore Love 50s and 60s music

  3. Rm M

    This was on one of his very early albums. When girls first heard Neil over the radio (as you did back in the '60s) they thought they were listening to an older singer. Later when he began to appear on TV, they were amazed by the contrast between his voice and his looks because he looked like a kid just out of high school. Those girls are still following him to this day. Anybody out there!

  4. Roy Damron

    Love this song

  5. Mark S

    Underrated Diamond tune.

  6. Zelda Verster

    Jinne dis BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Mr. F. J. van der Vyver

    One of many favourite artists of mine. I just simply love his music.

  8. Roelof Van der Merwe

    very good song.

  9. Ursula Peens

    If only you did it............why couldn't you speak up?????? Now its lost forever

  10. Ursula Peens

    If you only spoke to me.....but no, .........now its too late and I will never know!!!!!

  11. Josephine Stabel

    Amazing song.🤞😘💕

  12. reiluna010

    I want my future husband to feel this way about me :)

  13. Manuel Gonzales

    I have no memory of this song from 1966. I was already listening to his music. I just don't remember it being played on the Houston radio stations. I just happen to buy a cd and this song was on it. I played it over and over. Good song.

  14. Zelda Verster

    LDPil .. such great memories

  15. Sheri Gilmore

    The only thing wrong with this song is it's too short.I could listen to at least 5 minutes or more.

  16. Sheri Gilmore

    I have always loved this song and haven't heard it for years and years.It still has that beautiful sound I loved all those years ago.

  17. Kees Sepers

    One of my top10

  18. Zelda Verster

    Still the best love song everrr. One that makes my heart yearn.

  19. Adriane Vanrooyen

    what a sound and what a voice

  20. Allyson Van Der Merwe

    Just love this song

  21. Pete Melissis

    I wish they would make this into a karaoke song love Neil's Music

  22. Zelda Verster

    I have been listening to this specific song for many years. All of a sudden my fellow SAcans can open the link to it, but I can't. Very sad.

  23. Zelda Verster

    Why is this video unavailable to me?

    Janus Witchrider

    Where do you live?

    Zelda Verster

    Janus Witchrider I'm from South Africa

    Zelda Verster

    It was available for many years. Now not available 😢

    Janus Witchrider

    I'm sorry, but I have no idea..I guess it's copyright-related..

  24. Sakkie

    For me, one of his best...

  25. Zelda Verster

    I LOVE this song. Thanks for showing it on YouTube again. The widow is going to get married on it one day soon.

  26. Matthys Lourens Swart


  27. PC No

    1:08 Chaimberlin? Mellotron? Sounds like some kind of early synthesizer.

  28. Rich Beaudry

    I had proposed to my girl friend. One rainy night we were waiting for a cab in front of a hotel when I held her and sang this song to her. Later that evening she said, "Yes!" That was 48 years ago and we are still together. Very special song to me...

  29. Christal Thesnaar

    One of my most favorite Neil Diamond songs!!! Says a lot and I love it!!!! Thank you!!!

  30. Zelda Verster


  31. christiane stamm

    What a voice and sound.

  32. Robert Byrd

    I had this on one of his albums in high school (class of 73). I played it repeatedly to Stoke up my nerve to call a girl, Gail H. Nerved up a swing! Strike!

  33. Cathy King

    I just love the sound of this song

  34. Barrett Andy

    Neil does 'doo wop' 😊

  35. Zelda Verster

    WHERE on YouTube can I find DO IT? PLEASE?

  36. Zelda Verster

    So rude just to remove a song and now I can't find it anywhere

  37. Zelda Verster

    Song has been removed.... Why?

  38. Schalk Van Schalkwyk

    I Thought I was the "know-it-all" and greatest Neil Diamond fan EVE..E..RR - Yet, I was browsing my memory lane from 1971 (When my real music life started) and came across this lovely song which hit South African charts... and I missed it totally!
    Sorry Neil, I failed miserably!!
    Lovely, catchy song!

  39. texan998

    Thank you!!!! Been looking for this song literally for years.

  40. Kay Britt-Vermette

    one of Neil Diamond's albums.  I love the songs on this album.

  41. Zelda Verster

    I needed this song with ALL my heart today. Always a winner and I love it.

    Zelda Verster

    I miss you so much

  42. Kay Britt-Vermette

    I love this song.  It reminds me so much of beloved husband.  He and I were so happy and suddenly cancer cut his life short and now he lives in Heaven.  And, I am alone listening to Neil Diamond's wonderful music.  Thank you, Neil, for making the music and thank you YouTube for making it possible to hear it.

  43. Wesley Petarda

    Má to nápad. slyšime poprvé. Pořád je něco objevovat.

  44. Elena Alexandrescu

    Beautiful song and singer, with real talent and real voice .

  45. Cleu Cleudf

    SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Jack Owens

    Great song, should have rated higher than #36 on the charts at the time. Neil's songs are timeless.

  47. ChihuahuaboyDH

    The chord structure of "Do It" is almost the same as Neil Diamond's later hit "Holly Holy". Both are excellent songs!

    Bravo, Neil Leslie Diamond!

  48. Ana oliveira

    Thank you dear God for having lived this season. Neil Diamond Thank you for affording us this dream with their music.

  49. Conrad Peterson

    Superstar !

  50. linda pavelko

    I say right on Neil. You are a great talent

  51. linda pavelko

    terry I know you know im right. it was all for naught. assbeatings, shooting me, killing me was nothing. if I had of known I made you cry. I would have been back the very next day begging you for your hand in marriage.

  52. Vera Cano

    Nunca tinha ouvido essa e me apaixonei, como é isso?? que lindo!! Neil Diamond vc depois do Elvis é o maior!


    tudo que ouço dele eu adoro é maravilhoso

  54. nivaldo carvalho

    linda musica para ouvir é lembrar

  55. Renae Holliday

    Love Neil Diamond...used to play this record over and over !

  56. Rosalba Platania

    I am so happy that Neil did it.
    Everyone! check out his Christmas Album!!
    I have just discovered it. All my friends are getting a present now.

  57. Violetta Fleisch

    habe ich vorher noch nie gehört danke, Shutterhand

  58. Ken Coats

    Solitary Man was my favorite song, summer of 1966. This was my second favorite. The flip side of the 45. Thanks

  59. lucyinblackpg

    Love it!

  60. chasjohn57

    Bang records was trying to get more "Bang" for its bucks. songs like Shiloh and others got released when Neil was on Uni records. Thank you for posting this.

  61. Bobbie Askren

    @dev3n No, I agree with wintercat2. You can say what you need to say, but you didn't have to be so rude about it. Everything that needs to be said; you can pick the nice way or the mean way. Twice now you have picked the mean way. This song kicks butt !!

  62. eydie sanders

    @wintercat2 why are you yelling at me and calling me names? i said thank you for being nice after dev3n was rude. do YOU know how to read? can you not read my comment to you thanking you? you aren't in a position to call anyone names. you are a bit of a brick your own self. i take back my thank you.

  63. eydie sanders

    @wintercat2 thank you for being nice. i disregard people who are rude. i figure it's just the way they were raised. no one taught them manners. thanks again.

  64. eydie sanders

    @jnfan2011 you are a little late to the party. several people have already explained to me that the song was originally recorded in 1966 and then was re-released in 1970, when it was already a four year old song. i get it!

  65. jnfan2011

    @eydie57 this song IS from 1966 - I have it on my old vinyls of Neils'...it's NOT from 1970.

  66. rocknrollroy2007

    @eydie57 The song "Do It" was originally released on the LP "The Feel Of Neil Diamond" in 1966. Bang Records released the song as a single in 1970, and it charted at #36. The song can also be found on the compilation LP "Do It!", also released by Bang in 1970.

  67. aer shamus

    this remains one of his greatest, though greatly under appreciated as well as under played; so short and yet so powerful; an absolute classic

  68. aer shamus

    this remains one of his greatest, though greatly underappreciated as well as under played; so short and yet so powerful

  69. Bobbie Askren

    Happy 70th Birthday, Solitary Man !!


    @eydie57 Do It originally was the 'B' side of Solitary Man as released 1966 on Bang Records. Neither side made the top 40. Neil Diamond went to Uni Records 2 years later, and Bang tried to capitalize on his popularity in 1970 by re-releasing Shilo/La Bamba, Solitary Man / new 'B-side' The Time Is Now, I'm a Believer/Crooked Street,The Long Way Home/Monday Monday, and Do It with new 'B-side' Hanky Panky. Do It did THEN make top 40 in January, 1970, when as the 'A' side now it hit #36. DAVEDJ

  71. Bobbie Askren

    ANNOUNCED TODAY... Neil HAS been inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame !! Congratulations, Neil !!

  72. eydie sanders

    @fab4fan4ever64 when he is inducted a great travesty will be reversed. this man is talent personified.

  73. eydie sanders

    @joefax530 thank you. i was really confused. i do love the song.

  74. joefax530

    @eydie57 "Do It" was one of several Neil Diamond songs---"Solitary Man" was another---that were re-released later after he changed labels and became a huge star. So yeah, it was a 1966 tune that actually became a hit in 1970.

  75. eydie sanders

    @dev3n well, because that was in 1970 and it was KICK AM and the radio station doesn't exist anymore. i was just wondering if there is maybe a reason that a radio station would do that? i mean, the other songs were current at that time. it's just weird.

  76. jewellers100

    Thanks for this posting. All Neil Diamond songs takes me back to my hometown- Durban, South Africa. Neil Diamond was always a favourite on our radio stations - LM Radio, Radio 5, Port Natal(Forces Favourite), Springbok Radio. Those were the good old days.

  77. mangobrother

    Thank you for uploading this gem of a song.

    Too bad our radio stations have become a medium to sell things only. The mandate for entertaining has been forgotten. This beauty of a song should be shared and enjoyed by others as well. A great big thanks to people like you, Mr Diamond and YouTube.