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Diamond, Neil African Suite Comments
  1. thrustkick tkd

    If this doesn't send chills down your spine, you're not alive! 49 years and it stills plays....

  2. Donna Sheraden

    I fell in love with the African Trilogy. I would've loved to been there when he recorded it.
    If you don't have the record album, here's a bit of trivia. It 110 people to put this beautiful album together.
    65 musicians, 35 singers including the 23 eight year olds & ten production folks, including of course, the songwriter.
    God bless their talents.
    I do have the sheet music to the trilogy.
    The Suite alone has 27 time changes & two key changes.

  3. David Matthew Vinot, Jr

    WITN-TV used this in their 1974 sign off.

  4. Brenda Bechtel

    from my Soul i send Prayerful Spiritual Love ... God Bless Neil

  5. Ann Muirhead

    I always wondered on cover of tap root manuscript what this gate. The barred gate signified X classy album cover Neil gorgeous as always Ann XXX cool instruments arrangement here could dance to these pieces music b brill Africa dancers interpreting this as a musical on stage surprised noones asked Neil to produce turn this into something magnificent on stage xxx

  6. Ann Muirhead

    I absolutely love African suite I first heard it at my aunt's when I was eleven hooked on Neil diamond since he was going to make a stage musical if tap root manuscript album would have been beautiful with African musicians children singing like world music concert I could see it the sounds feel beautiful Africa and its people lovely people x

  7. Ichabod Heranow

    Actually, "African Trilogy" is the whole of side 2 of the Tap Roots Manuscript album ... this is "African Suite", an instrumental made up of the main themes of the songs from the "African Trilogy". It is annoying to try to find the full version of something online by going to its title, and finding instead one tiny bit of it under the title and the rest only findable under the specific song titles.

    Manos Fatisis

    You are right! I checked my disc. I have corrected it! Thanks!