Diamante - Haunted Lyrics

I'll follow you into the dark
I'll be the shadow creeping through every part
Of you. I've got a hold
You think by now you'd know that you'll never be alone

You know you'll always be haunted, haunted

Hey I'm getting under your skin
You're stuck with me 'til the end
How does it feel to be haunted, haunted
Hey I'm getting into your bones
And everywhere that you go
You know you'll always be haunted
How does it feel?
So how does it feel?

I am the face you see inside
In your own reflection
The mirror never lies
Come out at night
I'll be your only friend
I'm just a breath behind

You know you'll always be haunted, haunted
You know you'll always be haunted, haunted

Hey I'm getting under your skin
You're stuck with me 'til the end
How does it feel to be haunted, haunted
Hey I'm getting into your bones
And everywhere that you go
You know you'll always be haunted
How does it feel, how does it feel?
How does it feel with me inside?
How does it feel, how does it feel?
How does it feel?
You know you'll always be haunted, haunted

I'm in your head
The darkest parts
You won't forget
I'll leave a mark
You can't deny
The voice inside
I'll hold you tight
Never let you go
Never let you go

Hey I'm getting under your skin
You're stuck with me 'til the end
How does it feel to be haunted

Hey I'm getting into your bones
I'm everywhere that you go
You know you'll always be haunted
How does it feel, how does it feel?
How does it feel with me inside?
How does it feel, how does it feel?
How does it feel?
You know you'll always be haunted, haunted

How does it feel?
How does it feel?

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Diamante Haunted Comments
  1. MasterRroshi

    FUCK YOU aspennieee!!



  2. Malkam EYEofRA

    0202/2020. Historic!

  3. Yrena Lantigua

    You know you'll always be haunted. How does it feel?

  4. 3Gun_76

    I thought I only like redheads, but blue ones are also best!

  5. Oh hepster

    I wonder if ninja banged her

  6. Лев Троцкий

    Not bad! But there are a lot of effects on vocals, like in pop music.

  7. kurist

    man the riffs are so fkg generic

  8. 742617000027

    Thx to bad wolves😄

  9. T1mesp4wn

    Catchy lyrics are appreciated and it's what we have here

  10. Cindy Butterfly

    Kiss my dear 💋... Love it ❣️❣️❣️😻🌹🎶🌹💝

  11. David Adamic

    1K thumbs down. What's wrong with people. I love Diamante's music.


    Haters gonna hate. 95% of the people I've seen/heard bitch about diamante complain that she's hot. They say oh they only got big cause she's pretty. Some people just have to find a reason to dislike something

  12. Даниил Новиков

    Вот это Мальвина)))

  13. Kristian Madsen

    sadly this is too "collage rock" for me, but still cool idea

    Mister Nobody

    collages are cool. collagen is nice too. wtf is collage rock

    Kristian Madsen

    @Mister Nobody the type of rovk you make at college, its more chill than metal

    Mister Nobody

    @Kristian Madsen dont get me wrong, i like it well enough. i'll take your 'collage rovk' and just call it post-emo like the shit they play on octane

  14. Neil Nunez

    Same here I first heard her sing with Bad Wolves but on her own she a pretty badass singer if anyone agrees plz feel free to hit the like button. GO DIAMANTE!!!

  15. Wrath Upon Eden

    She's so awesome. <3

  16. Mark

    HOLY CRAP!!!! WOW!!!

  17. Wrath Upon Eden

    love it

  18. Vandalo Oswald

    Quem for Br dar like
    Muito bom

  19. theFire Ham

    not going to lie id wife her just because of her voice and hair lol

  20. Nathan Van Landeghem

    Is she somehow involved with the project SKYND? Or am I blind?

  21. Jackson Beck

    Wonder if the carpet matches the drapes.

  22. Anberlyn Sloan

    Omg ur do pretty 😍 I love to play drums and ur my inspiration 😁😍🤩🤩

  23. rialbb

    I brought myself here because of my own kick ass music likeness

    Jenny DuMarce

    Right hehe😂😂

  24. Sergej Sergeev


  25. Lily Richard

    She is such a bad ass

  26. Nathan Fair

    shes so hot

  27. Dayna Miles

    Take it from me. If she's near you, go see her. You will not regret it. I will see her anytime she is close and the band is beyond amazing

  28. Live Wire

    Gorgeous girl with an awesome voice.

  29. Kelsey Roper

    I hear a lot of blends from what other female vocalist led bands do right and this is really amazing! Glad I clicked on this. Aspiring A&R here, with a solid double thumbs up

  30. Jan Korchma

    вроде музыка нормально (не шедевр но и не говно). Слова - ни понял ни хрена (английский не знаю и знать НЕ ХОЧУ!)
    а вот голос... В куплетах - хорошо а в припеве появляется хрипотца которая загрязняет тембр
    В общем я бы поставил пять НО я слышал многих певцов и певиц голос которых чище и сильней... Как и многие мелодии (в разных жанрах)
    DIAMANTE до алмаза не дотягивает (тем более до бриллианта)
    3.5 или максимум 4 данной песне.
    средняя оценка средней песне

  31. Jido Fisterfilly

    Generic, boring stuff. No one needs this crap.

  32. Päivi Ala-Haikka

    Kun on Väärin olla Suorapuheinen Narttu!

  33. padywac1970

    Surprisingly good! I was afraid that this was just another pretty face and generic metal/rock backing her......um, no. Good stuff!

  34. Tk18

    Copy paste

  35. Tk18

    She is so amazing. I'd do anything to make her feel safe. She's the ultimate bae. Please help in taking care tips.

  36. Gunnar Ødegård

    Is there anyone who can recommend the best songs with this band. ??? Thank u for answers

  37. AndЯew

    She's so Organic

  38. Crystal Martin

    Love this song...any old school pc gamers? And does this remind anyone one of the songs playing in the club in Bloodlines 2 (White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade PC game)...I know it's not but still...in a good way though....

  39. Kyary pamyu Obsession

    The first time I heard diamente was a duet with bad wolves

  40. Toshinori Chavez

    Omg she is so fucking beautiful met her at a concert in person
    and me just standing beside her looking like a fat potato

  41. Paladin Mini

    diamante has gone pop. wth?

  42. Ryan Harris

    I literally live for this shit

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  44. Ashwin Sonavane

    Blue hair!!! Reminds me of Goku from Dragin Ball Super !!! She has such an awesome grain and texture to her voice !!! I'm in love!!

  45. Shaseton Unruh

    Still my favorite by Diamante. Love this band

  46. CD Baller

    The beat is great

  47. CD Baller

    She so pretty

  48. Alaina G

    She has the most beautiful nose and not just that but I thought I’d point that out

  49. joseph scardilli

    How can you a heavy rock song without a guitar solo.......fake metal


    Who said this was metal? It's just hardrock.

  50. Yrena Lantigua

    How does it feel?

  51. Yrena Lantigua

    You know you always be haunted

  52. Jarno Kangasniemi

    Ihan Okei !!!

  53. Undead Creature

    I heard this song on the radio a few months back and I checked her out the next day and immediately sold my soul ✌✌

  54. Michael Shepherd

    Lot;s of comments about her hair. My take away, home girl rocks like a motherfucker regardless of her hair color... That being said she rocks and is hot as shit. What more do you want?

  55. Ch'ti Rock

    Great rock'n'roll !!!

  56. guitaringjarmin

    Music's pretty generic, could be heaps better but eh, it's ite

  57. Skyd GG - Keyak

    I need this in sub-español (?

  58. Talon Queen Gaming

    *when female singers turn you on

  59. Jonathan Yaconiello

    I like her song!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  60. Nemanja Živojinović

    Mensch, that hair. She's beautiful!

  61. DMcC _Vancouver

    Great track

  62. hassan Doukkali

    Where caprice of God can exist...

  63. hassan Doukkali

    exodus to an exoplanet ...out of the Earth...a girl with firstname "israel"...just against God...spacebeings can realy colonize our planet....

  64. 360whiplash

    She looks like Amber Heard.

  65. Warcrazer

    She's so hot.

  66. Kpop Shelly

    Saw you guys open for Breaking Benjamin... you are awesome 💙

  67. Xero Chaos

    weak shit ......lyrics dont pull me in ........no experience to speak from and it shows ....... :( #fake rock

  68. ShadowD SD

    None of these bands can be even a bit transcendent because they have no identity of their own. They are children of *"Records"* 'cliche'
    *Ninguna de estas bandas logran ser ni un poco trascendentes porque no tienen identidad propia. Son unos niños de "Estudios Musicales" clichés.*

  69. Redstar2613

    Am I the only one who DOESN'T like her hair this colour?

  70. DatMikeDude

    I got to meet her!!! :D

  71. fabrice charpentier

    je suis Français et je t adore

  72. Leanne Cowan

    Amazing her back ground reminds me of Evanescence,Just a little,She has some pipes.I am hooked.

  73. Fiber Tech

    Sexy ....

  74. jorge montenegro

    Do i hear autotune?

  75. Avinash Singh

    Is it just me or does anyone else thinks the lead singer looks like amber heard?

  76. Il Sommo Imperatore

    ma che figa porca troia glielo ficcherei in bocca più veloce di un frecciarossa

  77. ChrisHasVideos

    Sounds like a less angry Sever from Sumo Cyco

  78. S Dwyer

    Want to hear scary original music?
    Check out SHMEE DWYER on YouTube
    "On with the show"
    "Boogie Man"
    "Devil Song"

  79. Kraken McMurry

    blue hair hurts the product

  80. Kamdin Parsakia

    You got a new fan ! Good Job

  81. Maks Joosten

    Iv’e gotta say it is a song that means much to me. I don’t know why. Its just when i hear this i get a emotion explosion😂 i’m angry,happy,sad etc at the same moment and afterwards i think how lucky i am that iv’e discovered Diamante. 😂🤷🏻‍♂️i know i’m a weirdo. Hope you have a nice day💙🤘🏻

  82. 750Rocketman

    And shes even better live tbh and sexyyyyy lord

  83. Chester Jacquez

    Glad got too see them live at isleta amphitheater

  84. Michael Shepherd

    I suppose I am the non-standard case. Appreciate them both, but Diamante aimed me to bad wolves. Loved the duet, liked her first, like her more..

  85. Elmo Williams

    WOW!!!! she as an amazing Voice? Love her hair color??

  86. Yrena Lantigua

    You'll never be alone.

  87. Jeremy Jacquez

    So glad to see'em live

  88. sivichkiqt

    Amber Heard sings metal.

  89. Laura Mac Lean Gray


  90. José Godinho

    Clicked for the nose, stayed for the hair

  91. Superman 223

    Just saw them at a concert with breaking benjamin and three days grace and gotta say I'm hooked now ❤❤🤘🏼

    travis mingione

    I saw her with dorothy 3 days grace chevelle and braking benjamin. Gotta say she kicked ass

    Heather Mounts

    @travis mingione that's who she played with when she came to phoenix on Sunday too :) they all rocked for sure!

    Kim B

    Same!!! They had an epic stage presence and gave a killer performance! 🤘🏼

    Kayla Hutchings

    Superman 223 we just saw the tour last night!!! LOVED EVERY MINUTE! Also got 2 photos with Diamante herself 💙🤗

    Bridgett Hipkins

    ME TOO :)

  92. Foggy Pebble

    Sounds like she’s saying ‘hunted’

  93. Wyatt Watts

    playback speed 2

  94. J DC

    Her vocal delivery has layers and unique complexity. Song rocks too.

  95. Randall Whitworth

    Was at your concert Tuesday you rock sorry I didn't meet you

  96. CJ 7

    Who is that other band member that they tour with with the red and black long hair that also plays guitar?

    Amanda Stephens

    That's what I wanted to know...

  97. fury625

    She's playing a concert with some of my favorite bands next weekend. Was curious, never heard her before.


    fury625 saw them Tuesday they hit pretty hard and she is fine af

  98. Nyx Night

    My friend Angel brought me here. Loving it!