DHT - My Dream Lyrics

In my dreams there's a place without war
No more guns no more pain no more hurt
It's a world full of joy without sadness
People sing people dance with all happiness

Take me to my dream
Love is everything
Where there is no war
And then children sing
Love is all around
It's the only thing
In a dream that must come true

In my dreams there's a place where it's clean
No more waste in the air and the sea
So this place will be pure and all healthy
You can live your life in heaven


But I know it's just a dream
Will it ever change this life?
Hope one day it'll turn around
Into the place that I dream about

Take me to this dream
Love is everything
Where there is no war
And the children sing
Love is all around
It's the only thing
In a dream that must come true

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DHT My Dream Comments
  1. Mama Muda with kekasih tercinta Zinal Coplerz

    Momen she...

  2. Wulan Ndary

    Who's the singer?

  3. Yuga Dewantoro

    I like this song, is nice voice for the single song..

  4. Yudiez Yu

    iyeh taehhhh

  5. King Ridwan

    Suka ke maknanya

  6. Wassima Moulai

    It's very beatiful song I like this😘😍💞💞💞💞👍👍

  7. Halel Eliyah

    take me with u. I hate guns, war and all the lies. I want love2. in my dreams I have a beautiful wife and she is God. in my reality I am a powerless man who can't find anything worthy of love except my wife. but I can only find her in my dreams.

  8. Partha Pal

    Wonderful song . I love it

  9. Izzat Quta

    i don't know why i remember this song now it's just come to my mind to listen to it

  10. Kiran Devi

    omg..this song really touched my heart

  11. 経Shiro

    -Wanted to be like a greatest artist like Ellie-Anne:No i dont wanted to be anymore I wanna give up to it it will never be true....
    (The greatest Artist)Ellie:If you wanted to be the greatest in the world then dont give up to it..

  12. Никаша Милаша

    лайк кто русский

  13. Moon Light

    make me cry every time i listen to .. We miss everything that mentioned in the song

  14. Claire Liénart

    I want everyone to listen to this song. So beautiful.

  15. Nym

    This is really lame. ._.

  16. Nalyn Licayan

    im cry this song....

  17. Nalyn Licayan

    nice nman nu

  18. Lucy Campbell


  19. Satyander Dudee

    listen to your heart and your dream will come true

  20. Lucy Campbell

    I Love this song,👍 it made me cry alot😭

    Luke Green

    Same :)

  21. LuxRift

    Beautiful song, the melody just catches ones attention


  22. Stolzsuperbia

    The world leaders should listen to this...

  23. Thedirkaable

    slender man is probley with the no waste in the air and sea everything is pure and healthy 

  24. Karina Opheim

    begins almost crying ...

  25. Kas Jouhojin

    Utsukushī uta

  26. eternalsnow9103

    Will my dream come true? I hope it will,one day.....I'm sure it will......

  27. Logan Swartz

    that's a bad outlook on life. its not love that spawns hatred but mankind that does. its in our nature.

  28. Ana the fangirl

    A dream that must come true.

  29. Siovy

    I agree! (especially the anime part -huge fan-) Not all of these dreams will come true, unfortunately, but there is always hope.

  30. BigDannyK

    So depressing... Don't know why...

  31. Mitch Woodward

    When i become the engineer i strive to be when im an adult i'm going to be working on the renewable energy. The human race is stupid, and everything you said there is what ive dreamt of for the 16 years ive been alive. In the modern world today, however, its impossible for a kid to make a noticable difference...

  32. Mia21

    if only it could happen

  33. Sarah Boyle

    Sadly, like how with every light comes a shadow, to almost every good thing its oppisite will rise...

  34. MissQT0001

    You can get rid of the glasses and braces. I got rid of them and it feels like I never had them and everybody almost forgot that I did. Skittles is the easiest dream to get whereas the impossible dream is not having haters. Even if you were perfect, you would still have haters. Just love yourself and save enough money to buy that mansion of yours.

  35. brig

    her songs are so deep...

  36. Lizette Plascencia

    I dream of this:

    No more foul words
    Eat skittles.
    Have a mansion
    Nobody to hate me, i am hated.
    Not wear braces
    Not wear glasses 4ever


  37. Gaige the Mechromancer

    Same thing.

  38. MyNameHidden123

    Nope, Canadian.

  39. Gaige the Mechromancer


  40. Gaige the Mechromancer

    Nope! People will always be fighting amongst themselves and worsen the world's conditions until we implode. :)

  41. MyNameHidden123

    I dream for the following things:

    A good sammich.
    Another sammich.
    Some more bacon.
    This song.
    And some more bacon.

  42. asmimi100

    Replay.... Replay....Replay....Replay!!!!!

  43. Soma Szebellédi

    @angelica15v You do have magic power. It is called love and it can make this dream come true. We will all join the spell.

  44. Soma Szebellédi

    @Animefandestinygirl1 Yes they will. If we all do our part. And we do.

  45. BlackWolfieSelkie

    I am willing to sing it and upload it to here on YouTube...This makes me wonder about my own dream... =j As many likes you want to help me try to make a difference... Especially on YouTube... =]

  46. Siovy

    that is one gimpy penguin XD

  47. Siovy

    @suicidalthoughts8 totally true

  48. babygirl1397red

    i love this song, its so true and i wish i could make it come true!

  49. TheCelticthunder101

    @cathecat12345 lol

  50. TheCelticthunder101

    @xxnameless666xx Omg i have to agree. War and killing is close but i so freaking tired of him taking over everything. I hate it when my friends go gaga over him. it makes me hate him more. beiber fever is stupid and OVEERATED..i agree with u 99.9% the other 00.1% is with war for number one:D

  51. Katy Pugh

    I loved this song ever since I first heard it. It is truly beautiful~

  52. Katy Pugh

    When I first heard this song...let's just say it was music to my ears~

  53. WishesSailorMoon

    A Utopia.

  54. TriforceOfWisdom2234

    why would you think that of another human being? over a song

  55. huskiesghost

    8 People have no dreams :(

  56. julie niveau

    so beautiful

  57. abdel moula

    love this SoNG

  58. angelica15v

    wish I have magic powers then I would make this dream true! whatever it takes

  59. angelica15v

    @IzabelllaElenaa thoos people will a world full of pane and hate

  60. Radu Bella

    7 people dislike? but why? this sohg is beautiful and the lyrics are wonderful!

  61. royalblueshotgun23

    Thank you sooo much for making this, I couldn't find the slow version anywhere!

  62. KusumiKoharu1000

    This song is soo addicting!!

  63. FallingRoses3

    D.H.T. i read stands for Danger Hardcore Team. But look it up if you don't agree with me. I was shocked, but their songs and singer are still good. Remember, if you want this life, work for it. Put an end to the wars, and make it peace and harmony. Reminder, dreams don't just happen. If you really want them to come true, then you gotta make it happen.

  64. Hojack the Occultist

    @MissElli14 Justin Beiber.

  65. Samantha Player

    I really want to learn how to play this.. But I can't find a piano cover for it. :( I really wish I could read notes instead of learning by ear. D:

  66. Ellinor B

    Who the fuck disliked this? o.O

  67. awkwardDebs

    World dieing... Animals getting killed... War going on killing many innocents... What more horror is there we must face?

  68. Archie Gunya

    epic penguin drawing XD

  69. Lejla M

    keep on dreaming !

  70. animelvr41

    PANDA!!! i love this song <333

  71. RecoveryTTA

    Great Song, Greay Lyrics

  72. DancinRic

    thumbs up to the 8 year old who wrote the lyrics

  73. alanaunicorn

    oh such a beautiful song

  74. angelkkr

    i love it thanks

  75. Dafne

    @mswelsh but if you kill those you're bad as they are i want peace too ^^ and love but we can't change the past and the only way to change the future is changing today we can change you can recycle or help little animals in danger like P.ET.A ^^ maybe you should trust more in your dream ^^ remember you're the only one that can make it real and if you give up you're dream dies, so don't give up we can change!! together sure we can!! ^^

  76. Dafne

    this is my dream too ^^

  77. Kelly S.

    nicee song. love it

  78. Marguerite Renner

    This is a very touching and emotional song <3

  79. illby100

    I LOVE this song, its soo beutiful <3
    Think how nice the world would be if we would live in that dream?
    Wonderful <3

  80. cawo114

    where can I find this song because I like a lot this one. I have found the song in techno version but I don't like it.

  81. xxEdUaR1993xx

    where can I downloaded

  82. PsychoticLullaby

    love this song but it makes me cry

  83. CJ Villanueva

    such a sweet song :)

  84. kloun458

    I love this song, amasing lyrics!

  85. Caner YILMAZ

    Best wishes in the world.
    I love this song..

  86. cheetahluvr321

    thank you so much im glad u liked it :D

  87. haymaybe11

    GREAT JOB! i love this song it just lifts you up into good spirits although it is a little sad.

  88. cheetahluvr321

    yay glad u liked it

  89. cheetahluvr321

    lol yah thanks for posting a comment!

  90. cheetahluvr321

    cool thx a lot!

  91. cheetahluvr321

    sure, thanks for the comment :)

  92. Firekeeper

    i love this song it's so good. I spent a long time looking for it. Thanks for posting 5/5

  93. Kaitlin Floyd

    this song is different i like it though