DHT - I Miss You Lyrics

Oh baby I know that I did you wrong
But I got lost along the way
And I never thought you'd walk away
But you did and I can't cope with it

[Chorus 2x]
I'm alone and I don't know what to do
With my feelings cause I'm still not over you
And I'm crying from the day you walked away
And I miss you
I miss you
(I miss you)

I tell my friends that I got over you
That I took your pictures of the wall
But I know there is another truth
That I miss you
That I need you

[Chorus 2x]

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DHT I Miss You Comments
  1. Dean Solistino

    Damn come out with some more albums though

  2. Mecikar Abderraouf

    يحي الثاكنو روك ههههه

  3. Павел М.

    it puts me in a trance...

  4. Cory Matchett

    Best dance song of all time!!!

    My Name is Gladiator

    Are they brother-sister?

  5. Penny Clarke

    love the music words are true

  6. Penny Clarke


  7. helz mcallister

    absolutely love this tune...has to be loud 🎧🎶

  8. Livelovelifeeleni Positivity&Motivation♥☮

    Love this for about 5 years bless this artist awesome techno lovelifesongs

  9. MIND E

    god damn it!!! I think before 6 years first time I heard this and it still makes me feel same way..there was great time..epic track from D.H.T.

    My Name is Gladiator

    I still love this song after all these years.

  10. Tony M

    She is hot mmmmm:)) Not to sound perverted but I would luv to nut all over her face. I luv trance. Trance had alot of hot girls with great voices back in da days. I use to have this cd. I remember having a collection. Dam I miss those days.

  11. Timmy

    This track is not fake. It was produced by DHT and thats all.

    My Name is Gladiator

    Whoever made it... it is awesome.

  12. ferrara316

    damn, if kids these days know what good music is....


    And i remeber this track... Pure dance music... I miss those time

    King Musik

    +ferrara316 ik know kids theses day are hooked with rap and pop bullshit i wish dance music was more open to mainstream

    Dom Wars

    King Musik lmao I'm 25 and still listen to early trance and 90s dance. I know what real music is. also, check out captain hollywood.

    _blade . 1044

    I love this kind of music ♥️ but I love things like kpop too 😄


    for real

  13. Bergwacht

    No it stands for DANGER HARDCORE TEAM - so...this song is a real fake...
    FAKE... ia wait for my Hardcore Techno from DHT and i got this shit only here...DELEATE IT!


    Can anyone explain to me why my google chrome says " Sorry, this comment is invalid. Error 404" ?

  14. lalime6511pucca

    Cool love

  15. TigerWoodsLibido

    Nobody uses these supersaws anymore. Why? The sound is as pure as it gets.

  16. Simon Sauvage

    Iroise I miss you...

  17. Elihana Elia

    I love DHT feat. Edmee!

  18. Obed Flomt


    lucas Miller

    Obed Flomt trance vocal

  19. WishesSailorMoon

    Love it

  20. Kimberly Rowland

    @chrisportelli DHT stands for danger hardcore team. not dance.house.trance. If you listen to their old music, they use to be really hardcore until they started doing music like this.

  21. Kimberly Rowland

    DHT stands for danger hardcore team. not dance.house.trance.

  22. Steijn Sweere

    didn't DHT also make that song called white power?

  23. Twilightmaedchen

    @Theangerfistfan100 ist wirklich so, kannst gern selbst googlen (: Gib mal Danger Hardcore Team - I miss you ein, da kommt direkt das Lied.

  24. Roberto Flores

    THe Gigolo T-Shirt doesnt Help you.

  25. Twilightmaedchen

    DHT stands for Danger Hardcore Team. . .

  26. Elyon Greyson

    Where're the lyrics?

  27. matthias moerman

    als stands for dutch hardcore and the t stands for team if im not wrong

  28. mmami09

    Incredible crescendo.

  29. DigitalDog

    wow nice song if there is no singing, it will be a good shuffle song

  30. angelkkr

    yeh tell about

  31. Korean Shuren

    Watch out, there are two "DHT" bands, both belgian.

    => DHT : Dance.House.Trance
    => DHT : Danger Hardcore Team

  32. Jas N

    omg i love this song it make me remind my bf

  33. None None

    i miss my bf...hehe ^^ he said he didnt want me bak...hehe alwell i wish it did last.... i love him always ^^

    Megat Shafiq

    None None bongok

  34. Sunshine241184

    einfach geil!!!!!!

  35. canalzuacao

    fantastic song very nice

  36. ShiroNiko

    only one word needed to describe this song....awesome

  37. asiannextdoor

    I love D.H.T. they are so nice. :D

  38. jahb

    Awesome song.
    loving it!

  39. hobobetty

    yeah totally this song is really good but it does have that bitter edge to it too

  40. Iesha Masri

    love this too much <3

  41. LeiteriN1

    Amazing song...

    ...and she's gorgeous <3