Dexys Midnight Runners - Let's Make This Precious Lyrics

Pure, this must be, it has to be.
Pure, let's make this pure,
(Do you mean it?) Yes I do,
(Then let's sing it) Certainly, but
First bare your hearts and cleanse your souls
(And then?) Let's try and make this precious, like this.
Let's make this precious.
We're striving over here
(Ever nearer?) I think so
(Visions clearer) of course, of course.
But still we must forsake all to win
(All temptation?) everything (for salvation?) now you're talking
Then let this apply to all we do
(And then?) Our striving will guide us
And somehow I think that we'll win.
Let's make this precious,
First let's hear somebody sing me a record
That cries pure and true.
No not those guitars. They're too noisy and crude.
The kind that convinces refuses to leave,
There's no need to turn it up.
If it's pure I'll feel it from here
Let's make this precious, (I think we probably will)
Let's make this precious, (I think we probably will)

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Dexys Midnight Runners Let's Make This Precious Comments
  1. Andrew Hall

    I was there.

  2. Stephen Oldaker

    Classic track early stuff was the best .erky.

  3. artschull

    Amazing musicianship !!

  4. Simon Foster

    This is a live band at the top of their game, every one of them gave 100% commitment to making it sound as best as they possibly could, awesome performance!!!

  5. Miroslav Carunchio

    How the hell can the audience stand still!?!? Tha last 100 views are mine <3

  6. Patrick Perry

    In my country (U.S.) Dexy Midntight Runners were a 1 hit wonder band with Come on Eileen. I recently discover other music by them on Spotify and absolutely love much of their catalog. Make music great again! Love their use of horns and Kevin's vocal delivery is so very unique.

  7. Gun ner!

    Halt Die Esse Fest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a performance

  8. pradaman307

    Shame all the crowd were dead bodies

  9. pradaman307

    My favourite EVER Dexy's track-Reminds me of brilliant Scooter Rallies i used to go on on my Lovely metalflake Vespa P200E GREAT TIMES !!

  10. Paul Martin

    Audience on some powerful somnambulant.

  11. John Whyte

    What kind of crowd are they playing to that can stay seated for this incredible music! It's like a women's Institue meeting. Madness!


    He is a real fruit loop,but brilliant all the same.💙💚❤️💛💜🇬🇧

  13. madkittyjoey70

    Love this song!

  14. John Jackson

    I was actually at this ulster hall 83

  15. Buffsbeard

    Now's that's what I call music !

  16. alex dun


  17. marco daffue


  18. Mark Branski

    There's no way I'd be sitting down when they played Coventry we were all over the place

  19. Tim Wilderspin

    Truly divine. Incredible soul and dedication to a performance.

  20. spud train spotting

    An absolute outstanding performance, phenomenal. It's all going on. Proper musicians, unlike today's garbage.

  21. Jeff Ferguson

    I Have Never Heard A Song With A Build Up Like This!! FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Steve O'Connor

    Saw them on the same tour up in Newcastle. Still one of my best gigs ever!! And that's a lot of gigs!!

  23. Laurie Allan

    If there is reincarnation i want to come back just to go to this gig😱

  24. Helcio Tavares

    "searching for the young.."the best album of rock -top top top

  25. 13points

    They are feeling it in this one. What a performance.

  26. Mathew Edwards

    Fantastic band. I bet their tourbus stank though

  27. arfer

    I still believe Kevin. I still believe in your soul vision.

  28. Jeff Ferguson

    How Are The People In The Audience Sitting Still. No Way I Could And I'm 52!!

  29. Andy Gillespie

    God I love dexys

  30. Gunter De Clercq


  31. Head Honcho

    1.54 is just amazing

  32. TheAlistairDick

    Ah jesus. If I had only been there. Out of this world

  33. B zed

    Get up a n d DANCE

  34. arfer

    NOTHING would stop me dancing front row centre.

  35. SuperLisalis

    Still play my two Dexys Vinyl...Iconic.

  36. julie holmes

    I was there and it was fabulous :)


    Lucky you ! We need, this world needs a dvd of that ! Did you see Kid Creole live too ?

    Andrew Hall

    So was I.I dressed like them and had all my hair.

  37. yab ton

    best dexys song

  38. bradley hadcroft

    Fucking incredible

  39. arfer

    I'll always admire the stance of Kevin Rowland. Purity before all else. Musicality before fame..oh, and don't forget, ooooooohhhhhhhh, lets make this precious!

  40. simon smith

    FYI. It isn't Lundun Bridge or Tower Bridge, the're harping on about! It could be the one, over the cut, down Smerrick way!

  41. simon smith

    What's all this Lundun fixation? I was on the front row of the tour, at the Hippodrome, Birmingham, no cant, was sat down there.
    Especially, when they fanned the flames and crossed the bridge!

  42. jmedia1

    Someone please give that 1 voter a computer and an internet connection please asap.

  43. Andy J Grace

    Had to be there to get it. No one likes to dance more than I do. The shows had a personal feel. Intimacy. A different sort of emotion. When you put the record on at home or hear it at a party that's different. No pretence in my opinion.

  44. TheAlistairDick

    This is incredible. One of the best live performances EVER and one of the worst crowd reactions ever

    ian michael

    I agree with the first half of that. Absolutely amazing performance.

  45. Heyer

    from my 2016 point of view "searching for the young.." is the best aged pop record from that time, still fresh after all these years and that didn't happen to much of the stuff from back then, they played so fucking tight and powerfull... and yeah i know that this track is a bit later ;)

  46. It's meee Eighties

    Best band ever

  47. jimchorley

    No words can explain this...

  48. Amin Abadmood

    Even like the second incarnation of Dexy's but why lose the horn section ? it worked in this ......

  49. It's meee Eighties

    Brilliant musicians. :)

  50. Johnny Red

    This must be
    It has to be!
    Go Kevin go.
    Such heart
    Misunderstood soul

  51. Sven Jansen

    Pretty good live band.

  52. Andy J Grace

    Actually security would escort you from the front if you left your seat to stand in front of the band. Learn your Dexys then start calling their followers names.


    Andy J Grace well said that man !

    James Hare


  53. Andy J Grace

    Incidentally the band chose all seater venues so people would listen instead of jumping about. They mentioned it in all their publicity. That's why everyone respected them until their finale songs

    Lola Twinkle

    Andy J Grace This was 80s pretention and arrogance in a nutshell....I was a child them and I'm glad because I only saw them on tv and I DANCED....How could you go to a gig with music like theirs and NOT dance?..just because of their egotism?

  54. Andy J Grace

    The inimitable force that is Kevin Rowland. And so much more.

  55. James Aitcheson

    Tre Fucking Mendous,,

  56. Jon Jones

    Look at the effort they're making , its rockin , and all these cunts just fuckin sitting there !!!

    Mr. Kenkoy

    the crowd doesnt know how to bang their brains out in that time,,

    Dave Leafey

    they just want to hear come on eileen

    Philip Rebbeck

    It's in a theatre, what do you expect?

    Paulo Cardoso

    It's a big band

    Paulo Cardoso

    nem o Bruce spring. .....

  57. Danny Jones

    That bass really gets me pumping

  58. Ste Morrell

    one of their best concerts in 80s.Briliance to this date,and they still reinvent themselves. my all time band.✊

  59. Georgina Smith

    4.33 :) :) that music wow

    John Nobrega

    +Eileen Dillon yes    4.33 dats wot u call music

    Blind Labyrinth

    +Eileen Dillon 4'33" Like John Cage?

  60. Shmerpy

    Is that Mick Gallick/'Giorgio Kilkenny' on bass here?

    Liquid Len

    i believe it was John "Rhino" Edwards (now status Quo) on bass

  61. FabSteff66

    Friggin' genius anno 1982. I never got to see this then when it was just pure glorious transcendence. Wrong side of the friggin wall I was.

  62. madkittyjoey70

    I loved them when I was a child and I still do. I totally fell in love with this song! :)


    i wish i could see them in concert someday.

  63. michael ramsden

    god how did i miss lot live ffs genius.

    Paul Evans

    You should have felt what it was like to be at their gigs

    Jon Jones

    +georgia morrison Sitting down ? Get the fuck up zombies.


    same as...ffs

  64. jmedia1

    The kind that convinces, refuses to leave!

  65. Johnston Ralston

    Big Jim Paterson not on trombone here :-(

  66. David O'Brien

    Strangely lifeless audience. They must be shocked at how good it is

  67. David O'Brien

    Unspeakably wonderful


    The irrepleceable beauty and emotion of a real brass section, and violins too. So much humanity in this.

  68. jun kikuchi



    Can't stand that I'll never be able to go to a Dexy's concert like this!! Born too late.

    Paul Evans

    Still tourong

  70. leejoliver

    Do you mean it? YES I DO!

  71. Jason Morris

    still gives me goosebumps


    +Jason Morris I love this song! :) I remember listening to them when I was a kid!



  72. Omar Uran

    Una "chimba" de hermosura.

  73. jmedia1

    Legendary concert and a wonderful place to perform, too! Saw Petula Clark and Kim Wilde live in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical there, a true London HIGHLIGHT.

  74. Leandro the light

    Great genius.
    great musicians.

  75. Andrew Turner

    Pure sonic Heaven!

  76. Stevie

    John Rhino Edwards !

  77. Bihari Beach

    i'm not too fond of how the crowd is just sitting there, but perhaps that was just how most shows were done at the time. nonetheless, brilliant show done by everyone in the band.

  78. Edoardo Petardo


  79. Lylodile


  80. Tony Lazarus

    I was at this gig! Fantastic memories of the best band ever. New album's none too shabby, either.

  81. SoulStylistJukeBox

    Pure soul music

  82. Turtleclaw1

    Brilliant! What a band! Thanks for uploading.