Devvon Terrell - Vision Lyrics

Yeah, uhh huh
Niggah with a vision

[Verse 1:]
Yo, Knew as a youngin I was
Destined for the rapper life
Watching niggas blowing up
That wasn't half as nice
Traded my hobbies for a job
I made the sacrifice
Now when a nigga shopping
I cop it don't even ask the price
I'm on a mission with a vision
I ain't slowing down
Hit my niggah dev with a text so he knows it's going down
Like bring the camera
So everyone can see the moves
See to you how we do them things
They always dreamed to do
[Devvon Terrell:]
Ooh watch me watch me watch me
A niggah feeling like rocky
I was climbing all these stairs
And I felt like no one would care
But here I am
Up high on my rise now
I'm rising I'm rising
And I know you see me flexing
On top of the pyramid
All these kids is thinking
How did he do it what the hell he planning watching me like it's Tv show [?]
I got a vision but tell me who seen it

I'm just a nigga with a vision
I always had a vision

[Verse 2:]
Yo the crowd cheering they hearing me through the speakers
Remember rapping for pops
Way back when he had a beeper
Talent shows with my entire
School up on the bleachers
Getting suspended for not
Paying attention to my teachers
Now them teachers all bragging
To they students look at zac now
He used to be a class clown
Like I'm their son they'd act proud
Never been in the back ground
How the fuck do that sound
I always hope to be
Exactly what I am now
[Devvon Terrell:]
Yeah people told me I would
Never make it this way
If life is a bitch then I'm feeling
Like that I'm over payed
From touring with futuristic
I finally made my decision
Seeing all of these hints
Now I finally see the vision
Life is what you make it cause failure will breed hatred so when they hating you just say sorry you didn't make it standing next to you niggas
Don't see your vision
But when the world behind
You they say that your fucking winning

I'm just a nigga with a vision
I always had a vision

[Verse 3:]
Yo now it's flights, red carpets
And big events
Radio plays, sold out shows
That get intense
Live my success through all the
Talking if I need revenge
Kicking through the fence and obstacles that I was up against
They respect me for always
Telling my story and coming up
In the clutch like my name was Robert horry
Doing independent let nobody do it for me
Killin niggas before me and after me this a warning let's go
[Devvon Terrell:]
This is the warning so please
Proceed here with caution
All my life I've been crawling
And now I feel like I'm walking
Had to find a ride to my own
College graduation, then I figured it out
And I knew I'd fucking make it
So here I am
Here is the speed from
The nigga underground
You should call me up and rising
Cause they can hear me now
I'm thinking like wow y'all
Just really listen
Devvon Terrell and futuristic
Hope y'all got the vison

I'm on a mission with a vision I ain't slowing down
Doing it independent
Made the sacrifice
I'm on a mission with a vision I ain't slowing down
Doing it independent
I was destined for the rapper life

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Devvon Terrell Vision Comments
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    Pls make song like Dr. Dre and Eminem. A beat that sounds like someone like Dre's. I know so much people would like that. (Y). This song is cool too, btw ;D.

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  9. Bearded Woods

    @onlyfuturistic man Zach, you two should start a group. I’ll be the first red head in the rap game. What’s up!? 😂😂😂and ayy my names Zac too. Zac squared and DevvTerrel? 🤷🏼‍♂️

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