Devvon Terrell - Breakup Tour Lyrics

Uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh

I left you a message, did you get it?
I think that I'm coming to my senses now
You told me that one day I'd regret this
I can't even front, you was right
You told me that there will be no second chances
You told me that I would wind up all alone
How did you know I wind up by myself?
Thinking about you, I called out the words so many times

Because I can't stop thinking about you
I don't know what to do
But somehow you knew the future
You knew that I would lose ya
I even miss picking you up from your job
Can I get some time with ya?
What a bad feeling
See you posting all the time captioning bad bitches
Know you making year-rounds all around the town
Lettin' everybody know you want

A break up tour
It's sold out, you the hottest out, I'm missing out
Your break up tour
It's sold out, you the hottest out, I'm missing out

Might pull up to a show or two
Just to see how you're really doing now
Low key I know you're going through it
I know your friends gassing you up like "Girl, go do it, do it"
God I hate your friends because they hyping up the tour
Show you off to niggas that you would usually ignore
Goddamn, you got a good show on your hands
Know you can't perform because I've seen it firsthand

Now I'm thinking about you
I don't know what to do
But somehow you knew the future
You knew that I would lose ya
I even miss picking you up from your job
Can I get some time with ya?
What a bad feeling
See you posting all the time captioning bad bitches
Know you making year-rounds all around the town
Lettin' everybody know you want

A break up tour
It's sold out, you the hottest out, I'm missing out
Your break up tour
It's sold out, you the hottest out, I'm missing out

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Devvon Terrell Breakup Tour Comments
  1. Yung Kyng4rmDa90s

    Still strong vibes in 2020💪

  2. Spruill Boy

    Bruh this is real music! Proud of my boy cause he so underestimated and thats kool. Lol #IFuxWitcha

  3. iEKNOWS

    so fire!!!!

  4. Hebron Watson

    the production is of course top notch, and teh feel and groove is great except for a few misses. mostly lyrical misses.

  5. keyana Brown

    I'm so mad I'm just discovering your music but im also happy that I can come to the table and just eat. I havent heard a song I didn't like yet. 2 hrs in your music 😍 Ty

  6. Terron Slaughter

    Been a fan fo bout 3 years bro..dis my shid right here!! Starts my day fo sho..keep the old true u ya music!

  7. babeux sam

    idol i'm philippines i like your song so much.keep it up bro.

  8. Matthew Weeks

    Why’d I have to find him 2 weeks after he retired

  9. Rachael Finney

    I love his hair😍

  10. JaYssassin

    Will there ever be a makeup tour

  11. Gol Major

    This dope

  12. Kyri Williams

    Here 2019🙌🏽

  13. Tonii Fasenntao

    Yes lord

  14. Edward Davis

    My favor song.

  15. G - Boi

    Merry christmas men ;) :).

  16. Elvin R



    🔥 when's the next show next to Boston ??

  18. BradFord Roberts Jr.

    We need a second tape from you and futuristic

  19. Blairr Griffin

    I love you Mr. ER now u know what I been listening toy think about you

  20. Paco Mendoza

    What song does this hook remind y’alll of? I can’t remember it. If someone could lmk, I’d be very thankful


    Paco Mendoza the beat sounds like Marvin’s room by drake

  21. Kenny Vera

    Why can't this guy make a bad song..... all his songs are fire!!!

  22. Jones territory

    Underrated singer 💪🏾


    Big ❤ from Algeria 🇩🇿

  24. Diver. Jayy


  25. N4fe

    dam 10/10

  26. Sergio Herrera Galindo

    Where's the guy who posts the lyrics;-;

  27. Hamma Allen

    living weirdo.....I can dig the track bruh...gotta jam it again

  28. JayGotRhymes Official

    Did a cover to mo bamba 💯💯

  29. באטו Bato

    FIRE! you're crazy man

  30. Amettion

    Honestly how does this only have 16k views I don’t normally like this slower kind of music but I love this

  31. OPZ_Houdiniツ

    Haters gonna dislike. Homies Sub, like and comment.

  32. Calvin Gibbons

    stay grinding Devvon

  33. Rodi Al-Ahmad

    You have to come to Germany bro. I need to see you live. Best RnB Artist in this Century much love and probs from Germany <3

  34. King Tone

    I'm digging this song!!!

  35. Danielle DiFranco

    How did this get 7 dislikes? Living Weirdo is on fire 🔥

  36. Coleen Smith

    My boo Devvon Terrell, absolutely love it and the video is 🔥👏👏 ohh and still loving the gray hair, you wear it so well, cute...

  37. Its Micklo

    Bro how is this not on trending???

    Gosh when I’m a millionaire in 2 years ima look back on this video and give him a shoutout!

    Like does he have to sell his soul too get up there like wtf

  38. Robbesingin Tv

    this song stupid hard, it def hit home!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🙌👏

  39. Mysteria

    I feel like he does not get the credit he deserves

  40. LOUi TUBE

    Whys no one signed this guy!!!!???
    Does he have to be a devil worshipper to get in?
    I dont understand hes the don!

  41. Sherri Green

    👍🏽🔥💥 keep climbing up your video is fireworks 🧨

  42. LinXer’s World

    Yeaaaa brooo 😩🙏🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this tight here is that ish 😂💯🔥

  43. RnBass


  44. Dee Platnum

    Smooth ❤️

  45. Brian Litaker

    Wow. Great song. Great visual. 💯

  46. Jordan Cook


  47. ogflolawyalt

    Drop the song you made with Demrick!!

  48. Jass Lyn

    Yessss, I miss music like this

  49. Thread2needles

    I needed this..💔⛈

  50. Jeff WardGN

    I'm waiting on Sunday girl now so hurry up

  51. Craig Swole

    Loving it

  52. Michael Capone

    Shits hits hard

  53. Senga

    Loved it so much man! Hope you don't plan on slowing down anytime soon

  54. Danielle Watson

    My favorite song on this album. You are a star soon to be legend I’m so happy for you. I been following you since day 1 your hella dope

  55. Tr Vlogs Car Life

    Let's go my man.

  56. Moaad Hidais

    I love the beat! Dope song, wish it was longer man - now gotta keep it on replay 😂

  57. MsEmeh


  58. G D

    Devvon Terrell got that sound

  59. lilweirdo_o

    It crazy how I been supporting Devvon since 2014 I feel old even tho its been 4 years I seen him grow to the big artist he is Devvon Terrell is the best R&B artist don't @me

    Craig Swole

    Same here

    Susan P. Davis

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    Maria Lochard

    Same here

  60. Andres Chilton

    Does that say Introvert? I'm sorry, the font is messing with me..

  61. YourRoyalJas

    Can I just say, I appreciate this cinematography soooo much. This video is subtle but doesn’t take away any of the energy portrayed. Love it! ❤️


    Devvon Terrel 💯💯

  63. TD 23

    Dang that was nice 👍
    What’s the thing at the end? It’s like a person wearing a mask

  64. Maximumly Strange

    He my favorite singer he sings about his life instead of what the mainstream singers sing about

    Kevin ShirleyII

    @DevvonTerrell is like seriously my inner person like my soul becuase he be sing about how I be feeling its scary like I can relate to all his songs

  65. Lorenzo Billy Begay

    Devvon 👽 Futuristic ⚡ Merkulez 💀 Token 🔥 Chris Webby 🐺

  66. Billy Gaes


  67. Robin

    Oh you nailed this one

  68. Montel brackins

    He put my mood into words 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

  69. King_Me_Eli


    KEYY_43 Saunders

    Never wasn't fire


    Keyman_64 Saunders trueee

  70. KD gamer


  71. Christian Lovely

    Before 5k! 😁

  72. Charlene Walker

    Damn I think I’m in love with whoever he talking about 😂😩 lol

  73. Justin Craig

    Still waiting for KC!!!

  74. Justin Craig

  75. Terron Slaughter

    Dis dude is about as creative and relatable as u can get! Word play n lyrics are always 🔥! Keep keeping it real bro

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    Here before it blow up! This is hot 👌👌

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  82. Timothy Senpai

    Bruh this song makes think about all things ive done in my life....straight up feels man

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    Got in my feelins right quick, 🔥 as hell. #notification squad

  87. Ivan Andrade

    I am your fãn from portugal keep going, i realy like your songs

  88. Peter Dobrovolsky

    Lit as always! I know one day I’ll hear a collab with Chris Brown 😊

    Amber Edwards

    Loving it. Anytime I get to look at you, I'm good.


    Lol hope the same thing


    I really want a Joyner Lucas collab

  89. Master Cover

    I was so into the song, i missed the whole video💀... #Replay

  90. Amapola Flor

    I love it🔥🔥🔥🔥💕❤️

  91. Ottoman Turks


  92. Art Guy

    We just broke up a minute ago, then suddenly this appeared, she exactly said, hope i dont regret it. Fuck. Why youtube!! Are you listening to us? 😭

  93. Tudor Mădălin Constantin

    I love that song. 🎶❤️

  94. mason lau


    love yah!!

  95. Angela Harris

    🤞🏽💙🤞🏽💙 love love love the video 💙🤞🏽💙🤞🏽

  96. yung nigga21

    here before this shit blows tf up!!!!

  97. Got Modz Productions

    Hes needs his own tv show

  98. Julien Johnson

    This song issa whole anthem

  99. DevvonTerrell

    Come To My New York Show Dec 5th

    Its Micklo

    Bro keep it up! It’s just insane how literally every word you spoke I can relate too! Like I just found a girl I love, like my first love, and it sucks that I can relate to this song, wish I could have listen to this song without relating to it because it sucks to be going through this.

    Please don’t stop writing music this was a good flow!