Devour The Day - Respect Lyrics

Where do I even begin
How could you do this again
You think that we would stay friends
You think you’re innocent
This wasn’t part of the plan
You turned your back and you ran
But what I don’t understand
Is how you live with it

Respect, you don’t deserve it
You won’t get any from me unless you earn it
Respect, you’re not worth it
I’ll never be, I’ll never be like you
Be like you

You’re like a blood-sucking leech
A parasitic disease
You only take what you need
And than you’re done with it
Face it, you wasted the work that we did
You took the easy way out

Respect, you don’t deserve it
You won’t get any from me unless you earn it
Respect, you’re not worth it
I’ll never be, I’ll never be like you


I always knew you were a coward
I knew you were a fake, a fraud
I knew you’d run like a bitch

Respect, you don’t deserve it
You won’t get any from me unless you earn it
Respect, you’re not worth it
I’ll never be, I’ll never be like you

Be like you
Be like you

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Devour The Day Respect Comments
  1. Lucy Venti

    Respect is earned not given. They want to force people into submission? And they get a revolution. Need the underground to help!

  2. Lukas Perkins

    I have several co workers that this applies to. I’m glad I found this song so I can blast it on Friday’s when we are aloud to bring our speakers in. Make them here it!

  3. Panda Fanta


  4. Deadman507UA

    I saw you in Kyiv Ukraine.

  5. OLAN

    Saw them in Aarhus as warm up for skillet. The got the audience really pumped. Great band!
    And i caught the Bassist pick.. :p

  6. oscar bm

    Never heard of them till I went to the sevendust and skillet concert couple weeks back in houston. Havent gotten them out my head since then.

    Paul Andreas

    Me too I didnt even knew that this band is gonna perform before skillet when I was in Hamburg,
    They were really going for it
    To describe it in 3 words:THEY ARE AWESOME

  7. Steve Mathis

    Damn, this is now my new workout song. I am amped

  8. Matthew Moore

    Going to see you guys in concert in la on the first I hope you guys do this song

  9. clean slate

    no you won't ever be like me !!!!! 💯💯💯

  10. Sons of Anarchy

    ''Face it, you wasted the work that we did'' Is this about the broke up of Egypt Central ?

  11. Dallas Packer

    This is my new favorite song

  12. Matt Hampton

    This song was written for his epileptic ex girlfriend.


    Made my day🖒

  13. Candice Heffner

    Dude. Lol.


    "Seizure" epilepsy"? WAH WAH WAH WAH cry me a river

  15. TyphoidTerror3

    "I'll never be like you" didn't fit the song it felt so random

  16. Jazzy Jackson

    This makes me want to brake windows and everything !!!! YYESSS!!!

  17. skyedancer22

    Gee, I didn't know they wrote a song about my ex. Lol

  18. skbirman

    The devils need to see this because they need to stop eating people maybe that will teach them a lesson lol

  19. AutoTech Xbox

    Great song but, why the hell are strobes being used so much now in the music industry? Had to cover the screen because of that cursed epilepsy. To hell with that shit.

  20. Ethan Godsey

    Holy seizure warning

  21. Kawaii Candi

    That's majestic looking

  22. MegaMike

    This song reminds me of my dad, actually. He and I have had so much butting heads recently, and plus he'll never admit he's wrong! Thanks Devour the Day for putting my thoughts into words!!! AND INTO A SONG I CAN BANG MY HEAD TO!!!

  23. Bepis Doggo

    wish i had epilepsy

  24. Urabe Menhera

    Am I the only person here with no problems about the light's flashing?

    Yea? Oki

  25. Morgan Greganti

    How do these guys not even have half a million views? This band was formerly known as Egypt Central from Memphis, TN.. Had some ups and downs and now on some respect...I spent time at Blake's house in Cordova, TN ... respect.

  26. EnnardGAMING

    yes these guys are awesome and for anyone interested,they are playing at ground zero in spartanburg sc on july 1.looking forward to seeing them again

  27. nate welsh

    one of the best lyric videos

  28. Jess Jay

    i watched y'all perform yesterday at the Filmore! I enjoyed it a lot! can't wait to see y'all in concert again.

  29. Marcus Wroten

    this how i feel when i'm bulled\cyber bulled or when i was dumped

  30. Anthony Manor

    I'm going to the Skillet/Sick Puppies show on Feb 17 in East STL at Pop's....thought i would check them out beforehand....ill be getting there early...not missing them....pretty excited about it. SOAR, Save yourself and this one...should be great!

    Marcus Thielemann

    Anthony Manor I was there, it was fucking amazing

  31. G H

    I got to see these guys preform at rapids theater this weekend. They were amazing

  32. Kondor Extra Thicc

    1:55 W A T C H Y O U R P R O F A N I T Y ! ! !

  33. CambrianChris

    This is so good dude WHHAATT! 😱

  34. Rachel Golden

    Holy shit!.... I've always LOVED this song, but didn't realize who sang it! MIND BLOWN! Yesss!!!

  35. Riley Pinette

    this goes out to my abusive, lazy, drug addicted parents that make me work for everything WE have "FUCK YOU"

  36. Jessica Rascon

    Fuckin SIC!

  37. Владимир Владимирович

    Уважуха такому респекту! 8)

  38. cobra-gladiator

    "great song." "meaningful lyrics." "totally worth the seizure!!" 7/10 IGN.

  39. cobra-gladiator

    59 people do not feel respected.

  40. Kimberly

    whats with the epileptic flashes. damn.


    the lyric video for middle fingers up by attila is pretty bad at the beginning too lol


    @Houts2015 im scared to even look


    Kimberly dont be lol

  41. Kierra Scott

    this song is so good it makes me what to punch someone!

  42. Akame Stoff

    this is one of my favorite songs by Devour the Day

    Riley Pinette

    Akame Stoff this song and the bottom are my favorite

    Akame Stoff

    You get me :)

  43. Nathan Degraaf

    2nd test

  44. John Coleman

    This song never gets old! I love jamming it in my truck!

  45. sammy :

    This song legit describes my life right now it's so accurate to my current situation

  46. Nathan Degraaf

    my feelings

  47. Hellbound Crow

    The seizure was so worth it.

    Octeladon •

    😂😂😂 you're too funny

  48. Stephanie Brace

    47 ppl dont have good taste in music! haha

  49. Jennacide Angel

    Fucking love this! So perfect bc Im going through something and the fucking loser deserves this song, sung to him and then I come in and beat his tired lying coward ass at the end. 💀💔👿


    So, I'm seeing Skillet in Richmond later this year, and with them is Sick Puppies and Devour the Day. So I decided to check out DtD's music, and dude...I AM IN LOVE!!
    Looking forward to rocking with you guys in Richmond! :D

    Anna Maria

    Soru98 they are awesome !!!! hope you like the concert as much as I did here in LA !!

    Annabelle dickenson

    I saw them here in Corpus Christi, Texas last year with skillet and sick puppies

    Salena myers

    I saw them in rapid

    Rick Miller


    RedFire 115

    Saw them in Seattle

  51. johnatan chavez

    seriously cesior alert

  52. Ali Serdar İlik

    omg this lycrics .....


    My teachers showed me this.

  54. Volgax364

    I'm glad I have epilepsy.

    Joey __47

    Volgax364 😂😂😂😂 if the person you don't like has to too........ 😂😂

    Bob Hope

    My first thought: "I'm glad I have epilepsy." Great minds think alike

    Justin Marbury

    I do but not photosensitive epilepsy

    Françoise DAPZOL

    Çan dead cam

  55. Shadowwolf

    I heard it yesterday and I love the song

  56. Daniel Rodriguez

    An epilepsy wanting would've been great

    Me As I Should Be Music


    Me As I Should Be Music


  57. N3gative N3ptune

    I hope no one with epilepsy watched this

  58. the16riser16

    I'm in LOVE

  59. Kenneth Merriman

    Don't watch this video if you're epileptic. Just sayin' ;)

  60. Tim THiro

    2016 anyone ._.



    Bepis Doggo

    Tim THiro 2018

  61. Eric Morales

    running the track and blaring this song, didnt feel like i ran for very long because of how hard i was going.

  62. Grim Saibot

    When I get my car I'm totally blaring this song. Also I almost had a damn seizure.

  63. Brandon Busby

    and who thinks this song is FREAKING AWESOME?!!!

    Brandon Busby

    this really needs to go on 106.7 kbpi rocks the Rockies

    Dragonic Gaming

    the real question is who dosen't .....they need to burn

  64. Brandon Busby

    awesome SONG!!! If u like rock this song is pure rock:)🎸🎵🎶

  65. flaming kitsune

    the first time i watched this my eyes were like "holy shit flashing lights" then i got a migran. good song though

  66. Brenden Panageas

    "Metal for pussies"


    +Brenden Panageas Pretty sure this isn't metal

    Wise Wolf Tony

    +MEHCAKEISAWESOME Yea if anything it's hard rock nothing metal about this song or band.

  67. Oneshot Onekill

    saw you guys play this in Boise the other week, very awesome show.

  68. softdweeb

    how is there not a seizure/epilepsy warning at the beginning of this video. it would have taken 2 seconds.

  69. LuckyBC68

    better live rhough

  70. Sr. Lobito

    1.25 epilectic convulsions

  71. Rick Schmite

    that's cool but where's the seizure warning

  72. ImSoLament


  73. Brandan Weaver

    this song goes out to obama

  74. Chris Longshore

    WWE NXT TakeOver: Respect theme song (hopefully!)

    Wise Wolf Tony

    Damn I knew I heard this song on some wrestling related thing. Just couldn't remember if it was just a highlight video of a match someone did or like a WWE PPV. But now I at least know was that the Takeover where Kevin Owens beat Zayn in their rematch.

  75. Matthew Hahn

    glad i dont have epilepsy

    Constantine Lateralus

    I have it but still i watch this and listen it with passion :)

    Kimberly Whitney Perez

    I have Epilepsy, so what?

    Constantine Lateralus

    Read comment again...Thank you

    Grim Virtus

    Constantine Lateralus same

  76. Tammi Mitchell

    OMG!  I love this band!  I heard "Good Man" on my playlist this morning on FitRadio.  I am so rocked by this!!!  What a pump!!!


    Holy shit I thought I was gonna get a seizure from the lights flickering ??? What the heck !!!

  78. Justin Miller

    Good thing I was cleared of epilepsy a few years ago. phweew

  79. memes

    There's a special someone I hate who needs to see this.

  80. Osiris Simmons

    thank you octane

  81. Austin Kruse

    This band is awesome live.

    Joseph Du Brul

    Yeah they are!

    Spectre Frost

    So true

  82. Shellhart23

    Warning*** may cause seizures

  83. mattwilson594

    Badass song and video!

  84. Oliver Jorgensen

    This video in the middle of the night with the lights shut hurts your eyes xD

  85. BloodyRange14

    I have to be completely honest. The first time I saw this video, I felt like I was going to go blind at any moment in the video. Love the song, love the video but the video HAS WAY to many flashes.

  86. Jean Crosetti

    1.58 epic !

  87. Bearly_naked

    You guys are my hero

  88. Jamies J

    I want to send this to everyone I know.

    Frost dragon922

    Love that song


    @Gwen CookieMoanster_SnowChick Including your parents?

    Jamies J

    @MEHCAKEISAWESOME I want to send it to my parents 4 times just so they get the message

  89. Slender

    seizure town 1:58 

  90. Aaron Lindenmuth

    Glad I'm not epileptic.

  91. alyssa sullins

    They played this sy school for an anti bully assembly

    Evil Toad

    Your school is awesome then. My school only plays shitty music

    Chandler Becker

    @Evil Toadomg they played that gay ass happy song 10 million times

  92. SirNalgustin

    insta buy this xD

  93. Nate Smith

    amazing band. everyone should listen to these guys! ive been hooked on linkin park for the last 8 years.... you guys blow them outa the water. Amazing drumming btw. I want some drum solos tho

  94. ninjahidinginthedark


  95. Adam Call

    Damn, I guess don't watch this if you have epilepsy.

    Professor Doomsday

    i was thinking the same thing XD

  96. Will Will Smith Smith?

    Thanks to Octane, good music like this surfaces to my horizon. THANK YOU!

  97. Christopher Thuss

    this song is literally sex through a good stereo system.

  98. Edgars Pavlovičs

    I love instrumetnal part, but lyrics are just soo... so generic and boring.

  99. andocromn

    Please remove platform black and i will remove my thumbs down