Devo - Space Girl Blues Lyrics

Space girls are as cold as ice
They'll kiss you once and kiss you twice

You'll shiver and shake and then turn blue
Next you got the space girl blues

I want your mechanism
Give me your mechanism

Space girls always smoke for taste
Swallow butts and leave no waste

Sado-maso is the rule
You want them they don't want you

Just to show that they don't care
They'll bite your face and burn the hair

The sun comes up the moon boo-hoos
Now you got the spacegirl blues

I need your mechanism
Destroy your mechanism

Destroy it

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Devo Space Girl Blues Comments
  1. Paul Mitch

    Common guys.. where's all the comments.. CLASSIC PSYCHEDELIC SHIT!!!!!

  2. Kevin Friend

    I got's ta sample that beat!

  3. jUStiN WatErMAn


  4. Carlos Lozada

    great stuff yo

  5. devolve42


  6. Deborah Bryant

    Just looked up about Youngstown, OH..!

    Pooska 4220

    Deborah Bryant Youngstown will kick you in the crotch! Lol

  7. Deborah Bryant

    "...I want...your mechanism..."

  8. Joe Yocom

    space girls................................................................
    I fucked a green one, so did Capton Kirk

  9. William Parker

    Tracks go together seamlessly... Sort of like smart patrol/mr DNA

  10. Kevin Kral

    oh daddy
    now everyone will know

  11. Max Devo

    The Transformers' transformation sound seems similar to the synth line from "Auto Modown". Coincidence? I think not.

  12. nikkiBADBAD

    fav devo albums of all times

  13. RazzleDazz72

    Hardcore Devo Vol. 1 and 2 two of the most overlooked albums ever.

  14. WoodRatGirl

    I love it also. Freakin' awesome!

    Joe Yocom

    yes, fuck yes

  15. spaceagedevice

    By far, their best work.