Devin Townsend - The Complex Lyrics

Falling, watching ships go down
Falling, watch it all go down

Falling out of line
Falling out of time
More than meets the eye
Murder needs your mind

Watching, watch it all flow down
Falling, watch it all go down
Following by sight
Following through night
More than a keen eye
Murder needs you

And you're not the only one
And the battle must be won
When the seed is in the ground
You will see what you have found

So let them burn
So let them fires burn
(It's tattooed on my face)
So let them burn
Just let them go

And you're not the only one, child
Many battle have been won, child
Beyond the sea be on the ground
You will seize or you will drown

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Devin Townsend The Complex Comments
  1. Bassman

    God I wish devin didn’t hate this album, and played this stuff live once in awhile


    He included a Death and this track on his "by request" list of choices for Bloodstock, along with a bunch of SYL songs :) there is still a chance my friend!

  2. Megafayce

    The best thing about this song is how great it is

  3. Devin Johnson

    This song is fucking outstanding.

    Amanda Laggan

    It absolutely is.

  4. endless desert

    up there with bastard

  5. Darkmoon0999

    When the seed is in the grooo uu nd~

  6. Darkmoon0999

    Lovely song~

  7. SIE44TAR

    1:53, 3:16

  8. Matt Telgen

    I've never had a problem walking into an HMV and buying a Devy cd. If they don't have it on the shelf, they can always order it in. This song is certainly one of the best on the album, but I still think Kingdom is better. This entire album is awesome though. Devin Townsend is probably my favorite artist of all time.

  9. Michael Shrake

    @PanagosGr33kG134EVER Go to his website, you can order all of his cds through there :)))

  10. Jack

    best of physicist?


    Jack theRipper yes

  11. Earf

    @CyanideSovereign i have the same problem. no store has the music i like and im not yet an adult so i dont have a credit card and my parents think its not safe to buy music online using their credit card. dammit

  12. CyanideSovereign

    I'll give you a 'Complex', Townsend. I cannot buy your stuff because none of the mainstream/sellout fucking shops sell it, I can't get it online and downloading it seems like heresy. Vent!

  13. Darkmoon0999

    Dude, this os one of MY FAV SONGS EVER!
    Devin Townsend is an amazing man.