Devin Townsend - Sumeria Lyrics

I have never know her love and I will never hold my child
I will never know the family and now it's over father!
For me!

Oh! what do we know? about sacrifice and self control?
Oh! we do not know... 'cause we are animals

Free my heart, my intergalactic part!


Hey through anger, we hunger for god
Hey now, through anger we hunger for god

Shower the world where it's trying to be
How the memories have taken a leave
Now they're here and they're lying to me!
Accountable man, nothing is free


My soul!
Love, love me... love, love me... love, love me! love!
Drink soma


I know why, I know what we came for

So much that I want to know!

I've come down!

Channelling the mind of a collective unconscious
Their passionate ways culled to market thy name!
One! (god!)
Say no more! (down!)
Why have you? (fall!)

Venture in, barter faith for the everyman!
Till the manna calls for our lives and our fears!
All will rule on mind command
And this mind commands

Love and acceptance!

I know why, I know what we came for!

So much we need to learn!


Be free, my heart... my intergalactic part!

Call now to the worlds of old!
All shall be free!

Shower the world where it's trying to be
How the memories have taken a leave
Now they're here and they're lying to me!
Accountable man, nothing is free


Hey through anger, we hunger for god (sumeria!)
(Known in my day...)
Hey now, through anger we hunger for god


Cold, we mirror the I, have all come to rise when souls cry?
The old man is so proud tonight
In the fields of the earth
Choral lines, July in the birth throes of light never die... never lie
Sane, pray for where our hearts lead us now

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Devin Townsend Sumeria Comments
  1. Victor Rancor

    Omg I just found this out because of a comment on another song called of blood and salt!!! Yay!!!!

  2. Silus Raphael

    Great up until that ending. In my opinion, it's too random. Doesn't fit in with the rest of it.
    However the rest is great. Never heard anything quite like it


    That's Devin Townsend for ya, ha has quite the library of work, check it out! Check out Strapping Young Lad for heavier stuff

  3. DeepFried DankMan

    Paul Masvidal's section at the end never ceases to give me chills...

  4. TheWildHealer

    Lyrics are wrong in the description. Fantastic song anyways.

  5. Alfonso Patiño

    Of Blood and Salt are more Badass

  6. StonerHub

    I came here looking for some Gold and found fucking Black Gold

  7. spore bubu

    Who is singing at the end of the song in the acoustic bit? Sounds like Cynics singer

    Chris Lewis

    spore bubu
    That’s probably because it IS Cynics’ singer.

    spore bubu

    @Chris Lewis Nice


    I came say the same thing! I came to listen to Joe Duplantier and I was surprised when Paul's part started!

  8. DSkehan2004

    Sounds like a song for pirates in the 17th century.

  9. Neil Melville

    Juular is the cake. Now I'm eating Sumeria.

    With Devin Townsend Project, you can have your cake and eat it too! \m/

  10. B Well

    pure genius

  11. ArinInQuotes

    I was recommended to come here from a Gojira video, not knowing any Devin Townsend, and the fact that I just listened to Gojira and am even remotely impressed with this band is the biggest compliment I know how to pay them.

    Silus Raphael

    Same here, from the Blood and Salt video I take it?

  12. Tom Scott

    I forgot how much I loved this song when it came out, whew what a powerhouse of a track

  13. Not Sure

    Oh damn love this song so much, it's like Tim Burton on steroids! Gojira + Devin for ever <3

  14. Captain Ithano


  15. Not Sure

    Damn just discovered this pearl, almost sounds like a VERY GOOD Tim Burton movie song. Devin+Joseph+Paul Kreygasm. BTW who is on drums? Mario?

    Brandon Lewis

    Devin programs drums in most of songs so that's what I think


    Brandon Lewis I think Dirk Verbeuren is on this track.

    Brandon Lewis

    @TaffBrigade I have no clue lol


    @TaffBrigade This is correct, It's Dirk. You can see him playing this live in 'By a Thread'

  16. Thurman Merman

    Rick and Morty metal. B[

  17. Princess Olmeca

    Shower the world when it's trying to be...
    How the memories have taken a leave...
    Now they're here and they're lying to me...
    Accountable man, nothing is free...


  18. Jérémie B

    I like the lyrics.

  19. Professor Posthumous

    This song really suits the album cover, especially 2:41 and 3:12, can really imagine being sat under that giant cat head with the air ships above

    Professor Posthumous

    p.s the cats eyes look like giant tits!!

  20. bindrp2

    2:50 is definitely Joe :)


    Plus 4:09

  21. bindrp2

    I'm scared

  22. Nick Morrow

    5:56 sounds like sigur ros lol

    Karlos Andrés

    It really sounds like Jonsi wtf? 😂😂

  23. Kenny Gates

    This song is so fucking trippy. I'd imagine this wouldn't be the best song to drop acid to

  24. John Adams

    jesus. these lyrics are pure genius

  25. 1rammstein21

    ...Upon further seems to be inspired, partly, by Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World". Of course, Devin himself said he was reading "The Divine Comedy" and such when he wrote this album.

  26. Richard Walker

    Fate's and final fantasy's GILGAMESH claim this song as their own

  27. 1rammstein21

    I may have been given to haste in my previous surmise.  This seems, rather, to have been inspired by "The Tower Of Babel"

  28. TheMighty Chabunga

    Say no more!!!!
        WHY HAVE YOU!!!!

    TheMighty Chabunga

    So much we need to learn to be free.

  29. DeadlockedDrift


    TheMighty Chabunga

    All my memories have taken their leave,...

  30. Ieuan TheKillerGamer

    Joe duplantier's voice.....So much win...

    Professor Posthumous

    "ALLLL SHALLL.....BE! FREEEEEEEE!!!!!" I cummed when i first heard it on full blast!

    Geddy Lees' Nose

    I thought I heard Joe. Clicked on this vid to check the comments lol

    Andrew Jefferis

    absolutely!!!!!!! I love Gojira and Joes voice!!!!!!!

  31. 1rammstein21

    This song almost seems like it was inspired by The Book of Job.  (...and here comes the narrow-minded hate rhetoric.)

    Conor Hughes

    You don't have to narrow minded to deem something a crock of shit!


    +1rammstein21 I know that Devin has said that while he doesn't follow any particular religion or faith, he's not against any particular religions or faiths. He himself aligns more with eastern religions (such as Buddhism/Hinduism), but seems to take elements from all different types. In general, as a Christian, I really hope he someday sees the love of God and learns that it's not religion that can save.. but Christ alone. Anyways, like you said, "...and here comes the narrow-minded hate rhetoric".

    TheMighty Chabunga

    +jacobjedi2 Nah, bro.
    'The Old Man is so proud tonight
    in the fields of the Earth,.. ...

    Peace, Love and Good Happiness stuff to you.


    Why? I don't think that believing in a religion is needed in order to appreciate things like teachings, stories, etc...
    Art trascends religion and i personally love any kind of mythology! ^^

    Dutch van der Linde

    Jacob Religion is absolutely ridiculous, and is the cause of millions of deaths on this earth

  32. Fideo

    woah! its been a year since i uploaded this video. time passes so fast jaja


    @Andrew White 1 year 18 days :3

    Lord Void

    @Fideo Still Sick ;3

    Princess Kenny

    Fideo Thank you!!!!! 😁🎤 *insert head banging emoji*


    are we still doing this annual thing or what? we skipped a year

    Comrade_ Dolan

    6 years later..

  33. Sanity Theorist


    Vi-king 0936

    Everyone his own taste, no problem ;)


    @Vi-king 0936 That was a beautiful thread of comments. 

    Vi-king 0936

    @superfartdog huh?

    Princess Kenny

    Bryce Bruder I need more friends like you guys 😒

    Meh Sugaaar

    How about cynic??

  34. Mike Maas

    Hey don't forget about Max Cavalera. Fucking thrash god.


    He's not in the song.

  35. Karma


  36. dumaskhan

    once a gain a great display of the heavy contrast that Devin uses in nearly every piece of work he has done. that last minute or so is by far the finest example of this.

  37. Mortarion

    devin, paul and joe in one song. this is so perfect.

  38. Nicholas Mahoney

    Holy shit it is! I can't believe I didn't recognize his voice the first time. I might die from sheer awesome

  39. Rylan Enoingt

    There is also Joe Duplantier of Gojira

  40. keyboardduder


    Sounds like the world is burning down.

  41. DannyLostHisWay

    I tried to measure the epicness of this song.
    I failed.

  42. Rod Bec

    Paul Masvidal + Devin Townsend + Joe Duplantier = Epic win.

  43. Screams From Equestria Official

    :D haha really thanks bro glad ya like

  44. Fideo

    i never thought i would see you commenting one of my videos. i love yours by the way, you make some awesome music. keep it up :D

  45. Screams From Equestria Official

    So much love for these song

  46. z3ratul99

    Dirk Verbeuren from Scarve and Soilwork on the drums
    2:30 2:50 4:09 - Joe Duplantier from Gojira
    5:20 -Paul Masvidal from Cynic
    The album in general is full of guests

  47. Gonzalo Aguirre

    Devin + Joe Duplantier + Paul Masvidal!!!!

  48. Volkam AsK

    is that joe duplantier? 3:50?

  49. Jaime Andrés Jaramillo Bertrand

    He sings in that part, you're right!!!!

  50. Nicholas Mahoney

    Upon further investigation, I've learned that actually is Paul doing guest vocals. That's fucking cool!

  51. Nicholas Mahoney

    The outro at 5:20 sounds a lot like Paul Masvidal from Cynic. Amazing song!

  52. ;lasdkjg;lahsdfgpo9wejf;io

    Thanks for putting this back up.