Devin Townsend - Namaste Lyrics

Follow the way
Follow the way
Holding mother

Follow the way
Follow the way
Knew we'd come through to stay

What have I learned?
All life, it never goes away
You never will betray
When words have gone away
Remember Namaste

Follow the way
Follow the way
Holding father

Feeding the feeling of
Feeding the feeling of
"Oh my God"

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Devin Townsend Namaste Comments
  1. az stuff

    jesus tapdancing christ what a performance

  2. Петя Иванов

    Devin Devin Devin Deviiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!

  3. Joshua Weston

    Gotta say that was a great live rendition. If I had been there I'd be losing my shit! I have recently gotten into Devin's music and while I am about halfway though his discography, this has to be one of his greatest straight up rockers. Very thrashy!!!

  4. Famous Pirate

    FUKI N SICK!!!

  5. clefCity

    The Royel Albert Hall request list songs are IMO the best live versions, hands down. He nailed this shit!

  6. Anuj Prajapati

    Namaste everyone from Nepal 😍😍

  7. Las Desventuras de Virus

    Devin can perform power metal with style too.

    Luka Mittinen

    I think this song is much more akin to Thrash Metal

  8. Raphael Peschel

    That was actually spiritual

  9. Johnny Hot Sauce

    This song sounds like the feeling when you've kicked depression's ass

  10. Dave Abeles

    They fucking NAILED this performance.

  11. Seth Moreno

    Namaste (~*~)

  12. Josué Isidoro

    Powerfull and beautiful

  13. Der Antikrist Seelen Mord


  14. ulfingvar1

    Devin & Co must come from another dimension. FUCK Metallica and FUCK all other bands who try to do "heavy" music, nothing compares to this shit, ha ha ha!!! And they all seem to have such fun!!! And imagine the other side of Devin, the soft side, the ambient side, the acoustic side.. Man, Devis is a God!!!

  15. kevin manning

    Headbangers food!

  16. randyhalfway

    Poor Ryan. Those calves must be absolute iron.

    Андрей Муравьёв

    All those years with Devin transformed him into the Terminator.

    Андрей Муравьёв

    Especially playing Gene's stuff from time to time.

  17. Malcolm Zzerosignal

    Physicist 2 when?

    Tom Le Cocq

    after the SYL reunion

    brian bowes

    That hurts. Hurts deep. :(

  18. jason thomas


  19. Steve Thornton

    When words have gone away, remember, NAMASTE

  20. Nacker323

    Devin: I think we should put namaste on the set list
    Drummer: FUCK!


    Devin: I think we should also put 'The Death of Music' on the setlist
    Drummer: *phew*!


    Devin: We should definitely play Juul-
    Drummer: NO!

    Kevin Maurer

    It was a by-request set list. I would have wanted to see them do it too if I were there


    Nah Ryan Loves it!

    Fellow Traveler

    That is an astute observation my friend.

  21. Marol

    Ryan is a beast, man

  22. RunicWolves

    Worst crowd ever...

    Andre Stricker

    I was there. It was actually quite great. Plus - this was the first song after the break.

    Vishnuprasad .T

    Andre Stricker so lucky man :D devy is a beast live, isn't he


    They were stunned!!!

    the artist formally known as craig lastname

    Hey, it's comicshop guy!

  23. Reflexões Bíblicas de Fábio Vilas Boas

    I fuckin love this song

  24. Tobias Crow

    Wish Hoglan was on drums...


    why....Ryan is killing it, such a great drummer and Hoglan is Hoglan but Give Ryan a drumbeat and he can play it.

  25. Everything else

    Gonna see em next year!


    me too, european tour?


    Did you get to see them?
    Sadly DTP has for now gone separate ways.


    Well, Devin is still one guy, and it's his sound that makes it work.

  26. Mathieu Willinger

    Le groupe de métal de Voldemort


    chauve métal


    Devin Baldness Project

    Fellow Traveler

    That's a whole subgenre called Advanced Androgenic Alopecia Metal, 3AM for short.