Devin Townsend - Jupiter Lyrics

I know you
At least I think I do
Everything's changed
But in the days that are so dark

It's wonderful
It's wonderful
It's wonderful

It's wonderful
It's wonderful
It's wonderful

Quietly we let our worries be
Silently we give our souls to the sea, yeah

But I never really had a chance to say goodbye
You know I never had a chance to end it all

Silently, carefully, quietly

Silently we set our worries free
Quietly we give our souls to the sea

Silently we set our worries free
Quietly we give our souls to the sea

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Devin Townsend Jupiter Comments
  1. meshugeah

    Wonderful bass sound!

  2. Vislav

    I listen to this song every day, at least once. :D
    Still cannot get enough of it. The whole album is outta this world.

  3. saber wolfe

    this album is full of a bunch of underrated gems, including this one. Kingdom is awesome and all, but I wish some of the other songs from Physicist got some live love


    A lot of this. Devin seems to despise this album, but it's so wonderful. It has a few clunkers... but wow... It's so good.


    KyleP133 Every song on Physicist is good imo. It's one of his best records and I think people would appreciate it more if it were produced better.


    *Unfortunately this album is FULL OF SHIT. Devin literally placed a CD on the ground and took a shit on it, and then decorated it with one fucking awesome song called "Kingdom". Devin makes some damn good music but there's some unbelievable shit among all the CD's he has recorded. God bless Devin, he's a good dude.*

    papa squat

    @Chronos you are rarted

  4. Ricardo Petinga

    I wake up almost everyday to this song. :)

  5. stejaywild15

    It's wonderful...

    härjaren Langstrumpf


  6. sockhead117

    I heard this song almost 5 years ago, and I still listen to it!


    sockhead117 still listening to it now

    papa squat

    here's to that other five years

  7. deathofbarney

    Ahhhh this song

  8. goreisfun

    devin townsend is the man!

  9. KageegeeDJ

    i liek the part were he tells me its wonderfull


    (insert stupid joke about the 1 dislike at the current moment)


    There is still only 1 dislike after 5 years

    Johnny Jillky

    That's pretty impressive

    Steve FX

    It's from Devin himself! He hates this album.

    papa squat

    over a decade and only two dislikes. crazy

  11. HadBrunt99

    @piefacephelan not exactly. he just isn't going to be as heavy as in his SYL days. his music is usually so layered that it still sometimes has a sort of wall of sound effect ha..

  12. Laura Phelan

    hes finished with the wall of sound tho-(or so he says

    härjaren Langstrumpf

    Laura Phelan I sure hope not!

  13. Robert Percy

    @OXCerberusX0 His next album is going to be called Decontstruction and it's going to be out in May 2011. It's going to be a heavy, brutal album.

  14. Maurice Leo Lionhart

    does anyone know what his latest album will be and when it comes out?

  15. Meshugganaut

    was that the IR8 project with Newsted?

  16. CyanideSovereign

    At the very end there, did anyone else here a bit of Iron Maiden?

  17. flextoneibanez

    yes it's amazing....

  18. standardbearer

    Blows my head off...!