Devin The Dude - Your Kinda Love Lyrics

[Verse 1: 14K]
Didn't care about the money, never asked for a dime
Said you only wanted my love and my time, yeah
Lookin back it's so funny, I thought you'd always be mine
I guess that's why I damn near lost my mind
When you were out of touch, nowhere to be found
When I needed you most, you were not around
In my own safe world, thought that I was holdin it down
Thinkin that love was all I need to keep you around

[Chorus: 14K]
I wanted you so bad (wanted you so bad)
Shoulda been careful (I'm so naive)
Lookin for love with my heart on my sleeve (my sleeve)
You told me forever (told me forever)
Now I know better (now I know better)
Now I know that your kinda love ain't for me

[Verse 2: 14K]
Didn't care about them groupies, know how crazy this job can be
No they didn't have nothin on you, so they could never have me
I thought that we were somethin special
I thought that you could really understand me
I thought a lot of things, but now I see
That you had other plans, for this love of ours
I was wrapped up in your lies from the start
This is a whole new game, didn't know you were playin so hard
Didn't know we were playin for my heart

[Verse 3: Devin the Dude]
I thought you was all that, I gave you the ball and the bat
You gave me your glove, I thought I was saved by your love
I stopped drinkin, stopped hangin with the fellas
I tried to do everything to keep you from gettin jealous
I thought I was on the right track
I turn my back, and you do a nigga like that
Now I know that your kind, be so fine
Then get what you want and then you pay a brother no mind


[Verse 4: Devin the Dude]
Yo, you had my nose wide open, door stayed closed
To my heart, let all the other broads know
That I was taken, but I was sadly mistaken
I was givin you the beef while you was sneakin some bacon
And I, didn't know you had such good tricks
Thought we could click, we took trips, took pics
And I start fallin in love a lil bit
But that was before, now I know you on some bullshit


[Bridge: 14K]
(Ohhhhh) Never felt so empty
(Ohhhhh) I can't believe I let you in
(Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh) Can't believe the pain I'm in
(Ohhhhh) But I learned a lot from you
(Ohhhhh) Now I know what not to do
(Ohhhhh, ohhhhh) I know better than givin my heart away


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Devin The Dude Your Kinda Love Comments
  1. Sebjørn Sprauten

    Why aint it on spotify anymoree

  2. Demi

    You told me forever..
    Now I know better...

  3. David Wallace

    They don't make music like this anymore! #Classic

  4. Inferno Setfire


    I learned a lot of Things✔️ .... Now I know what not to do ✖️
    Now I know better than givin' my heart away"✔️ #devinthedude

  5. angieluv00

    Welp ya'll.... Devin- is that Dude :)

  6. Jonathan Simpson

    now I know what not to do... I know better not to give my heart away

  7. Joe SKunk

    best!!!!! im from czech -> best in universary

  8. Ezzy K

    This wasnt on waiting to inhale it was on landing gear

  9. 1noteC

    Man...this is EXACTLY what I am dealing with...smh

    David Wallace

    1noteC I feel you

  10. AzPhattygyrl

    Love this song! !!!!

  11. keenan tisdale

    What album is this on I thought it was landing gear

    rejina anderson

    It is on landing gear

  12. Maurice Johnson

    Ultimate Stoner Music...Thanks Devin!

  13. Comlisa Sanders

    I love dis song.

  14. AstroSeth

    real ass rapper

  15. germicidalcheese

    Im puffin out hecka herb smoke to devins music

  16. CHIZZO P

    Love this song - Devin is sooooooooooooo UNDERRATED

  17. Tyrone Asterino

    I see what I know I feel what lies armed up turned to tier I know how I learned giving much props to life live even though I run from shit can't help but Dodge the truth in all the lime I'm hueing doin one sixty traffic surfing mile high reminiscent trio strip pin on my get fixin baby son kids in.. momma tear sniffen I'm famine time fam in line loyalty roe wit me towards goals you keep....

  18. Wolfgang950810

    Notoriety ain't all it's cracked up to be believed.

  19. Wolfgang950810

    Masta o' sounds like home ain't leavin' soon enough. Rootsy mutha fuka stays real . . .

  20. youngthizzlamic

    Luv turned me to a alcoholic pimp/drug addict ass dealer its fun/painful

  21. queenchilly4

    but i learned a lot from you now i know what not to do I know better than giving my heart away

  22. Marc K

    mane devin don´t need all that fucking fame. i guess he dont even want all that crazy media attention i know i wouldnt. hes getting paid ...

  23. Samuel Nelson

    kendrick was inspired by wayne, he felt weezy

  24. C Dub

    The fuck? No way. I love Kendrick but i hear tons of DMX. Maybe even some Andre 3000. But Devin did influence alot of the game (Lil Wayne)

  25. loverealmusic

    Love love love love

  26. Aaron Wiseman

    Love never fails. yea dont trust anyone but God almighty.

  27. Judah Marley

    SYLMAR818aNDReW thats real shit

  28. Tiffany Dillon

    Times up 4 Babylon...

  29. Tiffany Dillon

    Read between the lines, this song is bigger than the petty ideas you guys think the song is about. This is Rastafari at its best... Expand your minds...

  30. smokey robinson

    if you really listen to kendrick lamar and listen to all devin the dude...he took devins style.

  31. Jimmy packer

    Simple answer... more people type snoop dogg cause they seen one good song and assume the rest of his songs are just as good, just cuz its SNOOOP!

  32. kingshad79

    Devin goes hard.. This been going on for years... Southern artists gets no love.. Fuck critics!

  33. Mike Hunt

    there is no doubt: Devin is one of the greatest lyricist. I have listened to them all, he's at the very top. Cannot understand why doesn't he get the well deserved worldwide recognition....

  34. originalhoops

    Who's that singing ?

  35. ddubbahdollarbill

    3:22 always gets to me. captures exactly how i felt

  36. godgame

    Dats da mf'n Dude Dude!!!!

  37. MsChiefEndian

    Best Love Song written WELL! Next to "What Love Does" song. I LOVE DEVIN!!!.. Now.. let's SMOKE!

  38. makfl941

    Devin is a beast

  39. phillip Strong

    this song bring bacj good memories , hot track!

  40. Terry Dwight Coleman

    This is hotter then a firecracker Big Joe. Please subscribe to my channel I already suscribed to yours. I'm fairly new on YouTube Big Joe. I'm trying to get more subscribers. Again good Job Big Joe. Please view my channel and make comments and likes.Thank you.

  41. Yannick Streets

    Love thiz shit

  42. mitchoner

    some days this is the only thing that keeps my head up

  43. PoloPetey

    It is what it is, and this is real.

  44. langodj1

    som muito BOM hip longer

  45. fafane234

    damn this is real rap!!!

  46. justin cotter

    lol this is the story of every mans life.

  47. Nis Prem

    yup story of my ex and me for real.....

  48. martin dunhurst

    dedicated to my ex

  49. Morg206

    @thatladfromsheffield yup. shout out to those producers. yall got a beautiful ear. much respect. peace and love, morg

  50. whiteguy0912

    who the fuck buts a waitin to inhale pic on a landing gear song

  51. jordan langley

    this track is actually made by a duo called Chuck-Heat & Joe, who happen to be the same people that made "What A Job", and Devin just featured on this for them but decided to put it on his own album because its sooo damn smooooth : )

    Frankie Cyr III

    Ty always wondered

  52. TheMasterOfSounds

    when snoop dogg is in one of his songs he suddenly gets 2 million views, He aint getting the props he deserve, if lil wayne is so fucking populare why THE FUCK ISNT DEVIN 40 times more populare??? HUH?? IM FUCKING PISSED!

    Emmanuel Cardona

    TheMasterOfSounds is because southern rap artist and hip hop artist especially if they from Texas are too underrated which is a good thang if they don't go mainstream because the South finna wreck the Mic if we go mainstream

  53. ericinzunza

    @dlok92 hell yeah they do, fuck bitches! get money!

  54. Quikster220

    @SYLMAR818aNDReW wise words.... trust only yourselves ya'll...

  55. wjbush24

    This is real shit Devin be on.

  56. G Loc

    devin did it again