Devin The Dude - What I Be On Lyrics

Folks be tripping on me, I just be doing my thang
Hoes be liking the way my big old nuts hang and swang
People out in public see me smoking on my herb
They want me to sell them some
But I must conserve

I'll be getting by
I'll be staying focused
I'll be getting high
I hardly get noticed
I'll be on my grind, nah
I'll be on my hustle, ya'll
I stay on my P's and Q's
My weed and brew
Just the tools that I use
To get me in a good mood
I don't know about you
Everybody got their on niche

(Each and every one of you be needing some kind of shit)

[Vocal mixing sounds Devin likes to make]

Sometimes I get tipsy
Get so high that I forget
That I had enough and I just keep puffing this shit
A lot of times I'm cool although it seems I'm fast asleep
(Ey man, I'm having to ping pong this motherfucker, come on, pass it to me)


(Do what you do, just stay off of my dick)

[Vocal mixing sounds]

I chill out at the crib
I roll my green and smoke so much
No female companion and it seems I lost my touch
But I love the ladies and the ladies they love
When I was ten my teenage girlfriend asked me for some wee-weed


(Each and everyone of you be needing some kind of shit)

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Devin The Dude What I Be On Comments
  1. tyrusthadon

    Coughee Brotherz 2020!

  2. SIR Y0GG D'stinguish'D Gent.


  3. Lando Cuz

    who here after 2018+shreveport la devinthedude pass me the torch even tho u still putting out new music like a vet that u been

  4. William Marcelo

    420 Green Life bitch

  5. Gee Dee


  6. Yahdig.solid _LeonHard

    Don't give a damn bout them muscles & dat tank top, you got some tools in there ??

  7. D Blok

    Devin been dope 💯 I play this whenever I get lifted💯💯🚬


    "...Let me go to the store fellas y'all want something alright!..." That's funny and Oh 3:38 maan!

  9. Jahfire

    Today is a good day🔥❤️

  10. Big Eazy 386

    Still one of the best smoking!!!

  11. adrien guitteny

    Dedicass la bal cousin.??

  12. M One

    2019 and this shit still funny af

  13. IamKorry That’sme

    ❤️this dude he is multi talented

  14. Chingy Willz

    I'm just SAYING have you ever been around peeps that ain't worth BLAAZZIINNGG AROND🤯🤯👣👣👣👀

  15. Kendell Windom

    Another major award winning song

  16. Mister Roadside

    What was the spin for lol lol

  17. Wizz Bone

    One of the best I promise!

  18. 5 7

    Imagine Eminem and Devin doing a song together🤔🔥🔥🔥

  19. Mr. Slickwordsmith

    My Theme Music...Devin never disappoints 💯💯💯💯💯

  20. DickWad16


  21. Pickle Rick

    This is my theme song

  22. Smack Tok

    This a banger

  23. JHigh OfBearfaced

    My Devin The Dude Top 5 Songs
    I’m Just Getting Blowed
    See What I Can Pull
    What I Be On
    We Get High
    Lacville 79

  24. Matt matt

    best song ever

  25. Duce Roberson

    I love it

  26. KingDre Miller

    That's a tall ass female Devin is with

  27. Limp business

    I would love to be at that party :)

    Off Line

    Yea, I need a redo lol

  28. Matrix Master

    Life In The Big House:

  29. Colly Mars

    Damm this song has me so sussed its SickkkkkK!!! Listen Johnny man

  30. Tx. Q. B. k. 512

    Coughee brothas fucking legends I been on from odd squad days...

  31. Phoenix Pharaohs

    Man that girl in the green.

  32. sinclair1420

    Dready Crocker pancake mix !!! 0:35 😂😂😂

  33. Abiyma'el ISRAEL

    pipe organ

  34. U.U.U

    Why do I have this big cheesy smile on my face watching this

  35. Garion Bush


  36. DonSr. 5Deuce

    Budlight should've sponsored this video 😂

  37. Kennard Williams

    Funny ass video

  38. Smooth Shaven Balls

    ✔The hook is the best way to maneuver out here in these streets. 💯

  39. Carmen Johnson

    Let's just keep it 100% the only reason this sh** is not global with a billion views, is because that freaking cult that is taking over the world and because Devin is not with them. This was better than most songs up to 2018, but he not with the sh** and I love him more for that. That is why I try to tell as many people about Devin as possible. He delivers a none satanic message in a cool melodic sound. Good music, great sound. ♥♥♥ The Dude 4 life.

    Off Line

    I agree

  40. Str8 Outta Texas


  41. Kenneth Young

    The Dude

  42. Chingy Willz

    THIS brother is so complete is it better to smoke too or already be high listing to it☝️💯🎶🔥can anyone tell me

    Big Ounce

    Chingy Willz Worst question ever.

  43. judah marley

    I'm happy as hell to see 1mil views on this somebody still likes real music

    Jay †hə Pocket


    Joey Dyker

    Nobody else does what Devin does

  44. Kennard Williams

    I don't smoke but listening to the dude. Fuck it I'm bout to fire up

  45. Calvin L

    That blind nigga play video games

  46. Antonio Ibarra

    look like is a good dude!

  47. Queensize Lush

    and the scratching

  48. Queensize Lush

    this is so sick 😍

  49. april owen

    💭hes a foo
    love ya Devin💕💕
    my main & I💪💯🌹💋

  50. james teeples

    Country rap tunes

  51. Myles TheWeedPileSmoker


  52. Phoenix Pharaohs

    I love u Devin the Dude.U were part of me,99.

  53. Grozdina Petrowic

    he is old school , meeting him last saturday 😍🎤🎶🎶👍🏾

  54. Shawna Rose

    only watching the ads for u Devin...smoke something

  55. Mk J

    im fixing go to the store fellas..y'all want someden.?( half a second later....)

  56. JesseG1870

    Let's stay on our grind, let's mind our p"s and q's

  57. Artech Storm

    Anyone listening in 2017?

  58. Ron Anderson

    The way this guy sings hooks, he could be the new Nate Dogg.

    Off Line

    He's much more seasoned than Nate, this is "The Dude! You're young it's cool.

    Off Line

    If you were to look at Devin's catalogue since back when he was in the Odd Squad & Facemob to all the solo albums with classics songs he's done since and that's and insult. Devin is a legend with tons quality material.

  59. E M

    this shit is so smooth...real music

  60. Pete Games

    Man is devin sponsored by budlight yet cuz heed to be haha for real. Stay real devin hope to meet ya someday bro houston at its finest haha😂✌#Stayreal

  61. Nunya

    Dude seem chill as fuck

  62. Marcos Gallardo

    haha u be str8 on it homie I like dis shit

  63. Luke foulds

    when you realise the scratching is devin without any computer or gear

  64. kingking BRUUUH

    Devin reminds me of mac dre idk why

  65. Lee Brown

    The Odd Squad

  66. Rick Garza

    still jammimg as i get high #cctx

  67. Daniel

    i replayed the shit out of this album. my ipod was lifted

    Big Ounce

    Daniel The VapeMan Vaping gives you popcorn lung in the future.

  68. jason andrews

    live 2007 lol

  69. King Mannie

    ain't that nigga blind with the shades!?

  70. audiohope

    lol the scratch "pass that shit nigga" as they all skip his ass, i mean its his weed haha

  71. Kolbe Anderson

    Super dope song!!

  72. Rick Garza

    cctx 2017

  73. andrewkush39

    video had me laughing the whole time, gotta love Devin

  74. Eilat Nik

    ha the dj is my homie

  75. Eilat Nik

    love devin hes the dude

  76. James Clea

    cough fee brova east checking in.keep the youlog burning 2017😎🎶🎧✌👌🚬👌 CHORDE'

  77. William Miller

    I just realized he used to be in Facemob! 90s rap and hip hop for life son! This is an awesome track to blaze some weed to.


    yeah scarface and devin go way back

  78. park105

    Has devin made a track that isn't about weed?

    Stephen Johnson

    Yup!! "Anything is plenty man,and it's better than nothing at all" song.

    Off Line

    She use to be

    r dary

    Reach for it; by Devin the Dude


    Boo Boo'n

    James Kissinger

    lacville 79

  79. Polly Williams

    he sing about real 💥

  80. 1982jrizzle

    blind nigga playing video games

    Kyle Albert

    was hoping someone else out there noticed lmfao

    jay gordon

    1982jrizzle how uno he blind? lol


    Donny Brasco im from htown been listening to odd squad since the 90s


    Donny Brasco and I have actually smoked w devin before..

  81. Four Devils


  82. William Granados

    who jammin rn

  83. trunew54

    The Richard Pryor of Rap! long live Devin!

    #youtoo? #everyoneButMe

    the richard pryor of rap....thats kinda funny lol

  84. Jessica Contreras

    Lmao the guy worth TV's shades on the couch playing 2k is BLIND ROB

    General Tso's

    Jessica Contreras how is blind rob playing 2k??

    Vreal Services

    @General Tso's very carefully

    Jesse James

    Jessica Contreras 8



    Yahdig.Solid LeonHard

    I came to the comment section just to see if i was the only 1 noticed BlindRob playin 2k ! 😅

  85. Justin Francesco

    "gonna go to the store, fellas you want something? Aight." XD


    devin da motha fucxen dude go in

  87. tupac shakur

    when he was 10 his teenage girlfriend ask him for sum wee wee

  88. Joseph Carruthers

    he reminds me of Dave Chappellel

    Joey Dyker

    part of devin and marshalls success comes from the humor

    Jace Beleren

    dam dude i was just thinking that as i scrolled down lol

    Manuel George

    Joseph Carruthers lol


    it's the hat lol

    Pokey 1488

    Tall skinny niggas with jokes that wear old skool kangos.

  89. Timotheus Massey

    Why my dawg Devin look like Stephen Jackson???

  90. Alex Barcelo

    3:03 Dam that black bitch is baaad

  91. D Bees

    Now, did he say "I called up my teenage girlfriend??" I like Devin the Dude so You know what? I ain't judging.

    Jake Slaughter

    when he was 10 he did

    D Bees

    +Jake Slaughter ohhhhhh lol thanks Jake!

  92. Kush Boss

    blind playing video games lol

  93. Issac newton

    1:54 to 1:56 nice!

    Issac newton

    +Issac newton the little dance move

    LWD D.A.I

    Issac newton i dont know about

    Krystopher Johnson

    Every black person knows the electric slide

  94. Cousin Tone

    Gotta love Devin The Dude

  95. timfosho

    Look at that stank ass face she gave him at 5:10 women man....

    Simon Desta

    +timfosho haha yeah

    Keith Aguilar a.k.a Soundwave

    timfosho thats why shes an Ex lol

  96. beast mode

    Rob was killing Jugg in some madden.


    they were playin basketball

  97. beast mode

    143 people don't stay on their P's & Q's.