Devin The Dude - Too Cute Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Im A Cool Like Fellow - Lay Back Mellow
Smokin' Out Type Of Dude
How Does A Lacville Rollin' - Ghetto Rollin'
Guy Get A Girl Like You
Im Curious But Serious - Tell Me What Kind Of Chances Do
I Have With You - Kuz Really I
Thought You Thought You Was Too Cute
Lets Take A Walk And We Can Talk And Smoka A Stoge Girl
( Shutup Boy)
You Oughtta Hola At A Nigga Like Me Girl
(Shutup Boy)
Now Should I Leave Or Stay Around (Stay Around)
(I Don't Know)
Well Sometimes Can I Take You Out Girl (Sure)
(Maybe So)

I Would Have Holla'd Though - A Long Time Ago
But I Thought You Thought You Was Too Cute
(Well That's Kind Of Sad It Aint Even Like That)
Well You Know How Ya'll Cute Girls Do
Now Im Kind Of Mad - I've Been Wastin' Time
But I Thought You Thought You Was Too Cute
(That's Sad So What Do You Think Now)
I Want To Leave Out With You

Im A Cool Type Chick - You Aint Got To Trip
But I Was Startin' To Trip On You
I Know You Saw Me Looking At You
I Thought You Thought You Were Too Cute
So I Told Myself - I Know I Could Find Another Guy
Who Wants To Be With Me All Night
I Turned Around And It Was You
(Hey How You Doin' Girl Wats Up Wit It)
I Don't Think You Can Handle This - Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo
( I Whoo Whoo You Girl)
I Don't Think You Are Ready For This
(Girl Im Ready Right Now)
I Don't Think So No No
Do You Really Want - This Poon
Well Guess What - You Cant Have It - Not Right Now

I Would Have Holla'd Though - A Long Time Ago
But I Thought You Thought You Was Too Cute
(Well That's Kind Of Sad It Aint Even Like That)
Well You Know How Ya'll Cute Girls Do
Now Im Kind Of Mad - I've Been Wastin' Time
But I Thought You Thought You Was Too Cute
(That's Sad So What Do You Think Now)
I Want To Leave Out With You

[Verse 2:]
Cutey Pie You Be Why I Be Up All Night
I Hit You On Your Pager But You Wont Call Back
Am I Wastin' My Time - I Wanna Know Before I Go Too Far
I Know That Everybody Know Who You Are
Don't Be Afraid Or Ashamed - I Got Game And Im Next
Pass It To Me I'll Hit Panties All Nets (Swish)
I Wish Upon A Star But Where You Are - I Don't Know
Now Im Doing What I Shouldve Did A Long Time Ago

I Would Have Holla'd Though - A Long Time Ago
But I Thought You Thought You Was Too Cute
(Well That's Kind Of Sad It Aint Even Like That)
Well You Know How Ya'll Cute Girls Do
Now Im Kind Of Mad - I've Been Wastin' Time
But I Thought You Thought You Was Too Cute
(That's Sad So What Do You Think Now)
I Want To Leave Out With You

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Devin The Dude Too Cute Comments
  1. Austin Edwards

    Forever Classic man word up 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯🎵🎧🎹

  2. Espugar Skate films

    thats smoking everybody like my girl

  3. Joseph Gray

    Been bangin this since 04' TIMELESS ALBUM 💯

  4. Jeday Cechin

    Brazil...devin the dude is caralho esse som

  5. Kesha Willis


  6. Shanika360 Jackson

    2019 !!

  7. c/ohneh104 fifita

    ddaammn i been . missing out wtf

  8. jacob ochoa

    Are yo nipples hard? Lmao the dude!

  9. Ryan S

    Perfect track to share to a gal you like. Worked for me and it turnt her on to the dude win win

  10. Grind Hard

    This song catches exactly what most guys go through when they're looking to approach a pretty girl. The vulnerability, the uncertainty, the pedestal we put beauty on -it's all real! #2019 #STILLJAM #TOOCUTE

  11. Bootney Lee Farnsworth

    2019. Still glorious...

  12. King Mannie

    Still slamming!

  13. Kris Smith

    Chill Chill💎💎💎💎🏁 KENTUCKY

  14. ThaZooKeeper

    is this houston??

    James Redic

    Yessir. Tha Dude.

  15. Nikolie Travels


  16. Isaiah Nickerson

    "I thought you, thought you, was too cute" the pussy getting line in 2019.

  17. Destiny Batiste

    Name my oldest son after him so talented I hate when people get in my ride and say stupid shit like who is that pisses me off get out the car dawg fr tho

  18. Chyna Daul

    My Jam!!!

  19. 206 guy

    I played this for for like 4-5 different females, made em all feel one in a million lol

  20. Shane Brock

    Yo nipples hard too😂😂😂

  21. Journalz

    Devin is pure Hip Hop. Real shit.

  22. Marcos Paulo

    Som bem loco,nervoso muito bom 🇧🇷

  23. James Lightner

    Real music never gets old #2k19

  24. Reginald Berard


  25. leon0247


  26. Bobby Bleubands


  27. Madison Kunaiti

    New Zealand
    Devin on Fleek

  28. Clubber Lang

    This groove ass beat is EVERYTHING!

  29. Zekaryah Child of TMH GOD


  30. Ashtar Sheran

    Thats my song 4real, im too cute and gangsta, breaking heart since 88

  31. Kyra Martin

    I listened to this song when I was just a little one with my momma she passed away when I was 16 I’m 19 now so this is my favorite artist ❤️❤️❤️

  32. Deuce Legend

    2018 and this still bangs

  33. Alchemical Architect


  34. Party Animals

    2018 🤗

  35. Keyone green

    Playa Shit for tha playas 🆓 🎮

  36. Kiana Terry

    I’ve been looking for this song for yeeeeears!!!!!

    Josh Williams

    Kiana Terry me to real shit rite here

  37. Todd Gatling

    I want to stick my thing thaaaang in youuu!!!

  38. Mozey Twothree

    This instrumental is smooth

  39. Megan Vergara

    I was 13 when this song came out, and I’ve been listening to it since!(; glad I had an older brother and cousins who listened to this stuff! My second son will be born in March, and his name is going to be Devin! 💙😘

    Omega McBride

    I smiled when I read this

  40. Derelle Rideout

    this album got me through some tough times lol

    Clinton Dove

    Tru tru

  41. Shawna Rose

    still bumping this November 2017... Devin's timeless...I'll woo woo you lmao

    brent thomas


    SIR Y0GG D'stinguish'D Gent.

    November 2019 nyh!!



  43. Chad Sanders


  44. Real Time

    Let the top down bisshhhhh 👌!!!

  45. Michelle Dixon

    im still rocking devon. i love him

  46. joshua hem

    Who banging this song in 2017

    Tanell Brooks

    joshua hem me!

    Anthony Watson

    2018 still bumping it

    Kay Stvie

    2019 still one of my top tunes

    marcus batts

    still in rotation in 2019

    SIR Y0GG D'stinguish'D Gent.

    2019 fasho

  47. Benjamin Bourguiba

    why the dislikes guys

  48. Benjamin Bourguiba

    fuck the dislikes why so stupid

  49. Benjamin Bourguiba

    fuck the dislikes why so stupid

  50. Bee Real

    what 50 goofballs don't like this...i got game and I'm next..nigga that shit is dope

  51. DJ Snooze

    Still listening to this shit in 2017 yooo

    Darius Owens

    DJ Snooze u look like mac miller

    Darius Owens

    u look like malcom in the middle

    Darius Owens

    u look like slim Jesus

    Darius Owens

    u got arrested 4 possesion of Reggie

  52. Gemini Queen

    My muthafuckin nigga 🚬👊

  53. Jerm Allen

    Real type Music

  54. Jaleel X

    can some1 tell me who tha queen iz tht's singing on tha track.m.o.e ark nhc43

  55. Jaleel X

    2017 my shit ridin impala ss 4 12's m.o.e ark nhc43

  56. Andrea Gray


  57. chasity womack

    My mf jam still rockin this shit!!! Devin is the realist!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ❤️me some him!!

  58. Eddy6159

    This was the car ride sing along song back in the day lmao

    Josh Williams

    Eddy6159 damn rite my nugga fucc the wheels on the bus go round and round

  59. Daddy & Monkey

    rko, my sexy!

  60. Calvin Davis

    Song still 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  61. George Turner

    think about past realationships dec.13,2016 8:42 p.m. sinning out


    got a leaf for this one Lady's holler back!!!

  63. create-10

    funniest...realest rapper ever lmao

  64. Babi Boy

    haha loved dz track since day 1.

  65. Mar 21 7? Rocks

    Still bangin in 2016! And I still, WANNA STICK MY THANG IN YOU!! lol That shit still cracks me up 😂😂😂
    Devin will ALWAYS be 💯💯+ wit me...

    Sydney reyes

    Mar 21 7? Rocks Lol

  66. Brandon Ford

    yea I know how y'all cute girls do

  67. Zay da boss

    very laided back I love dis song

  68. Lashay Merchant

    my shit.

  69. Kongsmo

    curious but serious

  70. Darius Jackson

    the ending cracks me up every time still lls

    Sincere Tha King

    me too lol

    Darius Jackson

    +Sincere Tha King that mane a straight fool lol...

  71. Shae Smith

    Love It!!!!!!

  72. Jeffery Hollins

    I name first child behind this dude fr fr

    Jesse Wayne

    TuCute Hollins is a dope name playboi. Respect.

    Megan Vergara

    My second boy will be born in March, he’s going to be a Devin lol. My first is David lol.

  73. mark stockdale

    my doggg


    smooth as fuck

  75. Shredderkid 211

    This the Shit 💯

  76. Wayno Soze

    Realist shit in the world 💯

  77. 747hitman

    i'm luv'n this shit right here YES SIR



  79. Brandon 1984

    Maine!!! Throwed Song!!!!!💯💯💯

  80. David19225

    Never understood why this wasn't released as a single. This could have been a hit.

  81. Replicated Cypher

    Shuuuduup boi!!


    @Replicated Cypher 'The Dude' Classic! I think about women like u just as he describes on this song. Is that you?

    Replicated Cypher

    @Yacob Yahahuda LOL-

    You know me personally... What do you think? 


    Touche' U have 2 sides I love 1 & dislike the other. Don't hide em divide them. Not a convo for G+ N's be watching like Agents. I have a beautiful Mind I rep Hebrew but don't put me in a box. My mind stays working it never closes. I can't even have conversations with most Negus. U don't call me anymore, too busy hating me for being HEBREW. But I love u still even though u on The Pharaoh ish.

    Replicated Cypher

    @Yacob Yahahuda Yah, I don't hate you..I just love you from a distance.. You call it "conscious set trippin" or whatever I don't feed into that mainstream BS.

    You can be whatever you want to be (everybody else does). I have no qualms with you personally. You are a good person with even better intentions- most of the time.

    You have 2 sides as well, one silly as a mf and the other one is real solid- (wink)That being said, cut the crap!

    And lol @ Pharaoh ish- that word means nothing to me or any other self-respecting Afrakan-  But truth be told, Pharoah's are historically tangible.. HEBREW, well that's a whole other discussion. 

    It aint no secret that I don't like them, they irritate me tremendously!
    Take care of yourself and remain blessed♥


    @Replicated Cypher I respect u for this comment this is your crown speaking.

  82. King Moe

    I like it screwed

  83. lyricalgenious2010

    This song is the shit! Another Devin The Dude classic!

  84. Lynn Morton

    Just got turned on to this! Love it! The BOMB!

  85. nunya216

    smooth ass ridin shit!!!!

  86. TJ Norris

    "I wanna stick my thang in you!!!!!!" Lol The Dude crazy



  88. Ashley Brock

    Shutuppp bwoy!! Lol.... Nice

  89. straq3

    "I'll woo woo you!"

  90. dc7236

    this song explains what happens so many times between us males and females. fuck jus say hello

  91. thraxie87

    One of his best tracks!

  92. domenec gutierrez

    long live Devin the Dude

  93. BiGGMicHead

    Not just you :D

  94. germicidalcheese

    I smoke fat blunts to Devin music

  95. Chipp The Tripp

    the sckrewd n choppd version is off the

  96. T MAMA

    my shit

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