Devin The Dude - Stray Lyrics

I can't stand (I can't stand) stupid bitches
I keep away, they ain't ridin (my bone)
Have no plans (no plans) with stupid bitches
I tend to stray from stupid bitches


[chorus x2]


[chorus x3]

[chorus: acapella]

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Devin The Dude Stray Comments
  1. indigi being

    This still my shyt

  2. anwjuice

    Nothing works then a dumb dime piece. I'd pick a smart 7 over a dumb 10 all day long

  3. Muzicman Allday

    Always will be one of my favorite songs!!! Devin the Dude my guy!!

  4. Orlando Betancourt

    I know they right.. But why me?.. Why cant i break this miserable pathetic cycle.. How can i prove myself if i really never had the right state of mind n physicality to do so?

  5. Analiyah Ramirez

    I remember when I first heard this I couldnt stop playing it and still to this day.... I can’t stand stupid bitches 🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. 92mrbangbang

    Maaaaan this song use to get me through it I'd argue with my girl.get in the car and ride around with this on repeat

  7. Emma Vardaman

    Play this when the cops roll up on you at night, fittin to fuck with a bitch just for shits and giggles

  8. Joesph Keluche


  9. Kevin Johnson

    Who still listen in 2019

  10. kelton Turner

    My Favorite Joint Still !

  11. Playa-Made- 512

    That boy Devin with the vocals and harmony

  12. Kerry Boyd

    for real.

  13. Irvyn Alvarez

    This always takes me back the times I was riding around with my boy OSHAy in his Cadillac 🙏🏼 I hope all my people in the rich are safe a blessed

  14. CL l

    The Dude is still 1 of the South's leading artists who consistently drops knowledge on smoking, drinking, ladies and doing what the F#%k u wanna do period

  15. Tareon Reed

    The my girl ring tone

  16. Narvo No Cutz

    It’s like the guitar was talking for him this is crazy.

  17. Ras Kalév

    All girls are stupid bitches that’s why they below men in everything.

  18. xMOTOSTARx

    And thus is why im single. I cant stand stupid bitches. And stupid bitches are a dime a dozen.

  19. Quincy Daniel

    Can't stay stupid bitch devin the dude

  20. Rashad Bell

    I was overseas when this dropped. This helped a nigga through alot of cold nights and especially when this was exactly how I felt 😂😂😂😂

  21. Aaron Young

    Any1 who thumb down this is because they all are stupid bitches 😅😅

  22. The Soloosh

    Thumbs up if a stupid bitch @ work brought you here.

  23. Topnotch Sir-c

    This song is magical and sprinkled with truth!

  24. Vincnet Drallam

    Bitches be like..."OMG such a sexy Jam here, I love his voice tone so much!"

  25. Rggie Jack

    When yo ole lady piss you off and u dont wanna call her out her name u play dis 🤣


    this shit so hard!

  27. Boysie Caison

    Every time my girl piss me off I play this.. Then she ask is that for me.. I'm like if the shoe fit where it.. Biiiiiiiiiiitch

    Audio Addicts


  28. Dillan Carney

    Its nice to see people still jamming this shit well into the future

  29. Metro Metro

    Dedicated to all the women I Kno!

  30. Metro Metro

    Love this song man!

  31. Real2Production

    2019 anyone?

  32. YoungCherokee Peezy

    Ayyye Devin The Dude will rock for ever ! Vibe high yall

  33. YoungCherokee Peezy

    Ayyye Devin


    Germany loves this

  35. Ryan Lam

    Classic, appreciate this Texas!

  36. Addy Leopardess

    My number one go to track for haters and nay sayers

  37. The Indigenous One

    I was on this song tough in 2011. I had to bring this mfkas back for 2019, cause it's so common in today's society.

  38. Tracy Steele

    Classic album one of my favorite songs

  39. Michael Tillman

    Beautiful poetry

  40. Joe Horn

    Still strayin' away from stoopid bitches 2019

    Sophia H.


  41. King Killmonger

    we need a verse or two

  42. Yolo Yvonne

    Who is still jammin to this 2019 ... Me that's who!!!! # I cant stand stupid bitchez

    Reed Collins

    Haha. I love this shit. Fuck yeah

  43. Marquesha Shine

    2019 these bitches still stupid 😂😓

  44. Ken Hunned

    Devin the 🐐

  45. Kizzie Ward

    What a chant!!

  46. Sheikh Davis

    Still jammin this one even in big 2019 #blessingsandpeace #devinthedude

  47. ahmad nickerson

    2018 still "I tend to stray"

  48. DynastyTragdyzZ

    420 Blaze it To this Magical Song

  49. DynastyTragdyzZ

    420 Blaze it To this Magical Song

  50. SiroohG

    Good the way it is but there’s gotta be a lyric reel somewhere!!!???

  51. Jean Casimir

    Women is like an investment do your resaerch thirdly before you invest. Don't make a six month investment have you paying life time interest.

  52. J M

    I Play this when someone mess with me

  53. LongLive TheDj

    I still tend to stray in 2018..Longlivethedude

  54. 7 Shadows

    Dev I'll 2 😏

  55. velmira starkes

    Someone told me to listen to this I love it

  56. Demitri Johnson

    Man, this shit here just take me away.. Talk about zooning.. The instrumentals finess my ears man. Classic!

  57. roblox queen

    Devin can blow too

  58. Tone International's Travels

    I swear this song has kept me out of the pin.....

  59. Brandon Garcia

    Stupid bitches no plans with ×10

  60. Kevin Johnson

    59 south stand tha fuck up I temp to stray...leave well enough alone....

  61. do2xakadeeofficial

    on the top tier of things i cant play while gaming onna chick, 100%

  62. skiizer meek


  63. kimberly CAselberry

    I can’t stand....

  64. DayDay BRuhffin

    I try to say away but they always there

  65. Eletise J Niumata

    I must be the stupid bitch #ShoefitsyouAhole

  66. KT Da Prez

    Still jammin in 2018...

  67. CHANTEE Boddy

    I been stuck in a marriage for too long and don't know how to get out! I play this too relieve stress, but I play it loud so she hear it!

    Demitri C

    Its time to go then fam. I know how that goes 😂😂😂😂😂

    Frauncei Tott

    CHANTEE Boddy so how is the marriage now

    isthis myrealname

    Just do it. I got divorced best idea

  68. Goku MGTOW

    MGTOW national anthem love this song

  69. robert romero

    San Diego CA

  70. Daniel Bates

    2018 n still can't stand stupid bitches 👅

  71. Bred Tihb

    This song applies to males and females that just don't get it

  72. Mike Lucas

    I can't stand them either devin

  73. Michael Mayfield

    Right! !!!!!!!!

  74. Anthony Thomas

    you don't know Devin.. like I know devin,,,,,,the song of my life....."i tend ta stray on these dumb hoes

  75. Bruce Wayne

    Devin on point as usual...

  76. Rashad Jones

    MGTOW, IBMOR, SYSBM theme song

  77. Jakey Vigil

    can't stand stupid stupid bitch's....

    real talk lol.., they all the same so treat n leave em!!!!

  78. Kortez Harris

    #can't stand stupid b******

  79. keivv52

    On and on and on and on again!!

  80. Zue Zoo

    This that shit cupcake nigga don't abide by..I'm on this all day×2 daily and 4 wit a 4 and this on that r.davis..babayy..

  81. New Growth

    This shit sounds magical


    LMAO I like that...magical.

  82. westly mckeithen

    this raps up 34 stupid bitches all in one !

  83. westly mckeithen

    play it first thing in the morning out of çrispy bose speakers !!

  84. NATHAN White

    I stray Away ! ! !

  85. Austin Conant

    only Devin can make a song with 2 lines and it jam harder than anything on the radio today

    Duce Bin Laden

    No shit sherlock!! Same shit I felt when I heard this...

    Yolo Yvonne

    When you got a dope ass beat and those instruments it tends to take you away

    Dillan Carney

    Thats what "stupid bitches" do to people

    2 chillax


    Michael Rhodes

    Cuz he dat dude

  86. ruben18r19

    Who made a song with this as the hook?

    K3npachigo Zarasaki

    L.E.$ - Bitches Stray

  87. msgucci103

    For the people at my job...can't stand em

    Tiffany Ellis

    Hell yeah!!

  88. Jeffromoney Family

    best hook song ever

  89. Rabbit Kizziz

    Say dis beat sick dats why dey just let dat shit roll no chorus... #Texas music #Love Devin #no plans wit stupid bitches

  90. Jayke Medrano

    those 121 who disliked.
    Most likely little minded, or maybe you don't smoke weed.. But yeah suck it 🖕

    Babi Boy

    Jayke Medrano
    Bet there all women who thumb this down. Da Creek Sacramento California EBK4LYFE

  91. Elijah Kelley

    Weak Azz Bitch by Rapp Artist Project Pat Stray by Rapp Artist DevintheDude and Bitch Please by Rapp Artist Snoop Dogg......Seek Game

  92. Hemi Harden

    I'm divorcing my wife because I cant stand stupid bitches.......

  93. Shayn Williams

    stupid bitchitis is very contagious! if you figure out she or he is just a stupid bitch and you still in close proximity you just became a stupid bitch yourself. #comerealornotatall
    p.s. not directed toward women. Just to stupid bitches only!

  94. Dre s

    This is all he needed to say in this song.. lol.. Its that serious lol

  95. Syfi Gibson

    that ain't right😎😎😎😎🤔

    Syfi Gibson

    they ain't right

  96. Donnie Gordon

    This Is A Crucial Beat that makes you really think about your decisions in Life and what type of Woman you want in your life.Devin Helps with Guidance..Thanks Bro

  97. Tristan Dillard

    my homie turned me on to this song. he got ran over a month ago. im gonna miss u nigga.