Devin The Dude - She's Gone Lyrics

[devin crying]
whats wrong man
come on man hold it together man come on
I don't know why you crying over her anyway
be strong!

She gave me everything I wanted from the start
Her mind, body and heart
and I just knew the two of us would never ever part
I used to fart under the covers and she'd just laugh
she even cleaned my balls when we would take a bath
she straightened up the bed when I was still in it
get up and fix some breakfast
the kind of gal that makes you want to leave them other heffers alone
but my bone got a mind of its own
I continued to roam while she waited by the phone
loneliness got the best of her
she wanted to explore
her other options that she had, oh no my baby was no whore
just a woman with needs, a desire to be apreciated
I tried to keep her in the nest, warm and incubated
but my heart was steady gettin colder
coming home with not enough energy to even hold her
and then it happend
one bright early morn
I turned around to give my baby a hug and she was gone

She was gone, Gone [x3]

Callin house to house
tryin to figure out
where could she be
she don't get up before me
and its damn near three
its pouring down outside, raining cats and frogs
I know pretty soon, she's coming back to the house
damn, 3:30, 4 o clock, five
called her at 6, something must be wrong with the ride
eyes wide, looking outside every ten minutes
not realizing the relationship been finished
12 pack, 8 cups of coughee, 2 cups of tea
hurry up and peepin out the curtain forgetting to pee
telephone ring (brring) hurry up pick it up
I thought I heard some body say
"boy, I got ya bitch, whats up"
but it wasn't
but I still almost hit the star 69 button
ready to cuss out whoever answered the phone
but I didnt call back, to face the fact that she was gone

She was gone. Gone [x3]

Like a tucket through the comb
cant imagine another motherfucker makin her moan
got a call on my cell
it was her, what the hell
wonderin what kind of story you got to tell
she said, she left a note under the bed
"had to get up early be back to get a loaf of bread"

Shit, loaf of bread, why you ain't been call me
"I had a flat"
you had a flat
"yes, I had a flat"
you didnt have enough minutes on ya phone to call me
"its locked in the car"
oh...oh well shit, you left it in the car while you was on foot
alrite fuck it... just come on home, I'm here man
"im on my way"
*phone hang up*

hey baby its me, I took care of everything
oh yeh, he fell for that loaf of bread bullshit, didnt he?
as usual
huha I knew it. Look, forget about that nigga
you need to come over here right now
okay. I'm on my way

She was gone. Gone. [x3]

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Devin The Dude She's Gone Comments
  1. Joseph Roy

    Since the 99 n 00

  2. Tone Thomas

    I luv Dez comments under dude's songs, haterism extremely low guess u can't hate on da real

  3. Narobi Gaines

    Devin will get u through some hard times ,don't he

  4. Queen Elizabeth

    this shit bumps!!

  5. Tony Griffin

    ..tru definition of an "Artist". I would love to do a song wit him one day..

  6. Jermaine Johnson

    My homeboy Cy said why you worried she a bitch anyway why you bugging

  7. Jermaine Johnson

    True story of what I feel like and when I lost the women to show me what happens when ur a boy and need reckon it was not what you thought after 5 years I would have married her and would know she a cheat liar ass cheat know hoes would be so.. so.. Lovely

  8. Inferno Setfire

    "She gave me everything I wanted from the start,Her mind, body and heart,and I just knew the two of us would never ever part ,I used to fart under the covers and she'd just laugh,she even cleaned my balls when we would take a bath,she straightened up the bed when I was still in it,get up and fix some breakfast 🍳" #devinthedude

  9. Nein danke

    I miss this bitch, but she doesnt deserve me!

  10. Pip

    happens to the best of us

  11. Javier Becerra

    I'm going through it right now my wife has been gone for 5 months.

    redrum LOCC

    Javier Becerra Stay up homie. Hopefully you good at this point

  12. Javier Becerra

    I'm going through it right now my wife has been gone for 5 months.

    J O'neal

    she byke yet???


    J O'neal nope....

  13. Ghost Runner

    okay I'm on my way.... story of my life.

  14. Ghost Runner

    okay I'm on my way.... story of my life.

  15. vedabou

    Of my favourite rappers, Devin has the highest rate of songs i can identify with (since I am european, I know nothing from the ghetto stuff i listen to in my music collection, but still enjoy that kinda music).

  16. Ta Th

    She Gone... Time Gone Get Another

    T Davis

    What's good T

    Ta Th

    @T Davis I'm staying out in Longview

    T Davis

    @Tariq Thompson​ that's deep. Hit me up bruh. The number is the same

  17. Cory

    drove my gf across the country and we parted ways. now im home, alone, listening to sad devin songs, not quite ready to talk to my tinder matches


    Cory pretty much dawg. she left an I ain't seen her or my daughter's since.......going on 4 months

    Jermaine Johnson

    Life a trip you let it take u down or make it ur bitch

  18. Matt M

    i used to fart under the covers, she just laughed.

  19. Dome5keez

    yeah wtf y would any1 dislike this shit lol, str8 slapper

  20. Tim H

    this shit is sad I damn near cried lol but its funny at the same time
    "He fell for that loaf of bread bullshit didn't he?" nooooo 

    Real Talk tho If you got a good woman by your side appreciate her and stick with her. I couldn't imagine this shit happening to me.

    Jermaine Johnson

    TimTharealdeal Harris fuckin bitches be smart and cutthroat

  21. RoniRome313

    One of the greatest of all time 

  22. F Hernandez

    She was gooooone:(

  23. DRC 85

    damn this shit brings back memories... no shit... devin always telling REAL LIFE shit!

  24. Latrail White

    Be strong,i dnt kno y u crying over her n.e.way

  25. th xtral

    CLASSIC !! 

  26. Carlos Friday

    Listen to his 'tough love'.

  27. Carlos Friday

    And I was really going through it when this was in my cd player.  Classic! !

  28. Charles Monroe

    10 dislikes all from bitches

  29. Marc K

    holy shit the "crying " at the start made me laugh so hard haha

  30. Raigan Bell

    shit like dat really b really going on 2

  31. Punkthugheadbanger

    Been married 16 years from 18 years old both of us done our share of fucked up shit but we are human and love each other for our faults as well as our strengths you really love someone you will forgive and if they love you they will fix their fault

  32. Pat723

    Mayne, I'm realizin I threw away a good relationship..

  33. Natasha Elias Dos Santos

    and this song trill... IM WITCHA DEVIN!

  34. Natasha Elias Dos Santos

    coming from me, and im a female, THIS DUDE IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH!!!!!

  35. wayne beardsley

    absolutely agree

  36. Mrskipper303

    and vice versa... Therefor the human race is a curse :P

  37. queenchilly4

    Trust is a must

  38. msTruthSeeker3000

    hey thats how I feel! :) lol

  39. SuperLadyeva

    One of the best Devin!

  40. yayo sosa

    This allways be my shit

  41. Jerome Rose

    Devin the Dude is still one of the best rappers of all time in my opinion. RNS

  42. Shawn Dawn

    best devin song ever. he touches my soul. respect...

  43. CalamityHQ

    All girls do is break your heart. Do what men do best then. Get in, get off, get out.


    after listening to this you have to listen to stray by devin the dude

  45. shade valdez

    Shyt like this happens everyday nice guys get fuked ova n den dudes be like fuk it I'ma juzz be like dem otha dudes n den wen guys get like dat women wanna say niggaz ain't shyt but dey da reason we like dat in da 1st place u fill me smfh

  46. brian goss

    "she even cleaned my balls when we'd take a bath" i'm glad he can mix depression with humor, in such a perfect way

  47. mrblack51

    2 dislikes the bitch and her friend!

  48. scolow mo doe

    can't keep em, can't take all the dick back you gave em, fuc it..NEXT..

  49. AJ Robles

    its unbelievable what a women will put up with until the have to do this to a man

  50. nwf11

    fuck dese hoes.. always doin a yungin dirty

  51. Hells Wind

    @PlanBskater3421 still is...

  52. Fab Hess

    Lourder !

  53. PoloPetey

    Evil ass bitches. deserve black eyes and stitches, Yeah the bitch is gone. Yeah the bitch did me wrong, Turns out I was the one that was weak and the bitch was hella strong. So I sit, in the spot I used to rub her clit, holding my BONG all day long trying to stay strong. Yeah the bitch is gone !

  54. Kongsmo


  55. LifeOfZach

    Sounds like he's laughing

  56. gilbert ortiz

    Lol The Girl Sounds Ugly

  57. rashadb00



  58. Justin Wilson

    What's the beat/melody taken from. I know it was a song from the 70s.


    i love this song

  60. K White

    @magic32j2000 I feel you on that... Devin is one of the realest, if not the realest rapper alive.

  61. AndGo

    if you dont care of your woman, someone else will!

  62. ๖Қ.أ.Ł.Ł.ξ.R /3

    goose bumps :(

  63. Milky Himself


    haha word, only 1 dislike, that must be her...

  64. fleshnbone187

    @jak3w "gaying up the music", rofl.

  65. Creasy Crease

    I love how their is noooo dislikes on this. The most REAL song i have ever heard in my life.

  66. 805WESTBRUTA805

    @goodest8 hmm let me think haa ur still gay and fuck you dawg West Side

  67. goodest8

    @805WESTBRUTA805 4 my comment u called me gay....or cud it b dat u like 2 lay....ur lips on men & blo dem away.....wel u gotta get ur job sumwhere else 2day.....bcuz dem childish games i do not play....& u dont even no me u jus wanted 2 go da bitch gonna Pray 4 u bcuz u dont think about da things u say.....

  68. 805WESTBRUTA805

    @goodest8 ur gay ass fuck.

  69. Flying Kea

    thanks devin.

  70. goodest8

    12 pac 8 cups of coffee 2 cups of tea....

  71. demetria bass

    dis my shit! real bitch ova here <<<<<<

  72. scharrely

    devin the dude is the shit been rocking him for 10 plus years and still cant get enough

  73. St1cky GreeN

    ahahha i laughed my ass of at the beginning xDD

  74. stmncc

    This is awesome!!!!!!

  75. Mr Keep It 2

    most versatile creative rapper/artist that is in the game......
    Keep doing your thing Devin. No matter what, imma keep bumping you =D

    1 Love

  76. Creasy Crease

    dammmnn devin.... stay up my nigga

  77. MrOntothenextone1

    Zero dislikes, there's clearly a reason for that.

  78. livin916

    im just startn to listn to devin the dude and every song i click on is raw i have yet to find a bad song

  79. wildboy1738

    @Pyroclassicz damn idk if i listen to that one, if u find it let me kno.. ..

  80. Shawn Lovett

    i felt this shyt man. now im like fuck it. love shyt aint worth that pain. not to me anyway. unless i find me somthin real

  81. pyro classicz

    @22cgarrett werd!! i cant find dat 1 song tho, da 1 he wishes he can kill his girl n shit??

  82. wildboy1738

    @Pyroclassicz u damn rite.. its real shit why not like it...

  83. nico dro

    You obviously dont leed a criminal lifestyle- probablly go to work mon-fri 9-5.
    gangster rap is ment for gangsters- you shouldnt be listening to it anyways.

  84. nico dro

    You obviously dont leed a criminal lifestyle- probablly go to work mon-fri 9-5.
    gangster rap is ment for gangsters- you shouldnt be listening to it anyways.

  85. pyro classicz

    notice this video has no dislikes..

  86. wall mob

    @Poorbutters jesus man boo hoo, every video has that same stupid comment, just like "vote up if you are gay like me" or my favorite "12 people don't (insert smart ass remark)" or "man this is way better than lil wayne and beiber omgz!!"... vevo is getting fucking OLD, the ads are getting OLD, these gay ass remarks are getting OLD... let's make 2011 different... quit gaying up the music, light a blunt, and CHILL. (but don't tell us how cool it smoking makes you, cause thats gay too)

  87. Kongsmo

    devin is the bomb

  88. Sabrina Cruz

    hahaa! this is maa Jam!!

  89. allpurposel

    Ahhh MAN!!... ThAnks DEViN!... this help put a smile on my face!... My Bitch trying to hit me wit some "Loaf a Bread" BULLSHiT!!!...

    but I wont be like this, THANKS to you DEVIN... Fuck It she can Go! since she gone!

  90. Cash K

    You Know Its A Problem
    When Devins Gettin Upset About It.
    The Most Stress Free Dude.

  91. Baby3kgwizz

    i swear this my shit

  92. edub187

    @SluttyYutty the song at the end is deven the dude anythang same album

  93. craxbury

    she would even clean my balls when we had a bath


    @SluttyYutty. The sample is from Rick James "Come Get It" it album the song is called Hollywood. It's sicc.

  95. The Monster is Zero

    he's a bboy?

  96. james007901



    the gay area?? da south is known fo bightin bay shit nigga that means da south is gay too then

  98. Sean E Sinatra

    i can relate