Devin The Dude - Just Because Lyrics

[Verse 1: Devin The Dude]
I've been waitin' to tell you this for oh-so-long
And these feelings I have deserves to be in a song
I wish I could just squeeze you 'til you was out of breath
Grab you by your neck and choke you half to death
Wish I could kick you in your ass without going to jail
Or lock you in a trunk without creating a smell
If only for one night, I could take you by your hand
And cut that ho off, while it's still in the heart of a man
If we could sail across the sea, just you and me, in a boat
I'd throw your ass overboard and just look at you float
I'll glue your eyes wide open, have you roped in the kitchen
Take a picture of my nuts, so you can see what 'cha missin'!
Take a walk on the beach, bury your body with sand
And keep packin' and packin' until you couldn't
Get a hotel suite, 20 stories above
And chunk you out the window, see you fly like a dove
Just because...

[Chorus: Devin The Dude]
Just because of what loves does
Just because of what loves does

[Verse 2: Devin The Dude]
If I could only come up to yo' job and shout, "Where's my bitch?"
Kick your boss in his ribs and tell him, "Fuck you! She quit!"
I'll sweep your off your feet with a box of chocolates
But watch it – 'cause it's really balled-up hog shit!
I reach for your feet, or something that I could rope up
Tie to you to a motorcycle, start jumpin' ramps, doin' donuts
I'll take you climbin' to the mountaintop
Trip you and watch you drop from rock to rock
Only you can make me feel this way, mayne – there's no other
But you had to find another lover or whatever
And I really wish you happiness, I hope it work out
So y'all can get a crib together, so I can blow up your house
I put my ring in your mouth, I put my foot in his rectum
Ain't hatin', but if he's takin 'from me, I ain't gonna' respect 'im
And as far as you – If I could, I would love
To strangle your motherfuckin' ass, just because
Just because...

[Chorus: Devin The Dude]
Just because of what loves does
Just because of what loves does
Just because of what loves does
Just because of what loves does

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Devin The Dude Just Because Comments
  1. Matteus Cornell

    I’ll sweep you off your feet with a box of chocolates
    But watch out cuz it’s really balled up hog shit 😭

  2. Dillan Carney

    Compare this to love songs today.

  3. IamMe UAreU

    He said Ill give you a box of chocolates / watch it/ cause it\ really balled up hog shit!! Lyrical and hilarious at the same time

  4. Honey Kiss Royalty

    😂😂😂 this is a classic 👌 2019 shit never gets old.

  5. Sinn Ruiz


  6. Arthur Jackson

    Sweep you off ya feet with a box of chocolates, but watch it cause it's really balled up hog shit! 😂

  7. Jurius Harris

    This good

  8. James Davis

    My first time, tha dude is mf , it be that way sometimes lol

  9. Mike Glispie

    The horns

  10. Smoov GANG

    2019 and this is still the shhhiiittttttt

  11. Oneal Ramar

    Odisha my love

  12. Milov Stuart

    Didn’t want to comment but #fuckmyex this is for him!

  13. Jai Mont

    2018 😊

  14. Ashley Rodriquez

    Best love song ever! #2018/2019

  15. Poor George

    I hate that they took the actual video down because of this new feminism in 2018. It was actually funny

  16. Uncle GG

    Greatest ghetto love song😂but it really is

  17. Baby Renny

    He says what we all think when we break up 😂😂😂

  18. todd jones

    I have listened to this 59 times today alone.. my first time hearing it


    Im concerned

  19. Lakeisha


  20. Keith Ubedei


  21. Jose Rodriguez

    I can't believe this shit only got 240 thousand views.....This song,bass loud in ya headphones and a blunt is pure bliss....

  22. William Tudor

    Fuk'n; Genius; STILL.!.(&, of course; goes, both ways.)

  23. Miss Britt

    Still jammin

  24. Safouane El Hamidi

    The best divorce song!

  25. Demetrius Barnes

    Realest shit I ever heard

  26. donna espinosa

    Not bad.....

  27. Elijah Kelley

    Just Because By Rapper DevinTheDude And Just Because By Blues Artist J.T Johnnie Seek Game

  28. Matt Muse

    My nigga sasnak I’m the one counting the change in Topeka when u did anything

  29. Sam Clayton

    Best rapper to smoke with or too

  30. mnvlwilson

    He should of made a video to this song

  31. nightcluu

    I got here because of my Uber driver.....

    ryan elizondo

    That's fucking classicYou would have never heard of him huh?

    Sand in my toes

    Awesome your driver was toasted! 💜

  32. Oletta Cain

    I hate my mother

  33. Mateus Pena

    41 haters and Drake lovers disliked this... This shit is so good! Dude is the nigga

  34. ÅᑎƬwΛN ᗩNᗪƦΞϟƠИ

    _& i really wish yall happiness, i hope it works out / so yall can get a crib together, then i can blow up your house_ dead af lol

    Shun_27 T


    Matteus Cornell

    One of the best lines of all time no doubt

  35. Oletta Cain

    I feel you

  36. jayjaylen75

    this rap is gonna go down as one of the best lyrical hate songs of all time! #Texas you feel me!

  37. VIP Xvii

    yall done slept on Devin too long

  38. Elijah Kelley

    Just Because by Rapp Artist Devin The Dude and Just Because by Blues Artist Johnnie Taylor......Seek Game

  39. Bluekitchen87 Kstone

    When I'm mad at my bitch

  40. J Rilla

    I remember when I felt like this over a chic😂

  41. _k1ng.sm8kes_


  42. What Yall Finna Do?

    This is my first time hearing this LMAO!

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    Arturo Jr Balderas

    Who the fuck is Kodak Black?... Must be another wannabe

  45. Bradster X

    Ya'll ready for that smooth....

  46. Dee Washington

    what idiots gave this the thumbs down????

  47. STORM Bourgeois

    that's a bad m.f. right there.

  48. Reggie Camofliyge

    if i could only get away with it

  49. Gregory O

    The best love song of all time!


    Gregory O 😂😂😂😂 ikr

  50. Ivan Tessmer

    il glue youre eyes wide open, have you roped in the kitchen. take a picture of my nutts, so you can see whatchya missin'.

  51. Ivan Tessmer

    il glue youre eyes wide open, have you roped in the kitchen. take a picture of my nutts, so you can see whatchya missin'.

  52. Elijah Kelley

    Just Because by Rap Artist DevinTheDude and Just Because by Blues Artist Johnnie Taylor Peep That $Hit Out

  53. Jessica Anderson

    Just because😂😂😂😂😂👊👊👊👽💀

  54. Jessica Anderson

    Yessssss...i love this song i wanna dedicate this song to all my exs...just because

  55. Omar C

    sax playa killed DAT shit!!

    kadisa jackson

    I love this song

    Andre Calhoun

    +Donald Cooper Keyboards/Syths. no sax

    Omar C

    +Andre Calhoun who asked u sax

  56. Madelena Herrera

    that ultimate valentine day song..ha.

    Walter Martin

    Maddy Cee lmao😂😂 u cant be serious...

    Safouane El Hamidi

    Madelena Cesspooch

  57. Shannon Manning

    I reach for ya feet or somethin that i can rope up tie ya to a motorcycle start jumpin ramps doin donuts I'll take ya climbin to tha mountaintop trip ya nd watch ya drop from rock onto rock!!! sperm donors ringtone!!

  58. Drummafolife

    tell me your new address so I can come over and blow up ya house

  59. Melandie Travis


  60. Phillip Moore

    I'll sweep you off your feet with a box of chocolates, but watch it cause it's really balled up hog shit. Hahahahahahahahaha

  61. Skyy Blu

    I just love this song.....
    Enough said👍👍👍

    Demetrius Mayes

    What men should listen to when she makes us mad!!! Im on listening to it for the 10th time in a row!!!

  62. Gina Emerson

    The songs reminds me of one of my sons girlfriends. I love Devin the Dude songs.

  63. Cortney Pittman

    I LOVE THIS JAM!! It makes me smile and laugh and think about loser ex's. It's the shit! Mad props devin.

    Marque Clark

    Just checked that hit out. Song jams telling the truth. That's that Devin tha Dude!!!:-D :-D :-D :-D :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$ Hey Cortney, he has a lil talk show also I forget what it's called but it's on YouTube. Check it out. To keep it simple I think its devin tha dude talk show. How YOU been?

    Cortney Pittman

    Hey you. How's the baby? I sure will check it out.

    Marque Clark

    He's good. His name just happens to be DEVYN. LOL DEVYN ANTHONY NICOLAS CLARK!!!!!O:-) O:-) O:-)

  64. Fit Jase

    Funniest Love/Hate song of ALL time. I cry laughing every time.

  65. Jeremy Cole

    Omg this brings back sooooo much memories😝😝😝

  66. shayshay

    My ex use to play this all the time lol he made me love it

  67. JuanCapuchino

    ay thats a bet

  68. 913dynasty SupaNovaHelix

    how the fuck can you even compare the two? way diff worlds of hip-hop... expand your horizons lbs

  69. Celethal

    Dude looks like Kurmit the Frog, but none the less good song lol

  70. queenchilly4

    LMAO this is the shit!!

  71. julian gandar

    thats how you do bros

  72. Skye Johnson

    After all that "Weeeeee are never ever ever getting back together"!!!!!

  73. tiffany strange

    juuust becus of what loooove dooooesss..

  74. msTruthSeeker3000

    This come in so smooth! I'm feelin it!

    Darryl Walker

    msTruthSeeker3000 me to song sounds good

  75. tiffany strange

    this my song to my X

  76. Deeno Da Don

    aha this song reminds me of crazy in love , by eminem. devin the dude and eminem are in my top 10 favorite rappers

  77. G Lo Key

    love this shit haha



  79. Brandon Maciel

    if i hated my ex
    id send this to her

  80. Darkly007

    Lol this song is great

  81. Nya Fierce

    Well said!

  82. James Dillard

    MANNN this my muthafukn shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ridin, 1 sack, 1 blunt, 1 bottle of jack, swagga on 5000 just zonin, feel me.......

  83. FRod94

    NAH.. you didnt

  84. richard arcea

    THIS GUY^^^^^^^ LOL..

  85. LTgFUNK24

    ina good way?

  86. beautifulbritni21


  87. Derek Jackson

    So many evil thoughts about a bitch "every man's theme song who ever fucked a female up & blamed it on Love LMAO

  88. belall01

    I'll sweep your off your feet with a box of chocolates
    But watch it – 'cause it's really balled-up hog shit!

  89. belall01

    that sax kills it

  90. Kiara Smith

    this song makes me laugh, its so funny.

  91. W. Nephew the G-Man

    I would vote Devin for president of the U.S. He really has a sence of humor. Hes good people.


    I love this song it's so funny but sometimes be really feeling like this

  93. G Lo Key

    Real Crazy shit love this shit

  94. imlost00

    man feelin this song haha

    Darryl Walker

    imlost00 me to

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    lol luv it