Devin The Dude - I Don't Chase 'Em Lyrics

[Intro: Snoop Dogg + (Devin)]
Bigg Snoop Dogg (Snoop Dogg...)
Devin The Dude
A lil sumn for the (something for the bitcheeez...)
For the who?
(For the bitches!)
For the bitches, yeah!
Oh, in case you don't know
A yo Devin (aha?)
Sing it to em nephew, come on
(Aight, let me do it something like this)

[Chorus: Devin]
I don't chase bitches, bitches chase me
I don't need to chase a ho, no no
I don't chase bitches, bitches chase me
I don't need to chase a ho, no no

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
I don't chase bitches, I let these bitches chase me
They pop up at my shows, they know everywhere I be
Like Big Snoop, we got all your CDs
And we'll do anything if you put us on your team
Well aight bitch, I sell a ho a quick dream
Then back on the road, so fresh so clean
Pimps up hoes down, nigga that's the theme
And when they choose up, they get broke for everything
I ain't mad at 'em, they just wanna be seen
Flossin witta boss a picture in the magazine (Cheese!)
The bitches all scream chasing down my limousine
And when I hit the hotel they waiting at the wind
My down South southern bitches out in New Orleans
I can't forget my Texas bitches faded off that lean
I don't chase bitches, these bitches chase me
For my playa partner rest in peace Pimp C


[Verse 2: Devin]
It's like a 9 to 5, but I be high
I'm like the captain and my partner Curtis bout to come by
And beam me up, you don't see me much
Cuz I be in top this better believe ho when up in ya
Sluts don't get much, freaks I make 'em geek
Like dope fiends on this pipe, yep this meat
Hoes they want clothes and shit, expectin me to unfold it
Oh no no bitch!
Off to work I go to the studio or another show
Some people spend dough just to see a brother flow
So blessings I gotta get 'em and grind all the time
A piece of pussy be the furthest from my mind
Sometimes, when I be traveling, niggaz be asking me
Where are my bitches like I brought 'em all with me
And some niggaz be asking can they go find me a bitch
But I have to dodge mo' pussy than they'll ever get, shit


[Bridge: Tony Mack]
She keeps on taxing me
She won't stop calling me, oh no no
This ho keeps stalking me
That bitch won't leave me alone, oh no no

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
I told this bitch that I was cool on it, but she just wouldn't listen
And now she tryna blame me for her current condition
Hey bitch I ain't even trippin, I told you I'm into pimpin
See I'm a hustle boy, baby, and I don't chase bitches
All I do is check hoes in every city I visit
And put they number in my phone and later on I hit it
Bitch jock from a distance, quit burnin my minutes
Either you comin thru or not, it don't make me no difference

[Chorus x2]

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Devin The Dude I Don't Chase 'Em Comments
  1. ☆T-Wayne☆

    Devin the dude wrote books in the pimpin bible.

  2. Ghost Bey

    🤷🏾‍♂️ Bitch ain’t getting a dollar

  3. Isaiah Scales

    my fav Devin the dude song

  4. MiMi Willz

    Still listening 2019

  5. Fernando Mescalito

    Chase paper 😊

  6. lisa jROCKS

    Never chase hoes lol

  7. Trip Thomason

    Can't foget my Texas bitches faded off that lean.

  8. Timothy Batarseh

    I heard that this song sampled "Don't Stop Loving Me Now" by L.T.D.

  9. 2017gonebe Mean

    such playa shit

  10. Jaleel X

    72 bitchless nigga's...m.o.e ark nhc43 we still winningchurch.....

  11. Tamila Stuart

    my baby daddy's favorite song smh...

  12. Justiceorelse

    72 people like to chase bitches

  13. Surge Álvez

    dope tune, word iz bond!

    Killah Yogi

    Surge-Cess I see I ain't the only one that remembers that poor righteous teachers joint 👌🏿

  14. Derrick Green

    i dont chase bitches....

  15. Lino Martinez

    Well AIGHT bitch.. lol

  16. Richard M

    Devin....your rappers favorite rapper....he's so low key but always consistent...

  17. dejaun walker

    just here to rep for the pimpin

  18. Pat Gus

    What up folks

  19. JOEJO

    poor righteous teachers so much better

    Alex Mendez

    No way buddy, cant touch this classic at all

  20. Aljive JH

    I dont chaaase bitches, bitches chaseeee me!!!!

    Adrian Hudson

    I Don't Need To Chase A Hoe No No No!!!!

  21. Beanz Da Nubreed

    luv this song

  22. Tyrone Poyer

    Yeeeaaaaaaa Ke3p the FloW 1 H!gH,FLy RiM... ..R3aL $p!t "! DnT ChA$e 3m" 1 Re$pecT


    This guys going threw the special stage of life when one uses numbers to replace letters re$p3c7 !7

  23. Michael Mayfield

    Two top Dogs.......

  24. danialves1312


  25. George Brown

    pimp shit shawty!!!

  26. Kush Skywalker rip 2018

    2:59 to 3:24   kenyetta this is for you.

    Buddy Van Cigrit

    @nniuqed You can't talk about your grandma like that!

    Buddy Van Cigrit

    I'm your father, and I will not shake your hand.


    Kush Skywalker rip 2018

    smh....not only are you  "failing" with the dumb jokes ( while trying your best to get attention ) but you are also a MORON.....smh does NOT mean " shake my hand ", what an idiot..just really need a actually feel sad for you...bye, troll....SMH....Btw, you never said just why does it piss you off , that I made the original comment about my DATELESS WONDER, go back to your tubesock and lotion........lmao.

    Kush Skywalker rip 2018

    ahhhh haaaa haaaaaa...lmao....this idiot actually thought it meant " shake my hand " watch him next be like " I knew what it meant " ( says in whinney BITCH tone ) lmao.

    Buddy Van Cigrit

    @nniuqed I'm your dad, and I don't love you, son.


    Devin. Straight under rated just like the late great nate dogg

    Curly_head_dess YT

    +Terry Hearn real talk

    igotouhere ci

    A 90th disrespectful, non reflective-runner (:whatever u want to call him/hers) has chimed in!!

  28. Jamiel G

    My tombstone gonna read this when I'm dead, you bitch you!!

  29. Mob Marley

    Yes sirrrrrr

  30. John Doe

    Ruined Biggie's infamous line.

    Matt Dalton

    thats a fuckin retarded commment

  31. Oenaminamonami

    i think devin promoted in to the dude to the man 

  32. chucky wyatt

    the dude


    This is my playa shit;)

  34. Julie Brammer


    real talk with Jonathan Wilson Jonathan Wilson

    I guess you chase bitches then go get played with your simp ass

  35. LaFlame

    It's more like ''I'm old, high and free''

  36. Patrycja Pączek

    maybe he just says "I'm young wild and free":D

  37. DuBsTEpSePP

    This sound is like.. to happy <3

  38. Slovakia Kentros

    Im glad to be named Devin.

  39. Jason Spinelli

    Stop calling cuz ur burning thru my minutes :D

    stuart lynah

    Jason Spinelli

  40. oel5991

    haha snoop has a longtime wife, and still talks about 'bitches' this way in his songs lmao i guess she dont listen to rap ;)

  41. PineappleMan

    290,000th view O_o

  42. HorizontalSawGuy 1

    Its like a 9 to 5

  43. Mark Smith

    This is One of Devin Best Beats, Love, Bumping.

  44. Jay Smith

    lol i laughed too after he said that too

  45. Robstailey

    devon and snoop are the perfect duo, they are the two chillest old school rappers in the business, by far. plus they're both huge fuckin potheads.

  46. theherbituate

    itsmrblack2011 look up yelawolf i think he is number two in top unrated rappers

  47. bob jones

    @mountdisorder667 jus smoke and shut up keepin my body in shape by doin kushups

  48. Cold Fear 213

    my god what a song that goes to the brain that is purley what i need is snoops songs ranging

  49. ForsakenOne93

    @LetsHaveACommentWar your a fool

  50. Cut Off Your Head

    @cashflowdro word.

  51. stylz1074

    I Digs this track..I remember The PRT joint . It used a sample of LTD's Don't Stop Loving Me Now..Hot track!

  52. 4EVER UGK


    and you hop on that track too.

  53. Underpantsniper

    @manimal5754 he says "thanks for takin care of the kids while i make madd paper and keep u fresh and stacked, and remember.... u my bottom bitch, so dont worry ho"

  54. DJ Dab

    TGIF keep it playa man!!!


    My shit!!! #420Gang

  56. Que Goods

    @manimal5754 .....u kno snoop aint got to say shit cuz his wifey already know wus up

  57. Mista FAME

    Have some free time….
    Type in ben fame freestyle

  58. ssstuart0039

    @manimal5754 lol i always wondered that! Devin as well, cause he has a wife too i devin if your reading do u explain to the wifey about quotes like "wash my dick in the sink and then leave" lol??? gotta love it!

  59. Kevin Jimenez

    @manimal5754 he just be like fix me something to eat

  60. ILstate7thRegime

    i dont chase bitches i let them chase me

  61. QualityKush

    @manimal5754 Somethin like "Whats good bitch"

  62. LaneBou2018

    FukaBitch- Get money nicca, Ive got more ass than all my boys that would chase/ pursue these lil smurfhead ass bitches- While my ass just sits back makin money, get blowed as hell and act a fool, it somehow attracts these hoes and they get their back beat out. Never had to holla @ a Bitch unless shes straight time for games ...It works...u Aint gotta be Snoop either

  63. LaneBou2018

    man these two go perfect together ....need to do a Calabo ... "Snoop n Devin 2011"

  64. Sean E Sinatra

    this shit is the truth son.. i got no time fo chasin

  65. 4EVER UGK

    im so high call me GIZZLE THE BOEING.

  66. bizophecles

    Ooooh i was wondering where this was sampled from...sounds like Richie Rich's song that has the Luniz on it...the only way that i can bring it to yah is tah school ya...yeah...

  67. KingPin19831

    snoop dogg ain't talkin about his wife longest snoop dogg bringin in millions of dollars i think the wife don't care.

  68. Cee More

    @manimal5754 its the industry..... all businesss one night stand business

  69. melvin.mcmangler

    @manimal5754 snoop's had a wife since doggy style,she gotta be used to that shit now.

  70. gowiiththedough

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  71. ahmed atef

    @manimal5754 actually smart quetion never body asked this

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  73. JrinINDY

    i dont chase bitches these bitches chase me

  74. Ronnie Harris

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  75. jpb11380

    he never said it did dumbshit

  76. Louie Padilla

    @jedimindtricks87 you are dumb...ill smoke you under the floor...but i cough....ive been blazing for 7 years...stop trying to get thumbs ups

  77. MrMarleyfan

    @LetsHaveACommentWar holding it in is the best part! you got to inhale unless u smoking too much tobacco

  78. LetsHaveACommentWar

    how dare these kids below me spam the comment section of this song with such dribble.

    and a real smoker cant hold their breath for shit

  79. trademarktaz

    the sample is LTD - don't stop loving me now and this song is classic

  80. jordan langley

    Poor Righteous Teachers, word izzz liiiife

  81. Ashley Martinez


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    Dammm, straight devin.ahah i got uu.
    Let em chase me by, while i get high

  83. JoAnthony Quinones

    i dnt chase bitches dey come to me

  84. iKillorphans1

    @JOEGOODIE561 true shit but hes a a down south boyyy for shureeee :D

  85. K B

    roll it up

  86. scootamacc

    NO OH NO

  87. manimal5754

    cant help but wonder what snoop says to his wife after he does songs like this lol

  88. Htownboss

    @lottery well that whats up

  89. Htownboss

    @lottery chase the money and the bitches will follow :)

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    Snoopy D-O-Double G da shizznit

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  92. Jin


  93. Vicente Flores

    haha riight.

  94. c0mm0ns3nc3


    I hate to say it most backpackers couldn't put a song together if you gave them the concept. I'm down with metas,and flowing and lyrical acrobatics, but there's a time and place for certain styles. backpackers can't make songs like this cause they're stuck in lyrical aptitude over telling the story. I know I changed my style to battle online. I'm old skool, so i know all styles.

  95. angusbeef00123

    @BigBearfromthe206 hahaha ya buddy

  96. Johnny Blaze

    just found a bag of weed.
    gonna blow that now ;P

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