Devin The Dude - Gotta Be Me Lyrics

Yes I’ve just got to be me, me, me
So you know I’m gonna smoke weed, weed, weed

I’m not lazy bitch, since the day we met
You know I sit around the crib and I blaze a bit
The more I smoke the higher I get
If there’s a new strain out I’m gonna try that shit
If I was out on the streets I’d have to flee from the law
So I stay inside the house and smoke weed in my drawers
I always keep some reefer and it’s legal but the people want to see for themselves
It’s a tree for your health, yeah
Pass it around and after you hit it
I’ll roll up another for the third brotha get it
(damn what kind of shit is this where you get this shit from)
Down the street round the corner good marijuana
Powerful smell like it’s been dipped in ammonia but no
(hey hey hold up, hold it down low just hold it down low)

Yes I just got to be me, me, me
So you know I’m gonna smoke weed, weed, weed

Hey yo lets step out to the parking lot
Spark about 5 and get high and trip out
And grab a 40 OZ or two for old time sake
You know how we use to do it back in the day
Headaches and hangovers from all that malt liquor
(well lets go to the store) naw that was just a thought nigga
Shit we can chill right here, nigga I got a whole case nigga of light beer
Cause it’s better for my stomache malt liquor makes me vomit
And uh Weed is all I need so I’mma just chill and
(ah hold up, who the fuck’s calling me right now man, I’m in the middle of a song man)
(yeah and I was doing backups, that’s some bullshit)
(oh oh hey what’s up man, ah yeah man chit you still coming through)
(yeah shit I’m gonna I’m in the middle of a song man yeah)
(we’re at the house the hook’s about to come up I’ve gotta hurry up hold on )

Yes I’ve just got to be me, me, me
So you know I’m gonna smoke weed, weed, weed
Oh yeah baby, I’m gonna smoke it everyday
Oh yeah baby, I’m gonna smoke everyday

Be it early morning late afternoon
You know I’m gonna get high if I have to zoom
Zoom like the commodores connoisseur of coffee
Not the kind you drink but you pull on softly
I’m awfully high but of course you know
I wish I could take weed everywhere I go
But indeed there’s things that I need to achieve
So I’ll just get high for a while

Yes I’ve just got to be me, me, me
So you know I’m gonna smoke weed, weed, weed

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Devin The Dude Gotta Be Me Comments
  1. Ms. Pretty Brown


  2. Sam Jackson

    "...i wish i could take weed everywhere I go but indeed there's things that I need to achieve so I'll just get high before I leave"

  3. Neihana Neihana

    Still Blazing 420 in the year 2020 budsmokers

  4. Jj Peters

    BERNER Getting paid

  5. kjones2702

    Still jamming in 2019 I saw him in concert maaannnn dis st_t was live and lit. Plus he's a goood lycrist.

  6. gohanssj3

    His concerts are a must trust me

  7. Javontay Stanford

    "Powerful weed like it's been dipped in ammonia"

    Shit, Devin, if yo shit smell like it's been dipped in ammonia, ya best off just stop buyin from that dude.

  8. John Bolanos

    Lil flip did his version

  9. Ola lala


  10. Polk Dawg

    Top 5 music to me

  11. Tre Hawkins

    2019 still bumpin this song. My boi said light beer. We used to smoke and tear 40s up. Now they 42 ounces.

  12. Big Emm

    I crank up the lac on a Sunday roll up and ride 🛫

  13. Bossmann Bossmann

    2018 bumping

  14. Maria Gomez

    I love the lil flip version but man I love this beat !

    Ditc 210

    Whats the Flip track?

  15. 171apples171


  16. Kennard Williams

    Mane b yo self. U here what he sayin

  17. deeznuts91

    So so good

  18. Pokey 1488

    I dont know why you guys keep talking about Wack Kahlifa. Devin is the greatest rapper ever. Been bumpin this shit since the 90's. Fuck Radio rap its all ran by Jews.

  19. Swishas NKush

    Classic now, good sample.

    Joe Battle

    Not old enough to be a classic yet hahahaaaa

  20. Lynch

    Classic good shit!!!

  21. Pokey 1488

    Smoking to this on 4-20 2018 Best Rapper ever

  22. Jon Hamilton

    real Hip Hop 3rd coast nobody do it better. oh yea baby,im gone Smoke every day.

  23. Jeffrey Mcintire

    that's my dude

  24. 9 cali 100

    2017 still blowing mad gas to this jam platinum Og and purple punch strain and some jet fuel Paris shatter devin is the dude for real

  25. SacheVante

    This is my shit right here, real music

  26. chiques esham

    Devin the dudes Your favorite rappers favorite rapper..pimp shit...

  27. Coolman Coolman


  28. Rashad Bell

    2017 bih. My drill Sergeant put me on this hooah!

    Swishas NKush

    That's dope asf

    Robert Williams

    Fuck that shit yall aint even allowed to smoke.Thats why i stay in the streets 20 4 7 smokin

  29. Richard Nunez

    shit I'm high rite now.

  30. crown Royale

    Ur positive attitude keep me buying ur shit

  31. Joe Pimp

    gotta be me on da real y'all

    Money Baggs

    Angel Escamilla 💯💯💯💪🏾

  32. 4comonman4

    real hip hop heads check the sample. no one will get where he got this beat flow from lol. Check out Deniece Williams "Free" recognize bitchez

  33. Blowin Trees

    Sounds better chopped and screwed. Or just slowed down

    Money Baggs

    Lucid Trees hell yea

  34. Michael Russell

    And I gotta be me so u know i'm gone smoke weed everyday and u better know it!

  35. Torey Holland

    I LOVEEEEEE THIS NIGGA😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  36. joe

    too smooth. love this track!

  37. smokingslime

    In case you didnt know, Devin is my man! ;) Nah, just smoked with him several times and he is down to earth cool :) Here he is inspired by an old goldie : Deniece Williams - Free


    "weed is all I need ". Love Devin. Smoking with Devin would be blow my tits off.

  38. san thurman

    i can so relate with this song.

  39. pack ju


  40. marquis themaven

    This is one of My vibe Song from Devin the Dude!

  41. Terrell Coleman

    this is my boy love his music Devin the did

    Manuel Flores

    thats right

  42. ryzhkov_214

    Jam is tight

  43. laidbacklee1

    Love the dude

  44. Jonathan Alvarado

    still jammin 2016 babbyy

  45. Marlon Thomas

    Most underrated rapper of all time! The greatest 420 rapper alive!

    Robert Brinkman

    Ever* Maybe even only. Dont know another rapper more about weed than Dude.

  46. EKO D

    One of the best story telling rapper of Houston TX/also there's Scare face and Z-ro

    Dan TheMan

    And S.P.M., Don Keke, Slim Thug, etc. etc.

  47. Eldred Thomas

    Still bumbing in 2015 endless classic

    J the crippler

    u know it cuuuuz


    +J the crippler fosho

  48. phc Lito

    cali strong

  49. Zyshawn Warren

    My dude

  50. Monty Cash

    My fav rapper. the dude

  51. Sanchez Hillary

    Is it me or did the beat slow down? :D

  52. Kalyn Hamilton

    Sooo highhh <3

    Michael Wilson

    kalyn, if this is really your picture, you a bad ass bunny

  53. keir morton


  54. maria V

    good song to smoke with... high as a KitE!!!

  55. Mook Mook

    daaam dis jam go deep!!!

  56. Jose Mendez

    mang i dont blow but i always bump it cause I know he spits real ish.

  57. Nikki Boston

    Down the street 'round tha corner, good marijuana, powerful smell like it's been dipped in ammonia, but no!!!!! My favorite part

  58. guillaume lecheval

    devin is wiz khalifa's favorite rapper isnt that ironic..

  59. Standalone062790

    NOT UNDERRATED1.....Under appreciated
    The reall niggas tht fool with him know he is the truth if you dont know simply havent run into one of his melodies blowed (.)

  60. hendetra888

    does anyone know who produced this song?

  61. Tracy Johnson

    This is fire

  62. Duncan Palmer

    Devin doesn't care

  63. 512trill24

    so u kno im gon smoke weed ...

  64. DSmoke8195

    Been a fan for a long time now Devin, you my sleeper artist.

  65. TedBulky

    I fucking love this

  66. 1WithTheFlow


  67. jeremy walker

    this is actually from Deniece Williams' song "Free"

  68. Thomas Walton

    It is a good song

    Montrell Burton

    Thomas Walton

  69. Cod5WawKilla

    you cant even spell "Khalifa" right lol

  70. bebop_bebop

    dude abides

  71. TheRealMrNola

    If You Want A Rapper You Wanna Get High To All The Time. Then Devin Is Ya Man C'mon He's Da Dude Man.... Devin Da Dude #Best Weed Rapper We Blessed Lol IM High AF

  72. Myrick Williams

    Devin makes me want to smoke and I don't

  73. SoloCport

    Na this is a sample of a 80's song ive gotta be free

  74. youngboyontheuni

    Best smoking song of my life!

  75. WLAngeles90

    That beat is getting sampled...

  76. DUK-82

    Easily one of the best!

  77. mrkush904

    im blowed right nizo fashizzle, down the street round the corna.

  78. MrSpaceage33

    Make me wanna relapse! Devin still holdin it down from TX to CA!

  79. $taccz

    hell yeah!

  80. msTruthSeeker3000

    This my dude! r ya'll smokin wit me! lol :)

  81. MaddVisionz


  82. Long Guwop

    The original is "Deniece Williams - Free" and I know "Lil' Flip - Gotta Be Me" uses it

  83. 24ftbllrules

    Do you think he really answered his phone or what?

  84. dan pressley

    coughee > fart

  85. kyle jeanotte

    7 ppl r fuckin deaf 2 dislike dis shit rite here

  86. OnThatPowder

    MAANN!! Thank you sir! I buy ya a beer!

  87. BeBaptizedInJesusName

    naa ima have 2 disagree homie, im a fan of both.
    these 2 artists give me the inspiration 2 enjoy life and enjoy smoking with mary in a much more positive light.

  88. OnThatPowder

    what song does this sample?????? and lol u make it sound like this is old. just came out in late 2010....i wish i was already nostalgic bout 2010 already


    Now you can be lol!

  89. corey cobbs

    love this song use bump this song in my 1995 cougar with blue top cream white paint riding around town just me and my blunt didnt care if its was regular or kush as long as i was throwed

  90. Jose Aguiniga

    those 6 dislikes are the dumbest people

  91. Dwright Thomas

    micheal you trippin im from georgia and devin the shit

  92. michael king

    i like some of his songs but some of his shit is wack

  93. jusus76

    Wish he'd make some more! Still love it:)

  94. JusKno

    one of the only artists who always puts out good music and remain in his own lane oh yea and cool as fucc acts jus like you would think like ya stoner neighbor from bacc in da day

  95. corey cobbs

    still pump this while im drvin on sunday or late wednesday nite when im blowed

  96. wtube502

    @TexasBroski yall know this comes from deniece williams: free? i like billionaire dreams too.