Devin The Dude - Fresh Air Lyrics

[Devin the Dude:]
Indeedly I needed me, a breath of fresh air
Stepped outside, but wasn't none there
Took a walk up the block, why not to get a cold drank
Fuck it a twelve, it ain't like I ain't got no bank
With a stride I arrive, at the corner sto'
I felt sorry for a bum, I gave him some he said he wanted mo'
Wanted to kick him in his chest, and take my ends back
Started to think, bout where his family and his friends at
And I could even be his kin, that didn't recognize him
Walk right passed, and despised him
Or he can even be, disguised as a peasant
But really he's an angel, derived from up in heaven
Just to scope out the selfish, and the ones with greed
Who don't give shit, and take more than what they need
And then I thought to myself, say dude he's a man too
I gave him a few more dollas, and a cool breeze came through

For certain I was hurting, kinda down on my luck
Seems I had just run out of gas, and I needed a few bucks
Wires hanging out the tire, on my raggedy truck
And I ain't gon' lie I wanna cry, but hell I sucked the shit up
And get to walking with this gas can, looking like a mad man
Talking to myself, trying to formulate a game plan
And that's quite difficult, when you ain't got no cash in hand
And the people that could help you, passing by you laughing
And it's hot and they don't understand, have no idea
And you probably wouldn't get the picture either, till you out here
With nobody else to help, and you just stuck with yourself
Searching for strength to carry on, and not give up on yourself
Though it's hard but I just, keep my stride keep my pace
Swallow my pride like I must exceed, and keep my faith
I'm asking God cause I don't know, how much mo' I can take
But it's when I couldn't bend no mo', that's why they gave me a break and I'm like

Life is like a roller coaster, always up and down
And what goes around, nigga always come around
Trying to stay above water mayn, I ain't trying to drown
Know we all gotta die, but I ain't trying to go now
I weeble and wobble, but I won't fall
Struggle a little, but I won't crawl
If I fall down sucker, I'ma pop back tall
I ain't perfect, but I'm trying to do the right thing y'all
If I could press rewind, and do it over again
Then I would right all my wrongs, and erase all my sins
But I can't, all I can do is pray and don't pull a stunt
I got more time that's behind me, then I got left in front
I finally see in which direction, that I need to go
I might crash moving too fast, so I'm taking it slow
And I learned life's a gamble, and sometimes it ain't fair
When I'm faced with shit I can't handle, I go get some fresh air

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Devin The Dude Fresh Air Comments

    The Real

  2. evan smith

    for certain I was hurting kinda down on my luck,seems I just ran outTA gas and needed a few buccs,love this track L-DOG#$OUTHWE$TARKANSAS♿30'$

  3. Lion Of Judah

    Having problems with the other half.. This shit keeps my head up, looking forward towards tomorrow. Its more than just a song for some, i can relate to some of this shit #therapy

  4. Jordan Marks

    Devin's verse is dope but the other dudes don't got the juice, dope beat too, wish it was all Devin.

  5. moss jones

    U never know 🤔🤔

  6. Dan Seacat

    The most underrated rapper EVER!! DTD The Best there is

  7. Avery B

    Takes me to a Great place

  8. JayJay -

    the strings in this track reminds me of juvenile slow motion

  9. Ryan Hughes

    Devin been goin hard for years. a underground legend. most people sleep on him

  10. JayJay -

    i love devin no homo

  11. Murray Webb

    Devin is the Dude. Straight up livin legend. I'm glad he's under the radar a lil bit, but hope he's getting the paper he deserves.

  12. Brian meow

    Could shed a tear

  13. Alan Bird

    when I'm faced with shit I can't handle, i go get some fresh air

    Dylan LePrieur

    Alan Bird same here especially if I'm pissed and I'm thinking about doing something stupid...just roll a joint and go for a walk at night and smoke it while listening to some devin the dude

  14. Andrew Brownlee

    Devin's verse is deep as hell. Thank you for that

  15. Paco 408

    thanks Devin 'preciate ya

  16. Collin Johnston

    real rap

  17. Kush Skywalker rip 2018

    " and I'm like ... 'ppreciate you " ....

  18. kevin williams

    The real rap you can dig

  19. Bosco

    love from another Devin. you make me proud to carry the name.

  20. Tow Life

    devin the dude!!!!!!

  21. Joy L

    got Love From ETX LGV 903 Devin

    Sleepy Chris

    903 Sulphur Springs

    Big K

    Joy L 903 LGV reppin

  22. makivp

    Devin for President

  23. Mike y

    not many people know about this song lol Devin keep doing your music man if you ever look at this. ive had this song on repeat for almost 2 years. you got love here on the East and West coast . this songs the truth

    3rdeye 1st mind

    What mikey said 100

  24. Joel Molinares

    Keeping making that good feel good music, Devin my dude, love from the bay area, u already know tho. Devin what the fuck you doing?????

    Lion Of Judah

    Joel Molinares yee! We$t $ide south sj

  25. Krzysztof Grabka

    Poetry, this is where hip hop was and should be

    JayJay -

    Krzysztof Grabka amen brother

    Dylan Scafella

    Krzysztof Grabka damn good welding song to pass time 😄

  26. Jeroen S

    Simple beat, but genius!! Love that

  27. Michael Lindsay

    Love this track right here! Devin has been putting in solid work for 15 years +

  28. FollowTheSunDown


  29. brangrah1717

    Woke up hung over and shitty, listened to this and now i feel blessed. Devin is a beautiful soul

  30. C Boyd

    Da lyrics #PREACH

  31. Charlie åberg

    wicked tune ! anyone knows where I can find anything Rum has dropped? loved that dudes flow


    Rum is also on the coughee brothaz album and devins 420 album.....Check out his song called Garden be jamming so hard.


    am Rum, and I support this message


    good look bruhnlaw1 

    Jason Waggoner

    He just dropped an album in the fall of 2018 called “coughee break” check it out, you wont be dissappointed

  32. A Lom

    feelin that rum verse! "get to walkin with this gas can lookin like a mad man talkin to myself tryna formulate a game plane"!!! straight up


     thank you for your support

  33. A Lom

    classic shit

  34. Billy Sanchez

    O yea good stuff rightcha.

  35. L.O. City .Cyphers


  36. Daniel Guzman

    fuck it a 12 it aint like i aint got no bank!!

  37. Desi hisel

    Dam this jam is a breath of fresh air for real

  38. Thrica Coleman

    Been a fan since to the xtreme... We love you Devin the Dude! Keep spitting the stories.

  39. germicidalcheese

    Wanted to kick him in the chest and take my ends back..... Lmao funny ass line

  40. Bible Digger

    this. goes. hard.

  41. moe bohner

    Dudes the man

  42. moe bohner

    Ur the man dude

  43. moe bohner

    Dope as hell

  44. iffy D

    Devin The Dude is a underrated Hip Hop artist for real man. Respect for keeping it real.

  45. RUK187

    so nice classic dude shit !!!smoke on....

  46. BenOfficial

    Thumbs up if you smoking a FAT one right now!! I'm feeling this one

  47. UZI4U1986

    Wooo, first comment! Good ol' dude keeping it fresh.