Devin The Dude - Cutcha' Up Lyrics

I can't wait
I can't wait 'til you get old enough
I'm being patient
But I can't wait 'til you get old enough
So I can cutcha'
So I can cutcha' up

You look so young
But still look good
The way the sun is shining on you
And I would if I could
Try to take a little piece of you and break you off
But you're not quite ready
I got to hold steady
And try to control myself
Cause if I start on you now there'll be nothing left
I can't help it
I guess it's just the way you smell
You're growing up fast and quite well
You're looking kind of thirsty
Let me give you some water
But not too much
You know what? We oughtta
Just move
And get away from it all
Cause if people see us together
You know that they'll call the laws
And try to keep us apart
It's you and me from the start
You got the key to my heart
You taste sweet yet tart
When I hit it
But right now I can't get it
But when you come of age
We'll go our separate ways


Some folks think I ain't right
They try to label me
But I can't wait to lay you on the table see
When I'm in the mood I think of you
Wishing that I can hold you while I drink a brew
It's true a love like this never exists long
As soon as you get grown
I know you're gonna get gone
In the wind somewhere
But that's how life goes
But for now let's take picture together
uhh.. nice pose
I'm tired of hiding
I want everybody to see
How we get along so happily
You and me
Need to go somewhere where the penalty lessens
When they something like you in my possession
I could leave you alone
But I wouldn't feel right
And if they lock me up for it
We'll be still tight
I know you can't write
But I'll be back
To pull you by the hairs and lay you in the sack


Yeah... but you know I ain't going nowhere
I'll be right here you know
Shit, I like the way you make me feel
Ain't nuttin' wrong with spending a little time, energy
I gotta make sure that you're well nourished
Yeah... you 'bout ready
Let's get in the closet, I'm gonna turn the lights down
I'm gonna turn them off
And turn you upside down

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Devin The Dude Cutcha' Up Comments
  1. GXIH

    Mary Jane

  2. Cee Dee

    This 🎶🎵🎶is so clever😎🚬

  3. Chris Tennyson

    Making love to Mary Jane... Which is weed a very clever song

  4. Shaun Spaulding

    love this song devin you a are genius , smoking right now listening

  5. Danny James

    I just realized he is talking a about a weed plant lol.

  6. Keith Paris

    I cant wait to sow my seedlings grow season is almost upon us

  7. Jonathan Mrutu

    This is diss track "diss jona" you already know free jona 2:11

  8. 315 Retro

    If you don't know now you knowwwww

  9. David Reyes

    Lmfaoo this song is soo stupid lol but its genius

  10. Peer Gynt

    Growers Anthem

  11. Silent-Assassin

    Only dumb fucks was thinkin on some chomo shit! Dumb fucks

  12. Manu Vuna

    This track is still fire 420 smoke weed everyday 2017

  13. ÅᑎƬwΛN ᗩNᗪƦΞϟƠИ

    thats sum masterful comedic ambiguity lool. devin shit too clever for most, hence why he steady underrated

  14. Genesis Reyes

    😂his love for the herb

  15. Rodney Gilmore Jr

    I can't help it


    how can u dislike this... Devin The Dude very underrated.

  17. Mr.Suavae Sims

    waiting fo da return of da DUDE

  18. bolly kolly

    I love playin this track for people


    if you don't know the context...

  19. Alex Rodriguez

    i seriously thought he was talking about a young girl, till i started smoking weed and growing some😂😂

  20. Tomek Samcik

    Pedophile's anthem

    Chris Amaro

    He's talking about growing marijuana and he has to be patient to cut it up and smoke it

    You ******* idiot!!

    bolly kolly

    Yea. Dudes talking about weed lol


    No Cannabalism!


    guys excuse the trump supporter

  21. 신나윤


  22. Twolf125

    This my's rappers don't have any creativeness. .they all just make noise not lyrics


    420 song dont get it twisted

    Zack Beene

    +DORT ALEXANDER suppose it depends what you're twisting.

  24. alberts1985

    I feel his pain. Be patient

  25. Tee Johnson

    That's how it be when you growing some FIRE !

    Serio _0

    It would be so hard waiting.

  26. dmjr1970

    me and my girl tiff like this song.

  27. Soulphilly Skates Krew

    Some artists like Devin are good at using metaphors & irony but not all unfortunately. Others just abuse it to their will til the point there's nothing for you to rap about.

  28. Soulphilly Skates Krew

    He's talking about the chronic, its irony he's using, just close your eyes & picture the creativity. This man is very intelligent when it comes to his rhymes.

  29. Finessed Analyzer

    Strange song.



  31. R4W D4WG

    similar to tupac "me & my girlfriend" i like it!

  32. Rachel Acosta

    at first I thought devin was a rapist but nah this fool he is clever as fuck

    Lolly Y

    Brooo same I was like wtf is he fr until I read the comments and felt stupid af 😂😂😂

  33. MixedMami915

    Awesome song!!!!!! <3 the herbals

  34. curtis joseph

    It's not a little girl, it's weed he's talking about

  35. Aidan M

    he needs to make a song with smoov-e

  36. N19H75H1F73R


  37. Coty Perry

    hahahaha love this

  38. blackescobar

    This my shit

  39. shabukeeh1o28

    ayyyyyyyyye .

  40. Dead Man Wilson

    LMAO i feel ya, I dedicated this to a my homegirl when he dropped this album but in retrospect i was blowed back that whole relationship lol.

  41. TheBraxone

    hahaha never though this nigga would make a song saying this wtf hahaha this nigga is tripping!!!

    Demetrius Barnes

    Listen better 😂

  42. iGotmyGatpartna44

    hahaha devin is that dude fasho. what a dumbass, but I still be bumpin him!!!

  43. MrTheManWeeD

    this is a nice song to smoke one :)

  44. BeBaptizedInJesusName

    haha mind blower

  45. jerren cochran

    man devin is a genuis how he illetrated this song and corelated it from som mollesting shit to be about some green

  46. Earvin Patterson

    just fukin found out wtf he tlk bout man im thinkin hes tlk bout a chick and he tlk bout weed the hole time i feel like a jackazz

  47. 21toadian

    Devin is a fool for this one!! This is what a real artist do. Not like these no talent cats we have today.

  48. Sk'2500

    son of weed <33

  49. Hookah Pack

    so poetic,
    so ....... so dude

  50. PureWhite91

    fuckin love it lol only stoners know

  51. daGOODkine

    haha genuis