Devin The Dude - Anythang Lyrics

Anythang is plenty man and is better than an nothin at all
Anythang is plenty man
Anythang is plenty man and is better than an nothin at all
Anythang is plenty man

You ain't the only one who got problems
You ain't the only one who knows pain
Get up off your ass and just solve it
You still got a chance to try to change - try this shit again

Really ain't no need for self pity
Cryin when there's no one else around
Life I know sometimes can get shitty
Even shittier when sleepin on the ground - no need to complain




You ain't the only one who got problems
You ain't the only one who knows pain
Get up off your ass and just solve it
You still got a chance to try to change - try this shit again
Really ain't no need for self pity
Cryin when there's no one else around
Life I know sometimes can get shitty
Even shittier when sleepin on the ground - no need to complain


Notihin at all - nothin at all - anything is plenty man
I hope you realize that everybody gonna need somebody sometime
Anythang is plenty man and is better than an' nothin at all
Anythang is plenty man...

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Devin The Dude Anythang Comments
  1. Ruby Red Diva

    I still play this song!!! 2020 💪🏽

  2. Cig Burna

    Anything still plenty /no pot to piss or penny / no hope but digging deeper just to try and find any / left on read / left for dead / love ran out with the bread and now I’m back down alone shit can fucc wit ya head / but I strive for tomorrow’s warmth I hope the su shine / if you can can’t only me at all it’s more then one time / so pray as I remain in wait

  3. South Side Bandit

    I like how yela wolf did the remix

  4. Raquel Teswood

    2020? 🔥

  5. G Cap.

    Still riding in 2020?

  6. Joey Salas

    2020 and this jam still goes hard AF

  7. Deza Roi

    Boooommmm classic!!!

  8. Xadrian Tajalle


  9. I Am J

    2020 🔥 🔥

  10. Lowkey Anonymous

    Sliding on candy paint

  11. Jason Foster

    (classic ) FACTS

  12. Anthony Lopez

    2020 and things are a little rough right now but anythang is plenty mane.

  13. Dewone Farmer

    2020 and I'm still jammin this and will forever jam this. One of my favorite songs

  14. J S

    This song helped me through it.🙏🏿

  15. Gunsmoke Johnson

    Yes im listening 2 this in 2020 i am amazing!

  16. Kwamane Dale

    Bring me back to my 9th and 10th grade year.. Sitting in the back of my patna cousin Delta 88' with 2 15's on the trunk bumpin Devin all day, tinted windows, cant even see each other cause we on blunt number 13 and da car totally smoked out..Go in my granny house with the munchies, eating a whole boxbof Froot Loops playing Madden and NBA Live....Smh...shit aint same no mo

  17. ekwueme52

    This reminds me of my kinfolk. Keep ya head up see you in 10

  18. Official Mac Diggy

    2020 who roccin out?

  19. Self Made King

    2k20 with it !!! Be blessed !! Be properous !! Spread positivity and live YOUR life to YOUR heart content !! Peace my sisters and brothers ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  20. prism op

    2020 blazeeeed But Anything is Plenty mayne 🔥🔥

  21. Kmakk Webb

    Who still jamming in 2020

  22. 17SewerTeeth17 Tha2nd

    Eatin' a bologna & mustard bumpin' this & couldn't be happier

    Cool B 85

    You must be locked up lol

  23. Oran Senegal

    Still here 2020.. vision don't clearer

  24. Sutter Cane

    Jammin in 2020. Haven't heard this in so long

  25. Jeremy Prescott

    I've been listening to Devin and collaborators alike for years and these tracks helped me out today more than any other time I can remember. Thanks man.

  26. Karbon Occultum


  27. Erik Michael

    Blue rain drops...when will the pain stop???...when will some body hear these cries for help...pain pour out from inside myself...

  28. ATM BIGBoy

    Who’s jamming this 2020

    Caleb Edwards

    Me... I'm just reminiscing and smokin & copin with mental pain.

    Caleb Edwards

    Me... I'm just reminiscing, smokin & copin with pain. Smokin my pain. Devin songs hit home hard.

  29. Nicole Starr


  30. Kenyatta Swannigan

    Who listen listen 2020

  31. Sonya Sutton

    Fuck all that, I’m listening Jan. 2020, who with it?!!!

  32. Destiny Stoker

    🎶2020 I'm still here jamming this & Devin spoke the truth ‼

  33. shane doyle

    Who’s here in 2020?#TrApball is!!!🔥🔥✊🏿✊🏿

  34. Jose Gonzales

    2020 what's the muthafuckin deal

  35. Boo Baby


  36. Travis Hambrick

    2020 anybody

  37. Jessica McClure

    Still bumping in 2020!

  38. Cococola Chretin

    2019 I I’m still on this 🙏🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 from HTOWN

    Midnight Toker

    Respect all the way from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ✌️

  39. Shawn Rachal

    The dude.. much love from Louisiana..

  40. KM IsFamous

    Let’s go 2020! Still my shit💙Forever My Shit

  41. willie greens

    In da summer

  42. O.T. Harris

    Man whoever disliked this is blind to what he's spitting in his lyrics

  43. Dream Weaver

    I love you D

  44. Curtis Madden

    Real music right here

  45. timothy diamond

    If only they knew this song ?!

  46. Jack Mack

    Yelawolf gets his style and beats.. nothing fucking wrong with that

  47. Raymond Lizotte

    Anything is better then nothing, straight up, I've been there at rock bottom. I know☝️

  48. Brandi Boyd

    Almost 2020

  49. Sunny Dee

    Such a nostalgic feeling listening to this. I remember being in Palmdale California smoking that hella loud with my cousin. Back when Kobe won his first ring without shaq. Dam man.....

  50. Mill Valley

    November 2019 still a humbling song. Gotta appreciate the least of it all 💪🏾🔥

  51. 10 K Bombay

    "I hope you realize, that everybody's gonna need somebody sometime" 😩💙

  52. Me Myself And I

    Takin this in 2020 wit me. Anything Is Plenty Mane

  53. TucPlayer3

    Be greatful.

  54. BIG XAN

    Real rap no cap still bumping this in 2019

  55. Flen Thorpe

    Real talk i was homeless in H TOWN in 2006 sleeping on the ground. About to go to the pen. Life wasnt fun. But the Almighty lifted me out the ashes of my mess and set me on high. Just thinking about those days got me feeling some type of way. ANYTHANG is PLENTY MANE!!!!

  56. Department of Afro-American Research Arts Culture

    One of the most humbling songs to ever be recorded. Damn. Chill bumps. Still bumping as a reminder that anythang is plenty, mane.

  57. marco Dixon

    🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌2020 I'm here 😏😏

  58. Frank White

    That loop is hypnotic...
    Who got the sample?
    Song is mesmerizing

  59. JR PäRRā

    Trillest song ever..... make a nigga get thru it.

  60. Eric Brown

    Devin thank you for this timeless gem I sent this to a bunch of people who suffer from depression I’m sure I saved some lives

  61. Fatimah Nicholes

    Motivation with beats!!! I can bump this everyday!!! 💯💯😘😘😘😍😍😊😊

  62. Allie A

    Thanks G I really needed this so much bullshit happening in my life but im glad im going thru it with your shit. Anything is plenty man 💯💯

  63. Nick SRT8

    Man i havent played devin in years its 2am here in cali i put this on shit had me in tears makes you really greatful for what you have i thank the lord for everything all the blessings. Anyone going through it just know youll get out of whatever it is i had cancer at 16 and was paralyzed im 27 now been cancer free for 7 years and can walk ALL glory to GOD!

  64. kato robles

    2019 still bumping

  65. Sean Neal

    Nice positive reminder when you going thru a small storm, Devin fuckin the Dude , I swear him and 3 stacks have that same profounding style

  66. D A

    This song hit different today..... gave me some motivation❤

  67. cylav

    10.2019 real shit!!!!

  68. Iced Clips

    Devins album covers r tha best

  69. Reddish Reddish

    Real motivation no matter what you goin threw and I mean nothing thank the dude for that

  70. James Williams

    1.4k got this wrong

  71. Rg4127

    Three six mafia- da summa 🔥🔥🔥

  72. Esgardo Burrola

    2K19 still here

  73. Randy Beckham

    Devin the fucking dude

  74. Brian Dawson II

    Ex wifey was from another country. I went to her country nayimsaying....we split but we had good memories too. Made a son. Five years deep. God forgive us for our sins.

  75. Peter Quistgard

    Greatest song of all time?

  76. Brandon Watkins

    Great song 👌 makes sense

  77. Robin Mechelle

    Been singing this all night.. had to come listen to it! #2019🖤

  78. Fernando Tamayo

    Classic 🔥🔥

  79. Nakisha Ruiz

    Preach Contentment biblical

  80. yun gn

    Even shittier was sleeping on the ground

  81. Haile Salassie Ras Terfari

    This month this song made more sense than ever before only the Lord knows how I really feel in world full of cold ass people my heart stay warm.

  82. LemmeEat FatMaa

    Anything try the sh!t again is plenty

  83. MyAntlove

    2019 still bagging it devin the mf dude

  84. Dr Phot

    Greatest hip-hop singers:

    1) Devin The Dude
    2) Nate Dogg
    3) Cee-Lo Green
    4) Bizzy Bone
    5) Ty Dolla $ign

  85. J Mo

    2019 I'm not the only one who got problems

  86. Raymond Jaramillo

    This shit Hit me hard man.
    It made sing with it an cry.

  87. Eric Dean

    Have you ever been honest to the police and wanted it to all be confidential ?

    Ever been in a public place and brought into gossip that you would rather not know with ?

    Ever been percieved when changing accord has to know its focus ; what people should be doing perception wise needing to be adjusted ; not having enough money to spread the news the way you would have done it ; and have to percieve yourself worth it ; without the perception of what it is being settled and then adjusted to focus ; so you can be percieved ?

    Perhaps ?

    Qwerty Keyboard ...
    Mouse ?

    You wanted to know a quarter for a dime ? In color .

    Flyers ?

  88. SHAN'

    8/23/19.. Still riding to this 🎵🎵

  89. Patti O'con


  90. Yatzo Moretti

    da summa

  91. Lisa Carter

    Anything is plenty man!!! Ain't no need for self pity

  92. Henri DeVauld

    #SLIGHTwork #love

  93. Muggz334


  94. AristoKratic Musick Group

    2019 still touches home.

  95. ReggieHammond68


  96. Omar King

    One of the most unappreciated but one my favorite. Fan for life