Devil Wears Prada, The - Transgress Lyrics

I swore to forever
And I'm sure it will happen again.
Another bend, another break.
Ceaseless habits under falling skies.

I don't know where to go from here.
I've become limitless.
That's how the story goes for me,
Not that they'll understand.

I am an apparition
And that's all I ever wanted.
That's how the story goes for me,
Between pages and handwriting.

With seven plagues,
And some roots, and a throne.
I'm back at where I started.

Didn't think it'd be like this,
Didn't think it'd be like this
Or maybe I knew all along.
I didn't see this through,
Didn't see this through,
So maybe it's where I belong.

Just you and me and you.
Just you and me and you.

Didn't think it'd be like this,
Didn't think it'd be like this
Or maybe I knew all along.

Break it.
The darkness sets in.
Another bend, another break.
Ceaseless habits under falling skies.

You, me, and you.
You, me, and you.

It won't be long for me
Or it might be forever.
This hopeless destiny:
A tragic, lost endeavor.

I'm back at where I started.

Didn't think it'd be like this,
Didn't think it'd be like this
Or maybe I knew all along.
I didn't see this through,
Didn't see this through,
So maybe it's where I belong.

Just you and me and you.
Just you and me and you.

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Devil Wears Prada, The Transgress Comments
  1. ItsLispy

    this is still such an amazing song ...

  2. Michael Willis

    This song is so under appreciated, it’s so raw and full of emotion

  3. Mari Nakesawa

    Is it just me or did Hranica's voice change sometime after Plagues? Or is that a stylistic choice?

  4. Lil_Intro_Vert.

    ceaseless habits under falling skies

  5. Derek Pokphan

    "With seven plagues, some roots, and a throne..." refers to their albums. You're welcome.

  6. _ Ceegle _

    i love this band so much and this will always be my favorite song by them, a true masterpiece, the band is a masterpiece

  7. DS 123

    My favorite song of the album.

  8. Thomas Ivan

    Probably my favorite song by them.

  9. angello nicolás igor mercegué

    1:45 - 1:48 that riff give me emotion !!! i cant explain

  10. Justin Todd

    2:18... Yes...

  11. Adam Artz

    I don't think anyone noticed the diss Mike makes about Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord at the album references part. Hah.

    Adam Artz

    @Oliver-Vic Carquinn it was a tough decision :c and here I am up at 6 am

    Adam Artz

    @Oliver-Vic Carquinn Planet A

    Adam Artz

    @Oliver-Vic Carquinn haha

    Luffy Joke.

    adam is everyfuckingwhere. how do you do this?hahaha

    Adam Artz

    @Luffy Joke Central I'm a wizard

  12. Andrew Donlan

    this is probably my favorite off this album....soooo good.

  13. Adam Artz

    I think I peed my pants
    I think I peed my pants
    Or maybe I knew all along

    Adam Artz

    @Ahsyaa Pratama nothing much. just trolling around youtube, doing my job

    Ahsyaa Pratama

    lol keep it going man :D

    Adam Artz

    @Ahsyaa Pratama you can find me everywhere, especially on TDWP

    Wilbur Landaverde

    @Adam Artz Hahahaha as i was reading this as i heard it in the song. You sir are a genius.

    Adam Artz

    @Wilbur Landaverde thank you haha

  14. Tom

    song gives me goosebumps


    Please stop this shit !

  16. Anthony Williams

    Mike says he wants his voice to sound like this, as if it's a live feel. I enjoy the sound, some albums don't have to be perfectly produced. All emotions never come out perfect and he displays that through out this album. It's just a really good band altogether. What's the lyrics about? Everyone has a pretty good view honestly, I'm not good with lyrical views

  17. KrE3Ed

    I'm honestly terrible at trying to read at the message of song lyrics but I feel like this song is about Mike moving on from his heartbreak.


    I thought it was about engaging in behavior(s) Mike considers to be wrong.  (Not trying to start an argument though - just what I got out of it)


    I think by transgress it means to move up and beyond, this song is about getting to the top of maslows pyramid but at what cost?

  18. xNight Hawk

    This needs at least 2 million views. Wtf.

    Wilbur Landaverde

    @xNight Hawk Maybe they should advertise about their band more. You can't force people to watch though. lol You should just keep re-watching this

  19. Lina Kouroumani

    i'm here 'cause my crush shared this song


    *clap clap* that is a very good excuse

  20. Ty Hopkins

    This song is about god and Egypt the 7 plagels

    Joshua Segundo

    you could not have been more wrong man lol


    I think the plagues, roots and throne were referencing their older albums, not what happened in the Bible.

    Joshua Segundo

    I agree with Jared, this has to do with the band in general, how they started and how they didn't think that they'd be where they're at, most of them wanted to go to college but once the band took off they just stayed in it

  21. DanielRuizDrums

    This song is sssooooo much fun to play! Check out my cover ;)

  22. Hauntsy Wauntsy

    I think the reason I like this song so much is because the chorus sounds almost identical to Deadmau5's "Fn Pig" and I dont think one copied the other bc both albums came out around the same time.

    Hauntsy Wauntsy

    Did I say anything about whose better? No. I was comparing two melodies in two songs that sound alike. And it's not "those", Deadmau5 is one person.

    Lawrence Del Rosario

    @Dhan Anugrah Can't really compare TDWP to Deadmau5 or vice versa. Two completely different genres buddy

  23. Loopy Superior

    I love this album. TDWP just keeps getting better :)

  24. Evan Ray

    Why does Mike say
    "7" plagues? I understand the reference to their second album, but why 7?

    August Burns Red

    Afte the Armageddon, there will be 7 last plagues.

    TK Motorsports

    Biblical reference.

  25. AwesomeWorld

    I feel like TDWP is a genre of their own with this album with songs like sailors prayer and rumors, also I think transgress and war sorta bridge the gap between hardcore and metalcore, something probably only TDWP could ever do, also saddens me how little views 8:18 songs have compared to all the generic bands that get over a mill in the same amount of time... I'm really glad for this album tho

  26. Atraills Sanderson


    Favorite part!

  27. Patrick C

    powerful song, amazing lyrics.

  28. gus grv

    bros i know that is your favourite song of the album cuz its my favourite too :P

  29. Rubens Mateos

    My favorite song of all album!!!! /0/

  30. Rubens Mateos

    My favorite song of all album!!!! /0/

  31. Matteo d'Angelo

    3 dispik

  32. Matteo d'Angelo

    Why everyone comment this song is an attention whore?

  33. Aaron S

    best song on the album for me

    Aaron S

    @***** why not? 

    Aaron S

    well what do you mean by "Epic"?
    all are great songs but the melody in this song really struck hard for me 1:31 which makes the song more Epic than all of the songs on the album

    Aaron S

    its really just a matter of opinion

    Matthew Barr

    I did not see this through.

    Matthew Barr

    The whole album was badass. Rumors. Black and blue. Martyrs. Only one that was kind of weak was in heart. And it wasn't THAT bad either. 8:18 was damn near perfection.

  34. ickybobclay26

    the lyrics in this song are fucking amazing

  35. shnoogums1

    who can we exploit into buying our product? children, military, people in suffering? ok cool, were on it

    Ashton Shephard

    That's not the point behind the music at all, mate. Don't you know much about Mike? He's kind of a miserable human being at times. He writes how he feels, from his heart. If that were the case, they would have kept their old style, because it is closer to mainstream metalcore, and with many it is prefered. This isn't hip hop (many performers are only in it for the money, openly admitting so), this is hardcore, an entirely different scene with a different mentality.


    @Ashton Shephard i was referring to these stupid google ads

  36. Thomas Seyer U.

    My favorite song :)!

  37. Nicolas Bohorquez

    Best song of the album, stay like that guys.

  38. MarlonV

    Holy song, OHHH i freaking love the devil wears prada

  39. mike tinker

    I swore to forever and i'm sure it will happen again
    Another bend, another break
    Ceaseless habits under falling skies
    I don't know where to go from here
    I've become limitless
    That's how they story goes for me, not that they'll understand
    I am an apparition and that's all I ever wanted
    That's how the story goes for me, between pages and handwriting
    With seven plagues, and some roots, and a throne
    I'm back at where I started
    Didn't think it'd be like this or maybe I knew all along
    I didn't see this through, so maybe it's where I belong
    Just you and me and you
    Didn't think it'd be like this or maybe I knew all along
    The darkness sets in
    Another bend, another break
    Ceaseless habits under falling skies
    You, me, and you
    It won't be like for me or it might be forever
    This hopeless destiny: a tragic, lost endeavor
    I'm back at where I started
    Didn't think it'd be like this or maybe I knew all along
    I didn't see this through, so maybe it's where I belong
    Just you and me and you




    why is someone doing this on every song... each song has the lyrics in the description


    @SoDerpy they were added to the description after people did this


    @Acquiex ah makes sense

  40. Dom Weems

    Who else gets the question from other people "How do you know what they're saying?" ;)

    Atraills Sanderson

    I know but when u listen to it enough you can start to understand :)

    Wraithwrecker _

    It's a lot like a different accent or dialect. It takes getting used to but after a while it's not that hard to decipher.

  41. Roxas3510

    I think the reason why TDWP just keeps getting better and better is because it's been the same group since the beginning. No huge member changes like most of these bands today go through which mixes the sound and changes it into something entirely different; sometimes for the better, but not always.


    @Brian Bowler I hope it doesn't affect them too much.

    Carter Bond

    +Brian Bowler their drummer, Dan, just left a few weeks ago. Really sad because he was one of my favorite drummers

    Paul Romero

    This also explains why their new album sucks dick haha

    inlovekay kimjiwon

    Now 2018 half of theyre member left. Still Awesome

  42. Edger

    Best Song

  43. Tristan Layman

    Now this song deserves a music video..

  44. Luke Carter

    Prada is back ladies and gentlemen. The vocals are NASTYYYY AS FUUUUUUCK !!! (the good nasty) And the lyrics are perfect 
    Oh yeah and I dig the fuck out of the past album reference they threw in there
    TDWP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is all. 

  45. iRaptorz

    this is my fav song on album... and martyrs


    yeah me to

  46. McCrain McCrain

    These guys never disappoint me awesome song.

  47. Rafi Addarajad


  48. ballfire2012

    Mikes voice fucking sucks on this album. It was kick ass on every album EXCEPT dead throne and 8:18. His screams just sound weak and his growls sound completely electronicly enhanced....

  49. Daniel Elias

    This song is incredible. It's amazing how every instrument slowly builds up as the song progresses. It makes it so emotional.

  50. Miranda Bowling

    I never knew that until you pointed it out. That's awesome.

  51. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    Best song i've ever heard from this band.

  52. Mike Taudor



    I love this damn song

  54. Kyle Neff

    lol, okay hardass.


    I didn't know such pussies liked this music

  56. Manuel Barrientos

    Like if you think that this is the best song of the album

  57. Manuel Barrientos

    Like if you think that this is the best song of the album

  58. Cameron Plamer

    This song+Weed= Emotional as shit.

  59. Kyle Neff

    Apparently it was, considering it's the top comment. Thanks bro!

  60. Zach Yeager

    Why and how does this have 2 dislikes?? What is there to dislike about this?! People these days..

  61. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    I agree strongly

  62. Brandon Cobb

    Only thru god can they be this awsum

  63. shaunp413

    God this song is absolutely amazing!

  64. Abel Rayado

    This is the best band ever ! (:

  65. framar601

    Man this is the BEST song they have ever made!

  66. mark

    I don't know where to go from here, I've become limitless.

  67. Emilio Rossotto

    Dam guys your music is amazing i love it God bless all of you

  68. Chr1st L1ves For3v3r


  69. Billy Kelly

    how could they have copied a song that was written at the same time and wasn't even released yet during 8:18's production...

  70. DProDuckShins

    Fuck you beat me to it!

  71. cubs203

    that effect at 1:17 is a Matt Goldman thing. I've heard him do that a lot with MychildrenMybride.

  72. Shelby Wood

    This gives me chills. I love TDWP so much!

  73. Samuel Marquez

    This it's the best song of the entire cd for me..

  74. towa7

    yeah its like the same riff but down an octave. i didnt notice that at first.

  75. Connor

    0:45 sounds like assistant to the regional manager

  76. Justin E. Romero Reyes

    What if the lyrics were, "Seven plagues, some roots, ZOOOMMBBIEESSS, and a throne?"

  77. Stuart Cates

    Yes we all get the lyrics, but does anyone else noticed the copied riff from August Burns Red's "provision" at 0:45?

  78. PigsAreBrutal

    Does anyone else wish that the "just you and me and you" part at the end lasted longer? maybe its just me but i absolutely love that part, and its so short

  79. Muhadin Rexhepi

    Just listen to their music and stfu

  80. CallMeKichael

    Favorite song off this album.

  81. Alex Jauregui

    Amzing song and album!! This song brings tears in my eyes the emotion in mikes voice in this whole album

  82. CallMeKichael

    "With seven plagues, and some roots, and a throne."

  83. CallMeKichael

    Anybody else notice how they mention their other albums?

  84. IWorkAtWallMart

    56,000 subs even, funny lol... And a little weird

  85. trashammerbz

    Best song of the Album.

  86. IWorkAtWallMart

    Well, when i read the lyrics, i get the feeling that mike has a lot of intense personal feelings , not that we'll understand, and ill never know how he feels or ever be able to comprehend how he feels. I can try to interpret this song, but it'll only be my interpretation, since i can almost guarantee its different from what mike meant.

  87. matias ignacio

    la zorra (:

  88. psalm14401

    after reading the lyrics i feel like the band wants to break up

  89. psalm14401

    prob my favorite song off CD

  90. matty6ross

    Saw someone else getting emotional when listening to this, glad I'm not alone.

  91. James Meader

    So obsessed with this song, before this song I wasn't too keen on the album. Total game changer.

  92. Bipenjeet Dhillon

    I was thinking this as well, but i think they'll want to stay to their 10th anniversary as a band before breaking up

  93. maxwelld23

    Love the record . But I'm one of those that wish mikes vocals were a bit diffrent more old school DWP .

  94. ShowUsYourLunch

    Best song on the album. No Question. I don't care if TDWP has them...

  95. SonyaBladeee

    every album is amazing in my opinion. always will be my favorite band of all time <333

  96. JankSmanks

    I fucking love this song. It's so heavy

  97. Aprch

    and seven is the number of past releases, lol

  98. YouKnowIKnowFTW

    2:00 is gonna be INSANE live