Devil Wears Prada, The - Praise Poison Lyrics

"I heard the sound", the shout proclaimed
Now I'm here to praise poison
It's a Monday let me be mundane
How's there so much to speculate?
I can't stand to carry the weight

Call me “The Sound and the Fury”
Consider me dead and buried
I'm like the city's grime
No time for no crime

Praise poison

They fill your head with the devil and god
You're so bored, but there's a choice
You're screaming without a voice
They fill your head with the devil and god

Call me “The Sound and the Fury”
Consider me dead and buried
I'm like the city's grime
No time for no crime

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Devil Wears Prada, The Praise Poison Comments
  1. Aspen

    tdwp is one of the only metal bands I still enjoy since I started listening to them 7 years ago

  2. ronthebear koobis

    I ordered a record online and just got the record in the mail with it...has this happend to anyone else ha i mean free record hell ya but sorts weird

  3. bacon macon


  4. dead meme

    never gave any bigger attention to this band but man this gives me a boner

  5. Jaychalke Gaming

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. Drake Cutrer

    These guys have come so far

  7. Jared Wilkins

    favorite song right now

  8. Austin Undeader

    Never expected them to top space ep but damn they proved me wrong. this fucking album BLEW MY ASS! Glad how they keep getting better and better

  9. Chase Brown

    awesome intro

  10. Ehdsheezy

    Idk I really love how the song starts every time I hear this song

  11. Javier Nieves

    1:45 THOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  12. tristananvilcaster


  13. Joseph Jernigan

    Yeah this is definitely my favorite song on the new album. If my comment speaks any significance, I haven't made a comment on a YouTube video in over 5 years xD

  14. Damien Turner

    is this album with the new drummer?

    Damien Turner

    doesn't sound like Daniel imo I probably have his name wrong


    this album is not dan. been playing drums 15 years this dude is better for sure. dans playing is awesome dont get me wrong. when you down play stuff live but its on recording tells me you need to practice more lol. soo im looking forward to when this dude lets it rip when they get heavier again.

    Daniel 197

    It's Dan. He recorded this before he left

  15. J.A.C. 85

    I just can't get into this album seems to be lacking something. Can't put my finger on it.

    Fred Weasley

    Chris Rubey

    Chris R

    Fred Weasley not a fan of this new guitarist.

    Daniel Pedersen

    LMAO so true


    The occasional low vocal is missing. Makes a huge difference in changing the tone of the song .

  16. Fabiola Davila

    Those Drum rudiments at the beginning... gaahh I could never get enough of these guys

    Daniel 197

    Now Dan is gone :(

  17. that one youtuber

    shaking my dick with this song (•<•)

  18. djw1627

    Is this band still Christian??

    Daniel Pedersen

    Can confirm. Am crucified.

    bacon macon

    djw1627 i believe so but they are taking a different approach and they are going to sing songs that doesn’t glorify god most of the time possible or it’s just for this album and the next project they will glorify god possible

    Michael Burnette

    Oh good, I can't enjoy a concert without watching a non-christian die horribly ^^ lol


    I believe Mike said in an interview he has become disillusioned and distanced himself from Christianity.

  19. No Name

    I stopped listening to the Devil Wears Prada shortly after Dead Throne. They were my favorite band at the time and I loved Dead Throne and I own all of their records up to that point. After that though, I kind of grew out of the metalcore scene for the most part and TDWP fell by the way side for me. I didn't listen to the 8:18 much or the Space EP at all, it just wasn't for me. But this album, from the singles and the other bits I've heard is something new. It still sounds like them but with more fury, more energy. Stoked to listen to rest of this record.

    kesslan winters

    Christian Arnder I think the zombie ep was my last fav

  20. Javier Nieves

    Their best work ever, thank you tdwp!!!
    God bless you guys!!

  21. ParkHopperDiego

    I wish 2:18 and on was a bit longer, maybe like an extra chorus. I can't imagine this song live, gonna be lots of moshing for sure haha. that intro can pump anyone up.

  22. MrTrixzzzz

    I took some lsd and listened to this while watching the perfect geometry in the background and let me tell you it took me on a beautiful symmetrical journey. Transit Blues is my album of 2016.

  23. Rafi Z

    Tbh i just added a bunch of new albums to my playlists and this came on and I thought it was a silent planet song I've never heard, and if that's not telling of how wonderful this song is, idk what is...

  24. Alan Sims

    Damn they are back with this album

    Darkspear Live

    when where they gone? everything they did was good to me :)

  25. pablo

    what a way to start an album, jesus christ

  26. Matthew Lohman

    Definitely the heaviest song on the album :,) love the breakdown.

  27. Fernando Rodriguez Martinez

    sin palabras tdwp siempre me deja asi ya 11 años maso menos y aun siguen con su inigualable estilo bien por ellos

  28. YChiu19

    That intro so addictive. I just want it in my mind forever.

  29. Camden Smith

    Mike sounds so good on this album

  30. icynegro

    “This one moves quickly with its great upbeat chorus. Lyrically, this speaks of the degeneration of myself and it’s right at the beginning of the literary references across the album – this one references William Faulkner’s 1929 novel The Sound And The Fury. This was the first song we wrote because I’m really attracted to short songs – it makes you want more and it doesn’t give you too much to bore you.” -Mike.


    "It makes you want more and it doesn’t give you too much to bore you.” -Mike. Fucking love it.

  31. Mars_vzx

    Loving the oh's from Mike. My favorite is from Moongod.

    Corvus Veis

    Moongod has to be one of my favorite songs by them.


    @Corvus Veis That song is amazing but it's actually my least favorite off the Space EP. Just goes to show how fucking awesome the whole thing was. Personally, my favorite is Planet A. :P


    The one in Submersion is pretty tasty too :)

    Blake Dewayne


    Daniel 197

    Yes. The emotion and heaviness on Moongod is so balanced

  32. alexandergoat

    Absorbing these melodies in my brain hard.


    same here

  33. Pablo Callizo

    intro sounds like living sacrifice's bloodwork

  34. Blurryface

    I'm very curious about what this song means


    Leonardo H

    I thinks is about someone that don't know what to do with his life and the influences around

  35. RawEnergy

    "It's a Monday, let me be mundane." This song is tight

  36. SmallTown Theorist

    Soooo djenty

    Christian Karcher

    Not really

  37. R35_ STONESkull1

    I love how they mixed the clean with the screams at 1:00

  38. That one Doge

    Waiting for it on deezer

  39. TheHIOJK


  40. Robert R Verdusco

    y'all should look up
    fit for a king
    in Hearst wake
    and Silent planet

    TDWP used to be in my top 5 back when the zombie ep and root above was their sound

    Robert R Verdusco

    Adam Artz thought you stopped reading?

    Robert R Verdusco

    Tomás Delucchi k

    Adam Artz

    @Robert Verdusco stfu

    Robert R Verdusco

    Adam Artz okay

    Robert R Verdusco

    Adam Artz k

  41. Jacob M

    Harambe's bout to open up that pit with that breakdown.


    Hell yeah I'll be there with my dick out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    My dicks been out this whole time boys. RIP

  42. Logan Welty

    This album is pure perfection

  43. Tona MF



    Fucking beautiful isn't it


    Khabib Nurmagomedov wtf khabib you like tdwp?!?! ha nice. Michael Johnson is gonna kick your ass tho


    Khabib Nurmagomedov congrats on the win. you fucked up mj


    Khabib Nurmagomedov same. if he doesn't get it, we all know why.. #mcchicken

  44. Jarren Davis


    This is their strongest release yet! Might be my new favorite compared to Dead Throne. (-:


    Their worst album is Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord. Great for a first effort, but it didn't age very well. Dead Throne's down there, though; it's still a good album, but Born to Lose and Vengeance are the only really memorable songs from it. Transit Blues is taking a while to grow on me, but so far I'd put it behind Roots Above and 8:18. Also, the Space EP was awesome.

    Stepanov Rock

    dear love and plagues are my favorite


    lol they were not polished musicians on either one of those cds. doesnt mean its bad but as a drummer i used to cring at how dan used to play. he got better on every cd and no offence but this dude is deff better then dan. if you are a drummer you can tell its an upgrade. next cd is gonna be heavier and more aggresive. they were in aa weird spot as a band writing this. they are legendary in my book. listening to them from start to what they are capable of is limitless.


    lol how is space 2nd worse. you are deff dont play an instrument if you like the 1s two cds they put out. i used to cringe listening to some of the sloppy playing not soo much plagues but with roots is when they nailed the sound. they were much more polished players in studio and they dont half play parts live anymore cause dan was solid but this dude is much better. i dont think its possible for them to write a bad cd unless they stray away from the heavy aspect. name a band that has been around as long as these dudes that you think are better... lol u cant

    Tony Brandvold

    You people are fuckin high. Dead throne was tits. Unlike that digital sounding bullshit that was wraabb. Dead throne showcased the use of real amps and drum tones. Oh and actual riffs and song structure. Produced by the legend that is Adam D, dead throne was a huge leap from that emocore bullshit they were doing prior to (with the exception of zombie ep).

  45. inlovekay kimjiwon

    That guitarist is cheater!!

    Chris Mabbitt

    e.e shhhhhh juat shhhh

    Hardcore Ownage

    Are you suggesting Kyle is a better guitarist than Chris was?

  46. jimmydeanman _

    dayum daniel

  47. Davi

    oh yeah my band

  48. Chris Mabbitt

    fucken intro is amazing

    Chris Mabbitt

    it happens lol

  49. Javier Morales

    ¡Ya tengo que hacer estas próximas semanas!

  50. Kyle Morrow

    The one guitar part is very Slipknot like it's really good!

    Kyle Morrow

    Yeah honestly! Of course Chris will be missed but damn lol all of the riffs of this album are so good!

  51. Jarrett Whitley


  52. Sgt. Cracker

    fucking damm

  53. nealsuff