Devil Wears Prada, The - Nickels Is Money Too Lyrics

Climbing into fire, her hands are forceful.
We're burying earth in earth.
White hands, soft hands: carefully.
This makes no sense.
What's that sound I hear?
I'm lost in a state of confusion.
Oh ground.
I despise you, but rejoice in your essence.
Envy will cease my sky.
Greed will cease my sky.
"Here's a farmer that hung himself on the expectation of plenty"
At this time I feel there is no bottom to earth.
Welcome to the museum of the dead; endless gore becomes reality.
Tradition's dug the grave.
The inferno has commenced

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Devil Wears Prada, The Nickels Is Money Too Comments
  1. Angelofwar 92

    3:25 on beautiful

  2. Adam Cicciarelli

    I'm sorry to say this but the new album the act is so much better then this

  3. ME VS YOU

    NicKels📅Are Ⓜ️øney💰Tøø!!

  4. Zeniak

    "Endless gore becomes reality" would sound badass if he wasn't refering to the eternal punishment that people will supposedly receive for wearing mixed fabrics or having gay sex

  5. Bob Ballard

    Still one of the great metalcore albums ever made. Mike’s voice is amazing on it. Gives me goosebumps.

  6. Joseph Kupiec

    That piano and power cords at the end👌

  7. Jonathon Gutierrez

    The memories that hit as soon as the synths kick in, It hurts and feels good at the same time

  8. Madden Saint

    Love this song...

  9. Kody Cline

    This one was always one of favorites.

  10. Reb Roboturner

    Best album, YEAH

  11. Komatose MKDOA

    I miss this...

  12. MassHysteriaHD

    I remember being in middle school playing this on drums and the ending of this song always got me too hype. I cracked a cymbal playing the final breakdown of this song lmao

  13. Kaneda Mikami

    Man I remember when I got my first job at a record store I had a ritual where I listened to this album on the ride to the job, man amazing time I feel old, I hope u youngins have a good time.

  14. Bob Ballard

    An exceptional album by any standards.

  15. RawCkeT

    still don't know which full length I love more plagues or with roots above and branches below


    RawCkeT Personally, I started out with Plagues, and it’s still my favorite.


    maybe because I started out with WRAABB it's my favorite thank god for guitar hero warriors of rock or wouldn't have found them (Dez Moines)

    Komatose MKDOA

    Plagues connected with me on a spiritual level... But WRAABB is still really amazing

  16. Jonathon Gutierrez

    My heart is forever here

  17. H4rdCoreKiD

    The clean vocals that start at 02:24 are the best clean vocals in any metal track ever!!!
    So amazing. And im not a clean vocals guy in general. But these? pure greatness

  18. shadowsmustfall1

    Their best album by far

  19. shadowsmustfall1

    Their best album by far

  20. Serpentethyx

    3:00-3:28 Always plays through my head whenever I think of my day of adolescence, I love this masterpiece

  21. Lord Megatron

    the inferno has commenced YEAHYUH

  22. Ricardo Cabrera

    Cuanto golpe jajajaja

  23. Misael G

    Still blowing up my eardrums in 2017

  24. Wiley Hendrix

    3:34 the sound ur dogs make when they're getting into a fight

  25. VIP

    The section that starts at 3:28 gives me straight goosebumps

    Jonathon Gutierrez

    That was always and still is fucking beautifull how it was composed, just perfect

  26. TWOTWO3z

    The beginning intro for just 4 seconds is the best part.

    Braedon Cothren

    EMPEROR FLDT youre a bitch. you fucking worthless pile of scum fuck shit.


    lmaooooo why you so tight lol

    Averie Avenue

    Braedon Cothren LMAOO crying bitch. they beat you up in school today?

  27. Logan DeMott

    this reminds of captain underpants. here's a nickle to spend it on a video game when harold and geroge were sick of there grand parnets.


    Logan DeMott chan love live it SHOULD remind you of metalocalypse. I wish more people that listened to metal appreciated it

  28. Karen Eyescream

    whenever my sis goes to the store to pay with Nickles and quarters I tell her Nickles is money too

  29. luzo0o0

    The way Mike screams "Feel" 2:28 still makes me wet af.

  30. Charlie Thomas

    The guitar at 2:38 breaks my heart just as much now as it did seven years ago

    Jonathon Gutierrez

    The whole album still breaks my heart lol, takes me back to god times

  31. Jesus Carrillo

    the way that all songs are conected make this album perfect

  32. SF RH

    it took time for me to get along with their style at first but when i started into them i never feel bored with their music. its so different with my experience with other bands like bmth and AA, i got into their music right after listen to their songs but it was not for long

    Matt Magee

    +oh gosh tdwp mixes a lot of influences into their music if you like them you should check "gwen stacy" out

    x826stlx ____

    +Matt Magee Gwen Stacy was only good with Cole lol :)

  33. Aaron Kirk


  34. sei

    i thought the band name was the devil wears panda

    Carlos Tovar

    +xdeathxbreathx It is.

    Panda lover08

    +Carlos Tovar clap Clap CLap CLAp CLAP CLAP CLAP FOR YOU

  35. Violet

    This song sounds like it's about 9/11..


    Its not. Quit being paranoid.


    +OfficialArcticGaming Never


    @NiwaTheSlayer I'm serious go away


    +OfficialArcticGaming ;D I'll be here always. Away I shall not go but here I stay forever.

  36. Al Capone Ya

    I want this album art as a half sleeve on my right arm. Real bad.


    Great choice

    x826stlx ____

    I've always wanted the with roots above branches below on my chest with the trunk going up my sternum and the branches out over my chest. with Chainsaw brutality, tornado strength played in somehow

  37. Patrick C

    such a good song! idk why tdwp does not like this album maybe because it's SOMEWHAT generic but still above anything else in its category.

    Jesse Lavon

    I do not think this is generic. The keys make it original

  38. m0rdecai89

    Whats that sound I hear?!

    Lord Megatron

    m0rdecai89 what's that sound i hear!?!?

    Noriaki Kakyoin

    Guitars, drums, you name it

  39. Dante Rossi

    Yo can anyone confirm the quote "here's a farmer who hanged himself on the expectation of plenty" is from Shakespeare's Macbeth? Because I know they say that in the play just wondering if the TDWP meant to get it from there

    Carter Bond

    Well in the description it's in quotes so I'm guessing it is

    steven armstrong

    Yes it is from William Shakespeare, if you look at the last page of their cover art for their album it has a thank you page for people and William shakespear is on there. Not to mention in older interviews with mike, he says he has used quotes from him before

    Dante Rossi

    Thank you

  40. m0rdecai89

    TDWP has some of the dopest clean vocals for sure

  41. Rylee Hipps

    favorite song by them. i sure hope they play this song at warped tour this year!

  42. 182daysofschool

    am i the only one who knows this song is named after a metalocalypse quote?
    "Use nickels guys, nickels is money too" - Pickles

    Giselle Garcia

    Captain obvious. 💁‍♂️💁‍♂️💁‍♂️💁‍♂️

    Fiory Fayke

    5 years later.....thanks for that. I miss toki

    Carlos Collins

    Can I use nickels at a food library


    Candy. Tastes like chicken, if chicken were candy.


    this is for sure late but I just saw the clip when Pickles said that but it was posted 2 years after this song?

  43. Byrd Thegreatbeast

    That range though.

  44. Western Lion

    anyone else fucking love the clean vocals in this band that you get goosebumps every time you listen to them?

    Stoned Economic Invincibility

    I am a Lion Me.


    The clean vocals that start at 02:24 are the best clean vocals in any metal track!!!
    So amazing.


    and im not a fan of clean vocals lol. But these are fucking great.

  45. Hayden Holzapfel

    Huh... I always thought it was "Welcome to the music of the dead" Awkward...

  46. JoeyKnuckles5102

    Welcome to the museum of the dead, Endless gore becomes reality. Tradition's dug the grave, The inferno has commenced........WOAH.......DEEP!!!!


    imagine a wall of death haha

  48. Psycho Unicorn

    I love this band!

  49. Mac Pollett

    0:21 CAR WASH!

  50. TheSmooshster

    I'm pretty sure TDWP came out with this song first. (I'm not detracting from Dethklok in any way, I fuckin love them). I got this album years ago befor Metalocalypse started. I thinks its coincidence lol. Nickels happens to rhyme with Pickles.

  51. esteban lozano

    the devil wears prada the best hadcore band ever

  52. som4tic

    Is the title of this song quoting Pickles from Metalocalypse?

  53. Alexander James

    My commercial was a quite commercial about french people on a mountain with a Ipad... it couldn't have been so wrong... GO!

  54. A Fox

    Ignore those miserable things.

  55. DangerTits


  56. TwistedUnicorn1


  57. Alex HIRO

    where can i get those glasses Mike is wearing

  58. bmsoundtrack

    It kind of sounds like an effects vocoder to me.
    Not one meant to fake quality.

  59. BKfuckyou

    That's actually false.....autotune making the audio clear are two different things.

  60. DangerTits


  61. Your Mother

    bring me back to the good ole days

  62. Sean Tracey

    This is my favorite song of all time. TDWP is fucking amazing.

  63. hybridone890

    this song is so good, it brings me back good memories!!!

  64. Evan Akers

    didnt they get the song title from metalocolypse?

  65. iamstu

    I love this kind of pop music so much!!!

  66. a7xmcrislife

    He uses pitch correction, it's different from autotune.

  67. orangesporange

    What...the...fuck? I was looking for Pickles the Drummer's PSA about nickels, not this.

  68. wtf235100

    One of the most underrated tracks off the album

  69. Squints O'reilly

    sorry for the spelling error, it's the fucking IPhones fault

  70. Brandon Walls

    piano breakdown <3


    1:25 Holy shit, never new he had such insane cross-screams. Or whatever the fancy name for it is

  72. Squints O'reilly

    how about "Vous êtes une personne horrible"

  73. Tyler Tomusko

    intro sounds like it's from resident evil 4

  74. Deus Vult


  75. FloatingFireworks

    You are a horrible person. There is no other way to tell you that.

  76. Chuy Rosas

    sooo i decided to listen to this song with the volume ALL the way up with my headphones.... didnt end well... for my headphones....xD

  77. Squints O'reilly

    ummm... Thanks?

  78. Kyle D

    you are a truely messed up person

  79. Squints O'reilly

    But if i kill myself how would i be able to read all the witty remarks from people i dont care about such as yourself?

  80. Squints O'reilly

    Shes dead? I just thought the smell was that she forgot to wipe, but that does explain all the maggots and flies spewing out of her holes ( i thought it would make it more difficult but i just used there smooshed up guts as lube) :).

  81. AARulezD00D

    @TehFlatchi yeah me too :)

  82. Paintballinmike1

    @ap71896 luky fucker... i got fucking rabies.

  83. TehFlatchi

    My bedtime song...

  84. Paul

    @lucy980511 [email protected] kids who notices a bad grammar title, and he misspells grammar...

  85. AbztraK

    best...last minute..of any song...ever..

  86. Baxter

    I CUM MY PANTS EVERY TIME I HEAR THIS SONG AT A SHOW...havent gotten to hear it that many times tho which sucks

  87. Jayleen LeSalior

    Jeremy voice is so beautiful-33


  88. alaskahunter21


  89. OneEyedLeaf

    @CookieMonster10ism What fuck is fucken? Me no understand you lousy English

  90. scapenerd77

    Mike is so fucking ripped. Jesus.

  91. Squints O'reilly

    @ObscureDylan But if i put a stick and jab it into my nuts its gonna make it harder for them to fit in your mothers ring piece.

  92. z GᄒBᄂiN

    legit is not a word :(

  93. Roberto

    i cant pay in change? nickels is money too muhfuhka

  94. Vincent Esteves

    @sethwoodring not really more of post-hardcore id say as i lay dying is better at metalcore

  95. Covek Rzve

    i want tdwp t-shirt now

  96. Jeffy Lube

    anybody else love his mustache when it hits 1:02 -mikes

  97. Jeffy Lube

    :D this reminds of how much preps suck /\m/\ i have chubby fingers jk haha im like anirexic