Devil Wears Prada, The - Home For Grave Lyrics

The normal man, promised all things
Brought into this, taken by pain
He mistook home for grave
The normal man, filtered by hate
Living to pay, buying what's fake
He mistook home for grave
It's not what we're made to be
So why'd he do it?
I guess he just did not know
I guess we just do what we're told
The anthem cries, but why listen?
I guess we just do what we're told
Betrayed again, betrayed again
What began as life for him was only sorrow, was only shame
It's like the story of disgrace
Fraught with peril every day
So why'd he do it?
I guess he just did not know
Given nothing, left so lonesome
He mistook home for his grave
It's not what we're made to be
So breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe
I guess we just do what we're told
The anthem cries, but why listen?
I guess we're just do what we're told
Betrayed again
What began as life for him was only sorrow, was only shame
It's like the story of disgrace
Fraught with peril every day
I guess we just do what we're told
Betrayed again, betrayed again
I guess we just do what we're told
The normal man passed away
Dead and gone

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Devil Wears Prada, The Home For Grave Comments
  1. Adam Cicciarelli

    I have to say I love when they make clean vocals wish they made alot more

  2. Joseph Bastidas

    I love the massive mewithoutyou vibe here

  3. Kevin Grindell

    Camp Rock 2 Wouldn’t Change A Thing Demi Lovato

  4. IRanee


  5. Angelo Piromalli

    3:34 onwards gives me goosebumps. So amazing.

  6. nitrostealth6

    By far my fav of this album even tho the album is beautiful

  7. Drew Ybarra

    R.I.P TDWP

  8. Josiah Norton

    I absolutely love this song. Check out my vocal cover of it :)

  9. Serious(WithDaysOff)

    I could picture a music video for this being a girl in a white dress wandering around in a dark forest

  10. Serious(WithDaysOff)

    "Oh anna" means family. And family means no one gets left behind.

  11. Morgan Thomas

    God doesn't like swearing but he loves u

  12. Geri Mihailova

    this deserves way more views

  13. René Houseman

    TDWP are post-hardcore now? This sounds like La Dispute

  14. Mast3r Razz

    I originally thought that last part was "This life won't wait for us."
    Oh well I think the meaning is pretty much the same.
    Such a great band btw

  15. The Return to Being

    This song is a masterpiece. Every note, every word sings to my soul. All I can say is... I am moved.

  16. Fernando Mendoza

    if they can bring out an album like dead throne this band will rise again..

    Drue Boyd

    Or if they did an album like zombie. I don't think it will happen tho.

    Tony Brandvold

    x _ x fag? Lol listen to you there big boy? If u prefer this record over dead throne you might have a pussy. Dead throne is their best followed by zombie ep imo

  17. spurrellz

    instantly reminded me of lifestory monologue.

  18. Pancake

    fuck you Anna!

  19. Tommy Crossroad

    in love with this song right now :)

  20. Christian Karcher

    Songs like this one that make me ok with the fact that they changed their style so much.

  21. Nathaan Van de pol

    this is one of their weirdest song they ever made

  22. Jessica Butler

    TDWP does things to me. Especially live. Like no other band.

  23. Joshua Goodsell

    At first I didn't like the way he spoke in the middle of the song but it grew on me. The way it culminates in the hard vocals at the end makes it really emotional and raw. I love it.

  24. Adrián Fulcar

    i don't mind Mike losing his screams, as long as he gets into spoken word, It'll be ok.

    x _ x

    Adrián Fulcar ur stupid dude

  25. Jeffrey Simmons

    Is this just a rip off of La Dispute? Haha

  26. Fabiola Davila

    I've been waiting for this song for so long... major Silent Planet and Being as an ocean vibes!
    I have mixed feelings, is this normal?!?

  27. mcdangles89

    Worst song on the album by far

  28. Jared Wilkerson

    2:49 You can hear Mike gritting his teeth on the word "still" lol.

    Wade Wilson

    Such an amazing little detail. Absolutely love it.

  29. EpsilonOrpheon

    The end of this song is just fantastic. Hope they play it live this tour.

  30. Oshino Shinobu

    cool! very love this song.

  31. Hoesni Hoesni

    mike keeps talking about name of places on almost every song. he may got the insipiration by reading geography book.


    the album is called transit blues....that's kind of the theme....

    Jared Wilkerson

    The entire album is about the struggles of being a band who has to travel and be away from their family and such.

  32. Sparky Robinson

    YES! Love you guys for real! Fuckin Dope!

  33. Sebastian Galvis

    Amo esta cancion t.t

  34. Chad M

    More of a Silent Planet/Being as an Ocean vibe

  35. Robert Wells


  36. Austin Vanover

    Being As An Ocean? is that you?

  37. Roythe wolf

    Why does the name have to be of my ex..damn hurts....Great song tho.

    Hunter Gibson

    I hope you feel better after all this time!

  38. Dariø GR

    “Oh Anna, my dear!” she could nearly hear him. :') perfection

  39. Zackasee_

    If the whole song was like the end, I think it'd be much better.

  40. icynegro

    “On 8:18, the song Home For Grave spoke of a relationship that failed because the man dies and his wife never amounts to anything. It suggests how unfair life can be. This felt like the right time to continue the story when Anna finds out that Ian died. Vocally it’s a great contrast because it’s more spoken word and yelling, it closes with ‘move along, you’re next’, and that’s basically saying carry on, because you’ll die too.” -Mike.

    getclappedyo ttv

    HIHisLife love you mike

  41. Hardcore Ownage

    This song is beautiful, although I'm not sure if I would name it this either.

    Beyond Savage14

    it's part of the story the singer (mike hranica wrote) he wrote a small book called Home For Grave, that's what the first song was based off of, and this is as well.

  42. Rittiron Sontimaung

    Being As An Devil Wears Prada


    The Devil Wears An Ocean

    Rittiron Sontimaung

    I'm the fan of both band can't help but love thier shit

    Fabiola Davila

    the silent devil as an ocean

    Austin Undeader

    The Silent Devil Wears Ocean

    Dee Cee

    Being as a silent devil wearing ocean skin

  43. Jonathan deWilde

    this is album is flawless

  44. ChazMcDevitt

    I like the musical arrangement but ill take part 1 haha


    ChazOfGod part 1 is definitely better. sequels are NEVER better than the original

    Dude Man

    I like this one better! But to each their own.

    Alisha Wallert

    ChazOfGod this one is waayyy better


    I agree I think this one is actually even better than part I

  45. Blurryface

    that Silent Planet heavy poetry vibe, I love it

    Fabiola Davila

    + Blurryface I know right? sounds like a mix of Silent Planet and BAAO... absolute perfection coming from TDWP


    But some could say that the repetitiveness adds desparity to the story. Like the thought of Ian's death is just eating and eating away at Anna. Almost remniscent of something Edgar Allen Poe would write. It tells a good story, repetitive or not, I don't think that the HOOK of the song should harm the songs overall quality, because artists tend to repeat the hook of their song.

    Andrew Cox

    Easily one of the best on the album I'm always down for hearing mike yell his poetry.

    Lane Hughes

    It's not a Silent Planet vibe at all. Ever heard of a band called La Dispute?

    Lane Hughes

    and it's TDWP

  46. LustyyOG

    wow such a powerful song

  47. Edward Leto


  48. Davis Motionless

    I love this style

  49. Keith G

    TDWP meets La Dispute. so so good

  50. Hardstylehero

    Jesus him talking sounds terrible.. Band has lost its touch.


    were you born stupid? they've gotten better over the years

    Joshua Goodsell

    I have to agree, the "oh Anna, my dear" part sounds kinda bad to me. I like the music and the hard vocals at the end though. Maybe it'll grow on me.

    Liam Christopher

    I like it, gives you chills hearing that each time imo

    Jared Wilkerson

    It's more about raw emotion than it is "tone" per say...

  51. Giliver

    I don't like it.
    I also don't give a fuck about lyrics, it just doesn't sound good to me.


    ....but it's possible to grow on me.

  52. Christian

    This totally has that Silent Planet vibe.

    Corvus Veis

    I can hear the vibe, but this is extremely repetitive and not nearly as well-written as Silent Planet. But it's not a fair comparison since Garrett Russell is a lyrical genius.

    Yare yare Daze

    Corvus Veis Agreed. He truly is.

  53. Jon Griswold

    I love how this ties some of the ends up from the book

  54. William corley

    I fucking love it

  55. Kro

    I want trees to weepa

    Nicholi Harrison

    Hahaha hahaha

  56. samuel adhika

    blew me every time


    Lucky 🙄

  57. datguyfromhell

    My favorite of Transit Blues <3

  58. Bogdan Kuchurivskyy

    This is my shit right here!!👌🏼

  59. Wedge 

    Damn, this is heavy poetry.. That's awesome.

  60. Kyle Inman

    Click so quick.

  61. TheOfficialMarz

    They Never Disappoint!!

  62. inlovekay kimjiwon

    fcking Anna! <3 ♪♫


    Hey! thats my sis you talking bout ahaha xD

  63. Rico Roman

    This song is so raw. So good

  64. Jake Norman

    Anybody else watching this to pass time waiting for Dance Gavin Dance's new album to drop too XD

    Jake Norman

    +Jason LovesABR same asf


    No, dont really care about DGD


    If you like men maybe

    Karen Eyescream

    Jake Norman no

  65. JM Fit

    totally new style lol.

  66. notA vlog

    I'm 14 years old again... oh God tdwp

  67. jimmydeanman _

    dam daniel

  68. Akram H

    I like this song a lot, so emotional and I can feel it

  69. Pamela RM

    I LOVE IT!! (¡0¡)

  70. not your bias


  71. Savannah


  72. Davis Wiggs

    This is too good! Great job guys!

  73. thecapedcrusader33


  74. Alexatealaska

    First comment ayyyy